365PF Fairway Woods

365PF-glam365PF Fairway Woods

Progressive Fairway Wood Profile Design, Fit and Build as all Fairway Wood or as Combined Fairway and Hybrid Set Makeup


  • The most versatile fairway wood design created. Head size and shape progresses gradually from traditional fairway wood in the #3 and 4 to slightly smaller fairway profile for the #5, to a slightly more narrow fairway to semi-broad hybrid in the #7 and 9
  • Twin weight bores allows assembly from traditional fairways
    to hybrid lengths as desired for the golfer
  • The highest smash factor found in a conventional investment cast steel head, achieved through TWGT’s metallurgical experience and knowledge. 365PF offers the best combination of performance and value in a woodhead design
  • Bendable hosel allows a range of +/-2° in the lie and the face angle. Hand Select for loft offers +/-1° options for each head model from its designed loft spec.
  • Available in RH in #3(15°), #4(16.5°), #5(18°), #7(21°) and #9(24.5°)


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365PF Fairway Woods, 3.3 out of 5 based on 145 ratings


  1. Hello Tom,

    I appreciate the time you take to answer people’s questions. Quick question on one length. I have had your Sterling irons pretty much as soon as you came out with them. I absolutely love them and the one length concept. I use the Sterling 5H to 9 iron. I have 4 single length wedges. The PW and GW are stock length and SW and LW are both lengthened to match. I never hit full shots with the SW and LW so my gaping is still correct. I also brought the single length concept to the other end of the bag. I have 2 fairway woods (cobra F6) 5 and 7 wood. I ordered them stock 7 wood length, chopped them both about 1.5 inches and put an extra 24 gram weight in the head to get the club weight close to correct. i have the lofts at 17 and 23 degrees. I love them and they gap correctly. my problem is they are to big and bulky for the distances I’m hitting them. My 7 iron swing speed is about 78, maybe 80 on a good day. I hit my Sterling 5H about 180 yards and these fairway woods are my 200 and 220 clubs. My question for you is will you be coming out with sterling fairway and hybrids soon or would your 365PF faiway be a good option. I like the progressive heads. I need a smaller heads as the lofts go up. Maybe a 9 wood strengthened a degree or 2 and a 5 wood both at 40 to 41 inches. Do you think that is feasible without removable weights?

  2. Tom my question is in regards to measuring this fairway wood and your other offerings as well. What perplexes me about your company is that you claim to be for custom fitters yet you dont give any information on how to actually measure the specs on the clubs. I have checked the specs that the clubs are said to come with and I have no clue where they got what they got. This includes using your stated face width and dividing by 2 and every other imaginable option. I believe you told me at one point that the edges of the wood should be equidistant from the loft lie gauge. What I cant figure out is what those defined edges are. My gauge has been calibrated to golf mechanix standard so that is not where the deviation is coming from. Even on one of your hybrids I received it looks like they marked the touch point with a sharpie and it matches up with my measurements but I can’t for the life of me figure out how they found that spot. Youre guidance on measuring the driver was helpful and I seem to have that one down. Any guidance on this issue would be greatly appreciated and happy holidays.

    • Andrew

      I do not think I have ever been successful in teaching anyone how to measure head specs unless, 1) they were with me in person in my workshop, or 2) they sent me a box of heads that I measured and sent back to them with my measurements written on the heads. In this method the clubmaker would put the heads into the gauge and adjust the gauge to the measurements I wrote down. Then the clubmaker would look closely at the touch points on the head to know how to fixture each head in the gauge. I am more than willing to do #2 if you send me any number of different heads that you may have lying around. If so, send the box of heads to me at PO Box 2567 Durango, CO 81302. I’ll do all the measurements and write them down and return the heads quickly so you have them to use as your study guide.


  3. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the response! I was hoping for the smash factor info on the 365pf head, sorry my initial inquiry wasn’t too clear.
    I have hit the 950hc and think it’s terrific.
    I was also curious if the sound from this head (365pf) is noticeably different from the others due to the steel construction.
    Thank you

    • KYLE

      Sorry for the misunderstanding on your request. The 365PF smash factor should be in the area of 1.40 to 1.42 because it is not made with a high strength steel alloy for the face as are the 929 and 950 woods. The 365 is a conventional 2 pc investment cast construction so the face is the same alloy as the body and cast along with the body, not separately welded to the body as are the 929/950. But I did select an alloy that I could thin a little bit to try to eek out a little more COR from it. It just cannot reach the COr of the 929/950 because you can’t ever do that with an inv cast face design. Just FYI, the 929/950 are also made from steel alloys – they are a 4 pcs construction. The sole/skirt piece and top crown piece are both 17-4 stainless steel, the face is HS 300 high strength steel and the bendable hosel is 304 stainless. For the 365 the whole head is inv cast 431 stainless steel.

      Sound wise, when I did the development and hit testing work on the 365, the sound was ever so slightly higher for only the 3w than with the 929/950 but not to a point of being loud or anything like that. None of the hit testers ever said anything in their comments about the sound.


  4. Hi Tom,
    Was going to build a 950HC, but am curious to try this model as I haven’t seen it yet. When you say it has the highest smash factor for an investment steel fw, how does that compare to something like the 950HC (which I assume is ~.83 COR).
    I’m also curious how the acoustics compare with the other fairways you offer.
    Finally, thank you for the adjustable hosel and hand selection options – it’s truly a game-changer and it’s too bad other companies haven’t followed suite.
    Thank you!

    • KYLE

      In face to back and toe to heel size as you look down on it in the playing position, the 950HC is slightly smaller than the same dimensions you see on some of the fairway models from the big OEMs like TM or Ping or Titleist or Callaway. The face height is about the same as what you see on these other companies’ fwy wood models at 34mm. It is made so when the face specs are hit dead on in production, the smash factor as read by a good launch monitor like TrackMAn or Flight Scope will be 1.49-1.50 which is as high as it can be with the face being conforming to the rules of golf.

      Thanks for the recognition of what I am doing with the bendable hosels on the 919 drivers + all fairways and hybrids. The big companies will never entertain anything like this because a bendable hosel requires someone with the equipment and expertise to do the bending and know what they are bending to achieve. OEMS hate stuff like that and much prefer stuff that any person can unscrew and move and screw back in when it comes to their form of adjustability. Which is fine. But at the same time, I do think what we did with the different alloy for the hosels to make them bendable for custom fitting lie and face angle is beyond what most of the clubmakers can accept or do. At the end of the day, a whole lot of the custom clubmakers are just as susceptible to brand name brainwash marketing as are non technically minded golfers.

      Thanks very much for your interest and the very best to you in this great game,

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