Marketing Collateral

Wishon Golf Marketing collateral is available for download – Take advantage of the links below to assist you in marketing Wishon Golf products and your custom clubmaking business.

Click on the items below to download Wishon Golf Logos and Taglines, high resolution Wishon Golf Product Images suitable for print applications, and other marketing materials.

Compressed (.zip) files should begin to download when you click on link (if not, right-click and select download). To download (.pdf) files, right-click and select download linked file.
Note: File sizes vary, so download time will vary. Once downloaded, double-click on the folder to uncompress files.

Wishon Golf Logos, Tagline (includes color and black/white)

          All Logos (6.7MB)

Wishon Golf Product Images (high resolution, full color tif files)


919THI Drivers (8MB)

919F/D Fairway Drivers (9MB)
365PF Fairway Woods (21MB)
929HS Fairway Woods (10MB)
950HC Fairway Woods (18MB)

730CL Drivers (6MB)
730CL Fairways (2MB)
Future Pro Junior Drivers & Fairways (4MB)

Hybrids & Ironheads:

318RS Hybrid Irons (41MB)
775HS Hybrid Irons (12MB)

Sterling Single Length Irons (21MB)
565MC Forged Irons (15MB)
575MMC Forged Irons (16MB)
590DIH Driving Irons (62MB)
755PC Irons (9MB)
771CSI Irons (7MB)
979SS Irons (12MB)

730CL Hybrids (3MB)
Future Pro Junior Irons (5MB)


PCF Micro Pro Wedges (58MB)
PCF Micro Tour (7MB)
PCF Micro Tour Wide Sole (3MB)
Micro-Groove HM (14MB)

730CL Wedges (3MB)


S2R Series (27MB)

Future Pro Junior Putter (MB)


S2S Green (3MB)
S2S Black (6MB)
S2S White (13MB)
S2S Red (5MB)
S2S Ruby Lite (12MB)
S2S Blue (13MB)
S2S Ruby Lite (3MB)
S2S Stepless & Superlite (4MB)
S2S Future Pro Jr shaft (2MB)
Future Pro Junior Shafts (3MB)


V-Series (10MB)
Putter Grips (3MB)

Future Pro Junior Grips (3MB)

(front cover image):

12 Myths Book – English (4MB)
TWGT Search, Right Sticks & Clubfitting Books (15MB)
The New Search for the Perfect Golf Club (199.kb)


Ferrules, Epoxy, Tape (5MB)
Labels (6MB)
Weights (6MB)


Golf Bags (29MB)
Headcovers (20MB)


Further downloadable marketing material will be available soon. 

If you have any questions about the Wishon Golf Marketing collateral or have not found what you need for your marketing needs, please contact us