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Wishon Golf’s Most Popular Driver Design in a Wide Variety of Custom Fitting Options


    • 919THI Drivers available in both conventional finish and a Black Oxide finish – all designed with TWGT’s unique bendable hosel

    • Variable Thickness Face with High MOI delivers the best off center hit performance in the game

    • All 919THI drivers undergo 6 separate face thickness QC checks during production to ensure the highest conforming smash factor

    • The 919THI is also available in a beautiful black oxide satin finish with a striking but subtle red top crown highlights for the most modern cosmetic appearance

    • Available in conventional finish version in RH 9°, 11°, 13° and 15.5°.  LH in 11°. Black Oxide version in RH in 9°, 11° and 13°

Images & Specifications

A 360º view of the 919THI Driver Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 919THI Drivers.

Ratings and Reviews

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919THI, 3.9 out of 5 based on 273 ratings


  1. Hi Tom, I am demoing a 919 THI driver right now in LH at 11 degrees. Is there any way I can tweak that loft down to about 9.5 degrees? Is that a possibility? I have the Sterling Irons (which I love) now I just want to complete the set, but that 11 degrees is a tad high. Thank you.

    • Dallas
      Not conveniently, but it is possible. All my driver, wood and hybrid models are designed with a bendable hosel but I did that primarily to offer custom changes in lie angle and face angle, not loft. However, if the hosel of the 11* model is bent 1.5* open, then if you always grip the driver so you address the ball with the face square to the target line, the loft will now be changed to 9.5*. Doing this requires not soling the head on the ground as you would have to hold the head square to the target. That is how the adjustable hosel sleeves work. Problem is that not very many clubmakers have a bending machine that can clamp a driver head for bending the hosel. Most just have an iron bending machine and iron machines cannot be made to clamp a driver, wood or hybrid. Since it would be very inconvenient for you to send the driver to Diamond Golf who handle my product line now, I could do this for you in my workshop where I still do the head designs and product development work for my product line. If that is something you are interested in pursuing send me an email to tww@wishongolf.com and I can tell you where to send it.


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