929HS Fairway Woods

Shallow Face, High COR Face Design for Distance with Ease of Playability
New Soft Stainless Hosel Allows Custom Lie and Face Angle Fitting


  • 304 Stainless Steel Hosel is separately welded to the body to enable ease in bending for a wide range of custom lie and face angle bending (+/-4°)
  • 31mm Shallow Face Height is ideal for golfers who play off firm, short grass fairways orfor golfers who need more confidence getting the ball well up to fly
  • HS 350 High Strength Steel Thin Face allows for a high COR for increased ball speed and superb off center hit performance
  • Reduced Face-to-Back Sole Width reduces the sole to ground contact for more consistent contact with the ball, even from the rough
  • Available in RH in #2 (12°), #3 (14°), #4 (16.5°), #5 (18°), #7 (21.5°) and #9 (24.5°) in Left hand #3 (15°), #5 (18.5°) and #7 (21°)

A 360º view of the 929HS Clubhead.

Tom Wishon talks about the 929HS Fairway Wood.

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929HS, 4.1 out of 5 based on 73 ratings


  1. Hello,
    i bought a sterling set fitted by Andre Tahon : its great!
    I would be Interested in 5W and would like to know what the shortest lenght i could have.
    Thank you in advance .
    Best regards from France

    • Stephane

      It is good to hear that you found Andre to work with for your iron fitting needs. Andre truly is one of the best fitters and clubmakers in the world, and I am not making that up. He really is. Andre will be the best guide for you on your fitting needs for a 5 wood. Contact him and make an appointment and tell him you are interested in a much shorter length fairway wood and he can help you.

      All of my 5 wood heads are set up at 218 grams with two weight bores that could accept up to 9 grams in each weight bore. Beyond that it could be possible to also use a 9g tip weight in the shaft if adding more weight to achieve a proper swingweight at a very short length is required. But you should be able to be fit into a 5 wood length of as short as 40.5″ if that works best for you. And depending on the shaft weight for you and grip weight as well, maybe 40″ is possible as well to have more control while still being able to reach a normal swingweight. But again, Andre is an expert at this so you should contact him and he’ll help you make the best decision for the length.


  2. Hi Tom,

    I am trying to select a fairway wood from your options and I am looking for the least amount of face progression. I like to look down on a clubhead that looks “open”, or at least that’s how I perceive the look of the club.

    I need some clarification on the difference between face progression and face angle.

    So if the face progression of the 14 degree 3 wood is 14mm with a square face angle, would the face progression change if you bent or selected the same club head with a 1 degree open face angle?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I currently play the 919 F/D at 12 degrees as my driver at 1 degree open. I love everything about this club, especially looking down soled behind the ball. I would like to add a 16 and 19 degree fairway to complete my wood set. Just trying to select the right one. Thank you!

    • BEN

      Face progression is the horizontal plane distance from the center of the hosel bore to the leading edge at the bottom of the face. If the face sticks out more in front of the shaft, there is more face progression on the head than if the face does not. This term is also confused with offset. The two are similar but defined differently. Offse is the horizontal plane distance from the FORWARD WALL of the hosel to the leading edge at the bottom of the face.

      Face angle is what direction the face points when you rest the driver, wood or hybrid to sit on its sole. Creating an open or closed face angle requires you to design and make the head so the center line of the hosel bore is NOT perpendicular to the sole plane as it rests on the ground. Square face woods are when this angle is square or at 90*.

      So when you set a club on the ground and you look at the bottom of the face and you see that it either sticks out more or less from the shaft, you are seeing the face progression. But when you sole the head and see that it wants to point to the left or the right, that’s the face angle showing itself. FP and FA are two totally different elements not related to each other in performance or in design.

      If you bend a driver, wood or hybrid to be more open or closed it does not technically change the face progression. But it can look that way to the eye which can fool you. for example, if you bend a head more open, you now have pulled the toe side of the head BACK a little which can make it seem the FP is reduced. But the heel side of the face is still out there the same distance in front of the hosel bore center line so the FP does not change.

      Hope this helps,

  3. Morning Tom,

    May I ask your advice?

    I have recently bought a 4 wood 929HS which I am very happy with. It hasn’t been optimised by a club fitter yet, but it will be.

    The 4 wood carries an average of 200yds, and it does on some shots go a touch longer and run into the bank on the range at 240yds. So distance is plenty.

    I lack confidence on long distance shots, but have the strength and speed to ‘get out there’. It’s mostly a mental thing. I know my average iron swing is 94mph, I’m not sure about wood/driver speed as I am new to using them.

    At the moment I tend to err on the safe side for distance and use an 5 iron (I play Sterling 5-LW) for teeing off, but do have a 3 hybrid (785HF) being made.

    So, sorry if this is long winded……

    I’m thinking of just mastering the 4 wood as my ‘driver’ as the distance is very good in my opinion, and it’s very controllable and accurate. It’s also excellent off the deck.

    But, if I was to look at something longer, what are your thoughts on the following:

    929HS 12 deg 2 wood
    (My thoughts are that it’s the same swing to groove as the 4 wood, so I’m grooving one swing for woods, one swing for Sterlings. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!)

    919FD 11 deg,

    or 919THI 11 deg?

    I appreciate your thoughts, and understand that you are busy.

    Thank you



      Thanks for taking your time to ask your questions. Seriously it is not long winded and I am always happy to help. I’m pleased to hear that you are doing well with the new 4w and irons. From what you say about the 4w, you seem to not have any accuracy issues there so it sounds to me like you just need to spend some more time hitting shots both on course and on the range to build your confidence and find out how much you could push it with your swing before you know what tempo seems to result in the best overall consistency with adequate distance and accuracy. If you were saying that you lose some control when you swing a little more aggressively with the 4w, I would suggest you perhaps shorten it by 1/2″ or 3/4″ and then re swingweight it to be sure it has enough head feel during the swing.

      But you don’t seem to be saying that you have any such issue so we’ll just suggest you leave things alone for now with the 4w. It sounds like the 3 hybrid will fit the slot in between your Sterling 5 iron and the 4 wood. Just be sure not to get that hybrid made too long. 39″ should be about the max for that unless you are really tall with relatively shorter arms for your height.

      As to a better tee shot club over the 4w, if for sure you plan that club to be ONLY used off the tee, then I would suggest the 919THI driver. For a driver you want the club to hit the ball as far as your swing speed can allow, but with decent control so you are not hunting for balls in the woods. You did not say what length your 4w is, but as a starting point with the driver, I would recommend having it made to be 1″ longer than the 4w, not more than that. And duplicating the swingweight of the 4w for now since it seems from what you say that the 4w must be relatively ok for swingweight/head weight feel since you hit it ok.

      If you do decide to go with the 919THI as the actual driver for tee shots, then there really is no need for thinking about either the 2w or the F/D. They are only a consideration if you absolutely dislike the size of the 919THI driver head. And believe me, among all 450cc size driver heads, I think that I balanced the width and breadth of the 919THi so it just does not look as large as so many of the other driver heads on the market today. But that’s always up to you and you only in your decision making. So if you do not really have any psychological predisposition against the larger driver heads over the smaller heads like the F/D, then go with the 919THI.

      Thanks so much for your interest and the very best to you in this great game,

    • *Follow up*

      Hello Tom,

      Thanks for your previous advice. I wanted to follow up:

      I now have a complete set of Sterling irons 4-LW, (Nippon 950GH S Flex shafts) I prefer the 4 to the hybrid after playing both.
      Still loving playing them, and i get many compliments as to how nice they look.

      I have two 929HS woods and they are a dream to play!

      4 wood, 42″, D2, Nippon 950 FW S flex steel shaft.

      7 wood, 41″, D7?, Nippon 950 FW S flex steel shaft.

      The 4 wood is consistently good for 220yds, and the 7 wood 190yds. Beautiful high flight and quick stop. Very nice looking heads, and the shallow face height suits me. I’m tempted to get a full set of the 929s just for the hell of it, I like them that much.

      The 7 is especially good for long par 3’s.

      I had a set of Bang square headed woods (3,5,7) previously which are excellent, but the 929HS are even better.

      I also have a 11° and 14° 919FD (Stylish)but they are a side project for the time being as I was experimenting with shafts (like you do….!)

      So, long story short (Sorry), I just bought a preloved 919THI 9° driver, S2S Black 85 gram S flex shaft, not sure on length as I haven’t measured, but I’m finding the sweet spot ok. BUT timing is off, as it feels a little soft. You previously advised to settle in with the 4 wood and then get a driver an inch longer at the same SW. The 4 wood is fantastic at the specs above so I would like to fit a Nippon 950 FW S flex steel shaft to the 919THI, and so the SW would be D2, the length 43″. Do you see any issues with this in steel shaft? I got a raised eyebrow when asking for the 929s to be steel shafted, but I could get a better fit in graphite if I tried.

      Would 43″ be ok/long enough for the 919THI? My brain is saying 44″, but I trust your knowledge.

      Thanks in advance for your advice on the matter.

      All the best,


    • MATT

      For the vast majority of golfers, if they have solid experience in using a shaft model and flex in a fwy wood and like it a lot, it is the shaft of choice for the driver without question. It’s only natural for people to think odd of a player using steel in the driver and woods since the market share for steel in woods is something like 1.5% ! For players like you who tend to do better with a little heavier weight shaft in the woods to get the total weight of the clubs up there a little more, going with steel and especially one like this 95 gram Nippon shaft is a good choice. At 95g (and it is a little lighter when trimmed and installed) you would be at the higher weight end of graphite for wood shafts. But it has always been a fact that players who feel that lighter weight wood shafts make the club feel too light will always be better off with a heavier weight shaft.

      As to the length, if you hit the woods now pretty consistently straight with no chronic bouts of misdirection, then start with this driver at 44″. You can always go down from there if you feel that you are having some control or solid impact problems at the 44″ length. At 44″ that is still far shorter than the ridiculous 45-46″ length of all the big companies’ off the rack drivers.

      Hope this helps and do have a great season in this great game,

  4. Hi Tom,

    I’m interested in trying to create a set of fairway woods using single-length principles and I have a few questions about the suitability of these.

    The 12° 16.5° and 21° clubs from the 929hs range would seem to fit my plans in terms of loft, but I’m unsure how feasible it is to adjust them to be uniform in length, lie and weight.

    I see that lie angle can be bent +/- 4° with each of the heads on the 929hs, so I assume it would be relatively easy to get uniform lie angles across the 3 clubs. But I also see that the headweights differ by about 25g between the 12° and the 21° heads.

    I see from the specs above you can add weights to both the hosel and the sole, but it doesn’t give an indication of how much weight. Can the 25g difference between the 12° and 21° head be overcome through additional head weighting? And if so, will this impact the play-ability of the club?

    Presumably if the headweight and lie angle are the same across the three different heads, the final element is the picking of a common shaft length, that has the desired swing weight when combined with the heads?

    Sorry for the abundance of questions, I hope you can help!

    Kind regards,


    • DAN

      Pretty much all the answers to your question about using the 929HS wood heads for a single length set depend on what length you would want these to all be. And that is a huge decision because if you go too short trying to make them all easy to hit, you may very well lose distance with the 12 and 16.5* woods versus the distance you get from other fairway woods of those lofts made to normal lengths. And then if you make them longer to get back the clubhead speed to prevent them from being shorter in distance, then you have a situation to deal with in terms of what longer length is too long for you and your swing characteristics and ability. So I need more information to really help you – I need to know your handicap, your clubhead speed with the driver, your misdirection tendency of slice/hook and how much you slice or hook on average, your wrist to floor measurement, an evaluation of your tempo, an evaluation of whether you release the club early, midway or late. To make this easier to communicate you can send this info to me at tww@wishongolf.com at your convenience.


  5. Tom,

    I am getting ready to get a set of the Sterling irons and will be looking at getting some fairway woods to compliment them. I will most likely be going with a 4 and 7 wood so I was just wondering if it is possible, with 2 weight ports and minor lie adjustment, to make any of your 4 and 7 woods to play at the same length (i.e. 7 wood length)? I also know that you are currently working on “real” same length fairway woods, is there any word on estimated release date for them?



    • BILL

      I am working on a single length wood concept to go with the irons but I am dragging my feet a bit on the project for several reasons, not the least of which is the effect of being semi retired these days !! HA ! I need to make that be SEMI retired so there is more emphasis on the SEMI, which means I need to keep working more !! Actually I am still working on trying to figure out the lengths I want these woods to be fit and built to be so that has been causing some of the delay. At any rate we are looking at spring 2018 for these probably for the formal launch with a chance the soft launch could be this winter. But with the twin weight bores in any of our fairway woods, you can do some math and make it work for both a 4 and 7 wood to be the same length.


    • Tom,

      Thanks for the update. Trust me I know the “semi” retired thing, retired from the Navy and got 2 weeks off before the other half had me back at work, and that was 9 years ago.


    • Hi Tom,

      Happy New Year!
      In this conversation you mentioned about the possibility of introducing the single length woods to complement Sterling irons in Spring 2018.

      Is there any update on it?


    • Thank you !! And may you and your family have a superb year in 2018 !!

      I’m sorry to say that there won’t be a single length set of Sterling woods – at least this year anyway. I just was unable to find a length that could allow a wide range of golfers to get enough distance from the 3w and 4w while not being too long for the highest loft woods. I had wanted to do this at a length of 39.5″ but unless the golfer had a driver swing speed of 95mph or more, that length was too short for being able to achieve proper distance with the 3w and 4w, even using a high COR face on the heads. And if we went longer such as 40.5″-41″ to get more clubhead speed with the 3w and 4w for better distance, now the higher loft woods I wanted to have in the set ended up being too long and more difficult to control from an accuracy standpoint.

      So I tabled the design for now and have begun to think more along the lines of a single length hybrid set which I am just experimenting with. Sorry, I had higher hopes for the woods but it just did not work out to my satisfaction for what I wanted for as broad of a market of golfers as possible.


  6. Hi there, I am looking for recommendations for the best options for Woods and Irons for juniors transitioning out for the Future Pro Junior Heads. Your expertise and time are most appreciated!!

    • HI Andrew:

      Thanks very much for your question. Depending on the junior’s age and skill level, but assuming that you are thinking about trying to avoid jumping totally into a large adult clubhead model, (and keeping costs in mind too) I would recommend thinking about the 365PF fairway woods. yes the 929’s are fine because they are a more shallow face design, but the 365’s are not tall faced at all and as you go from 4 to 5 to 7 to 9 wood in the set, the head sizes shrink progressively. Plus the 365 is a 2-pc investment cast stainless head so it is less expensive than the 929 which has the high strength steel thin face construction. Irons wise, I would lean toward the 979 – they too are not all that large and being 1-pc cast stainless they are also more cost effective. For a driver, cost is still there because of the high COR face nature of every driver made. But I might lean toward the 919 F/D since it is smaller in size than the typical 450-460cc size drivers like our 919THI.

      Hope this helps, and best wishes in this great game to you and the junior player !

    • If you are considering going to adult size heads, Sterling irons are the only game in town. Why learn – and keep in tune – 9 different iron swing setups when one is enough?

    • Thank you Tom Wishon!

    • Thanks so much Tom, we are going to look at the 365PF’s. We are actually setting up Junior Custom Fitting here in Malaysia. When transitioning juniors what is the most likely best option for shafts in the irons and woods? S2S Green?


    • ANDREW

      Yes, I would put the S2S Green graphite shaft as a very good transition shaft for juniors between the actual junior shaft and an adult shaft. This is a pretty light shaft at 65g and it would be lighter yet as you cut it down to the lengths you might use for some of these kids. It is also a more flexible bend profile with a softer tip design too, which would be ok for kids with slower swing speeds that are higher than what a Jr shaft requires but still lower than a slow swinging adult.


  7. Hello Tom.

    I’m working on putting together a bag to compliment the Sterling Irons. This wood is listed as available in 7 wood for left handed players but I don’t see it in the spec chart. I just wanted to confirm if it is available for lefties. Thanks Tom!

    • JEFF
      Sorry for the long explanation to come on this. In October I went into semi retirement and handed my product line over to Diamond Golf International in the UK to take over worldwide distribution of all my models and products. When they took over our remaining inventory in October, there were still units of the 929HS #7 wood in left hand that were available. I will say that in our discussions about the future product line, we both felt that based on the extremely small demand for the left hand #7 wood, we would drop it from the line when the existing inventory ran out. I would find it hard to believe that all of these left hand 7 woods which were in the inventory on Oct 1 are now gone. Perhaps, but it would be unusual if they were.

      So the best thing is for you or your clubmaker to call Diamond Golf on their USA Toll Free phone 1-844-552-3437 and ask them. They are in the UK so remember that in your time to call. And BTW, don’t worry that all of the products are shipped from a warehouse in the UK. Diamond Golf has set up super low cost shipping rates for sending everything by 2-3 day air service to the US and Canadian clubmakers. In fact, it is really cheaper and faster for clubmakers over here to get my designs from Diamond Golf than it was when they ordered from us in Colorado !

      Thanks and I hope this helps,

  8. Dear Tom , I am so happy to be able to hit again consistent strokes with fairway woods.
    I nearly quit golfing for 10 years, and here I am back to the game for 2 years
    I am 65 years old and a rather tall French man…In the 80’s I played my 3 and 5 woods from the deck with rather good results, loving to win MP (sometimes) with my fairway woods whitout too much strugling idea on mind.
    Now , except a poor bench of shots I was struggling and most of my fairway woods’ shots were poor and without consistency.
    So how it is difficult and frustrating not to be able to play my FW !!!
    After a long and accurate fitting in André’s work shop, this clever and kind man find out several problems with my Mizuno JPX 850 Forged, and with my woods…I was quite sure it was not only my game which caused every trouble.
    I read a lot of good things from your work and after André fitted a new Streling set and a 919 Driver (what great clubs they are!) we went to the 929 fairway woods
    How he had nearly in his mind what it could be the best to me, he chose the 929 5 & 7 FW
    When adressing the ball it looks great , comfortable and easy to play with, nice shape on the head and club face… at my firts shots it was great, and gave to the ball flight a gentel draw…nearly straight, with distance and accuracy.
    You could imagine how great I felt getting back to a nice game, with such a great feeling.
    I is a kind of “revelation” which allow you to be free of any kind of negative thought and focusing only on the game.
    after that, sharing my feeling with André, I found out I was playing golf in a defensive way instead of enjoying the game and playing in a more agressive or positive way
    Thank you Mister Wisdhon : you save me !
    regards from France in a poor English

    • Thank you VERY MUCH for your post !! We are so pleased that you had the chance to be fit by Andre. He is one of my very best students and I now feel that he is one of the top ten clubfitters in the world. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and may you continue to enjoy this great game more than before, and for a long time !!


  9. hi tom,
    What alternative 3 wood would you offer to the 929HS? I love the feel but the head is slightly to small for me and do not hit it often out of the center. Do you have a slightly larger head with the same feel? Thank you, Markus

    • MARCUS

      First off, my sincere apology for the delay in responding. The notification feature for posts and comments was not working so we haven’t seen the posts being made here for us to respond. That’s a big Ooops. Sorry about that. The other fwy wood model we offer is the 950HC. Same higher COR, same bendable hosel, same set makeup options as the 929HS but the 950HC is a larger size head with a taller face height than the 929HS. This would be the model you are looking for.


    • Tom,

      I am enjoying my 919 F/D 11 Degree driver. I can almost rip shots off the fairway with it, but 11 degree is just a tad too low for me to be consistent. Before just building the 14 degree and calling it my 3 wood, I want to ask how you would compare and contrast your fairway wood offerings, present along with the 915 series, some of which were in Titanium? My shot profile is excellent with the 11 degree F/D and I don’t need a lot of help getting shots to fly when hitting fairway woods. However, I do want all the distance possible and would pay for the special metalmsuch as in your driver offerings.

    • DAVID

      Thanks much for your post and letting us know your experiences with the F/D. There are some players who have decided to try it off the deck and you’re right, the 14 is much better for that. Only the 3 wood in the old 915 series was made from titanium. I did the 5 and 7 woods from stainless steel as normal construction because I felt that most people would not opt for the higher price of Ti in those higher loft woods but might with the 3w since it is used by some off the tee.

      The 929 and 950 are my high COR fwy wood models and both with bendable hosels for customizing lie and face angle when that is needed by the player. The 950 is a little larger with a little taller face height, the 929 is not shallow faced but definitely a shorter face height than the 950 for players who like that or feel they need some help getting the ball well up to fly off the deck. Both are made with a thin HS 300 high strength steel face so the COR is up there higher than what other companies do with most of their fwy wood models. Since you have no issues with hitting a taller face wood off the deck you might think about the 950 since it is more of a traditional size fwy wood. You might think the 929 to be a tad small, perhaps?


  10. Forgot to mention I use 42″ 14* “Thriver”. Average 215-230 with it.

  11. Thanks Tom. Shaft is 41 so maybe I will cut it down to 40 per your suggestion. I am 5”6″ and I believe all my irons are 0.5″ shorter than standard so maybe 39.5″

    Ps not sure the email notification of replies is working. I’ll check my spam.

    • Thanks and let me know at contact@wishongolf.com if you got notification of the response from me.


  12. Tom – Specific question then a general one. I have one of your 5 hybrids. 27 degrees. I hit it 160-165 when hit flush and pretty consistent with it. I have the 3 hybrid (21 degrees) and not so consistent. Would I have more success with a 21 degree 7 wood as some have suggested to me? I’m wondering why same loft longer w/ shaft would be easier to hit. Clubhead? Generally, what makes a club harder to hit flush consistently – loft or shaft length?

    • Malcolm:

      I would tend to say that you would see a higher launch angle and from it, better carry with the 21* loft of a 7 wood vs the 21* loft of a hybrid. Getting the right length on the 7w is going to play a big role in this too – so just be sure to not make it longer than what a std 7 wood fwy wood length would be – and if possible think about it being a little shorter than 7 WOOD length to make it sort of in between a hybrid iron length and fwy wood length. And don’t go too stiff on the wood shaft you put in it.

      I do this in my set with a 929 7 wood. “Normal” 7 wood fwy length would be 41″. My 4 hybrid at 24.5* is 38.5″, same as a normal 4 iron. So I do the 929-7 wood at 40″ so it is longer than what a 3 hybrid would be by 1″, but shorter than what a 7 wood would be by 1″ also. Works well for me and I also use an R flex tipped in between what R and S would be since this shorter length will be stiffening up the shaft a little on its own too.

      The reason for this is because of you get 160-65 for the 27* hybrid, that has to say your clubhead speed with that hybrid is not going to be quite high enough to really get the 21* hybrid to launch high enough to stay in the air to carry farther. The 7w has a lower and more rear located CG than the hybrid, both things which can help to get the ball more up than with the 21* loft of the hybrid. But just make sure you don’t use too stiff of a shaft if you do that shorter 7w thing like I described because too much stiffness in the shaft could negate some of the lower and more rear CG effect on flight.


  13. Hi Tom,
    I bought 929HS 14 degree. I fitted with Tour AD W-70 Stiff shaft with 43″ in length. I do not adjust the lie angle yet, still 58 deg. I feel too upright. Not easy for me to find fitter who can bend fairway wood lie angle. Will it be to stiff if I cut the shaft by 1″? Really appreciate your advise. My 775 hybrid well fitted to me but fairway wood.

    • AGUNG

      if you cut 1″ off the butt of this club and if you add a little more weight to the head to bring the swingweight back up a little bit after the butt trim, the shaft would be OK and would not be too stiff.


  14. I have been using the 14 wood for the past few months, and all I can say is wow. I have never been a good fairway wood player, but this thing is so easy to hit. I can move the ball in any direction, and it is perfect off the tee for holes that need accuracy. Question for Tom- I currently hit the 4 wood about 240-250 yards off the tee (fuji fuel x), and am considering getting a 12 or 14 degree. If I go with a similar shaft at 1/2″ longer, how many yards could I expect to gain?

    • Evan

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the 929-4 wood. We’re very pleased to hear that you like the club and we know how much fun it is to finally be able to achieve more consistency in an area of the game that has not been all that consistent in performance in the past. Very good !! based on extrapolating your distance with the 4w into a clubhead speed so we could calculate distance change, we would estimate that if you went with a 929-2 wood off the tee at 12* with a 1/2″ longer club length, that should be 7-8 yds more in carry, but the angle of descent of the shot would be lower so the roll out would be a little more than what you see with the 4w. Guessing on normal fwy conditions, we would say the total distance increase from a 12* 2 wood should be around 14-15 yds. Thanks again and the best to you in this great game!

  15. I was looking for a good 2-fairway wood for lefties and I came across your website. From the reviews I have read, I know I have to get one of the 929HS, problem is that you don’t seem to have them for left hand. How can you help?

    • DEBO:

      I am VERY sorry but I have to be honest and say I can’t help in this area. Left hand availability of any model is purely a matter of demand beause of the costs associated with tooling dies, development costs and inventory production costs. Unfortunately, in my 30 yrs of club design experience, never once have I seen a left hand model sell more than 8% of the units it will in the right hand version. So that means the right hand demand of a model has to be high enough so the 8% figure can cover all the associated costs incurred in the development and delivery of the left hand version. With the 2 wood in the 929HS set, its demand is VERY, VERY small. So small that the numbers really do not even justify having in the right hand version. And from this, I can say that when the present inventory of the 929-2 wood runs out, we will discontinue it.

      Sorry about that,

  16. Excellent fairway wood

  17. Hi Tom , sorry , I found the stats. 3 wood is 41 3/4 length Lie angle 56

    5 wood. 41 inches. Lie angle 56.5

    Do you have a suggestion for length and lie angle for the 7 wood based on my info.

    Sorry for my first email . It’s an age thing


    • Ollie did order a 7 wood today with a 57 lie so I figured he must have known what you needed to order the head.


  18. I have the fairway metal Wishon Golf 929HS 7 HS STEEL 21degrees. The screw on the sole plate has come off while hitting it, so it’s on the golf course somewhere along with whatever it was holding in the club head’s interior. Why would this happen? Should I play it without the screw and whateve was inside the head? The person who fitted the club for me is not on your clubmaker locator. What should I do with it now?

    • Our sincere apology for not having responded to your comment and question for so long. Somehow the auto notification for comments did not send your comment through to us to be able to see it. Unfortunately we just figured this out this week.

      The only thing that could have come off in play from the sole would be the medallion that covers the weight port on the toe side of the sole. This medallion is not a screw, it is attached by sticky adhesive on the back of the medallion, and some clubmakers also like to use a tiny dab of epoxy to help hold it as well. If your thought about a screw is prompted by looking into the weight chamber and seeing a slot that looks like it takes a flat head screw driver, that is not a screw. That would be a tungsten weight plug that the clubmaker would have epoxied down into the weight chamber as part of his establishing the final swingweight weighting of the club during its assembly. The slot is there in case a clubmaker wants to ever remove such a weight that may be used in the assembly of a club – after heating the weight with a small butane torch, a flat head screw driver can be inserted in the slot to twist the weight free to dump it out.

      If the weight with the slot on the end is still in there, then all you need is to have a medallion to stick over the hole. WE can handle this in one of two ways to assist you. 1) if you wish you can send the club to us at your convenience and we will check everything and install the weight (if missing) and the medallion securely to cover the weight port; 2) we could send you a medallion that you can peel off the backing and press firmly into the opening to get the sticky back adhesive to secure it to the little ledges on the opening. If this is your desire, please email us at contact@wishongolf.com with your address so we can send a medallion to you.


  19. What is the value of COR of this head?

    • NAvin

      Right at 0.820. Because of the smaller head size and smaller face area of the 929 this is as high as we can push the COR. With the 949 we can hit right at 0.830 with the production specs because it is a little larger overall and larger for the face area. But not to worry – for a typical golfer with a 90-95mph driver clubhead speed, a difference of 0.010 in the COR is equivalent to about 1 yard at the most.


  20. can you changed my 14 to 15.5 its the 929hs

    • CHUCK

      It is not possible to change the loft of a driver or wood or hybrid by bending the hosel. Lofts on these heads are done by hand selecting from a large inventory of each model that would have its design loft close to the loft requested through our TWGT Hand Select program. Every clubhead factory on the planet manufactures every clubhead model with slight +/- tolerances for loft, lie, face angle. So what we do is when a clubmaker wants a loft that is a little different than the actual design specs of one of our models, we sort through and measure heads until we can find one with that requested loft. Sometimes that takes a lot of measuring because not all that many heads are at +1 or -1 or +1/2 or -1/2, but with patience it usually can be found. And we do this service because we feel it is important. So to get a 15.5 we would have to sort through the 929-#4 wood heads to see if we can find one at that loft.

      The reason you can bend loft on an iron but not on a driver/wood/hybrid is because with irons, we golfers are ALWAYS taught to address the ball with the face perfectly square to the target. But with woods, the typical approach is to sole the wood on the ground to let it rest flat on its sole before taking the grip and setting up to hit the shot. That means when you bend the hosel of a wood toward or away from the target, when the wood is then soled, the bend becomes a change in the face angle. This is a HUGE myth and bit of misinformation in the industry these days that woods can be bent for loft. Only if you were to take the wood and then HOLD it in a square face position at address can such a bend change the loft. And that’s dodgy because holding the wood square means the sole cannot rest on the ground so you have to somewhat HOVER the head over the ground before making the swing. TOugher to do than to sole the wood before making the swing.


  21. I recently had Damian of golfdiagnostics.com here in England build me a new 3 “wood” and after trying models at the range we selected the 929HS 14degree model – I absolutely love it. I am getting great distance and accuracy and the shallow head sits it behind the ball more comfortably for fairway shots. Even at 66 with a swing speed around 95 I can average 240 yards on winter fairways here in the UK.
    This complements my 525 GRT irons beautifully and I’m now thinking of replacing my 752TC driver with a 919THI model.
    I cannot speak highly enough of Damian’s service and am pleased to report that I have convinced several of my fellow golfers to have him build clubs for them. What always amazes them is that these are invariably better clubs for them and cheaper custom-built than the big brands they buy off the shelf or even “fitted” by their range or club pro.
    You may take it that I am a committed fan! Now if someone could only teach me to putt………
    Best wishes

    • Andrew

      Thank you so much for taking your time to share your experiences in clubfitting with Damian Donnelly. I am pleased to hear you worked with him, and I am not surprised at all to hear what you have to say about him. I’ve known Damian for several years now, and we have corresponded a lot about technical matters related to clubfitting. From these correspondences, I can tell you it is very easy to know why Damian is a good clubfitter. Not only does he have very good knowledge from his study and experience, but he has an interest and a passion for clubfitting that truly complements his knowledge. Thanks again for YOUR interest as well, and the very best wishes to you in this great game!


  22. Where can i buy a 929hs head?

    • ROBERT
      If you are a clubmaker with experience in properly building golf clubs, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to serve your needs to supply you with the heads, shafts and grips you need for your clubmaking work. If you are a clubmaker, please then take the time to go to our website, click on the link at the very top for CATALOG REQUEST and fill out the request form so that we can get a little information about your clubmaking work and experience.

      If you are not a clubmaker, we urge you to click on the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator search tool right in the center of the home page of wishongolf.com and put in your town/city/state/zip and see if there is an experienced clubmaker with whom you could meet and work to be fit for the model that you are interested in. Our company is so unlike all the companies whose models you see in all the retail stores and pro shops. We’re totally and completely committed to pursuing a model of CUSTOM FITTING for golfers rather than just putting our designs into shops built to a a series of std specifications. So for golfers to get custom fit so the clubs perform the best possible for each golfer’s different combination of size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics, we urge golfers to find a clubfitter in their area, see him/her, and be custom fit. Clubs work better for golfers when they are properly fit.

      Thanks so much for your interest,


  23. First came the 11° 919 Driver with a 16.5° 929, they are just the best woods I’ve ever hit so I now have on order a 21° 7 wood to replace my three iron, these things just can’t be beat.

  24. I play this wood myself and am very happy with it. It gives me confidence to hit a high shot to an inaccessible flag.

  25. Get awesome results every single time I make these for customers. The hot face design is really noticeable. Higher and longer shots with just perfect sound and feel. The low profile heads give great confidence when hitting off the deck. I´ll put the same review for the 929HS as in my experience they perform the same, just a tiny difference in size and looks. Truly fairway woods in a league of their own! One customer joked that I should advertise that this head is 17 yards longer than the TaylorMade RocketBallz that’s suppose to be 17 yards longer than anything else. He was hitting the 949MC much further after we custom built it!

  26. This is the hottest fairway wood I sell. When I do a fairway wood fitting I start out with this head and rarely have to try anything else. I had a fitting recently with two golfers who were playing partners, one a 100+ mph driver swing speed and the other a 75-80 mph driver swing speed. Both golfers after hitting 5 balls with the recommended shaft handed me the club and said SOLD, I want one just like this! Long and straight with great trajectory. You can’t go wrong with this head! I have two in my bag.

  27. Another fantastic fairway wood. I don’t think the feel/sound are quite as good as the 949MC, but it’s close and as good as any other fairway out there. The 949MC may be just a little hotter, but I think this design is a bit more playable from a variety of lies. I was carrying 16* & 20* 949MCs, but I recently switched out the 20* for the 929HS and I think it’s easier to hit from different lies. I’m not sure I’ll swap the 16* as I use that mainly off the tee, but it probably wouldn’t matter much if I did as both designs are excellent.

  28. I built a 12 degree for myself and I love the way it performs. The course I play is very windy so it’s important to hit a low trajectory without “ballooning”. I’m very consistent with this stick.

  29. If a shallower faced fairway wood fits your eye and game, there is no better fairway wood head available on the planet. I have had no complaints from customers at all. Personaly, I use the 12* and I have no problem getting it up off the fairway. A beauty of a design!

  30. De 929HS FW wood is mijn meest verkochte wood. Een goed aangemeten en gebouwde 929HS is een club die niet mag ontbreken in uw tas. In de fairway krijgt u de ballen eenvoudig omhoog en geeft de club veel lengte. In combinatie met een 919THI driver heeft u een set woods waar u vele jaren plezier van heeft.

  31. I have sold a number of these heads and play the 3,5,& 7 myself. A smaller head profile which helps off the fairway and gets the ball up for great carry.

  32. Great head design, easy to hit off the deck, and the hosel is bendable to help fit this club to everyone. Great hot face, traditional look, hard to find anything better.

  33. The Wishon 929 Fairway Wood is the best FW I have fit and sold, to date!. Play one myself. It consistently attains a few mph higher ball speeds when struck on center compared to other FW Woods on the market, including well know OEM Fairway Woods. The adjustable hosel helps club fitters dial in the optimal fitting specs. The split sole with the slightly lower profile makes it the easiest FW Wood to hit off the deck, that I have seen in years! A “sleeper” attribute of this head is the additional weight port, giving club fitters the option to build the club a little longer or a lot shorter than the more traditional lengths. Don’t miss this one!

    • The 929 FW’S are great. Just had a 16.5* built for me.
      It is the easiest club in my bag to hit out of the fairway / Rough or off the tee. I had this built by Mr. Weitzel at Conquest Custom Golf. He has built all my clubs for me Bill does superior work would recommend him to anyone.

  34. I had a customer who was looking for an 14 1/2* 4 wood and I chose the 929 HS Fairway wood for him. I built it to the specifications we came up with and we took it to the range. He hit it so pure I ask if I could try it. I also hit it pure and tried to get him not to buy the club as I wanted it. He of course said no so I had to build one for myself. Shortly thereafter we were playing in a tournament together and both had shots up hill to a 525 yd par 5, and we had about 225 yds to the green. He hit first and it looked real good, then I hit and it also looked like it would be close. When we got to the green he had a 1 1/2 ft put for eagle and I had a 20 ft putt for eagle. He made his I didn’t. Since that time every time I pull out the 4 wood and hit it straight, i get the comment they would like a club like that and I tell them they can have one. This is my favorite club in my bag.


  36. Unas maderas fáciles y potentes que son el complemento ideal para el driver 919THI y los hibridos 775HS

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