739 CCG

739 CCG Drivers

Discontinued Model

The Ultimate in Custom Features Within a Titanium Driver Head Design


  • 739CCG Titanium Drivers are True Forged to enable an ultra-thin 0.7mm wall thickness design to reduce the headweight to be as light as 193 grams for over length assembly when desired
  • Five Different Color Coded Weight Screws plus TWGT’s hosel weight bore allows clubmakers to customize the headweight from 193g up to 229g to offer length assembly from 42” to 46 1/2”
  • Different Weight Screws Allow Center of Gravity Movement to change launch angle by up to 2.5º while also changing spin up to 500 rpms for later release players.
  • Color Coded Weight Screws are offered in 2.5g(red), 6.5g(black), 9g(white), 13g(gold) and 16g(silver).   730CCG head requires two screws – Weight Screws are Ordered Separately.
  • Cp4 Titanium Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Bending by +/-2* in any direction.  Bending requires proper woodhead loft and lie machine and extreme care when clamping the head to prevent crushing the thin body wall structure.

A 360º view of the 739CCG Driver Clubhead.



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739 CCG, 4.4 out of 5 based on 39 ratings


  1. Looking for weight screws for my 739 driver.

    • Scott

      Ouch, very sorry to say that because the 739 driver heads were discontinued some 5 yrs ago, none of the weight screws exist in inventory anymore. About the best thing I can tell you is to contact the AGCP (Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals) through their director Roy Nix (roy@agcpgolf.com) and ask him if he would be so kind as to put up a post on their member forum with your contact info to ask other AGCP clubmaker members if they have any such screws left over in their shop inventory and to contact you if they do. I am sorry but even though we keep models in our product line for far longer than any other golf equipment companies, there does come a day when every model is retired and with it the inventory goes away within a year or two of the model’s discontinuance.


  2. Thank you very much for all your help!

    Launch angle was 16,4
    Driver head was 9.5
    All data cames from a track man launch monitor

    Best regards,


    • LUIS
      Combined with the previous information, even though we cannot see your swing, this information really makes it sound like your high launch angle with that low of a loft comes from a swing error in which you somewhat “flip” the clubhead through the ball so that the head passes your hands before impact occurs. When the head passes the hands, it starts moving upward in an arc. That adds loft to the face at the moment of impact and adds spin as well from the increased dynamic loft. When this happens the golfer has two choices when it comes to the fitting of the driver. 1) he can try to find an even lower loft driver head than the 9.5 and with the same “flip” swing to add dynamic loft, perhaps the launch angle can be brought down to 14 or so degrees, which will be a little help for sure; 2) the golfer can try to take lessons to work on this swing error so that the hands get to the plane of the ball before the clubhead, and from that, the dynamic loft will be less and the launch angle and spin would be lower for the same loft driver.

      With our 919THI driver head in the 9 degree model, we can hand select and find one with 8* I am pretty sure. But we would not find one any lower than 8*. So that probably means you would hit this 8* driver better than this 9.5 driver you hit for this launch information (and I can Guarantee that your smash factor would be MUCH higher than 1.35). But your launch angle would still likely be a little too high.


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