979SS Irons

Game improvement investment cast stainless steel iron design with progressive blade height, and a semi-wide sole iron


  • Progressive blade height design graduates through the set from semi-shallow on the long irons to conventional blade height on the short irons  to position the CG low on the lower loft irons but conventional on the higher loft irons
  • Semi-wide, symmetrical width sole design with face-to-back sole radius and blunt leading edge achieves clean, solid contact through all grass/turf conditions
  • Undercut back cavity combines with semi-wide sole to keep CG lower for more game improvement launch angle assistance
  • Twin Weight Bores allow for a maximum headweight addition of 15g to satisfy any combination of custom length and shaft weight fitting considerations
  • Precision investment cast from 431 stainless steel for ease in loft/lie bending, finished in a bright satin finish with attractive cosmetic highlights. Available in RH in #4-PW, AW, SW and in LH in #4-PW

A 360º view of the 979SS Iron Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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Rating: 3.9/5 (76 votes cast)


979SS, 3.9 out of 5 based on 76 ratings


  1. Looking forward to getting properly fitted by Richard Kempton the club Doc in the UK on your advice.. he has been very helpful with all my questions and it will be terrific fun revamping my ancient unsuitable forged blades with some good inexpensive Wishon cast heads etc. which will suit my game far better.. Cheers

    • TOM
      I am SO PLEASED to hear that you worked with Richard for your fitting needs! He truly is one of the very best clubfitters on the planet, and I kid you not about that. If not THE best, really. Thanks very much for taking the time to let us know !!


  2. after playing golfsmith products for years I was happy to find out Tom was still in the clubmaking business. Just replace my old pythons with the 979. They are great.
    Thanks Tom

    • Thanks Andy !! Yes, there is life after Golfsmith for old Tom here !! We started our company in 2002, a year after I left GS. Proud to say I have been doing the best work of my life since starting Wishon Golf and should have done it sooner ! Although better late than never is always a good credo !


  3. please tell me if the 979ss iron heads are as forgiving as the 771 csi iron heads

    • JACK:

      In all honesty, the 979SS are not going to be quite at the level of off center hit forgiveness as are the 771CSI irons. The variable thickness face design of the 771’s really does put them into a different class with respect to off center hit forgiveness which the 979SS does not have. So you would notice not only more distance per iron in the 771’s for on center hits because of the high COR face, but off center hit forgiveness would be at a higher level with the 771’s from the variable thickness design of the high COR face.


  4. Dear Tom
    Just checking-in to let you know that there is at least one person (myself) has been and still using your 979SS Iron set here at the North Borneo (Sabah, Malaysia).
    Wonderful Iron Set!

    • Thank you Jason! You know, it really is a thrill for me to have the chance to think about one of my designs doing its thing way over on the other side of the world from where we’re at here in the States !! Thanks so much for your support, and for sharing this with us. We really appreciate that and wish you all the best in this great game,

  5. “Twin Weight Bores allow for a maximum headweight addition of 15g to satisfy any combination of custom length and shaft weight fitting considerations.”

    Hi Tom, Could you speak more about the Twin Weight Bores and how to add the additional grms of weight? Thanks,


    • GRANT

      Sure thing. We are a custom clubmaking engineering company which just means we sell our designs as heads only to custom clubmakers around the world. The clubmakers will custom build our designs into a very wide variety of custom fit specs, including a wide range of different lengths, shaft weights, grip weights and final swingweights. As such they need to have a way to add weight to the clubhead to allow them to achieve the final swingweight desired for each golfer, based on what length, shaft weight, grip weight they fit the golfer with.

      So all of our clubhead models are designed with at least one weight bore to add weight to the head, some of our models as possible are designed with two weight bores. These weight bores in the heads accept cylindrical weight plugs that we offer in different weight increments so the clubmakers have an assortment of different weights to then hit whatever swingweight they want in the custom assembly work. These weight plugs are then epoxied into the weight bore(s) during the assembly of the clubs. In the case of the weight bore located at the bottom of the shaft bore, a dab of epoxy is put into the weight bore with a thin stick like a cut off bamboo skewer or such, the weight is dropped in and pressed down into the weight bore in place, then the shaft is epoxied into the hosel so tip of the shaft sits above the weight in the weight bore. That and the epoxy keeps this weight secure permanently.

      For heads that have a 2nd weight bore, like the 979SS irons, the weight plug is again epoxied in the weight bore. but the 2nd weight bore in our heads is covered by an oval shaped logo medallion that is secured both with the adhesive on the back of the medallion and also with a small dab of epoxy placed on the ledge upon which the medallion sits to cover the weight bore.

      Our weight addition capability designed into our heads is not there to let golfers mess with moving weight from one place to the other. They are to enable the clubmaker to achieve whatever final swingweight he fits the golfer to have in his clubs on a permanent weighting basis. However, down the road if the golfer wanted the swingweight changed, the weights can be removed by the clubmaker by heating the epoxy bond holding the weight plug to remove them.

      Hope this helps and thanks for your interest,

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