Wishon Golf Explains the Difference in Bending Woods vs. Irons

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Tweet With the introduction of Wishon Golf’s proprietary bendable hosel drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, there is a level of confusion about the difference in what specifications are affected when you bend the hosel of a driver/wood/hybrid vs. an iron/wedge. To help explain the differences, we have created a video to offer a technical explanation to make this area of club technology a little less confusing. Bending irons and wedges have been a practice of clubfitting for decades. As such, clubmakers are aware that when you bend the hosel of an iron or a wedge, you change its loft or lie...

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Tweet What’s in Your Golf Bag Makes a Big, Big Difference   Are you wasting money on clubs you seldom play? More importantly, are you denying yourself opportunities to play better and more enjoyable golf, simply because your bag is equipped with clubs totally unsuited for your game? Below is a TWGT Video on importance of club set makeup. (Click Here) I would wager that an expert in clubfitting would echo a resounding “yes” to both questions for the majority of golfers. And here’s why: Since the 1980s, golf equipment manufacturers have forced major changes in the specifications...

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Wishon Golf Custom Fit Video 2014

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Tweet In a recent Post, we told you that Tom Wishon Golf Technology would be stepping up efforts to help you, the professional clubfitter and clubmaker, drive more golf consumers to your shops and stores. We’re already off and running. Just a few days ago, we posted to the Wishon Golf website a TV-style, two-minute commercial advertisement that outlines, in plain language, why buying off-the-rack golf clubs from a major brand manufacturer is one of the worst mistakes a novice, average or proficient golfer can make. The advertisement also underscores, in no uncertain terms, why professional...

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Tweet MAJOR GOLF OEMs ARE GETTING HIT HARD BY THE RECESSION … Which is Great News For Professional Clubfitters      You may have heard a few weeks ago that Dick’s Sporting Goods laid off all of its PGA professionals—more than 500 men and women—as a result of a downturn in the major retailer’s golf equipment business. “Dick’s aimed to have one PGA professional at every store to better differentiate the experience from online retailers that try to undercut brick-and-mortar stores,” wrote ESPN.com’s Darren Roven on July 22, 2014. “But the economy, the downturn in...

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Body Anchored Putter: USGA and R&A Putter Ban in Effect

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Tweet Those who follow the doings of the golf equipment industry with interest are aware that on May 21, the USGA and the R&A officially announced their decision to ban the anchoring of putters to the body.  The decision was made despite the publicly stated opposition of the PGA of America and the PGA Tour to the ban, as well in the absence of any facts which prove the use of a body anchored putter automatically enables a golfer to make more putts. Body anchored putters have been in play for more than 30 years.  Up until 2011 you could count the number of tournaments on one hand that...

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Who Benefits the Most from Professional Custom Fitting?

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Tweet No doubt, this is a valid question for any golfer who has been playing to the same handicap for years with several different sets of clubs.  After all, full specs professional custom fitting hasn’t yet become a household term and most golfers believe the reason their handicap never drops is because of them, not the clubs.  On top of that, the term “professional custom fitting” can leave a connotation of a much higher cost – ala the cost of a fully tailored suit vs one bought off the rack in a department store – so any golfer is justified in wondering...

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