949MC 2014 Model

949MC Fairway woods

Discontinued Model

The High COR 949MC Fairway Woods are Even Better with their Re-Design in 2011


  • New CNC Precision Engraved Scorelines replaces the former laser etched lines to channel moisture away from the face at impact from wet grass and rough for more penetrating ball flight.
  • 2nd Weight Bore on the Sole to allow clubmakers to use a wider range of lengths and shaft weights to achieve more swingweight (MOI) fitting options for golfers.
  • Forged, High Strength Steel Cup Face for high COR delivers the highest possible 1.49 smash factor  – never thought possible from a fairway wood.
  • Semi-Shallow 32mm Face Height combines with the high COR face design to offer a superb high performance design with the confidence to easily hit the ball high and far.
  • Tapered Crown Wall Thickness Design gradually increases the wall thickness at the rear of the head to create a more rear CG position for slightly higher launch angle.
  • Available in RH in lofts of 14 (#3), 16.5 (#4), 18 (#5) and 21.5 (#7).


  • The 949MC fairway woods were awarded the Golf Digest Hot List award for best fairway woods for 2008.

A 360º view of the 949MC Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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949MC 2014 Model, 4.6 out of 5 based on 31 ratings


  1. Hey Tom,

    First off, thank you for all the content you’ve created through your educational books, youtube videos, and forum posts. They have been my bible as an aspiring competitive golfer and club maker (currently in college). Currently, I am looking for a club fitter near Chicago, Illinois. I’ve used your find a club fitter app, but I was curious if there are any club fitters that you personally can recommend. I wouldn’t mind driving to the neighboring states if it assured I get the highest level fit possible.

    Best Regards,


    • JAY
      I do not know why Chicago has never had what I consider to be a super experienced high level custom clubmaker clubfitter within the city limits or close suburbs. Las Vegas is the same way for whatever reason. At any rate, the best clubmaker clubfitter I know who is within a reasonable distance from Chicago is Kadin Mahmet in Crown Point, Indiana. If you head back to the FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool, put in Chicago or put in Crown POint, IN and you will see Kadin listed there under Clubs by Kadin with his contact information. Call him and tell him what you are looking for and I recommend if you go see him, you will be satisfied with the effort to do so.

      Thanks again for your interest,

  2. why are they retired ? thought they’re still going strong with excellent design, highest possible COR etc.. and what is replacing them ? I have one 3wood and looking to pair a new 5wood now.
    Thank you, Michael

    • Michael

      Whenever I retire a model it is because of one thing and one thing only – clubmakers begin to order a different model of the same type more so that it tells us the model is losing its demand in favor of one that is newer. In the case of the 949, it was a conventional size fwy head model with a high COR face. It stayed in the line for quite a number of years, really. But there came a time when I decided to design a new fwy wood model with a less tall face height and slightly more compact head size and with a bendable hosel for changing lie and face angle for fitting needs. In its 2nd year, the 929 orders began to dwarf the 949 orders so that was the start of the realization it was time to retire the 949. When we dropped the 949, to have a more traditional sized fwy model to replace it, I did the model 950HC. So if you like the face height of the 949, the face height of the 950 is the same. Major difference is that the 950 is more of a round profile shape when you look down on the head while the 949 is slightly more pear-shaped.

  3. Hi,

    I ordered one of those just last week after another fitting with the local shop. It seems the 949 is more forgiving than the 929 and I like the fact that is has a cupface as well as the high COR of course. But I wonder why it doesn’t seem to have an adjustable hosel like the 929 or my 919 driver ?


    • Michael:

      Thanks very much for your question and your interest in our company and our design work! The reason that the 949MC fwy woods do not have the bendable hosel as with the 919 drivers, 929 woods and 775 hybrids is simply because the 949MC was first introduced in 2007 and I did not have the idea to design drivers/woods/hybrids with a bendable hosel until 2012. We’re a little different than the big companies in that we do not design head models with a 6 month or year life cycle. The 949MC is one of several models in our line that has been with us for a very long time and maintains its popularity well enough with the clubmakers and their golfers that we don’t need to drop and design new models every year. BUt since the face design of the 949 is very good, and since it presents a nice alternative for a little bit larger head size and face height to the 929HS, I have a little hunch that before too long, I might re design the 949 so that it can retain all of what makes people like it so well, but to add on a bendable hosel to the design.

      Thanks again.

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