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Driver Clubhead Size and Performance – Who Wins?

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in Clubhead Design, Driver Fitting | 24 comments

Tweet I’m well aware there are a number of golfers who can’t stand looking down at drivers which to them, look so large in size they seem like a “grapefruit on the end of a stick.”  Golf equipment information forums will occasionally have threads in which golfer’s plea for the companies to develop and introduce sub 400cc drivers. Within such comments invariably is the question, “can a smaller size driver perform as well as a larger one, and if so, why haven’t the golf companies offered at least an alternative smaller size driver?” In a nutshell, if they can be sure it will...

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Using a Solid Set Makeup to Play SMART Golf?

Posted by on Apr 3, 2012 in Clubfitting | 2 comments

Tweet Everyone who plays this game with even a speck of passion knows that to play your best, you have to play SMART golf.  To most golfers, smart golf is all about course management; knowing when to “go for it” or when to hit the conservative shot. But playing smart golf isn’t always about studying each hole to know which club to hit when and where to aim it.  It’s also about what complement of clubs you choose to play, something in the world of custom clubfitting which is called being custom fit with the right “Set Makeup.” Remember, the Rules of Golf say you can only carry 14...

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