929HS Fairway Woods

Shallow Face, High COR Face Design for Distance with Ease of Playability
New Soft Stainless Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Fitting


  • 304 Stainless Steel Hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease in bending for a wide range of custom lie and face angle bending (+/-4*).
  • 31mm Shallow Face Height is ideal for golfers who play off firm, short grass fairways orfor golfers who need more confidence getting the ball well up to fly.
  • HS 350 High Strength Steel Thin Face allows for a high COR for increased ball speed and superb off center hit performance.
  • Reduced Face-to-Back Sole Width reduces the sole to ground contact for more consistent contact with the ball, even from the rough.
  • Available in RH in #2 (12°), #3 (14°), #4 (16.5°), #5 (18°), and #7 (21.5°), in Left hand #3 (15°), #5 (18.5°)

A 360º view of the 929HS Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 929HS Fairway Wood.

Ratings and Reviews

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929HS, 4.5 out of 5 based on 35 ratings


  1. Unas maderas fáciles y potentes que son el complemento ideal para el driver 919THI y los hibridos 775HS


  3. I had a customer who was looking for an 14 1/2* 4 wood and I chose the 929 HS Fairway wood for him. I built it to the specifications we came up with and we took it to the range. He hit it so pure I ask if I could try it. I also hit it pure and tried to get him not to buy the club as I wanted it. He of course said no so I had to build one for myself. Shortly thereafter we were playing in a tournament together and both had shots up hill to a 525 yd par 5, and we had about 225 yds to the green. He hit first and it looked real good, then I hit and it also looked like it would be close. When we got to the green he had a 1 1/2 ft put for eagle and I had a 20 ft putt for eagle. He made his I didn’t. Since that time every time I pull out the 4 wood and hit it straight, i get the comment they would like a club like that and I tell them they can have one. This is my favorite club in my bag.

  4. The Wishon 929 Fairway Wood is the best FW I have fit and sold, to date!. Play one myself. It consistently attains a few mph higher ball speeds when struck on center compared to other FW Woods on the market, including well know OEM Fairway Woods. The adjustable hosel helps club fitters dial in the optimal fitting specs. The split sole with the slightly lower profile makes it the easiest FW Wood to hit off the deck, that I have seen in years! A “sleeper” attribute of this head is the additional weight port, giving club fitters the option to build the club a little longer or a lot shorter than the more traditional lengths. Don’t miss this one!

    • The 929 FW’S are great. Just had a 16.5* built for me.
      It is the easiest club in my bag to hit out of the fairway / Rough or off the tee. I had this built by Mr. Weitzel at Conquest Custom Golf. He has built all my clubs for me Bill does superior work would recommend him to anyone.

  5. Great head design, easy to hit off the deck, and the hosel is bendable to help fit this club to everyone. Great hot face, traditional look, hard to find anything better.

  6. I have sold a number of these heads and play the 3,5,& 7 myself. A smaller head profile which helps off the fairway and gets the ball up for great carry.

  7. De 929HS FW wood is mijn meest verkochte wood. Een goed aangemeten en gebouwde 929HS is een club die niet mag ontbreken in uw tas. In de fairway krijgt u de ballen eenvoudig omhoog en geeft de club veel lengte. In combinatie met een 919THI driver heeft u een set woods waar u vele jaren plezier van heeft.

  8. If a shallower faced fairway wood fits your eye and game, there is no better fairway wood head available on the planet. I have had no complaints from customers at all. Personaly, I use the 12* and I have no problem getting it up off the fairway. A beauty of a design!

  9. I built a 12 degree for myself and I love the way it performs. The course I play is very windy so it’s important to hit a low trajectory without “ballooning”. I’m very consistent with this stick.

  10. Another fantastic fairway wood. I don’t think the feel/sound are quite as good as the 949MC, but it’s close and as good as any other fairway out there. The 949MC may be just a little hotter, but I think this design is a bit more playable from a variety of lies. I was carrying 16* & 20* 949MCs, but I recently switched out the 20* for the 929HS and I think it’s easier to hit from different lies. I’m not sure I’ll swap the 16* as I use that mainly off the tee, but it probably wouldn’t matter much if I did as both designs are excellent.

  11. This is the hottest fairway wood I sell. When I do a fairway wood fitting I start out with this head and rarely have to try anything else. I had a fitting recently with two golfers who were playing partners, one a 100+ mph driver swing speed and the other a 75-80 mph driver swing speed. Both golfers after hitting 5 balls with the recommended shaft handed me the club and said SOLD, I want one just like this! Long and straight with great trajectory. You can’t go wrong with this head! I have two in my bag.

  12. Get awesome results every single time I make these for customers. The hot face design is really noticeable. Higher and longer shots with just perfect sound and feel. The low profile heads give great confidence when hitting off the deck. I´ll put the same review for the 929HS as in my experience they perform the same, just a tiny difference in size and looks. Truly fairway woods in a league of their own! One customer joked that I should advertise that this head is 17 yards longer than the TaylorMade RocketBallz that’s suppose to be 17 yards longer than anything else. He was hitting the 949MC much further after we custom built it!

  13. I play this wood myself and am very happy with it. It gives me confidence to hit a high shot to an inaccessible flag.

  14. First came the 11° 919 Driver with a 16.5° 929, they are just the best woods I’ve ever hit so I now have on order a 21° 7 wood to replace my three iron, these things just can’t be beat.

  15. Where can i buy a 929hs head?

    • ROBERT
      If you are a clubmaker with experience in properly building golf clubs, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to serve your needs to supply you with the heads, shafts and grips you need for your clubmaking work. If you are a clubmaker, please then take the time to go to our website, click on the link at the very top for CATALOG REQUEST and fill out the request form so that we can get a little information about your clubmaking work and experience.

      If you are not a clubmaker, we urge you to click on the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator search tool right in the center of the home page of wishongolf.com and put in your town/city/state/zip and see if there is an experienced clubmaker with whom you could meet and work to be fit for the model that you are interested in. Our company is so unlike all the companies whose models you see in all the retail stores and pro shops. We’re totally and completely committed to pursuing a model of CUSTOM FITTING for golfers rather than just putting our designs into shops built to a a series of std specifications. So for golfers to get custom fit so the clubs perform the best possible for each golfer’s different combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics, we urge golfers to find a clubfitter in their area, see him/her, and be custom fit. Clubs work better for golfers when they are properly fit.

      Thanks so much for your interest,


  16. I recently had Damian of golfdiagnostics.com here in England build me a new 3 “wood” and after trying models at the range we selected the 929HS 14degree model – I absolutely love it. I am getting great distance and accuracy and the shallow head sits it behind the ball more comfortably for fairway shots. Even at 66 with a swing speed around 95 I can average 240 yards on winter fairways here in the UK.
    This complements my 525 GRT irons beautifully and I’m now thinking of replacing my 752TC driver with a 919THI model.
    I cannot speak highly enough of Damian’s service and am pleased to report that I have convinced several of my fellow golfers to have him build clubs for them. What always amazes them is that these are invariably better clubs for them and cheaper custom-built than the big brands they buy off the shelf or even “fitted” by their range or club pro.
    You may take it that I am a committed fan! Now if someone could only teach me to putt………
    Best wishes

    • Andrew

      Thank you so much for taking your time to share your experiences in clubfitting with Damian Donnelly. I am pleased to hear you worked with him, and I am not surprised at all to hear what you have to say about him. I’ve known Damian for several years now, and we have corresponded a lot about technical matters related to clubfitting. From these correspondences, I can tell you it is very easy to know why Damian is a good clubfitter. Not only does he have very good knowledge from his study and experience, but he has an interest and a passion for clubfitting that truly complements his knowledge. Thanks again for YOUR interest as well, and the very best wishes to you in this great game!


  17. can you changed my 14 to 15.5 its the 929hs

    • CHUCK

      It is not possible to change the loft of a driver or wood or hybrid by bending the hosel. Lofts on these heads are done by hand selecting from a large inventory of each model that would have its design loft close to the loft requested through our TWGT Hand Select program. Every clubhead factory on the planet manufactures every clubhead model with slight +/- tolerances for loft, lie, face angle. So what we do is when a clubmaker wants a loft that is a little different than the actual design specs of one of our models, we sort through and measure heads until we can find one with that requested loft. Sometimes that takes a lot of measuring because not all that many heads are at +1 or -1 or +1/2 or -1/2, but with patience it usually can be found. And we do this service because we feel it is important. So to get a 15.5 we would have to sort through the 929-#4 wood heads to see if we can find one at that loft.

      The reason you can bend loft on an iron but not on a driver/wood/hybrid is because with irons, we golfers are ALWAYS taught to address the ball with the face perfectly square to the target. But with woods, the typical approach is to sole the wood on the ground to let it rest flat on its sole before taking the grip and setting up to hit the shot. That means when you bend the hosel of a wood toward or away from the target, when the wood is then soled, the bend becomes a change in the face angle. This is a HUGE myth and bit of misinformation in the industry these days that woods can be bent for loft. Only if you were to take the wood and then HOLD it in a square face position at address can such a bend change the loft. And that’s dodgy because holding the wood square means the sole cannot rest on the ground so you have to somewhat HOVER the head over the ground before making the swing. TOugher to do than to sole the wood before making the swing.


  18. What is the value of COR of this head?

    • NAvin

      Right at 0.820. Because of the smaller head size and smaller face area of the 929 this is as high as we can push the COR. With the 949 we can hit right at 0.830 with the production specs because it is a little larger overall and larger for the face area. But not to worry – for a typical golfer with a 90-95mph driver clubhead speed, a difference of 0.010 in the COR is equivalent to about 1 yard at the most.


  19. I have the fairway metal Wishon Golf 929HS 7 HS STEEL 21degrees. The screw on the sole plate has come off while hitting it, so it’s on the golf course somewhere along with whatever it was holding in the club head’s interior. Why would this happen? Should I play it without the screw and whateve was inside the head? The person who fitted the club for me is not on your clubmaker locator. What should I do with it now?

    • Our sincere apology for not having responded to your comment and question for so long. Somehow the auto notification for comments did not send your comment through to us to be able to see it. Unfortunately we just figured this out this week.

      The only thing that could have come off in play from the sole would be the medallion that covers the weight port on the toe side of the sole. This medallion is not a screw, it is attached by sticky adhesive on the back of the medallion, and some clubmakers also like to use a tiny dab of epoxy to help hold it as well. If your thought about a screw is prompted by looking into the weight chamber and seeing a slot that looks like it takes a flat head screw driver, that is not a screw. That would be a tungsten weight plug that the clubmaker would have epoxied down into the weight chamber as part of his establishing the final swingweight weighting of the club during its assembly. The slot is there in case a clubmaker wants to ever remove such a weight that may be used in the assembly of a club – after heating the weight with a small butane torch, a flat head screw driver can be inserted in the slot to twist the weight free to dump it out.

      If the weight with the slot on the end is still in there, then all you need is to have a medallion to stick over the hole. WE can handle this in one of two ways to assist you. 1) if you wish you can send the club to us at your convenience and we will check everything and install the weight (if missing) and the medallion securely to cover the weight port; 2) we could send you a medallion that you can peel off the backing and press firmly into the opening to get the sticky back adhesive to secure it to the little ledges on the opening. If this is your desire, please email us at contact@wishongolf.com with your address so we can send a medallion to you.


  20. Hi Tom , sorry , I found the stats. 3 wood is 41 3/4 length Lie angle 56

    5 wood. 41 inches. Lie angle 56.5

    Do you have a suggestion for length and lie angle for the 7 wood based on my info.

    Sorry for my first email . It’s an age thing


    • Ollie did order a 7 wood today with a 57 lie so I figured he must have known what you needed to order the head.


  21. Excellent fairway wood

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