919fd-main919F/D Fairway Drivers

A Superb Fitting Option for More Control on Tight Holes

The 919F/D Fairway Drivers are the answer for players looking for a high COR “mini-driver” or for a tee shot club for use on tight par-4 and par-5 holes for greater control without losing any distance normally achieved with a conventional high COR titanium driver. TWHT’s proprietary bendable hosel allows an extremely wide range in custom fitting specs for loft, lie and face angle.


  • Designed for the golfer who needs more control off the tee or wishes a much smaller size driver head
  • Thin, variable thickness, high strength steel face for high 0.830 COR for maximum distance
  • Bendable hosel for a wide range of fitting options for lie and face angle, +/-4° from spec
  • Can also be played off the fairway by more skilled players who want every bit of second shot distance on long holes
  • Available in RH in 11° and 14° lofts, cosmetically designed to complement the appearance of the 919THI Drivers


A 360º view of the 919F/D Fairway Driver Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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919F/D, 4.1 out of 5 based on 146 ratings


  1. Love the 919 F/D! I’ve played a 10 deg 919 thi for a few years and absolutely love it, but for me with the modern driver head sizes I really have a tough time hitting a draw with them, not sure why, but it isn’t a huge deal because most tee shots I just want to hit a nice little controlled fade anyways. The 919 F/D fills the perfect spot for an alternate tee shot club for me. Slightly larger face than a 3 wood gives a little more confidence, but its small enough I can really turn over a nice draw on those few holes i need it. I have the 14 degree and I haven’t had any issues playing it off the deck like a normal fairway wood either. The custom face angle and lie angle adjustments are by far Toms greatest invention. Thanks for a great design!

  2. Tom,
    Can the f/d hozel be bent 4 degrees in any direction as the driver can? The description says only two degrees. Also, is it possible to ream these hozels bores to accept a .370 shaft, or even a .355 shaft? Thank you for your response in advanced.

    • JARROD

      Yes, the 919F/D has the same identical construction and materials as the 929, 950 and 775 which are the other steel/high COR face models with bendable hosels. So the F/D can be bent +/-4* in any direction provided the clubmaker has the right bending machine to properly clamp and secure the body of the head to enable the hosel to be bent. While the hosel could stand reaming to a 0.355 taper or 0.370 parallel I would question doing this from the standpoint of performance with an iron shaft. This is a wood, made to the weight of a low loft wood head. With an iron shaft it would play too head light at any length less than 42″. And iron shafts are twice as stiff as wood shafts in terms of actual bending amount so I really question the playability of the club with a typical iron shaft installed. UNless of course you happened to install an iron shaft that was 1 to 2 flexes softer depending on your transition force in the downswing.

      Hope this helps,

  3. I purchased a 919FD @ 11* and shafted it with the TW shaft that was recommended for my 98-100 mph swing speed. I struggled to elevate my shots and Not hit a fade with it. I generally have a high ball flight and I don’t usually hit fades, so I re-shafted it 2 more times with similar results. I also never got much distance out of it.

    3 Questions:
    1)Can I order another head at 1 or even 2 degrees closed?
    2)Is my swing speed enough to compress the face to get max output out of the 919?
    3)Should I try the 929HS at 12* instead?


    • RICH:

      First questions I would ask to try to get to the bottom of the performance issue you have had with the FD would bem 1) what length did you make it, 2) what swingweight did you build it to at that length, 3) what length is your 3 wood or 4 wood in your previous woods, 4) did you have any issues at all in the past hitting a fairway wood high to fly and carry.

      Most people who use the FD play it at a length of between 43-44″. Most build it to have the same shaft and swingweight as they like and prefer in their driver or previous fairway woods. Ball position is to be still off the left heel, just like any driver or 3w.

      This head you have can be bent to have a closed face angle. It is made with a special softer steel hosel so it can be bent for a face angle or lie fitting change as needed. Now as to who would have the proper machine to bend a woodhead like this with a bendable hosel, that can be tough to find someone to do that. Not very many clubmakers have invested in a 2nd LL machine to do that and instead prefer to ask for the head to be bent before it is shipped to them. I’m at a loss to tell you a sure fire way to find who does and does not have such a machine because this is info that we did not keep before we handed the product line distribution over to Diamond Golf in the fall of 2016. And I am sure they would not have tried to query all the clubmakers to know this either. About the only thing I can think of would be to go to the Club Tech Forum on Golf WRX. Register to post and put up a thread that asks who has a LL bending machine that could bend wood heads.

      And yes, your swingspeed is plenty enough to make the face work fine. Even at a lower speed than that the head still should offer a high smash factor of over 1.47 (smash being ball speed divided by clubhead speed with 1.5 being the absolute limit for a legal conforming high COR head).


  4. Hi Tom,

    I have a TM 16 degree mini driver for short or tight holes. I have a 17 degree Callaway 4W for the fairway. I am a 14 HC with a driver speed of 93-95 MPH. Could I use a 16 degree 919F/D for both so I could put an extra wedge in my bag?


    • Bruce

      The 919F/D is offered in spec loft models of 11* and 14*. Through our Hand Select service, we could sort through inventory and potentially find lofts of 10, 12, 13, 15 in addition to the spec lofts of 11 and 14. But we would not be able to find one at 16* because the production tolerance on the heads is only +/-1* from spec. I kind of doubt you would want to use the F/D as a fairway wood because it has a 40mm tall face height. Typical fairway woods these days have a face height between 32mm and 36mm. A 40mm tall face would look like it is towering over the ball and could psychologically make it difficult to feel comfortable about hitting the ball well up in the air to fly and carry. On the other hand, if you have never had any problem with a deeper face fairway wood, then what you suggest is possible.


  5. I have a wishon fd driver 14* and love it. Hit it high with good distance but no roll because of high ball flight. Would like to try 11* to possibly get lower flight. But all fitters have only 14* and also believe that absolutely nobody could be a fit for a 11*. We’ll I know I would be. This same attitude is why I can’t buy or try a wishon driver. I currently use a 9* callaway with a blue stiff shaft and hit it good. I think I could go from good to great with wishon but absolutely no way will a fitter have a 9* for a try. Very frustrating.

    • ALLEN

      Sigh. . . . having been a teacher to the clubmakers for over 30 yrs now through my books and articles and information, I can tell you with great disappointment that there are some of the clubmakers who start to spew out bad information when they think they are starting to get smart in this field. I used to call it “sophomore-itis in clubmaking” when I began to see this among some clubmakers many years ago. Whoever said that you no one could use an 11* 919F/D head is ignorant and has no idea what he is talking about, plain and simple.

      First and foremost, the F/D is nothing more than a small size driver head – to be used with the ball perched on a tee for shots on tight holes where accuracy from a shorter length driver is needed. ONLY if the player has very good ball striking skills would it be thought of as a possible fairway wood too. And really, logic certainly dictates that. All a player has to do to find out if he can hit the F/D off the deck is simply toss a ball down and have at it to see. There have been good players for years who can hit a 460cc size driver off the deck and get it airborne just fine. Doing the same with this F/D would not be an issue, IF THE GOLFER HAS A GOOD ENOUGH SWING. But day in and day out I designed the F/D as a tee shot club to be made to shorter lengths for use on tight holes, OR for golfers who simply hate the look of a larger 460cc size head. Any clubmaker can order the 919F/D in its 11* loft version – and the clubmaker can ask Diamond Golf to hand pick through all the F/D 11 heads to find one at 10* so if you wish to have one lower in loft than 11, that can be done. But not 9, that is not possible. Hope this helps,

    • Allen Griggs
      I’ve got the fd driver in 11 deg and it’s the best thing I’ve ever hit
      I don’t think I need a driver as this is long off the tee but I do want to try Tom’s driver as people say it’s long
      It’s easy to hit off the fairway and when in the rough it flys out with no spin (I was laying up to a par 5 hit it out of the rough and it rolled on to the green 250yards could not believe it)
      Just wished they could do this club in 8 deg to play a stinger shot when into the wind
      Buy this club and prove the fitters wrong

    • I found a 10* and had it bent closed 1 1/2 degrees and I am loving it. I use it instead of my 3 wood since I also bought a 8* driver and finally hitting the ball straight. Love it

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