730CL Driver

Expressly Designed for Golfers with a Clubhead Speed of 80mph and Lower to Generate More Distance

  • The 730CL titanium driver is designed with 16° loft to match perfectly with clubhead speeds of 80mph and lower to deliver the best launch angle for more distance
  • Designed as a 400cc volume driver with a slight, semi-offset hosel and 1° closed face angle to offer accuracy improvement for golfers who fade the ball
  • 730CL face is designed thinner than normal to increase face deflection and ball speed for golfers with an 80mph clubhead speed and lower
  • Available in RH only, finished in a striking deep burgundy gloss ‘see-though’ finish

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730CL, 4.0 out of 5 based on 59 ratings


  1. I have a Wishon Golf 730 High Launch Driver 400cc, with a 525 fitting system ruby lite shaft. A-Flex wood SwSpd: 60-75.

    I would like to purchase a matching Threewood and a Fivewood.

    • JACK

      Our models are built for golfers by independent custom clubmakers around the world. Never in retail golf stores or pro shops that offer standard off the rack clubs. To find a clubmaker near you, head to the FIND A CLUBFITTER search locator – the link to that is on the top of the home page as well as in the middle of the home page. Input your location and the clubmakers closest to you will be displayed. Then you can contact one or more of them to inquire about services and pricing. As independent business people the clubmakers are on their own to determine their services and pricing so it’s always a good idea to inquire.

      Thanks very much and the very best to you in this great game,

  2. Tom-
    I’m a 70 year old golfer in good physical condition. After upgrading to Sterling irons with the help of Fred Schafer at Perfect Lies Golf, I’m looking for a “shorter” new driver about 43-44″ in length. I’m considering the 730CL (400cc, 16*) or the larger 919THI (460cc, 11*, 13*, or ?). My object is accuracy over max distance. My drives normally carry about 200 yards. My swing speed is unknown but my 6 iron carry is about 150 yards. Your thoughts?
    Thank You!!

    • First off, I am VERY PLEASED to hear you chose to work with Fred for your fitting needs. I have known Fred for a good while and I continue to be impressed with his fitting knowledge and more than that, for his passion and commitment to do the very, very best for each golfer who puts their trust in his fitting decisions.

      My thoughts on your driver question for sure would be to put yourself in Fred’s very capable hands. he will be able to analyze your swing speed and your other swing characteristics to be able to choose the right loft, length and all of the other specs that will maximize your distance for your swing as it is.

      Normally a golfer who carries the ball 200 yds would be using a driver loft in the area of 12 to 14 degrees but the actual final loft very much depends on your angle of attack into the ball in addition to your clubhead speed. Golfers who have a more downward angle of attack will need more loft while those who have a more upward A of A can get by with less loft to be able to maximize their potential for distance.

      Length wise, this too is very much a fitting analysis decision that depends on your swing tempo, swing path and your point of release in the downswing. Fred knows this and from that would be able to choose the length that affords you the highest percentage of on center hits to help you get the most for your swing. it is always a fact that the smoother the tempo, the more the swing path is square to slightly inside out, and the later the release, the longer the driver length COULD be – not necessarily should be. But on the other side, the more your tempo might be fast and aggressive and if you had an outside in path to go with that and not so late of a release, this is when the good fitter like Fred will choose and advise a shorter length.

      Thanks so much for your interest and the very best to you in this great game,

  3. Is this 730CL driver high COR?
    Senior player, and like to make total length of 43″ with light weight shaft and grip.
    For me, so hard to control 45″ – 46″ drivers with swing speed of around 75 MPH. Do you think this is good idea?

    • Daniel:

      The 730CL Driver is 400cc volume size head which is a normal high COR face driver that conforms to the rules of golf like all of our driver models. We also have our 450cc model, the 919THI and we have that in a 15.5* loft which is right there within 1/2* of the 730CL. I bring that up in case you would prefer not to have the dark burgundy finish of the 730CL since the 919’s are all a black metallic finish. Both the 730 and the 919 could be custom built to a shorter length with a light shaft as you wish.

      Without question shorter length drivers are FAR BETTER than these 45-46″ drivers the big companies have been selling as standard for golfers for quite a few years now. We began to teach clubmakers to fit their golfers with shorter length drivers starting in the 1990s when we realized how difficult it was for like 98% of the golfers to ever hope to hit a 45-46″ driver with any level of consistency.

      So you are definitely using your head and thinking smart when you consider a shorter length driver.


  4. Tom,
    I did as uou suggested and added lead strips to up the head weight of the X2 driver. I found with the weight somewhat corrected I was able to gain better control of the trajectories. Gale is in Colorado near you and I am in Maryland, so our sessions are by phone/email after I try different things. I prefer the 44″ length and with weights seem to have better control. Gale has now built a 919THI 13*HL driver with ‘A’ flex and a D0 swing weight to work with the 730cl clubs he made for me. I feel like a different person with those clubs. I was considering, at 71 with back issues, quiting golf after playing for over 50 years. The last three games with the 730CL set (less driver) have been painless and with better control. I am now hopeful that this will keep me playing for a few more years. I really like your 730CL clubs and am very pleased with Gale.

    • JEFF

      We’re pleased that things have worked out better for you with the weight addition and the move into the 730CL clubs. Thanks so much for letting us know and for letting us know you have done well working with Gale, who is up in Gunnison which is @ 100 miles north of us on the other side of some big mountains from us! The very best to you to keep enjoying this great game !!

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