949MC 2014 Model

949MC Fairway woods

Discontinued Model

The High COR 949MC Fairway Woods are Even Better with their Re-Design in 2011


  • New CNC Precision Engraved Scorelines replaces the former laser etched lines to channel moisture away from the face at impact from wet grass and rough for more penetrating ball flight.
  • 2nd Weight Bore on the Sole to allow clubmakers to use a wider range of lengths and shaft weights to achieve more swingweight (MOI) fitting options for golfers.
  • Forged, High Strength Steel Cup Face for high COR delivers the highest possible 1.49 smash factor  – never thought possible from a fairway wood.
  • Semi-Shallow 32mm Face Height combines with the high COR face design to offer a superb high performance design with the confidence to easily hit the ball high and far.
  • Tapered Crown Wall Thickness Design gradually increases the wall thickness at the rear of the head to create a more rear CG position for slightly higher launch angle.
  • Available in RH in lofts of 14 (#3), 16.5 (#4), 18 (#5) and 21.5 (#7).


  • The 949MC fairway woods were awarded the Golf Digest Hot List award for best fairway woods for 2008.

A 360º view of the 949MC Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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949MC 2014 Model, 4.7 out of 5 based on 29 ratings


  1. why are they retired ? thought they’re still going strong with excellent design, highest possible COR etc.. and what is replacing them ? I have one 3wood and looking to pair a new 5wood now.
    Thank you, Michael

    • Michael

      Whenever I retire a model it is because of one thing and one thing only – clubmakers begin to order a different model of the same type more so that it tells us the model is losing its demand in favor of one that is newer. In the case of the 949, it was a conventional size fwy head model with a high COR face. It stayed in the line for quite a number of years, really. But there came a time when I decided to design a new fwy wood model with a less tall face height and slightly more compact head size and with a bendable hosel for changing lie and face angle for fitting needs. In its 2nd year, the 929 orders began to dwarf the 949 orders so that was the start of the realization it was time to retire the 949. When we dropped the 949, to have a more traditional sized fwy model to replace it, I did the model 950HC. So if you like the face height of the 949, the face height of the 950 is the same. Major difference is that the 950 is more of a round profile shape when you look down on the head while the 949 is slightly more pear-shaped.

  2. Hi,

    I ordered one of those just last week after another fitting with the local shop. It seems the 949 is more forgiving than the 929 and I like the fact that is has a cupface as well as the high COR of course. But I wonder why it doesn’t seem to have an adjustable hosel like the 929 or my 919 driver ?


    • Michael:

      Thanks very much for your question and your interest in our company and our design work! The reason that the 949MC fwy woods do not have the bendable hosel as with the 919 drivers, 929 woods and 775 hybrids is simply because the 949MC was first introduced in 2007 and I did not have the idea to design drivers/woods/hybrids with a bendable hosel until 2012. We’re a little different than the big companies in that we do not design head models with a 6 month or year life cycle. The 949MC is one of several models in our line that has been with us for a very long time and maintains its popularity well enough with the clubmakers and their golfers that we don’t need to drop and design new models every year. BUt since the face design of the 949 is very good, and since it presents a nice alternative for a little bit larger head size and face height to the 929HS, I have a little hunch that before too long, I might re design the 949 so that it can retain all of what makes people like it so well, but to add on a bendable hosel to the design.

      Thanks again.

  3. I would like to purchase the 949MC fairway wood. How do I go about doing this?

    Thank you

    • KIM

      Many thanks for your interest! All of our models are custom fit and custom built for golfers by independent custom clubmakers that we have worked with and checked out to then list on the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator search tool found on the middle of our home page on our website. I recommend that you put your town/city/state in the search tool and see if there is a certified clubmaker that is in reasonable proximity to your location. If so, call them and you can inquire about their fitting service and their pricing for the clubs. If you do not find a clubmaker close enough for convenience, please email us at contact@wishongolf.com and provide the name of the town/city where you live, and tell us you need more help in finding a clubmaker to work with to be custom fit. we’ll be happy to check all of the resources we have for competent clubmakers and respond quickly.

      Thanks much,

  4. Hi Tom,

    How much is the COR of the 949 head?

    • NAVIN

      When all specs of the 949MC are hit perfectly in the production, that COR is right at 0.830.

  5. The new 949 heads do not seem to be the composite head that the old 949mc’s were. Why did you go away from the composite heads? And as an afterthought are any of the 4 wood composite heads still available for purchase???

    • JOHN

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. I might know a bunch about golf clubs, but I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to watchdogging the comments section of our website!!

      The 949MC fairway woods were never designed with a composite crown. They have always been a steel body with a cup face, high strength steel thin face design with a very high COR. The old 949MC driver heads when first intro’d, were designed with a composite top. But I went away from that composite top and re-designed the 949MC driver heads with an all titanium body construction because of two reasons –

      1) no matter whose composite crown driver heads you may talk about, all of them are susceptible to a certain percentage of failures of the composite crown coming loose. Repeated hitting of the head can cause very slight flexing of the front top area of the head which in turn over time can cause the separate composite crown piece to work loose from the rest of the body,

      2) there really is no performance advantage to using a composite crown in a driver. Since drivers are hit 99.9% of the time with the ball perched on a tee, that negates the effect of whatever center of gravity change that could be done with having a light, composite crown. Any type of shot height or shot shape that could be ordained by a different CG position can be duplicated for a golfer in an all Titanium driver that is fit to the golfer for the best loft and shaft for his swing characteristics.

      So with the composite crown always bringing about a higher percentage of failed heads vs an all titanium body, and with there being no real performance advantage for a composite crown, that is why I re-designed the original 949MC driver to move away from the composite crown and into an all titanium construction. But in moving on, the 919THI driver that succeeded the 949MC driver really became a step up because we were able to improve the variable thickness face on the 919 to take off center hit forgiveness to a higher level and the higher MOI of the 919 from its shape and weight distribution eclipsed what we did in that design area with the 949.


  6. From a design point of view, why are all the heads the same size? Most companies decrease the head size as the loft goes up…

    • Trends come and go with respect to what size of clubhead is popular with the majority of golfers. Back in the late 80s oversize irons were all the rage. Back then if you were a golf company and you did not have oversize irons, no matter how well your clubheads performed, few would buy them because oversize irons were the popular trend. Then through the 90s, iron head sizes shrunk as more golfers preferred a more medium size head while golfers began to demand larger and larger size driver heads. So here we are today in the trend of medium to smallish size iron heads while no golf company on the planet can successfully market a driver head much smaller than 440-460cc. It’s pretty much the same sort of thing among golfers as fashion trends are to those who following clothing trends.

      But it is true that no matter what, the higher the iron number the larger the head size has to be. This is a requirement because heads have to get heavier in weight as loft goes up and lengths get shorter so as to allow the shorter length clubs to all come out to the same swingweight as the longer length clubs.


  7. Get awesome results every single time I make these for customers. The hot face design is really noticeable. Higher and longer shots with just perfect sound and feel. The low profile heads give great confidence when hitting off the deck. I´ll put the same review for the 929HS as in my experience they perform the same, just a tiny difference in size and looks. Truly fairway woods in a league of their own! One customer joked that I should advertise that this head is 17 yards longer than the TaylorMade RocketBallz that’s suppose to be 17 yards longer than anything else. He was hitting the 949MC much further after we custom built it!

  8. I purchased a 13.5 degree handpicked 949 MC and immediately gained 15 yds over my KZG and Callaway X-Tour. My friend was hitting it so far that he asked me to build him the same club and a Wishon Driver without seeing one.

  9. The 949MC is one of the hottest feeling & sweetest sounding fairway woods around. I buy new clubs all the time, but nothing has come close to the performance of these. I’ve stopped looking at other fairways and now have 2 16* 949MC, 1 20* 949MC and a 20* 929HS. Yes these are THAT good.

  10. A customer of mine plays the 949MC as 16.5° 4-wood. He is so pleased by the performance and feel that he sold his driver and his 3-wood, both from big brand companies.

    Personally I like the fact that the face is so hot that you don’t have to swing out of your shoes and still get very good results. Knowing this helped me a lot of times when my swing went off and I tried to slow it down without loosing distance. This mental aspect is a very big bonus.

  11. What can I say the 949MC’s are great. I don’t know why but sometimes I hit the 4 wood almost as far as my driver, maybe because I play my fairways back in stance with alittle draw. My first and only double eagle was with a 949 4 wood. Great clubs if I had more time I would tell you about the 7 Wood………

  12. Best fairway wood I have ever played. It elevates the ball from the fairway and provides a strong trajectory from the tee. The high COR face gives me a distance boost over standard fairway woods of the same loft. This model is 2nd to none.

  13. This is simply the most solid, hottest, easiest to hit FW design I have ever used.

  14. I got rid of my 3 wood for the 16.5 and I hit it higher and further than before. I think our shop has fit over 50 of these over the past year and everyone loves them. Ball comes off with amazing smash factor numbers and a solid feel.

  15. These are beautiful clubs. They hit very smooth and long.

  16. The 949 fairway wood is HOT. The longest wood and most consistant wood on the market

  17. I have one customer who decided he could hit his 16.5 better than his driver. He is a preacher, so I believe he is telling the truth. I have made several set’s of these, and all have been happy with them. I like the fact that I have different loft’s to make a selection from. Only wish they came left hand.

    • I have hit the 949mc with a claymore mx60 gram f4 in a 3,5,7 wood. The head and the shaft are unbeleivable. 7 wood is a mid lauch low spin about 215 yards!!! 5 wood is 215 to 230 yards. 3 wood i can hit up to 250 yards!!! The combination is awesome!!!

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