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Wishon Golf’s Most Popular Driver Design in a Wide Variety of Custom Fitting Options


    • 919THI Drivers available in both conventional finish and a Black Oxide finish – all designed with TWGT’s unique bendable hosel

    • Variable Thickness Face with High MOI delivers the best off center hit performance in the game

    • All 919THI drivers undergo 6 separate face thickness QC checks during production to ensure the highest conforming smash factor

    • The 919THI is also available in a beautiful black oxide satin finish with a striking but subtle red top crown highlights for the most modern cosmetic appearance

    • Available in conventional finish version in RH 9°, 11°, 13° and 15.5°.  LH in 11°. Black Oxide version in RH in 9°, 11° and 13°

Images & Specifications

A 360º view of the 919THI Driver Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 919THI Drivers.

Ratings and Reviews

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919THI, 3.9 out of 5 based on 291 ratings


  1. Hi Tom,

    is this clubhead suitable for a high swing speed high spin player?


    • JULIAN
      The 919 passes air cannon durability testing easily for a 120mph clubhead speedbut if you are up at 125 and higher then you have to expect that the head is approaching its upper limit of normal durability and would/could fatigue over the course of a year to two. Spin wise I have always felt the 919 performed better than most any other driver for higher speed players because of its GRT face design. Pretty much every company uses a vertical face roll radius of 10″ to 12″, with maybe a couple at 14″. I use a 20″ vertical face radius on all my driver head designs. The reason is because if you have more curvature from top to bottom such as 10″, 12″ or even 14″, that means the loft at the top third of the face is +2 to +3* higher than it is in the center of the face where loft is actually measured on all woodheads. And the same 10″, 12″, 14″ vertical roll makes the loft -2 to -3* lower on the bottom third of the face because more curvature up and down the face does that.

      With a 20″ roll this loft increase and decrease for higher or lower face areas is reduced so the top third of the 919 face is +1 to 1.5* higher than the center and the lower third of the face is -1* to -1.5* lower than the center. Most better players tend to hit the driver just above the center of the face to take advantage of the vertical gear effect phenomenon to reduce spin over what it would be from an on center impact position. With the GRT face of the 919 if you hit the shot 3/8″ to 1/2″ above the center of the face, you not only still get this vertical gear effect to reduce spin but you also get less loft at the point of impact so spin is lower because of that too.

      But at the end of the day, you still have to choose the right overall stiffness and tip stiffness design in a shaft to keep the forward bending of the shaft at a minimum to also keep launch down and spin down. If you do not do that then anything in the design of the head for spin characteristics can’t do it all on its own. Hope this helps and thanks for your interest,


  2. Hi Tom, thank you for the reply to my earlier post! No harm in the delayed response, i hope you were on vacation!

    Thank for for the information as well as the possible shaft recommendations. I do believe the shaft was the “firm” version, however I will check with my club fitter/builder (Tim Mosel). I will ask him about the S2S white (I have only tried you S2S black shaft).

    I will also give the 43.5 in shaft a try as well.

    One more question I have is, I was fit into a 12 degree driver for optimal distance. This being true, how much could I gain from going to a 12 degree from the 16 degree that I tried? My thinking is that if I prefer the 42.5 length, maybe I can gain some distance back with a slightly lower lofted driver.

    Thanks for your help!


    • ERIC
      Yes it was a vacation, which now that I am semi retired, I am hooked on and need more and more of!! HA ! As long as they include golf, and as long as I don’t play badly too !

      Since you said you have a 108mph clubhead speed, I can’t imagine you ever wanting to try a driver loft as high as 16*. That would only be applicable if you hit 3w off the tee on a tight hole. For an actual full out first string driver I would think you’d lose distance with the 16* bigly, even if you did have a little bit of a downward angle of attack into the ball. But the best thing I can tell you for sure is to trust Tim because he really is one of the very best there is anywhere on the planet.


  3. Hi Tom, love your products! Had a question regarding shafts for this club. I am working with a club fitter in my area and trying to come up with the right build. I’ve Never and still can’t accurately play a longer shafted driver so I tried the following build and loved it:

    919 head
    Matrix studio 84 shaft at 42.5 inches, approx 265 cpm. Not sure how it was tipped but I could get that info if necessary
    16 degree loft
    Unsure of face angle

    Well the studio 84 shaft is no longer available and I got along great with that shaft. Unfortunately I’ve never quite gotten along with your shafts in a driver. Maybe it’s just mental at this point but it seems to be a lost cause for me.

    I was wondering if you you knew of any golf shafts with similar characteristics to the studio 84? From what I gather it was mid launch, mid spin approx 80-85 grams. You may have access and definitely have more knowledge here than I.

    I’ve gotteb my hands on a diamana S+ blue 80 gram. Would that be close? If not, would you recommend a different shaft?

    Also my proposed build I think I would want to go down a touch in loft. I do appreciate the backspin for extra forgiveness as I am hitting an absolutely incredible amount of fairways but I feel like I’m leaving 20-30 yards on the table….a happy medium can be reached perhaps? Any suggestions for that as well?

    Oh and clubhead speed is around 108-110 with the driver.

    If I missed anything that you need to answer accurately I do apologize, just ask and I’ll supply you the info.


    • ERIC

      Sorry for the delay in responding as I was out of town for about a week and a half. I enjoy doing the responses to help golfers so no one else was covering for me on the comments responses while I was gone. Hope that it did not inconvenience you too much.

      In searching our data base of shaft bend profiles, the only Matrix Studio 84 shaft we have in the DB is the Studio 84 in the Firm flex. If that is in fact the actual one you have in your driver, the software shows that these other shafts are similar in bend profile to it – UST High launch 75-s; UST Gold 65 Low Torque S; Graphite Design YS-6 S; Fuji Speeder 757 but in R flex. It also shows that our S2S White S is pretty close in the bend profile as well.

      You are leaving yards on the table by using a driver that is only 42.5″ for sure. I understand completely and have advocated shorter length drivers for decades now but most of my advice has been to drop from the ridiculous 45-46″ driver lengths of the big companies down to something more in the range of 43.5″ to perhaps 44 if the player has a reasonable amount of control in his tempo and timing. Going as short as 42.5 will for sure take clubhead speed away and for each 1mph you give up in clubhead speed with the driver you are giving up 2.8 yds in carry distance. So I would recommend you think about trying 43.5″ just to see if that can still keep you short enough to maintain good control but still give you an inch to potentially increase your clubhead speed by 4-5 mph.


  4. Tom what happened to the 519SHPR.. did it ever get released. Was there a delay? Thanks for info. Just a fan always interested in your designs. Thanks

    • JOHN

      Launching a new clubhead is not something we take lightly here at Wishon Golf. Due to production issues with the samples and first batches of clubheads which arrived here at Diamond Golf HQ in early Spring, we have decided to delay the launch. The main issue was with the strength of lofts, which would make on-spec handpicking a real problem. There were also quality issues which left us no option but to halt launching to our customers who, as we know, demand a quality product from Wishon Golf. So we have gone back to the factory to work on getting much tighter tolerances on our new driver heads with far greater levels of quality. Hopefully our customer base will understand our decision and agree it is better to wait for the right product than ship the wrong one too soon. It is still our plan to launch the TW519 SHPR in 2019 but later this year. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate your understanding and continued support for Wishon Golf.


    • That’s okay it will give me the time to try out the new THi 919 driver and the F/D before I decide to try the new driver head. So far they’re the best I have ever tried. But please do let us know when the new head is ready for release.

    • Walter

      We’ll inform everyone by email and the website will announce it as well. Thanks much,

  5. Hi Tom, I am demoing a 919 THI driver right now in LH at 11 degrees. Is there any way I can tweak that loft down to about 9.5 degrees? Is that a possibility? I have the Sterling Irons (which I love) now I just want to complete the set, but that 11 degrees is a tad high. Thank you.

    • Dallas
      Not conveniently, but it is possible. All my driver, wood and hybrid models are designed with a bendable hosel but I did that primarily to offer custom changes in lie angle and face angle, not loft. However, if the hosel of the 11* model is bent 1.5* open, then if you always grip the driver so you address the ball with the face square to the target line, the loft will now be changed to 9.5*. Doing this requires not soling the head on the ground as you would have to hold the head square to the target. That is how the adjustable hosel sleeves work. Problem is that not very many clubmakers have a bending machine that can clamp a driver head for bending the hosel. Most just have an iron bending machine and iron machines cannot be made to clamp a driver, wood or hybrid. Since it would be very inconvenient for you to send the driver to Diamond Golf who handle my product line now, I could do this for you in my workshop where I still do the head designs and product development work for my product line. If that is something you are interested in pursuing send me an email to tww@wishongolf.com and I can tell you where to send it.


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