950HC Fairway woods

Traditional Shape and Face Height, High COR Design… For Distance with Penetrating Shot Trajectory. 


  • The new 950HC is the second generation version of the 949MC with a traditional shape and size with 34mm face height and bendable hosel to offer custom lie and face angle fitting options to fit all golfers
  • New semi-cup face construction to ensure maximum COR and offer a better level of off-center forgiveness in a fairway wood design

  • Twin weight bores for a wide range in length, shaft weight, swingweight fitting options

  • Available in RH in #3 (14.5°), #4 (16.5°), #5 (18°), #7 (21°) and 9 wood (24.5°) to expand the fitting options for players.   Gloss metallic black with satin chrome face, sole and hosel.



Tom talks about the 950HC

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950HC, 3.7 out of 5 based on 100 ratings


  1. Good Day Tom! I hope this message finds you well. I have started making clubs for myself, wife and son. I was able to get a set of the S2S white iron and wood shafts. I also was able to get a friend to send me a set of the Sterling single length 8 iron lie heads. Since this is my first time with these irons can you tell me what length to cut the Raw S2S shaft ?
    I know that the shaft should be 36.5″ but what would it be raw length before installation ?

    Many Thanks,
    Cebu, Philippines.

    • Dave:

      Good for you that you have begun to build clubs for your family’s needs! I can imagine where you live that it would be far better to be able to do your own work, not to mention regardless where you are it can be a lot of fun both to do the work and to experiment with the results.

      When building ANY set of irons, you always do the tip trim for each shaft first. Then you abrade the tips, install the ferrules, and slam the shafts into the hosels to push the tip to the bottom of the bore and push the ferrule up into proper final position. THEN you measure for the playing length, mark where you are to cut the butt end, and then you cut the butt of the shaft. You NEVER EVER cut both ends of the shaft before installing the shaft because there will always be a +/- tolerance for the bore depth in every model of head you ever work on. If you fully pre cut the shafts from both ends before installation you will end up with the lengths being wrong due to the tolerance for the bore depth.

      In a single length set made to an 8 iron length, ALL of the shafts are tip trimmed as if they are all being installed in an 8 iron. Then you do everything like I described in the above paragraph. In the end, due to the normal +/- tolerance for bore depth the actual length of the fully cut shafts can be a little different even though all the final playing lengths would be the same.

      Let me also help you with some nomenclature about shafts so you have that straight. RAW SHAFT LENGTH is of course the length of a shaft with nothing cut from either end. CUT SHAFT LENGTH is the length of a shaft after it has been tip trimmed and butt trimmed for playing length. PLAYING LENGTH is the length of the golf club with the shaft tip trimmed, butt trimmed for length, and the shaft installed so the tip is fully seated to the bottom of the bore. There is no such term as SHAFT LENGTH in clubmaking when it comes to referring to shafts, only these three terms I described above.

      Thanks so much for your interest and I am here to help whenever you need it,

    • Thanks Tom for all your help.
      Just to be clear you mentioned
      “When building ANY set of irons, you always do the tip trim for each shaft first.”
      What length is the tip trim for the 8 iron length shaft ?
      Please forgive my ignorance here. My learning curve is all up hill.

    • DAVE:

      There is not a single standard for tip trimming for each head for each shaft in the industry. It can vary due to the construction and design of each shaft model so you always have to reference each shaft maker’s tip trim and installation charts that they provide on their websites or in their catalogs if they still print a catalog. For all of our shafts, we keep all this information on line here – http://wishongolf.com/s2s-shaft-trimming-chart/ . The tip trim for an 8 iron with the White R, White S, Black R, Black S, Blue A, Blue R, Superlite R, Superlite S, Stepless R, Stepless S would be 3″. For the White A, Blue AA, the tip trim for an 8 iron is 2 1/4″. For the shafts made by all the other companies, you should go to their website and you’ll find a section for tip trimming instructions to refer to.


  2. Hey there TOM, how are you?

    I have a 949MC 14 degree and LOVE it… the feel and the performance are excellent. The only negative, it’s an older model and not your updated 2014 model (no second weight bore on the sole).

    Because of this I am looking at your 950HC as a replacement. Since I am a Sterling Irons lifer, I am looking to make the fairway woods shorter and of course keep it at a decent swingweight … so, the 950HC should be perfect for my needs.

    I just wanted to ask about the sole weight bore. Does this accept the same weight plugs that are used in the hosel? I have some 9gand a couple 6g that a friend helped me with when assembling my Sterlings.

    I was hoping (praying actually) that these plugs were able to be used in both 950HC weight bores as well…? I’m looking to get the #3/14.5 degree down to 42″ and since I use a pretty thick grip, I’ll need to use both weight bores.

    Thanks in advance for your help and support,

    Jake 🙂

    P.S. I’m having a new 18 degree 590DIH reamed to .370 right now, and I’m assembling a 44″ 919thi. Other then the putter, I’m proud to say my bag is ALL Wishon!

    • Hi Jake, doing fine these days, thank you !

      It’s really nice to hear you are solid behind some of my designs for your game. That’s really great to hear and I thank you so much for your support! Yes, the weight plugs used in the hosel are the same ones to be used in the sole weight bore that is covered with the little TW medallion. Just be sure to epoxy the weight into the bore and also when you install the medallion, put a tiny little dab of epoxy on the flat surfaces, peel off the paper backing on the medallion and press it into place. It’s a small medallion so there is not a ton of adhesive surface there to stick to the chrome surface of the top ledge of the weight bore so a tiny little dab of epoxy will keep that medallion in place.

      Thanks much for stopping by and the very best to you in this great game!

    • Thanks SO MUCH for your reply TOM… awesome support, as usual! Very happy to hear that I can use those weight plugs and setup a new 950HC club in place of my (beloved)949MC.

      I’ll putting the 590DIH into action Thursday morning. It’s gonna be looooooong next couple of days, lol!

      Thanks again TOM,

      Jake 🙂

  3. Bit of a crazy question here. I know the option to change the bore from .335 to .370 is really designed more for the hybrids and driving irons. BUT, can that same service be used for the fairways?

    • KYLE

      Reaming any 0.335 bore to a 0.370 bore could be done, but if the attempt is to try to make fwy woods be a part of a single length iron set, it would not likely work. Fwy wood heads would be too light to achieve normal swingweights at iron lengths, and iron shafts are stiffer than wood shafts of the same flex and model/brand.


    • Thanks Tom
      The actual idea is to use the S2S stepless shaft through the whole set. I’ve long struggled to find a graphite shaft that I’m comfortable with, but I’ve had steel-shafted drivers in the past I liked.
      I tip trim the stepless stiff shaft an additional .5 inches in the irons. So the plan would be to have the 2 hybrid tip trimmed a total of .5 inches and then move into the regular stepless shaft for the fairway woods and driver (tip trimming for each to match the progression of the irons/hybrid), with those clubs playing about 41.5 and 43 inches, respectively. it seems the head weights may work out as the hybrid would be ~40 inches with a 232g head so the driver at ~202 grams may be too heavy with a steel shaft, but I could cut it down even a touch more than 43 inches if I needed.
      I have tried the Black and Red Woods shafts. Both were OK, but not great. I’d really prefer to just go back to steel.

    • KYLE

      You can always try ONE fwy wood with a Stepless iron shaft but I seriously have my doubts about whether you’ll like this. Iron shafts are intentionally designed to be TWICE as stiff as wood shafts, for the same model of shaft. So if you had a True Temper Dynamic steel shaft in the woods (this one steel WOOD shaft is still available, though it is about the only one since graphite has 99% of the market share for drivers and woods) and if you had the same flex of Dynamic steel in the irons, the iron shaft is actually 2x as stiff in actual bending properties than the wood shaft. This is intentional because woods are made longer and with lighter weight heads, irons are shorter and made with heavier heads. In order to have both the woods and irons demonstrate approximately the same shaft feel when played at their very different lengths and weights, the wood shafts have to be made more flexible than do the iron shafts.

      Keep in mind the Stepless iron shaft is 41″ in raw uncut length. If you put one into a 3w for example, you would not be able to get a playing length much more than about 41.5 to 41.75″. At that length you will have a serious swingweight problem even in using a 9g tungsten weight in both weight bores in the head. so to get the head weight FEEL up to where it is decent for your tempo and feel preferences, you will have to live with some lead tape on the head which would likely have to be mostly on the sole since there is not a lot of width around the back of a fwy wood head for the tape to be placed.

      And that installation of a Stepless iron shaft would only be with 0 tip trim and no butt trim to be able to get that 41 to 41.75 length. Granted, that would make the iron shaft be more flexible than it would be if installed in an iron with normal tip trimming, but I still have doubts about your liking it.

      On the other hand, I also know after 40-some years in the business that you never know what a golfer may end up liking and playing well with when you do go way outside the normal envelope. I’ve seen some very different things along that line in my many years at this stuff. I’ve seen a golfer install 0.335 steel wood shafts into a set of irons and I have seen a golfer install iron shafts with the butt end epoxied over the hosel of the heads too !! So because of that, I would urge you to only start with one club to try this out and give it a month of 4 or 5 different playing and ball striking sessions to see how you like it or not before you commit to spending the time and money to do any more like this. More than likely you should also hunt online to see who might still carry the 0.335 tip Dynamic steel wood shafts because I know True Temper still makes them as their one and only steel wood shaft.

      Hope this helps a little, and good luck in your experimentation,

  4. Tom,

    I’m looking for a 3-wood that I can bend flat. No one makes fairway woods that are flat enough for me. I’m 3 to 4 degrees flat with my irons and would love to find a fairway wood that is quite flat.

    I’m 50, and a competitive amateur. Currently +1.7 and playing an M2 3-wood that I really like, but would love even more if it was flat!


    David Ober

    • DAVID

      BOth our model 929HS and 950HC are made with a bendable hosel that will allow the lies to be bent 4 deg more flat or more upright than each wood’s lie design spec. For example the 3w in both sets could achieve a lie of 53*. As with all my head designs they are available only from custom clubmakers. To see if there is a custom clubmaker near you, you can go to the FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool on our website to input your location. The clubmakers closest to that location will be displayed so you can contact them to inquire about their services and pricing. The link for the FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool is on the home page of wishongolf.com. Thank you !

  5. Tom,

    I’m looking for a 3-wood that I can bend flat. No one makes fairway woods that are flat enough for me. I’m 3 to 4 degrees flat with my irons and would love to find a fairway wood that is quite flat.

    I’m 50, and a competitive amateur. Currently +1.7 and playing an M2 3-wood that I really like, but would love even more if it was flat!


    David Ober

  6. Hi Tom, I love the Sterling irons and was wondering if you’ve put any thought into making same length woods? In looking at the weight of each head, it seems like it would almost be possible to get them hand selected at heavier weights in the 14 and 18 degree model, lighter in the 21 degree and than with some tip weights and lead tape make them all around 224 grams…do you think making them around same length one would find success? I swing around 110 with the driver so swing speed wouldn’t really be an issue. I just love how the sterlings simplify the game and interested to see if you’ve put any thought into if it would work with FW woods as well.

    • AUSTIN

      Yes, but I have kept getting waylaid on that project thanks to other things that pop up when you first retire !! HA ! Or I should say SEMI retire, which is more appropriate since I am still supposed to be working on projects related to design and tech stuff ! It will be a combination of fwy woods + hybrid(s) and will not include the driver. You cannot bring the driver into a single length picture because you’d end up making the driver too short which would cost people distance. Even with much better accuracy, if you take driver distance away from a golfer, they will not like it at all. So when this gets done it will be a group of fwy woods with hybrids too that will likely be in the realm of 40-40.5″ for the one length. Hoping to get my work done for it to debut in the 2018 season.

      Thanks so much for your interest !!

    • Very cool! Didn’t know you were even working on something like this. Any idea how they will look? Think they will mirror one of your current models?

    • AUSTIN
      Believe me, the shape is the easiest part !! I went back and forth a few times on what single length to do the woods/hybrids and what lofts to make them as well. Shape wise they are going to be a little bit more similar to a newer fairway wood model I did in 2015 that is still in the Wishon Golf product line called the 365PF. Head shape will progress from traditional size in the lower loft woods to be slightly smaller as it transitions to the hybrids. And the face heights will be in between that of the 929HS and the 950HC in our line, so not too shallow but definitely not even close to being taller.


  7. Hi Tom,

    Recently I ve been occasionally suffering from the dreaded shanks particularly when I’m practicing.
    To prevent this happening I introduce a 3″x3″x12″ piece of wood on the outside of the ball.
    This generally focuses the mind, gets my delivery back from the inside and sees the quality of return to normal.
    On a few occasions I hit the board.
    This evening whilst using my five wood, yes I can even shank a 5 wood, I hit the board which resulted in some damage being caused to the clubhead. A section of the paint has been dislodge. This section is around the area where the crown joined the body of the club. It is about one inch in length by about 1/8 th of an inch wide and goes down all the way to the metal.
    What would be the best way to repair this damage? Whilst most people will not notice it so cosmetically it’s not too much of a worry I fear that due to the damp English weather the club will begin to rust and in the long run the integrity of more of the paint may be compromised.
    Thanks in advance.

    • PETER

      Believe me, I know your pain. . . decades ago in an effort to change from outside in to inside out, I developed a very bad habit in my swing to drop the club too far on the inside out path. Which when done too severely shoves the hosel into the ball, resulting for me what you speak about in your comment !!! Ugh. I too have a trusty section of 2×4 with nails protruding from one side to use for my own anti-S training when it hits me !! Not sure if there are many stores in your part of the world that sell retail auto parts, but over here, auto parts stores also stock touch up paints for autos. They’re usually of a higher durability than what you could find in other paint supply stores. I would try that if you can find some black automotive touch up paint. You’ll need to clean the bare surface well, abrade it a little more with fine sandpaper, sand/feather/soften the edges of the paint on the border of the bare metal, then touch up the paint as best you can. YOu won’t be able to make it look perfect. You’ll still see the edge between the unaffected paint and the bare metal. But it will cover it sufficiently and prevent any possibility of rust from moisture. Good luck with the SH’s !!


    • As always Tom,
      Great information and advice.

      Many thanks & best regards


  8. Dear Tom

    you’re so cleverand honnest man (I am sorry about not taking care of your natural modesty)
    as I was wondering why in the past I hit so consistent shots with little heads I asked to André in France to check my swing and woods
    no problem with the wonnderful 929 woods, but we tried the 919 FW woods which was quite consistent (I own a 919 black 13°, 43,75 ” ) I was not very happy with my driver swing (I knew it was my swing)
    Il felt more confident with the 950, 3 wood which is amazing , from the tee, straight , high and very long distance
    more than 240 yds, with 220 yads carry
    it never happens to me in my old time (nearly 66 years old)
    we tried the 929 (you know haow I love them fron the deck, the rough or the sand) but this one (the 950) is better off the tee, more helpfull and can resolve the tactic problems I have on my golf “amen corners” course
    it is more acurate, straight and get a longer average distance…even compared to ly 919 driver ( am falukty I know)
    that’s a beauty. I feel confident, and the balance is great.
    we spent a lot of time to find the solution and it happens as an evidence : 950 with 14,5° loft, +1° lie, white graphite shaft
    (I had some problems with my left shoulder)
    matching with my Sterling set (a must ! what a great set !) it is more comfortable and more eficient game
    I can IMPROVE MY GAME now
    Wishon Fan for the rest of my life

    many thanks, …
    I felt more confident from the tee tha with the 929 which are better to me on the decks from diffrente lies
    very good job , great club
    thank you

    • Thank you so much Dominique for taking the time to visit our site and share your experience with the custom fit clubs that Andre fit and built for you. It’s a real pleasure for me to be able to hear about your experience because I like knowing that something I created, when fit and built by a true craftsman such as Andre, is able to help a golfer enjoy the game more than before !!! Thank you !!!!


  9. I have a 949MC 3 wood with 14 degree loft. I hit it too far and too low. While it is an excellent club off the tee for shorter par 4s, I dont need that much length and I need height. I dont know if a 950 HC 15 degree would be the solution. Please comment.

    • BOB:

      I would recommend you think of and take a look at the 929Hs fairway woods. The 929 are a shorter face height model which assures it to have a lower center of gravity than any of our other fairway woods, past or present. The 950 has a taller face height which brings about a little higher CG.


  10. Hi Tom,
    I currently have in my bag a driver on a 43″ shaft- reshafted with a Wishon White
    A Fairway Driver again on a Wishon White
    And a 2R Cleveland Halo on the original regular shaft.
    I am thinking of making a change but am not quite sure which route to follow.
    The questions I hope that you will answer for me are as follows
    1. Would a five wood be easier/ the same or more difficult to hit than a 2 Rescue of the same loft on the same length shaft.
    2. Is it likely that a high COR fairway wood or rescue will be a little longer than the old technology Cleveland
    3. Is there likely to be distance differences between your 5 woods and 2 Rescues built with the same loft and same length shaft

    • PETER:
      If the hybrid/rescue club and the fwy wood club are both the same length, same loft, same everything – it would only be a psychological reason why a golfer would hit one better than the other. In that case, some people like the shape of a fwy wood over a hybrid/rescue head and some are the opposite. But typically you do not find hybrids of the same loft as a fwy wood being made to the same length and same everything for fitting specs. Most hybrids are shorter than woods of the same loft. And in that case, IN GENERAL but certainly not all the time, the shorter length is easier to hit more consistently on center. But not if the golfer is 1) not fit right for the hybrid, 2) has a mental thing against hybrids.

      It is possible with some players, depending on their swing characteristics, that they could hit a wood a little longer even with the same length, loft, and everything else. The reason is because fwy woods have a lower AND a more rear located center of gravity than do most hybrids. For SOME golfers, this lower and more rear located CG can cause the ball to be launched on a higher trajectory which could bring more carry distance. Possible – not all the time but possible.


  11. Hello Tom,

    Some guys paints their clubhead with automotive paint (glossy blue, mate white …). Do you plan to propose different colors in the future. Maybe the paint job could be an option proposed by the local clubmaker ?

    • Frysou
      Thanks for your interest. I doubt very much if we will offer different color options in the future. For us as a small company, getting into different colors just becomes a big inventory nightmare. Besides, from what we have found in many years of designing heads is that the vast majority of golfers prefer black and don’t want something else. As to your question about clubmakers offering paint options on metal woods, that would be very unlikely. The reason is because proper metal wood painting requires very sophisticated 2 component paints to achieve the proper durability, and these paints require proper equipment and curing ovens to apply properly. The clubmakers just won’t want to get involved in that for as little as it would be asked for by golfers.


  12. Are you going to match the design of the black 919 driver? I just commissioned a driver to be build and love the look at address. If the driver works as anticipated I will most likely be getting a wood or two, and would love for them to match. Thanks, JJ.

    • JJ
      Thanks very much for your question and for letting us know that you are working with a clubmaker to be fit into one of the black oxide 919THI driver models. After consideration and polling a number of our custom clubmakers, we at this time do not have plans to offer either the 950HC or 929HS fairway wood models in that same exact black oxide finish. most of the clubmakers we contacted to ask did indicate that the black oxide finish was something the majority of their customers considered for the driver, but for some reason not so much with the fairway woods. Because we are a purely custom fitting design company, we do create and offer more different clubhead models than any of the huge golf companies. As such because we are much smaller, we do have to be careful with our inventory planning within our custom design line so that we have what the clubmakers wish to fit golfers with but not too much that it creates production and inventory problems of a business nature.

      Thanks very much, and the very best to you in this great game,

  13. Tom, The 950HC fairways are very nice. They are the perfect size and shape that I like to see at address. I’ve replaced my 3 and 4 irons with the 7wd and the 9wd. Lately I’ve been using the 9 wood in place of the 4 and 5 iron. I prefer the 950HC fairways in place of hybrids. Is there any chance that the 950HC will be available in 11 wood? I believe that this 9 wood is quite possible my first favorite club in my bag. Thank you.

    • ORAN

      Thanks so much for taking your time to visit and offer your comments about the new 950HC woods. We’re very pleased to hear you like them. In all honesty I just am not sure about the possibility of an 11 wood in the set. We’re one of the few companies to have pushed the envelope a little to add on a 9 wood in most all of our fairway wood models in the past year or two. Even with this, not all that many of the clubmakers are yet pushing the possibility of a 9 wood on the golfers they fit, so we need to keep educating the clubmakers about this as a great alternative to a hybrid or an iron for their golfers. From that perhaps in a little bit we could then add on the 11 wood because I certainly see it as a very good alternative for golfers who are not thrilled with hybrids but do need a replacement for a 5 or 6 iron that they find too tough to hit.

      Thanks again for your kind comment and we are so pleased you like the woods !


  14. I have just recently learned of the Wishon Irons. I played on a golf tournament and won a set of custom irons from the GOLF STATION in Hurst, Texas. Tim Brantley a former Tour Player brought me in to his AWESOME simulator and had me start with my Vokey 56* and I swung it for about 15 swings, then he handed me the WISHON 557 6-iron and I hit it a few times pretty good. He grabbed a different shaft for me and I hit quite a few more. I was hitting a 6-iron on the screen 186-192 yards and even the misses were only off by maybe 10-yards,. These clubs are solid and I have always played TM golf. I cannot wait to get my new WISHON irons and run the hell out of the course. My ball speed was 118mph, rpm were 5100 and launch angle was 17.9. WOW what an awesome club. I dint even come close to that on with my TM Rocketbladez Tour irons

    • SHANE

      Thanks so much for taking your time to visit the site and share your comments and experiences from your work with Tim. Great that your good fortune in winning the irons put you in contact with Tim because he is very good and very experienced in the field of custom clubfitting and clubmaking. As the designer, it is very nice to be able to hear that you found the combination with the 575’s that allowed you to experience how the design can perform and feel for you and your swing. In 29 yrs in clubhead and shaft design, while the process of designing is a real pleasure, it does not stack up to being able to hear an email such as you were kind enough to share! Thanks much and the very best to you in this great game !!


  15. Tom,

    Thank you for this great 3 wood! I have been struggling to find a 3 wood that I can hit consistently. I went through the “off the shelf” woods from Ping and TaylorMade with little success. They just sat in my bag.

    Last year I had TC at Perfect Lies Golf in New York fit me for Wishon 560MC irons a 775HS 3 hybrid.The results have been fabulous. I have never been more consistent. So I thought I would give TC a shot at creating a 3 wood that works.

    Despite the fact that I was only having one wood made, TC spent over two hours with me evaluating different heads, shafts. TC is also a consummate instructor helping me with minor errors in my swing as we waded through the fitting.

    Final result is a 950HC, square face, Accra FX 200 series shaft. A bit of head weight has been added to the hosel.

    Again, thank you for a great product and the referral to Perfect Lies. It was worth the two hour drive from Connecticut.

    • STEVE

      Thanks so much for taking your time to let us know how well your fitting analysis with Fred was. I know 2 hrs is a long time to travel to be fit but I also know that Fred has always and will always go more than the extra mile to be sure the golfers who choose to work with him are pleased with the results. Thanks again and the very best wishes to you in this great game,

  16. I plan to have a 950 HC three wood when they come out in May. I love the looks and I will hold up on purchasing a Callaway Xr three wood until after I hit your club. Both have the cup face desing. Thanks so much for your part in design this design (cup face design).

    • Thanks very much for your post and for your interest. If you do get a chance to hit the 950HC on a launch monitor that measures ball speed and clubhead speed accurately, look for the output from the launch monitor called the “smash factor”. That is the ball speed divided by the clubhead speed. The highest possible smash factor that can be achieved by a clubhead that is conforming to the USGA rule for COR is 1.49 to 1.50. Smash factor is also affected by the +/- tolerances on the production of the face and its thickness. So in normal production of the 950s, you should see the smash factor for on center hits be between 1.45 and 1.50. It’s a good indicator of whether the head is offering the most possible distance. So in all honesty, hit both the 950 and Xr and watch the smash factor as you make your decision.

      Thanks much !!

  17. I live in Colorado Springs. How do I order.

    • MARK
      Thanks very much for your interest in our company and our work. We appreciate that very much. If you are a clubmaker, you can apply to set up an account with us by filling out the information form found here – http://wishongolf.com/clubmakers/catalogetech-newsletter-request-form/ . If you are a golfer interested in being custom fit for our designs, in the Colo Spgs area we would recommend you contact JIm Klingensmith at Accufit Golf Studio – 719-227-0600 or 719-528-8130 to set up an appointment. Thanks very much!

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