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Does Buying an Adjustable Driver Mean You’ve Been Custom Fit?

Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Clubfitting, Driver Fitting, Golf Club Technology | 0 comments

Tweet Since 2011, the hot club offerings from several of the big golf companies have been drivers made with an adjustable hosel piece or adjustable sole piece that are said to offer custom fitting to any golfer. By adjusting a specially made device in the neck of the drivers, these companies say it is possible to offer golfers a custom fit loft, lie and face angle. Sorry, but the adjustable hosel or sole drivers are NOT even close to being custom fit in the sense of how professional custom fitting can tailor a driver to allow any golfer to play to the utmost of their ability. I know of what I...

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How Does COR Affect Your Golf Game?

Posted by on Jul 3, 2012 in Clubfitting, Golf Club Technology | 24 comments

Tweet Companies, organizations and industries love to use acronyms because these abbreviations of longer terms can so easily roll off the tongue.  One that has been a buzz-acronym in the golf equipment industry since 1998 is COR – short for Coefficient of Restitution. Experienced golfers know the COR is a number which represents how “hot” the face of their clubhead(s) is made – or rather how much distance they can get out of the shot for their swing speed.  COR made its way into the golf industry’s vernacular back in 1998 when the United States Golf Association got freaked out at...

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Clubhead Cup Face and How it Affects Performance

Posted by on May 4, 2012 in Clubhead Design, Golf Club Technology | 21 comments

Tweet All driver heads as well as some fairway wood and hybrid heads are manufactured from a number of separate pieces which are welded together to complete the final construction of the clubhead.  Most common are driver heads which are manufactured from 4 separate pieces, as shown by this illustration below. Of the separate pieces which make up the complete clubhead, one is always the clubface. Within such types of driver, fairway wood and hybrid head construction, the face can be formed to be welded to the body in two different ways, one called an EDGE WELDED face and the other referred...

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Why Can I Hit This Club But Not That Club?

Posted by on Sep 8, 2011 in Golf Club Technology | 3 comments

Tweet Experienced custom clubmakers know the answer to this question.  But most golfers who experience this after a visit to a retail golf store/pro shop to buy the latest and greatest new model don’t really know the answer.  What’s more, when a golfer buys a new golf club(s) from their local golf store or pro shop, if they end up hitting the new club(s) poorly or worse than their previous club(s), more times than not the golfer comes to the conclusion the new club is a “bad design”. So why is it that golfers so often buy new clubs only to find they are either...

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