771 CSI


771CSI  Carbon Steel Irons

Thin Face, High COR, Variable Thickness Face in a Carbon Steel Body to Offer a HotList-Icon2014Wide Range in Lie and Loft Bending for Custom Fitting



  • High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers
  • CNC Machined Variable Thickness Face delivers superb off-center hit forgiveness
  • Head body material is 1020C carbon steel to allow clubmakers to perform a wide range in loft and lie bending – previously all high COR thin face designs had to be mounted in a 17-4 stainless body, which limited loft and lie fitting options
  • Conventional Head Size and Shape means a wider range of golfers will like the 771CSI design
  • Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge offers golfers the best playability from all types of grass as well as from the rough
  • Available in RH & LH in  #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, (AW RH only) in bright satin NiCr electroplated finish


A 360º view of the 771CSI Iron Clubhead.

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771 CSI, 4.0 out of 5 based on 330 ratings


  1. Hello Tom. I was recently fitted for irons, having tested Ping G400, I200, Taylormade M3, and Mizuno JPX900. My best LM results were with the G400’s with the Project X 5.5 shaft. My handicap is 14 and have been playing my PE2’s since 1988. One key thing determined by this fitter is that the +1/2 inch shaft length on my current irons is not needed. He said it’s borderline based on my physical measurements, but that the LM data shows better club head speed with regular length.

    I’m now looking at other options in irons and several folks on my golf forum have suggested looking at Wishon. At first glance/review, it would appear the 771CSI irons might be the most similar to the G400’s? What are your thoughts? Thanks.

    • BILL

      My apology for the delay in responding. The day your post came in I took off for a week and a half and just got back to it today. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      It appears the G400s are a higher COR iron design so yes, you could say that at least from this standpoint the two models would have some similarity. Do take a look at the lofts on the two models. I designed the 771’s some years back and like most of my models they tend to stick around for a lot more years than do the big companies’ models. Thus when I designed the 771’s the lofts I chose are now a little higher per iron than what so many of the big companies are doing on their game improvement irons released in the past 2 yrs. For example the 771-6 iron is 30* and then everything goes up by 4* from the 7 to wedges. Some companies today are making their 6 iron with 26, 27, 28* loft and setting the others in accordance with that. In that case if the G400s are stronger lofted, you’d not hit the same number in the 771 as far. Something to bring up since a lot of players don’t think about that when looking at new iron models.

      I might also suggest you consider going with 3/8″ increments between irons starting from the 6 iron and not the usual half inch up and down the set. This way you get a little more comfort over the ball with the 8, 9, wedges but not so much that it causes any distance or shot performance issues. And then with the 5 and 4 if you go down that far, these end up a little shorter than in a conventional half inch increment set so they can be easier to control.

      Hope this helps,

    • Tom,

      Do the 771CSI irons stack up to the new current lot coming from the OEM’s. Allowing for the jacked Lofts (which basically seem to shift an iron set 1 club) how’s the offset and forgiveness performance on mishits for a high handicapper like myself?

      Also I’m thinking of working with Bill Wietzl from Conquest Golf in OH do you know Bill?

      Than You


    • MARK

      Yes for sure I have known Bill W personally for a very long time in this side of the golf equipment industry. No BS, he is without a doubt one of the ten best clubfitters in the world and I am not embellishing that one bit. You’ll come away with the very best fit possible, bar none.

      And yes, the 771’s as well as most of my game improvement iron designs are now higher in loft per head number than the recent models from the major golf equipment companies. I can gripe and bitch all I want about how cheap and greedy it is for these companies to go so far into the shrinking loft syndrome that 5 irons now have 21, 22* loft as their way to fool golfers into thinking they are hitting the ball longer because of “new technology”. But it is what it is and I may hate it but I have to live with it and correspond to it. So I am in the process of designing several new sets of irons for my line for 2020 that are only “needed” to be able to prevent unknowing golfers from thinking that my irons are “deficient” because they can’t hit them as far as they can the recent offerings from the other companies. At this point the primary 5 iron loft on all of my game improvement irons is 26* so I now have the “privilege” of being one club “shorter” than the recent offerings from the bigs. Bill can bend that down 2* without it affecting the performance of the sole angle but I would not go down more than that or else the offset increases visibly and the base of the hosel begins to look curved from that much bend. And no durability issues whatsoever with a bend for lower loft.

      Thanks very much for your interest and for putting up with my griping about this issue.

  2. Tom
    I want to gain one club length with the 771s vs my current non COR irons of the same loft. My driver swing speed is 93 MPH. Would the 771 and two degrees stronger loft accomplish this?

    • Bruce

      That is impossible to predict unless you know for sure what the loft of both the current irons and 771 irons happens to be. ALL clubheads are subject in their production to a normal error tolerance of +/-1* and unless you have someone proficient in the use of a proper specs measurement gauge to check the heads of both sets, you can’t know what the loft starting points are for each head for both sets. Second, how much distance any golfer gets with a high COR face depends on their clubhead speed. Slower swinging golfers get less actual yards of increase from a high COR face than do higher speed players. Gut feel based on decades of working in this technology tells me that if the lofts are truly the same between both sets, given your clubhead speed you might see a 2* loft decrease on the 771’s give you about 2/3’s of a full club length improvement with the 771’s over the low COR irons. BEst I can do here for you in that guesstimate.

  3. Hello,

    Have a question/request for your opinion: I’m a 7, 60 YO, been playing CB 57s and like them. Been looking, however, at hotter faced clubs and discovered yours… I like the look of the 771s, but was wondering if there’s a way to get them less offset?

    • TOM:
      Thanks very much for your interest, for sure. Once a clubhead is designed, its offset is set forever and cannot be altered. To change offset in the 771CSI or in any existing clubhead would require new tooling dies to be made from scratch with the offset change in the dies. You can change offset by bending the loft angles, but you cannot change offset while keeping the lofts as they are. Theoretically it is possible with a completely new type of bending fixture and machine, but as of now such a unit does not commercially exist in the golf equipment industry. Sorry about that.

  4. Hello Tom,

    Some questions about Lie Angle
    I got a full set (5-PW) of 771CSI Irons last June.
    I decided to have them bend 2° up to have the same 4° gap between my wedges. So the PW is 48° instead of 46° the 9 iron 44° etc.
    My swing at that time was very much over the top – outside in. So we bend the Irons to a Lie angle of 68° only the 5 Iron to 64°
    1. The lower the loft the less the lie angle impacts the ball flight? Correct? So if my 5 Iron would be 58° vs 64° I would not feel a lot of difference?
    2. I improved my swing and I stay now in the same plane (quite steep) but especially with the short Irons and PW I produce a PULL quite often. The ball impact is perfect and the length too but it is a straight ball to the left. Could this come from a non adapted Lie Angle?

    Thank you for your support.


    • Michael

      Yes, the lower the loft, the less there is a misdirection angle off the face when the lie angle is not fit correctly to the golfer. But because you hit the low loft irons farther, it is true that the smaller misdirection angle can be multiplied into an off line shot simply because the ball is flying farther on the smaller misdirection angle. This is why we always want to dynamically fit the lie for each iron and not ignore any of them in the fitting process. The only way to know for sure that the lie angle is not affecting the direction of the shot is to perform a dynamic lie test on each iron, one at a time. You can go to You Tube to search for “Dynamic Lie Angle Fitting” and you can find several videos to show how this can be done by each golfer to check the fit of the lie. If you find the lies are right, then you know the pulled shot has to be coming from another part of your swing.


  5. Tom would you ever consider/ would it be practical/ to make a sw-lw with a high COR variable thickness face? I know a lot of shorter wedge shots and shots from the rough tend to be missed high on the face with a wedge. Would it be beneficial to have that extra off center hit performance with wedges? I know the Ben hogan company came out with wedges that had more weight up higher on the back of the club head claiming it helped offer better distance on those higher face strikes. I always thought less weight or a thinner face would be better. What are your thoughts?

    • KOURT

      It would basically be a waste of time and a waste of money to make a high COR SW and LW. One could argue that if all of the other irons through the PW and GW were a high COR design, then the SW and LW should be as well to keep the distance gaps consistent. But really, help for off center hit performance gets less necessary as loft increases. This is because as loft increases the ball does not compress into the face as much. And the penalty for loss of distance from an off center hit is always more when the ball compresses more into the face and less when the ball does not compress much into the face. Of course if you do tight enough testing, you can probably find that a thin/variable thickness face on a SW might help reduce off center hit distance loss by 1-2 yards. In most cases that is not very much, but on some holes, maybe that 1-2 yards is the difference between the ball dropping short in the hazard vs just making the fringe of the green. Not often that would happen though.

  6. Tom,

    Are there any fitters that you recommend in the Mobile, AL area?

    • JOSH
      Absolutely. Ronnie Barnett at RJ the Clubmaker right in Mobile is very good. I’ve known him for a very long time in this side of the golf equipment industty, have corresponded with him regularly on technical topics, so I can tell you he knows what he is doing in the field.

      RJ the CLubmaker
      1216 Edinburgh court
      Mobile, AL 36609

      Hope this helps and thanks very much for your interest,

  7. If you had a 7 iron from the 771 csi set and a 7 iron from the sterling Single Length set built to identical length and loft. Would there be any performance difference?
    I’m considering building a hybrid set with the 4-7 irons at 7 iron length from the sterling single length set. Then 8-aw in the 771 csi irons at progressively shorter lengths.
    I realize this negates one of the benefit of having all clubs the same length but to me the main benefit of the single length set is the shorter and easier to hit long irons.
    But having the extra off center hit forgiveness from the high cor variable face in the 8-aw from the 771s at conventional length to me outweighs the con of adjusting to hit a shorter length club because in my opinion hitting those shorter length clubs isn’t an issue with most people I fit.
    Do u think a combo set like that would be a viable option?
    I know with my Single Length set I had issues with keeping my flight down with the longer length pw-sw because I am a higher swing speed player.

    • KOURT

      While both the 771-7 and Sterling-7 are the same type of high COR face design in the same type of carbon steel body, the 771-7 has a loft of 34* and the Sterling 7 is 31*. That right there makes a big difference that can’t be equalized unless you do some serious bending. There are a gazillion different set options one could pursue for length relationships between irons. It is possible they can all work fine for a golfer as long as the shaft, total weight, swingweight, lie and grips are correct for the golfer at the same time. Single length is the only way to establish a PERFECT match of every single possible element of swing feel in golf clubs, but for some, there can be issues with the wedges or with the lowest loft irons. I personally think that those who say they do not like the wedges have not given them enough time. I mean there is no way a more accomplished player could possibly jump from conventional length/loft wedges into single length wedges and have it be seamless from day one or day ten. But then too, there is nothing wrong with going single length from 4 to PW and then using the other wedges you are more used to. That way you still have seven irons all with the same identical swing feel, all with the same identical set up, posture, swing plane.


  8. Tom I read somewhere that you said any club above 40 degrees in loft imparts such a glancing blow that the forgiveness factors from perimeter weighting don’t have much of an effect.
    I was wondering why you would design the 8-gw in this set with a variable thickness face if that technology doesn’t affect the shot as much in those higher lofted clubs. Maybe I mis interpreted what you were saying but if you could explain the benefits of the variable thickness face in the higher lofted clubs that would be great.

    • KOURT

      At higher lofts such as over 40*, it is not a case of the perimeter weighting or the thin face not working at all. It is a progressive drop in the amount of off center hit forgiveness or in the ball speed increase as the loft increases. So you would not do away with these things totally just because of the higher loft reducing the impact force into the face and head because it is just reduced, not eliminated.


  9. Mr. Wishon,

    After reading a couple of your books, and learning all I could about club custom fitting, I decided to visit Mr. Rick Grinstead, in Saddelbrook, Arizona.

    I was fortunate to meet him and have a very professional session at his place. I have to add that I live in Mexico City and making this trip was one thing that I really wanted to do, because unfortunatelly, currently there is nobody who can provide this service in my country. I have to say that there is a person in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, who used to provide professional club fitting, but unfortunately he is retired.

    After a couple of sessions, Rick was able to give me a complete assesment on my swing speed, tempo, angle of attack, etc., and finally recommended your 771 CSI irons and the Micro groove wedges for me. After a month, I was able to travel again to Arizona, and just picked them up yesterday.

    We went to the driving range to try them out, and I have to say that I could not be happier. The time and money spent on this clubs was worth every penny.

    The clubs just felt great. All my shots were straight and were at least 10 yards longer than my previous Ping i15 clubs. I am at the airport, and just cannot wait to go back home and play my first round with them.

    I am currently an 18 handycap golfer, but I am sure I will be able to reduce at least 8 strokes in the next 12 months with these clubs. They are amazing. Keep the good work.

    Federico Chavez
    Mexico City

    • Thank you very much Sr Chavez for sharing your fitting experience with Rick. I am very pleased to hear that you found Rick and were able to work with him for your fitting needs. Rick is a long time friend of mine in this business so I know how good he is, and I know what a good job he does for the golfers who find him and choose to work with him. That’s really great to hear and I thank you so much for your interest and your support !!

      Best wishes to you in this great game,

  10. Hi,
    I had a set of 77I CSi assembled in France by André Thaon and have been playing with them for 18 months now. Working regularly on my swing with a pro, I am really pleased to see how versatile they are (basically I gained 2 clubs in distance) so, they will certainly stay in the bag for many years on (unless I switch to Sterlings).

  11. Tom,

    Compare the 771 heads with the Callaway X22 heads I am playing now. They have the standard Callaway steel shafts

    • If you are asking whether we do club to club comparison, we don’t. In 31 yrs of designing clubhead models, I just have never made it a point to pay attention to anything that any of the other companies are doing in their design work. I will occasionally be aware of some company’s model here or there, but I do not look at other models and I never have any for testing or analysis because I don;t care what anyone else is doing. I am sure those X22’s are very nice clubs because Callaway know what they are doing in their product development. So are the 771’s. If you’re interested to try to see what the differences are, you can find a clubmaker possibly in your area to meet with to test hit the 771’s – the FIND A CLUBFITTER search tool is found in the middle of the home page on our website so you can input your location and see where the closest fitter would be to your area.

      Thank you,

  12. Hi Tom, I have been playing the 560 for four years with good results. I don’t see my distances falling off that much, but would certainly not mind a little more. I play a 6-PW in irons and the 21 and 25 degree 775 hybrids.

    What would I be losing if I switched to the 771s and what adjustments would I need to make to the hybrid set? might be most worried about the gaps that might be created there.

    • check that, 21 and 27 degree hybrids

    • MIKE:

      The effect of the higher COR face of the 771CSI irons is going to be different for each golfer. The higher the clubhead speed, the more distance difference the high COR face is going to generate in comparison to a head of the same loft but normal COR. And vice versa. So if your 5 or 6 iron speed is not more than 75mph, you might see not quite a half a club distance increase with the 771’s. Over 85mph it would be approaching almost a full club, but not quite. In the end, it can only be known by hitting a test club for the #6 iron in the 771 (since that is your lowest loft 560 iron) and then comparing what you see in distance for both. from that you’ll know if the 21 and 27* loft set up of the hybrids would need to be tweaked a bit.


  13. Thanks Tom. I will definitely talk to my clubmaker about that.

  14. Tom,

    I was asking about the 771 CSI irons – not the Sterling single length irons. My concern is whether I have enough speed to get the rebound effect of a high COR clubface.

    Bill Lockman

    • BILL:

      Oops, sorry about that. Every golfer will gain some increase in smash factor and ball speed from a high COR design, whether it be a driver, wood, hybrid or iron. But it is true that the higher the clubhead speed, the more than increase in distance is going to be. At your clubhead speed you mentioned, I would estimate that you probably would seen about a half a club more distance with the 771’s. But if you want, you certainly can tell the clubmaker you are working with that you want to try a test iron for 2 to 4 ball striking range sessions and on the course so you are much more sure of it before you pull the trigger to buy the set.

      Sorry again I missed that, and hope this helps,

  15. Tom,

    I have a swing speed of 68 mph with a 5 iron. I’m wondering if that will be fast enough for the 771 hi COR face to be beneficial? I seem to remember reading that it was designed for a much faster swing speed than mine. I’m looking for more distance with my irons and was hopeful that the 771CSI design would help.

    Bill Lockman

    • BILL:

      It just means that you probably would want to have your set makeup in the single length set to be a #6 to wedges and not have the 5 iron. And then above the 6 iron, you probably would want to think about a 4 hybrid of around 24* loft at a length of around 37.5 to 38″. Then perhaps a 7 wood of 20* above that 4 hybrid at a length not more than 40″. The ONLY thing that clubhead speed dictates is what the set makeup has to be for the golfer. This is NO DIFFERENT than the approach you have to take when buying a normal length set of irons. For all golfers regardless of the length, there is a loft at which they do not have the speed or consistency to be able to hit it well enough to have it be a part of their iron set. And in all such cases, this is a matter of set makeup fitting. We teach clubmakers to find what is the lowest loft iron the golfer can hit high to fly consistently. That becomes the lowest number iron in the set, regardless if that is a 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 iron. And then hybrids and or high loft woods are fit above that.

      Hope this helps,

  16. Thanks, Tom. This is extremely helpful information. Glad to hear distance control is nothing to worry about – except getting used to hitting it a bit longer with the 771s and updating my yardage book. Due to ‘age and injury’, it sounds like they’ll be the best match for me!


  17. Thank you very much for your quick and detailed response, Tom. Very informative. You are the best!

    To make up for some lost yardage due to age/flexibility, as you’ve suggested in your book/writings, I’ve recently added a few hybrids (Callaway) with some very good success. They evidently have the cup face design. Along with the positive gain in yards, one challenge is getting them to stop as you’d hope an iron would on the green, which I presume is the normal trade-off for the better distance, in spite of a high-launch.

    I am now considering a new set of irons and the 771s are high on the list. I wonder however, about their playability with regards to distance control, specifically v. the 565s, for instance, when making approach shots into the green?

    Can you share your thoughts/experience that one should consider in making a decision between those two irons that I can ask/work with a clubfitter?

    As an 11 handicapper, and a pretty consistent ball striker, I am trying to weigh the benefit of gaining yards vs. distance control. Hitting my 7 iron only about 130 yards, my primary challenge seems to be distance (and bunker play!) these days. However, I am concerned about opening a can of worms if the 771s won’t allow me to confidently stick it next to the pin with my short irons. What feedback do you have on this from the field? Do you ever have golfers use the 771s for the mid/long irons and then the 565s for the shorter irons?

    Thanks in advance for your perspective!


    • Lewis
      I have created three high COR iron designs all with the same type of variable thickness face construction and all with the same level of COR for the face – the 770CFE in 2004, the 870Ti in 2007 and then he 771CSI in 2012. None of these models have ever been reported to us by any golfer for having distance control issues. The high COR variable faces perform consistently and I do not think there is any problem with distance inconsistency for the same point of impact. They will definitely hit the ball longer for the same loft vs any head like the 565 which is a standard COR face design. So that usually takes a short amount of time to get used to, but not more than a couple of rounds with a couple of range sessions to note how far you are hitting each iron.

      The decision between the 771 and 565 has to involve these points – 1) if the golfer has been losing distance with the irons due to age or injury, that’s a big vote for the 771. If the golfer has joined a new club that has longer second shots than he was used to before, this is a good reason for the 771. 2) If the golfer knows he hits a fair number of iron shots off center, this is a good reason for the 771 – not matter how good the MOI of the 565 from the CNC machined deep back cavity, its off center hit performance cannot match that of the variable thickness face of the 771. 3) if the golfer has no issues with shot distance, this is a vote for the 565. And if the golfer hits a few off center shots but not a ton, then this too makes it ok for the 565.

      Basically the biggest factor is distance – if you need or want a half club to full club less into the green for the same length and loft, that’s what the 771 can do.


  18. Hi Tom,

    Have very much enjoyed reading your posts on GolfWRX and reading one of your books. I have learned a lot – certainly just enough to be dangerous now.

    Am interested to hear you perspective on your head/face design for the 771 irons and any other of your clubs v. Callaway’s recent ‘face cup’ technology they’ve incorporated into several of their clubs?


    • LEWIS
      Thanks very much for your interest in the technical side of golf equipment. I’m always happy to help with more information.

      FWIW, I invented the first cup face construction on the face of a titanium driver back in 1996. I did the first high COR iron design in 2000, the first high COR fairway wood in 2004 and the first high COR hybrid head in 2005. So I know this topic of high COR face design perhaps better than anyone in the business.

      I did the cup face chiefly to try to improve the OFF center hit performance of a head. When you weld a face plate onto a head body so that the welding lines are on the edges of the face, that construction can stiffen up the outer parts of the face more to prevent as much face flexing as when you do the face with a cup construction. It’s not a big improvement though, only a tiny bit of an improvement in off center hit performance. I found when I did my first VARIABLE thickness face for an iron in 2004, this really had a big effect for off center hit distance and performance – more than what a cup face with a single thickness across the hitting area could offer.

      For ON center hit performance, truly and honestly, the cup face construction is a waste of time and money to do it. It’s been demonstrated many times that you can reach the USGA maximum for face COR in an iron with an edge welded face design, and you do not need a cup face to do that.

      One other thing that a cup face in an iron forces you into doing is to make the head with a thicker/wider topline. For many golfers, this is not a big deal but there are some golfers who just cannot stand the visual look of a wide topline. I’m one of those and I do let that spill over into my design work. I rarely design an iron with a topline width of 5mm and to do a cup face on an iron forces the top line width to be well over 5mm. But this is just a visual thing.

      Bottom line is this – if you do not need a cup face to push the ON center hit COR to the max allowed in the rules, and if you can achieve a better OFF center hit distance and performance with a variable thickness face, then there is no reason to ever mess around with a cup face construction on any clubhead anymore.

      Hope this helps,

  19. Hi Tom
    Thankyou for your reply regarding your new upcoming Sterling Single Length Irons, I contacted Jaacob as you suggested regarding availability, cost, shipping etc. but as I am in Australia the landed cost to me with the exchange rate, freight & GST, the cost is almost double. So for a set of 7Irons (5iron to AW) it was expensive. I have already spent far too much on so called ordered to suit off the rack big name brand irons & Hybrids, Callaway, Cobra, & Mizuno in the last 3years( 2sets with graphite shafts & 2sets with lite steel, none that really suited my swing these days). There had to be a better way!??
    As I had no way of testing them first it was a fairly big gamble, to get the right for me, & I may not like them?? For me being nearly 60yrs old, around a 14 to 18hcp, and not hitting the ball as far as I used to, I cannot reach a lot of longer holes in regulation anymore, my irons are very important as scoring tools, (I hit more 8iron to AW and the odd LW than any other irons), so I was worried about the shorter irons, all being 8iron length, the 9iron,PW & AW might take some getting used to??
    Sorry this is long winded but I am sure that you have heard similar stories many times before!

    Because I am in Australia, so far from you guys I had to find a Wishon fitter “Down Under” who had some demo clubs for me to test.
    I am very pleased to say after some research in your Clubfitter section I found my local Wishon guy in South Australia , Craig Forth from Custom Fit Golf.
    Thankyou Tom for choosing Craig as your Man down here, his knowledge, experience, thoroughness & patience has been most valuable!
    Also congratulations & many thanks on designing & developing a range of most brilliant components, heads & shafts & making them available all around the world. I will never by off the rack “Big Brand” gear again.
    After spending most of a day with Craig from Custom Fit Golf, testing lots of different combinations of Wishon Irons, Hybrids, Wedges & Drivers, I can honestly say that I have finally found the best Irons that I have ever hit in over 30 years of playing golf.

    You are a genius Tom, the Wishon 771’s are the sweetest & easiest to hit Irons I have ever seen. You hit them anywhere near the middle & they just go click, even off centre hits still go most of the way. It doesn’t matter whether its the 6iron or AW they all have that lovely soft feel. I have also matched these up with your Micro WS 55deg SW & 60deg.LW also with Green reg.
    Also again thankyou Tom, for a great range of shafts to choose from! My swing speed is not high these days (around 60 – 65MPH with a 6iron), I was able to finally find a graphite shaft that actually works. Most manufacturers offer A/flex to Stiff flex but you also offer a choice of kick points etc, after being recommended lots of different brands & flexes of graphite over the past few years, with no real standard ( they are all different), I finally found some that work for me. With Craig’s guidance we settled on your Reg.flex Green shafts, the first set of Iron Graphite shafts with real feel & punch. The combo of the 771 head & those beautiful green shafts, I can already feel the improvement in my ball striking after only my first round today!
    I also purchased a 775HS 2iron hybrid to try, so far with the Reg.flex white hybrid shaft, but to me it doesn’t quite have the punch of the Green shaft in the 771s, I have to swing a little harder to make it fly with a draw? but when you middle it they stay hit! Craig built it 2Iron length & I am trying to play it like an iron by hitting down on it, not trying to sweep it more like a fairway wood? I play on a very windy Links Style course where being able to hit the ball with a low draw into the wind is a big plus! Do you have any suggestions Tom? Could we ream it out to 0.370 and fit a Reg. Green Iron shaft, would this work or would a A/Flex White Hybrid be better??
    I am already so impressed with your gear Tom, that Craig and I have already discussed changing My whole set to amazing Wishons, next is Driver -915 Green reg., and another Hybrid or 2, and probably a 771 – 5iron.

    Thanks again Tom Wishon Golf, I cannot recommend Craig from Custom Fit Golf in Adelaide, South Australia highly enough, to anyone looking for great quality golf gear built to suit you, at a very reasonable price! I will never waste my money on off the rack gear again!

    Peter Schultz

  20. Hi Tom, greetings from a wet and windy England! I’m using today to research club replacement rather than playing and getting soaked…..

    I’ve had a set of TW705w2 irons in my bag for the last few years which were custom built / fitted here by Designer Golf. 4-P + A and S. All an inch longer and swing weighted etc, Nippon NS pro 950gh steel shafts.I was playing off 12 and bought them with a view to getting down to the elusive single figures. However, due to various reasons my handicap has gone up to 14!!

    I’ve had a few lessons over the last year, and started playing a bit more regularly, and am now striking the ball a lot better again…. I still love the clubs looks and they feel great when hit out the middle, but now in my 50’s I want all the help I can get to lower my handicap down to 9!

    I have the 739CCG driver too, and happy to continue with TW rather than follow the herd down the G30 et al route.

    Any suggestions as to which would be a good successor to my irons but offer a bit more technology and forgiveness please, and a matching hybrid / fairway to complement them.

    Keep up the good work.


    • NICK
      First off, my sincere apology for the delay in responding. The notification feature for posts and comments was not working so we haven’t seen the posts being made here for us to respond. That’s a big Ooops. Sorry about that.

      I would say to look at the 771CSI irons, 775HS hybrids and 929HS fairway woods. All these models are high COR face designs so the distance is as good as it can be in a conforming club. And the 771’s have a variable thickness face to offer a really high level of off center hit forgiveness when the swing is less than perfect. All three of these models have become our most popular selling designs in their respective set makeup areas in design for fwys, hybrids and irons. If you need any help in finding a clubfitter to work with, send an email to contact@wishongolf.com and let us know your town/city and we’ll be happy to check our UK data base of clubmakers to let you know if there is someone with good experience in reasonable proximity to where you live,

      Thanks again and sorry again for the delay !!

  21. Hi Tom,

    I have now been playing my 771’s since the early part of last summer and I absolutely love them.

    I do, though, have a little problem.
    Due to my early, but getting later, release, I am working on it with my teaching pro, my distances are not as long as I would like.

    My numbers are as follows- 6 iron club speed mid to high 70’s- launch angle mid 20’s, carry distance mid to upper 120’s, smash factor approx 1.3 and height mid 90’s

    What would the effect effect be of strengthening the loft of the 6 iron by two degrees and the 7 iron by 1 degree

    • Peter
      First off, my sincere apology for the big delay in responding. The notification feature for posts and comments was not working so we haven’t seen the posts being made here for us to respond. That’s a big Ooops. Sorry about that.

      It REALLY is important to release the club properly coming into impact because it does so much to ensure a good dynamic loft and compression of the ball against the face at impact for best shot performance. So please do keep working on that with your teacher.

      If you lower loft by 1 to 2*, at your clubhead speed you should see a distance increase of around 5 yards and the smash factor should go up a little. But I question the accuracy of this launch monitor that you say records a 1.3 smash factor with a 771 #6 iron. We know from accurate TrackMan ball hitting tests that for almost every golfer, the 771 #6 iron would be in the area of 1.41 for on center hits. And as the angle of attack drops, it can get as high as 1.45. Now with the 7, 8, 9 and wedges, the smash factor will progressively drop because as the loft increases, the ball is not being compressed as much against the face to flex the face inward to get to the higher smash factor.

      Hope this helps,


  22. Per your recommendation, I was recently fit for a set of irons at PrecisionFit Golf by Keith Chatham in Kerrville, TX. Please let Keith know what a great job he did. The fitting could not have been completed in a more professional manner! At the end of the day, I purchased a set of the Wishon 771 irons – simply the best irons I’ve ever played!

    Keith spends a great deal of time trying all the options then settles in for the great fit. Not only does Keith fit you well, but he identifies swing issues that you can address to improve your ball striking. I could not be more pleased with the results of the fitting and the purchase of your great components! Thank you and Keith very much! Regards, Butch.

    • BUTCH:

      thanks so much for taking your time to stop in and let us know how well your work with Keith went. I knew that you would enjoy the time you spent with Keith and I had no doubt that he was going to nail things down so the fit was just right and the irons would end up performing well for you. From my perspective as a designer, boy do I wish I had about 100 more Keiths around the country to work with golfers. he’s truly one of the best and not only am I pleased to have him choose to work with my designs, but I am pleased that you chose to work with him. He is what a good clubfitting experience should be all about for sure.

      Thanks much, the very best of holiday greetings to you and best wishes in this great game !!

  23. Hi Tom. Can you comment on the sole design of the 771’s? What is the leading edge like, and how does it compare to your other models as far as turf interaction (ie dig vs glide, etc)?

    Really enjoy my 919 driver, 949 4 wood, and 3-5 775hs hybrids!


    • MIKE
      Thanks much for your support and your interest !! I design all my iron model soles so they have a good bit of front to back radius and so the leading edge is rounded more up to the face surface. To me after 30 yrs in head design, that is a must in any iron sole design for ANY golfer. The front to back radius helps prevent as much tendency to dig when the golfer’s angle of attack varies from somewhat steep to steep and yet that same FB radius never gets in the way of anything for a golfer who is shallow with his A of A. Rounding up the leading edge also helps reduce a dig tendency when the player chooses to hit a more hands ahead knock down shot. I keep pretty much all my iron soles within the same progressive range of bounce from 2-3* on the low loft irons to 5-6* on the upper numbers because I see that as viable for grass types from Bermuda to Bent. IMO some people/companies read too much into a sole design – no question you have to have a decent F to B radius and you can;t make the leading edge sharp and you have to have some bounce. But beyond that more radius or more bounce just becomes overkill IMO unless you have some very rare situations in the golfer’s swing and where he plays. Super steep A of A playing on Bermuda all the time would require more bounce and as much F to B radius as you can put on the sole – but if you had a “normal” F to B radius with avg bounce, even for the steep Bermuda player, it would not render the iron unplayable.

      Hope this helps, and thanks very much !

    • Thanks for the reply Tom, very interesting. One day I’ll get a set of your irons to add to my bag, just need to decide on the these or the 565mc’s! 🙂

      All the best.

  24. Tom – I missed your response. What a fabulous reply. I never cease to be amazed by your thoughtful replies to customer inquiries.

    I’d like to take you up on your offer but may wait until I can secure a spare set of clubs from a friend. Once I get them to you how long before I get them back do you think?

    PS I recently bought your ladies set for my wife and she is already enjoying them on the practice tee. They were fitted by Phil Moore in Riverside, CA who is a marvelous fitter of Wishon clubs imho.

    • At your connvenience, let me know if I can help you further on this. Always happy to help,

  25. Hi Tom
    I was fitted to a set of 771’s by grant James in Sydney Australia back in Sept. My old a set …mizuno jpx ez forged irons off ebay second hand. From a previous fitting I know I was close to standard length lie etc so to save money went with those. Over the next 12 months I always felt that the irons weren’t right for me. My 40th bday was approaching and all I ever wanted was a fancy branded custom fitted set of clubs.

    So off I went on my journey of trying various brands…multiple fittings etc.

    Prior to meeting grant I had never heard of you or your clubs which is rare cause I’m a golf gear nut but they aren’t really represented here in OZ being the researcher I am I saw the link on grants website to your clubs and went researching. I was immediately drawn to this model from the looks to the comments about them.

    I know what I’m like and thought I would always end up with a big name brand…I wanted the complete matching set..bag and all. Nothing less would do. I wanted to be the walking billboard for ping or Titleist. I tried them all…literally. demo days galore. But I wanted to get it right.

    With my initial conversations with grant all I asked him was the brands he covered and whether he had yours to demo which he did.That was about as much thought I gave your clubs until the fitting session. We tried some big brands first after we settled on a shaft that grant thought would suit me best. Then we went about trying different heads.

    We made our way to the 771. What struck me straight away was the look. They look fantastic….pure is the word I would use. Like a players iron. They are so far removed from the shovel like appearance from every other manufacturers game improvement iron that I thought they possibly couldn’t offer me the forgiveness that a high teen handicapper like me needs. Well was I wrong. Distance improved. Ball flight improved …dispersion improved. ..everything improved. Miss hits were still good coincidence I thought…my swing must be been grooved at this point. We tried a few others…not as good. Tried the 771 again….bang…off the ball went….into the distance. My fitting went over several session so we left it at that.
    Several weeks later fitting Continues. Onto the rest of the bag. Grant says here’s the club you hit well last time …warm up with this. Bang…..off the ball went into the distance. Now I’m starting to take notice. Wow I thought. I think I’ve found my clubs. My heart didn’t want these clubs as I knew it was shattering my long awaited dream of owning the fancied branded complete set. Grant told me let the data and performance and data do the talking and not have preconceived ideas about a brand etc. Watching the ball and seeing the data was too compelling to ignore the 771’s. Journey over. I ordered my 771s.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with these clubs. They tick every box.
    They represent the perfect blend of looks and performance in my humble opinion. The perfect blend of players looks and game improvement performance. Something I never came across with other brands. They look pure…almost blade like but not quite, not too big not to small. Confidence inspiring and not like an iron that will look outdated in the years to come. They look good in the bag…out of it and at address. They’re forgiving and just perform. The prefect club for me and for many others I would suspect.
    I know who you are now and I’m one happy camper!
    Ps sorry for the long winded story but thought it may help someone else decide to try these glorious clubs.
    Sydney Australia.

    • PAUL:
      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with the fitting with Grant and the result with the 771CSI irons. We’re so pleased to have the chance to hear that the new irons are helping you to enjoy this great game a little more than before!! And we’re pleased to hear that you chose to work with Grant – I’ve known Grant for a while in this side of the business, he even traveled to our company headquarters some years back for additional training – so I know he did a good job for you and this is a BIG reason the clubs are performing well for you.

      Thanks so much and the very best to you in this great game,
      TOM :>)

  26. Hi Tom,

    As a rule, I normally don’t post comments, but felt compelled to let you know about the outstanding experience and amazing end product results.

    First, I have been working with Tom Spargo over the years tinkering with my clubs and have been threatening him that I was coming in to get fit for a new set of irons, with an eye on a set of 560MC’s, but with the 771’s lurking in the background. Well, I finally made good on that threat and I couldn’t be happier or more complimentary with Tom’s (and Staff’s) expertise and patience in the process. I’m biased, but I think Tom is the best around.

    As for my clubs, Tom fitted me with the 771’s with Nippon shafts. Luckily, the weather here in NE has held out and I have been able to get out and experience this great set of irons. The look and quality is second to none, and the feel and performance has resulted in immediate dividends. I’m disappointed the season will be coming to an end! Guess that is what I get for waiting so long to get fit. I’ve been struggling to get below that 10 handicap level, but I’m looking forward to taking advantage of a newly found confidence and performance with this set to get me over that hump in the spring.

    Absolutely love your technology and designs. Never a doubt that the 771’s were going to make their way into my bag. Already threatened Tom about coming in for a 919THI Driver! 🙂



    • FRED:

      How nice it is for me to have the chance to read your post and get to have the sense of how pleased you are with the new irons !! No matter how much fun people may think it is for me to be able to be a clubhead and shaft designer, none of that is as much fun as being able to read a comment such as yours. It really is more fun to know that I had a hand in helping you enjoy this game a little more! At the same time, the real credit goes to Tom S, who is a good friend of mine from several clubmaker conventions that he and I both have been at. I’m fortunate to have somone like Tom work with my designs – because no matter what I do, unless Tom does his job well to fit and build the clubs to match you and your swing, none of what I do matters at all. So I am very pleased you found Tom and chose to work with him. He is one of the very best in the whole country for sure. Good for you that you have had some chance to play with the clubs – we’re staring at white on our fairways now here in SW Colorado!!

      Thanks again,

  27. Tom,

    I made the mistake of asking a local golf shop to buff surface scratches out of my 771s. Sadly they did much more. The sole of my clubs now look blotchy – I think because they wore through some of the surface finish on my clubs.

    How can I return my clubs to their former glory? Do they need to be refinished? If yes, how do I do that, how much does it cost and how long does it take? Thanks. LOVE the irons.


    • Malcolm:

      Well that’s too bad and a definite OOPS. Without actually seeing them, I can’t really tell you what the extent of the damage is, nor can I tell you if anything can be done. Since these heads are nickel chrome plated, when you say “splotchy” my first thought is that somehow they buffed/polished through the chrome to expose areas of the nickel plating underneath. But that’s just a guess. Tell you what – if you can box up the irons and send them to us with a note asking us to do what we can to restore the finish, we’ll figure out something, even if we have to replace the heads. You can send to us at Tom Wishon Golf, 695 County Road #233, Durango, CO 81301, ATTN: TOM WISHON and I will take a look and we will help you on this. If you live in a cold area, wait until the courses are covered with the white stuff since this finish aberration from the other shop won’t harm the playability any.


  28. I’ve been working with Steve Newton (Clubmaster Golf) in Ilian, NY to find a good fit for me. Tried the 560MC and 979SS heads with various shafts. Got good results but honestly only slightly better than my old clubs. So he made me a 771 CSI 7 iron with a Black 85 graphite shaft. I immediately fell in love with it. Center hits felt great and were going about 10 yards further than my old 7 iron, and off center hits were also giving me much better results than my old club. Can’t wait to get my hands on a full set!

    • LEE:
      Thanks so much for taking your time to write. First and most important, we’re pleased you are working with Steve because he’s very experienced and he knows what he’s doing for sure. It’s a lot of fun to read your comments on hitting the 771’s. It’s been a real kick for me to have had the chance to dig into high COR face design in my career once I got the understanding about metallurgy and the science behind how faces of clubheads actually work. As such, the 771’s are my 4th generation “hot face” iron design and it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to hear that you really did notice the difference and that it can bring a little more enjoyment to you in this great game! Thanks for that and the very best to you.


  29. I’ll be brief. I’ve now had my 771csi irons for year and could not be more pleased. I could say a lot but it’s already been said by others. However, I will repeat…. Wow! These are great irons. I believe Tom said he designed these as a Game Improvement type of iron. And they are. But don’t let that turn you away from considering these heads. They defiantly don’t look like some fat thick chunky irons you’ve seen on the market. These irons look great all around. They’re players. They feel unbelievable. I’m now a 6.5 handicapper down from an 8.5-9 when I was fit for these clubs. I’ve been working on my game/swing this year and I owe my improved game to the 771’s and improved my ball striking. I couldn’t have accomplished this without a proper fit. I was professionally fit by Keith Chatham in Kerrville Texas. He did a great job with the fitting. Spot on. Keith paired my 771’s with Aerotech i80 SteelFiber shafts and the combination is awesome. For you lower handicap golfers out there I urge you take a look at these 771 heads. Give them a try and you’ll see what I mean. For you higher handicap players you’ll also find that the 771’s are easier (and perhaps longer) to hit than some ole club you find on the rack somewhere. My advise is: Get fit, play better, have fun.

    • BILL:
      thanks so VERY MUCH for taking the time not just to let us know how well you like the new 771 irons, but for taking the time to find Keith Chatham to go get fit. That right there was a great decision because Keith truly is one of the very, very best clubfitters and clubmakers on the whole planet – and I kid you not about that. I know who the good ones are because I have been in this side of the industry for way more than 30 yrs during which time I taught many of these guys and developed the ongoing correspondence and communication that enables me to gauge how their knowledge and experience has evolved over the years. From that I can testify that Keith is one of the very best there is.

      Yes, I am partial to the performance of the 771s and I do believe strongly there isn’t a better game improvement iron out there, but its design does not work as well for a golfer as it could unless the clubfitter knows his stuff to advise the verybest combination of fitting specs. And that you hit the nail on the head in working with Keith. Thanks so much and the VERY best to you in this great game,


  30. Hi Tom,

    Just a few words to report back on my new 771CSI’s

    I picked up the clubs in June of this year and can honestly say that I love them to bits.

    I have had 6 to A Wedge and also have the 56 & 60 w/s PCF Micros. All of which are matched to Wishon White shafts in regular.

    From above these clubs definitely DO NOT look like super game improver irons. Some of my playing partners have stated that they “look like proper clubs”.
    Good contact produces a really powerful feel and hits from around the face feel only slightly less powerful and result in only a marginal reduction in distance.
    The ball flight is higher than I have been used to but is not excessively so and only goes to back up the feeling of power.
    They are relatively easy to shape the ball with and generally when playing into a green seem to land quite softly.
    One of my regular playing partners says that “they are one of the best sounding irons” that he has heard and that “they would be deadly in good players hands”.
    Overall they are a great looking and high performing iron that I would only be too happy to recommend to anyone that asks me for an opinion.

    Thanks for producing an absolutely top notch golf club that it is a pleasure to play with and hit.
    My handicap has reduced by 2 full shots since I took delivery of the clubs and I expect it to continue to reduce.

    Thanks once again,

    Keep up the good work.


    • PETER

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write and share your experience and thoughts about your 771CSI irons. That really is a privilege for us to hear that and to know that the clubs are putting a little bit bigger smile on your face when you get out to play. We really do thank you for your support and enthusiasm and we wish you all the best in this great game !!

      TOM :>)

  31. Tom,
    I was recently fitted with a new set of 771’s at ADS Golf in San Marcos by Gene Bonk. He was the one who made the recommendation that i try Wishon irons. Well I have played numerous rounds with these clubs and Wow what a nice set of Iron’s. I cannot wait to get out and play them again and again. The look and feel of these clubs is great, they have the sweetest click when you hit them dead center. I will be back to visit ADS golf for Gene to fine tune the clubs, all part of his fitting package. Gene is a very generous but serious man who knows what he is talking about. I can’t wait to get a couple of your wedges perfectly fitted by him.



    • KEN

      We are SO PLEASED that you are happy with the new irons that Gene fit and built for you !! He is one of the very best clubfitter/clubmakers in the whole country and we’re very pleased you found him and chose to work with him. He’s a real credit to what professional clubfitting really is all about and we are very pleased that he chooses to work with our designs. Thanks so much and the very best to you in this great game !!!


  32. Tom,
    Let me first congratulate you for your superb work and great value that you bring to this sport and industry.
    I am a big fan of your products, I have now the 771CSI irons, the driver, wedges and putter.
    I started with a set of 771CSI that I bought in Paris France.
    My experience with the club fitter was ok but I felt I paid too much ($1100 for 6 irons).
    The guy explained me how to compensate for my bad swing, and this is when I felt uncomfortable. I believe when you do that, you will never improve.
    I am 58, index is 13.6 but with many ups and downs.
    Recently I went to Miami, Florida and went to see Jamie Frith.
    What a difference! Jamie is a real pro, a great guy and he is helping a lot.
    With only a few tips, I was able to regain club head speed immediately.
    Jamie made me a 919THI with a stiff shaft, while the guy in Paris made green shafts…
    Go figure !
    In addition i bought from Jamie 3 wedges that I love (52, 56, 60) and a great putter.
    I was used to the odyssey 7 and didn’t want to go for putter blade. But Jamie convince me and I was very surprise t see that I felt better.
    I think the weight well balanced and the lie make the difference.
    I love all your products I play.
    Congrats again!


      Thank you very much for taking your time to come to our website to share your experience with the custom fit clubs and to tell us that you are pleased with the eventual results. I am very pleased to hear that you were able to get this worked out better with Jamie so that you are able to enjoy this great game more than before !!


  33. Got my new 771’s from Duffy’s. Played 3 times now. I love the clubs. Hit 3 times as many good shots as opposed to my TM’s. These are great!! Point that should be made is that metal is softer than I’m used to and need to be careful because they ding easier than I’m used to. Keep up good work. What a difference fitted clubs make.

    • GARY
      That’s great to hear and thanks for following up to let us know how the irons are performing in play. The body is 1020 carbon steel so it can ding over time because that is the softest of the CS alloys used in iron head production work. But it isn’t something that should be that much of an issue unless you drive in a cart over very bumpy terrain frequently. At any rate, thanks much for your interest and your support and the VERY best to you in this great game for many more days of enjoyment with the new sticks !


  34. I was just fitted for 771’s at Duffy’s golf in Fl. The initial fitting didn’t take very long. The heads just came in and should be ready for final fit. Is it because I am a high handicapper that fitting didn’t take longer? Thanks

    • GARY

      No, not really. Iron fittings will always take less time to nail down the proper fitting specs and set makeup for the golfer because of several reasons vs driver and wood fittings. Just the fact that irons are shorter with more loft makes it take less time to know what lengths, what lofts, what lies, what shaft, what total weight, what swingweight the irons need to be. With drivers and woods being so much longer, that takes more time to know what length and what loft and what face angle on top of the shaft, total weight and swingweight is going to result in the overall most consistency with most distance for a golfer. In short, because none of us swing as consistently with lengths as long as are on drivers, that alone makes it take more time to get the right feedback to know when the specs of the driver and woods are right.

      Thanks much and we know you’ll like the new 771’s because John is a super good fitter and is very experienced at knowing what are the best fitting specs for golfers.


  35. Hi Tom,

    Just wondering what OEM irons the 771’s may be most comparable with. I’ve been looking at and hitting the XR Pro, RSI2, and the Mizuno JPX 850 forged. I believe the 771’s are super game improvement but I see their lofts are not as strong as the previously mentioned irons. And what about feel/feedback from the 771’s?

    • JAMES

      I can’t tell you what OEM irons the 771CSI are closest to because I never look at any of the other companies designs to really know what they are doing with their design work. It’s just not pertinent to my work to look at any of their models. The 771CSI are a high COR iron design and while I know that a few of the OEM companies are finally creating higher COR iron models, I don’t know which ones from which companies might be a high COR face design. The 771CSI is most definitely a super game improvement design from the standpoint of the face design, but I did design it with a conventional traditional size and shape for the body, with the body itself made from carbon steel. But if you are thinking these are like a one piece forged players’ traditional iron, they are not. They do feel soft from the thin face and carbon steel body but they are a super game improvement iron designed to hit the ball farther for its given lofts with much higher off center hit forgiveness.

      As to the lofts, I don’t like to keep pushing lofts lower and lower and lower as do many of the OEM companies. However, if you wish the lofts to be lower, because the body of the 771 is made from carbon steel, it can be bent to lower the loft by as much as 4* if desired, though we don’t recommend pushing the loft that much lower because of how a very significant loft bend lower will alter the sole angle. Best thing I can tell you is to use our Find a Clubfitter locator search tool on our home page to see if there is a clubmaker near you. Call him to ask if he has any 771CSI test irons and go hit one. Then you’ll know much better if this is a design for you and your preferences.

      Thanks very much for your interest. And if you are looking for comments on the 771, copy and pasted this link in your web browser to go to this page – http://wishongolf.com/designs/iron-sets/new-771csi/ – scroll down on the page and you will see 118 comments about this model from golfers and clubmakers both.


  36. Today’s the day
    I will be picking up my 771 CSI’s this afternoon.
    I will be having a little knock with them and playing in a club major with them tomorrow.
    If they are anywhere near as good as my PFC WS wedges I will be in for an interesting ride.
    I will let you know in about a month.

    • Peter

      Thanks very much for your comment and your having been fit with the new 771CSI’s. May you play well with them and may they allow you to enjoy this great game more than before !!!


  37. In testing, when both the 870ti and the 771csi were on the robot. Which club head hit the ball further? Which club head had better off center hit performance? Was it the 771csi, or the 870ti?

    • BRYCE

      For on center hit testing the distances of the 870 and 771 for the same head number/same loft were statistically the same. No difference from an actual play standpoint. For the off center hit difference, the difference was so small it was really not a practical difference any golfer could experience in play with the clubs. The 870 was ever so very, very slightly higher for off center hits (like 1 yard or less) because it was larger than the 771 so that meant its MOI was a little higher than the MOI of the 771. So the variable thickness face design of both was identical for off center hits but with the 870’s slightly larger size creating a little bit higher MOI than the 771, that was where the 1 yd difference came from.

      So for all intents and purposes, the two models play the same for distance and off center performance really. With the main advantage of the 771 coming from the fact that with it having a carbon steel body, it can be bent for loft and lie fitting so much easier and so much wider in options than the 870 which had a 17-4 stainless steel body.


  38. Tom, I have been playing a set of MacGregor 1025 CM’s, with KBS C Taper stiff shafts. Love the look of these classics and the feel of well struck shots. Having said that I just turned 50 and I’m hitting 2 clubs more than my playing partners and my elbows have been aching since I started playing the C Taper stiff. I’m 6’3″, very strong and although I’m not a big hitter I usually out drive my peers…..which makes me disappointed when my irons distance is so anemic. I realize I’m probably playing too stiff a shaft but because of the shot dispersion and towering/distance robbing ball flight I have gotten with other shafts, I felt compelled to go stiff. I do love the close shot dispersion. I’m not afraid of graphite shafts but have experienced wild fluctuations in shot dispersion in the past when using graphite. I have never been truly fitted and the closet I’ve ever come is being fitted in a golf retailer. I hate hitting into a net and prefer to see my ball flight, and I had to buy the whole set. The resulting difference between hitting on the simulator and taking the clubs out on the course was disappointing to say the least and all the retailer had to say was, “give it time to get used to it.” Reading here I gather it shouldn’t be like that. I am thinking about the 771’s as the top line is thin like my 1025’s, but they are Hi COR and more forgiving than my beloved Mac’s. Von’s Golf is not far from me and am thinking about getting some help. Would the fitter fit me with some examples and let me try them at the range and on the course? I really want to get this right even if the fitting is a multi-visit process. Your thoughts

    • MATT:

      From what you say, I bet the farm the reason that you hit the irons shorter than your playing companions hit their irons but hit the driver longer than they hit theirs is because the loft angles on your irons are substantially higher per iron than the lofts are on their irons for each number. Your irons are about 13 yrs old. Plus they are a forged traditional design. Both those things indicate that the lofts on your irons are much higher than the lofts are on current irons or any game improvement iron made within the past 5-6 yrs. Just to use the 5 iron as an example, in all likelihood the loft of your 5 iron is probably 28* and all other irons set in typical 4* increments from there. If your friends have more current model irons, or if they have definite game improvement irons, their 5 iron would likely be in the area of 24-25*. That’s a big difference.

      Adding to this could be the fact as well that the steel shafts in your irons is making the total weight of the clubs heavier and perhaps at this point in your game that could be slowing your iron speed down a bit too. But in all your email, the best and most encouraging thing you said was that Von’s Golf is not far from you. I’ve known Jim Von Lossow since 1976 and I can assure you that he is VERY knowledgeable, VERY experienced and VERY good in being able to perform the highest level of fitting analysis available in the country today. I have to believe that if you work with him, you will be happy with the results.

      Thanks so much for your interest and the very best to you in this great game,

  39. I mistakenly entered a one star rating on this set. It happened because I was trying to access any one star reviews.

    Sorry about that.


    • Not a problem Wayne as we’ll take care of that. Thanks so much for letting us know !


  40. The BEST clubs I have ever had. And I have had over 50 sets of clubs. I am an avid golfer and played to a 11 handicap for many years. Couldn’t seem to break into the single digits and stay there. Current Index – 5.8. I have had my 771’s since March 2014. I live in South Texas so I play golf year round. 2 to 4 rounds per week. My good friend is a Wishon Club maker. He made a set of 771’s. I hit them on the range over a 2 week period and said please make me a set. Our other good buddy said he wanted a set and make my dad a set too. My brother came to visit for a few days. When he got back to Tulsa, he had to wait about 7 days for his new set to arrive. Same with my other brother in dallas. It only takes a few swings on the range to know these clubs are special. #1 – They go HIGH effortlessly. I struggle with the a lower ball flight. Not any more. You may say, I struggle with hitting it too high, these clubs aren’t for me then. Wrong. My brother hits a high ball and he hits these high too. just one to 2 clubs longer than his old AP 2’s. 2\#2 – They are long. #3 The feel is incredible. They are soft soft and have a super click to them! I am a club geek, 2 new sets per year over the past many years. I have had this set a year and will have them for a few more until Tom develops the next “new” 771. I am a Wishon guy now because the product is superior.

    I played a match play event this past weekend. I was 5 down after 8 holes. The Wishons clicked in and I won 6 holes in a row. Iron play became spectacular. I won 2 and 1. The guy I beat is having Hank make him a set of 771’s.

    I have one big problem….I need a 771 Sand Wedge!!!!!!! Any suggestions Tom??? I am not a fan of the skinny soled Vokeys.. I need a 54 or 55 degree 771 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Tom.

    • NORM
      How nice is that for me to be able to read your message !!!! No question that no matter how much fun it is for me to be a club designer, nothing of that compares to when I get the chance to read a message like yours here! Smile is from ear to ear !! And your story of being 5 down and winning and your opponent going out to be fit for a set of the 771s is priceless! I can just see the look on this guy’s face as you kept winning holes!

      771 Sand Wedge eh? Ahhhh. . . let’s say maybe. Here’s the deal on that. The only reason I ever designed a SW as a part of an iron set was because over in Europe, the majority of golfers always used to want a SW that was a match to the set of irons they would buy. Never been that way here in the States where the habit was always to get a “standalone” Sw / LW models, mainly because that’s what all the pros did and do. BUt over the last 4 yrs or so, this trend in Europe is rapidly changing to be like it is here. So in the past where we would sell the same number of SW’s as PW in sets to Europe (we do 50% of our business in Europe) now it is just a fraction so SW’s that are a part of a set design now sit and don’t sell as much, which means tooling die and inventory costs start to say don’t do a matching SW to a set. But I will think about it because the volume in demand we are getting for the 771’s is starting to say that even at a lower % of demand, a matching SW could be getting to be close to enough to merit the development costs. So I will think about it.

      If you have not liked the traditional sole design of all the wedges out there that are so similar to each other like the Vokeys and Clevelands and everyone else’s, you might just try one of our PCF Wide Sole SW. It’s a low bounce to go with the wide sole so it is definitely playable for normal fwy, rough, grassy lies while still having the wide sole to prevent digging in the sand.

      Thanks again Norm and may you keep enjoying this great game as much as possible !


    • Thank you for the reply Tom. I was telling my buddy Hank about our exchange. He is my friend who made my clubs. He asked about my Ace. I have been golfing for 40 years. Got my first Ace last June with my then new Wishons!!!! 9 iron from 124 and Hank. saw it go in the hole!!!! Great success and just another reason why I love my clubs so much!! Looking forward to getting that sand wedge!!!!
      Thanks again!

  41. Tom,
    Listening to the Honda Classic on PGA radio online. I checked the offset specs of the Mizuno JPZ- 850 irons which are irons I liked. They give the specs in inches, so I converted to mm’s and they are almost identical. I’m anxious to hit the 771’s when I meet with Scott. I believe these will be great for my game.
    Thanks again for your input,


    • My pleasure, Ross!

  42. Hi Tom,
    How is the forgiveness on off-center hits on the 771csi irons compared to your other iron designs? I have had a few phone conversations with Scott prior to my fitting in April and trying to narrow down what head designs to try. I too was a little concerned about the offset as I typically hit a slight draw with my 4,5,and 6 irons. Also, I’m going to replace my 4 iron with a hybrid, should I keep the offset similar as the irons for a consistent look and feel?
    Thanks, Ross

    • ROSS
      Well there is no question that the variable thickness face design of the 771CSI is going to offer a noticeable increase in off center hit forgiveness over any other iron in our line, and likely over any other iron period. When you design a high COR face as the 771 has, when you then take it and do it in a variable thickness construction, that does make the off center performance pretty darn hard to beat by any other iron that does not have some form of special face construction.

      I will say that in a completely non offset design, the forged 560MC with its fully CNC machined back cavity design does have a very very good off center hit performance for an iron that is not a high COR face and not a variable thickness face. But if getting a definite increase in iron distance is a high priority for you in your selection, there is no way the 560’s forged face design can achieve what the 771 face design can. The 771’s would be at least a half club to 3/4’s club longer per the same number in the set over the 560s because of that high COR face of the 771.

      771’s offset is really not even close to being as much as you see on a typical Ping or Callaway cavity back cast stainless game improvement design. Those irons are in the area of 9-10mm of offset. The 771 starts at 6mm for the #4, then drops to 5mm for the 5 and 6 irons, then drops to 4mm after that. While that is more offset than the 560MC has, it still is not nearly as much as what you see from most other companies in their game improvement iron models. So you should at least look at it when you meet with Scott to get your own personal feel for the look of the offset.


  43. Tom,

    I went to check out the 771 and 979 iron heads at fitter Michael Clark in Berkeley. We had a good discussion about fitting. I currently use the Callaway X20 6-pw irons. I have been playing golf just over 40 years and am currently between an 11-13 hcp from the white tees. I will turn 56 in May this year. I hit my 6 iron averaging 143 total distance. As I age, I definitely have been seen a loss in distance and club head speed. I would like to see a higher trajectory in my irons shots. I currently have the stock senior shaft, 75 gram, low kick point graphite shaft in the X20 irons.
    Which iron head is designed for a higher trajectory, the 771 or 949 or do you have a better recommendation? From what I could see when visiting Michael Clark, the 949 looked like it had more weight in the back versus the 771 so would have a higher trajectory all else being equal. Thank you for your reply.

    • Robert

      First off, I am pleased to hear you are working with Michael. I’ve known him for more than 25 yrs in this field and you won;t find a more knowledgable and caring clubfitter to work with. I do mean that. (As an aside, my 93 yr old mother lives in Marin and when a neighbor of hers came to her to ask about being fit, I told her to send the neighbor to Berkeley to work with Michael. And he loves the clubs so that made my mother very happy cuz the man helps her out a lot with things around her house – she did not want him to dislike the clubs for fear of losing his help !!)

      OK, back to work!! If you’re looking to replace a loss in distance, that says the 771’s hands down because of their high COR, variable thickness face. Also, for most golfers, the thin face design does generate a little higher flight because of the way the ball comes off the face after the face flexes a little bit inward. The 979s are a conventional 1 piece cast stainless iron so they do not have as high of a COR as the 771’s and thus would not generate the same distance for the same loft. And while their slightly wider sole plus more rear weighting can increase trajectory, typically the thin face of the 771 would do the same and then with the added distance from the high COR face, that puts the 771’s as my recommendation for what you should try out when you work with Michael to nail down your best fitting specifications.

      Thanks much for your interest !!

  44. Tom, thanks so much for your speedy response.

    I just held up my JPX Pro 5 iron to the computer screen in the playing position and compared it against the photo of the 5 iron on this page.

    You are right, the difference is negligible at best. Any chance you could post a pic of the PW at address?

    I was leaning towards the 870ti for the less offset, but the 771csi definitely look more friendly in terms of overall head size. I am guessing they will also feel softer with the carbon steel frame?

    • Alex
      Will try on that image as we do not have an existing look down shot of the PW – when we do those shots for the catalog we can only put one image of that view in the catalog so we typically choose the 6 iron in each iron set. Our photographer is also off on a different project since he’s done with our catalog shooting. So I’ll try to do this.

      FYI on the 870s, we are finished with closing this model out to discontinue it because with the 771’s popularity since they were intro’d, we do not need two different high COR variable thickness face designs in our product line. So we closed out the remaining inventory of the 870s over this past month. The reason for the carbon steel body on the 771’s was two fold – 1) it allows a very wide range of bending for lie fitting and any loft tweaks that any golfer might want; 2) because the HS300 high strength steel face material that enables the high COR of the face has to be chrome plated to protect the alloy, doing the body in carbon steel makes that part of the head also fully compatible with the nickel chrome plating process. The carbon steel body does NOT make the impact feel be like that of a fully forged 1 piece carbon steel iron. That is determined by the face design so since the 771 has a thin, high strength steel face, that does make the impact feel different than that of a full forged cs iron. However, it is true that the carbon steel body slightly mutes the feel of the HS 300 face over what it would be were the body of the head to be a hard stainless like 17-4.


  45. Any chance of a “reduced offset” version of these?

    I love the feel and distance, but 3mm offset in the wedges is simply too much. If the offset went from 1mm in the PW to 4mm in the 5i, I think a lot more better players would seriously consider these!

    • ALEX
      Thanks very much for the chance to clear up some misinformation about offset measurements in irons. First off we need a frame of reference. An iron that is considered to be a low offset or non offset iron has an actual offset measurement of 2mm. Not 1mm, not 0mm. If you ever see an iron with a 0 or 1mm offset, the leading edge looks like it is IN FRONT of the hosel. This is because there is an optical illusion created by the fact golfers all look at the head with TWO eyes. This has the effect of making a 0 or 1mm offset look like ON set with the leading edge in front of the hosel.

      In the industry today, an iron with an offset measurement of 9-10mm is considered a heavily offset iron design. So with all this in mind, do be aware that in the 771CSI, the 4 iron is at 6mm, then the #5 and #6 are 5mm, the #7 and 8 are 4mm and then the 9 to AW are 3mm. If you consider that most golfers play a 4 hybrid instead of a 4 iron (or should) you then have a situation where the #5 to AW only go from 5mm to 3mm in offset – less than half of what is considered a definite offset iron at 9-10mm all the way through the wedges.

      If your concern is based on seeing the printed offset specs of the 771 and if you have not seen them in person to put the head down behind the ball, you should. This amount of offset is really not something that is enough to allow a player who prefers low offset to look at the head and go YUCK. In fact, we really have yet to hear any complaints about the offset on the 771. Me personally, I hate a lot of offset in irons. So I have never in the history of me designing for my company have never designed an iron with more offset than what you see in the specs for the 771CSI. Also, I did design the 771’s to be a definite game improvement iron not really to be aimed at the golfer who has always been drawn to the traditional forged iron that has 2mm of offset through the set.

      But really, I welcome you to take a look at the 771 in person with the head down in the playing position and I really think that you will see that it is not enough offset to make one think that it is excessive.


    • Tom

      Is there any truth to the rumor that offset irons will make a player who doesn’t have trouble with a slice pull it to the left? Seems to be hotly contested opinion on the golf forums…

    • RW:

      it is not an automatic or a guaranteed result, but more offset CAN cause a player who draws the ball all the time to get more draw on the shot. And then for some players, definitely not all, it can fool them into setting up for the shot with the shoulders pointed left which can bring about a hook if the player draws the ball naturally or a pull for some others. But again, these are not things that happen to all players who are non slicers, only some.


  46. I’ve been playing the 771 CSI’s for about 9 months and thought I would give some feedback. I started out as a 12 handicap and not really looking for a “game improvement” iron. I listened to my fitter and with some hesitancy went with them.

    Here are some of my thoughts:
    1) They are long, but accurate. I hit a 7 iron up to 173 yards on a pure shot with an aggressive swing. 167 yards with a smoother swing.
    2) I love the sound, feel and top line. They simply don’t feel like game improvement from that aspect.
    3) It’s taken time to get comfortable with the distance. I often hit it too long, but rarely too short, which is opposite of most amateur players.
    4) I’m now playing at about a 7 handicap. I attribute most of this to the irons, as my short game certainly hasn’t improved. I hit more greens and know from 170 yards and in, I’ve got a real good chance of being on the green. I only have the 7 iron thru PW in the 771 CSI currently.

    Finally, for those that are stuck on the “game improvement” label because they’re a lower handicap player……get over it. These irons say players irons in every way when hitting the ball. You’ll have a better chance of going for more greens from further out than you ever thought was possible. Your game will improve because you’re longer and more accurate. What a terrible trade off for a GI iron.

    • Ed,
      Thank you for this post. I am looking into building a new set of irons, and in my heart wanted to go for these, but at a 6 handicap, wasn’t sure if they were the irons for me. Your recommendation sealed the deal for me. At 54 years, I feel like I need to get as much going in my favor as possible, and it sounds like these might be the ones I need! Best, Brian

  47. Tom, I was just fitted for your 771csi irons by Tom Spargo of Spargo golf in Rhode Island.
    First Tom is a great guy and an expert at his craft of club fitting. I was fitted with Steelfiber
    110 regular shafts. All I can say is WOW! These are great irons. Just got back from a trip to Fla. And broke 80 all 4 rounds. That has not happened in a very long time.
    I have tried every OEM iron available and have struggled a lot with my iron play. Your
    771csi irons are the best I have ever played. Turf interaction is superb and the feel
    Is phenomenal. What a joy to play these clubs.
    Thanks to you for developing these irons and Tom Spargo for fitting me to your Wishon 771’s. I would encourage
    All to give these irons a try. You won’t be disappointed. Going to get fit for your wedges, obviously going back to Tom Spargo for that. Do you have any recommendations for wedges
    That might mirror the fell and control of the 771’s. Thanks again, Mike

    • MIKE:

      Thanks so much for taking your time to offer your comments from your experience with Tom. You definitely did the right thing in choosing to work with him because Tom is not only one of the better and more experienced clubfitters in the country, but he is also one of the nicest guys who does really care about the golfers who make the commitment to work with him for their equipment needs. It is really great to hear that you like the clubs and that they are increasing the smile on your face when you get out to tee it up!!! Thanks so much for sharing us and the very best wishes to you in this great game !!


  48. Thanks, Tom. Your responsiveness to questions about your products is unparalleled and much appreciated. My 771 irons are on order via Gene Bonk along with the 919 driver, 775 hybrids and the PFC Miro WS wedge. Can’t wait to take them out.

    • Thanks very much Malcolm! I am pleased to hear from your emails that you had a good time meeting and working with Gene. He really is a good man and a complete credit to the clubfitting profession. I’ll respond regarding your emails as soon as I can.


  49. I’m getting very interested in these clubs reading all the comments here on this forum. I have 3 questions:

    1) Is there any downside/tradeoff with the max COR clubface?
    2) If not, why do pros not use high COR irons? Or do they?
    3) This might be considered sacrilege, but I like the new dark finishes available on some clubs. Would adding a PVD finish to these clubs: a) Stick; b) Change their feel or performance in any way?

    • Malcolm
      To answer your questions. . . .
      1. There really is no “downside” in using a high COR face design on a driver, fairway wood as they simply are there to increase the ball speed in relation to the golfer’s clubhead speed to offer more distance. Slices and hooks can still happen when the golfer delivers the clubface in such a manner. The only possible “downside” when using a high COR face iron is that at higher clubhead speeds such as a 5 iron speed over 75-80mph is that the ball can take off with less backspin due to the increased flexing of the face. But this generally is not a bad thing because the increased face flexing also brings about a little higher launch angle with it, so the angle of the ball coming down to the ground is steeper to stop the ball when there is a little less backspin to do the same thing. And with the high COR hybrid, it is possible also at higher clubhead speeds AND With a late release, that the distance increase from the high COR hybrid can be such that it leaves a bigger distance gap between it and the conventional iron that may follow the hybrid in the set makeup. But in such cases, using MORE loft on the high COR hybrid brings this distance gap back down to a more conventional amount.

      2. Some pros are starting to use high COR irons. This has begun to show up in the past two years once in a while. BUt there is no question the vast majority of pros do not use high COR irons and won’t do that because, a) with their 90mph and higher iron speeds, they know that they do not need that extra distance, and b) some pros with high speeds feel that the high COR irons can be more difficult to get totally consistent distance control on the shot. The pros want to know that EVERY time they make a good swing with each iron, the ball is going the SAME exact distance.

      3. Using a dark chemically impregnated finish on a head does not change the performance in any way that I have seen in any of my testing. It is true that some of these finishes will wear out sooner than others and get lighter in color over many shots and use. This is because some of these finishes are less deeply impregnated into the metal of the head, while others penetrate more deeply.


  50. Tom,
    I’ve been reviewing the release data for the new irons from 3 of the big name companies. I’ve played game improvement irons from Ping, Nike, and Mizuno and am reasonably satisfied with my current JPX EZ irons; however, I am always looking each year for “new technology” that may help me a little more. Simultaneously, I observed a Wishon Poster at one of the local driving ranges which helped me to recall your 771csi Hot List Iron in the Golf Digest 2014 March Issue. I went to your website and have spent a great deal of enjoyable time reviewing your videos and information which I found to be more informative than any other website I have reviewed and there have been many.

    I utilized your club fitter locator and identified Tom Miller at Par Golf in the Raleigh, NC area. It was a pleasant surprise when I realized that Tom was a member of the same Senior Golf League that I am, and although we have never been paired to play together, we were not total strangers to each other. I scheduled a meeting to demo the 870ti and 771csi irons and liked the 771 the best, but in all candor, I didn’t think it performed any better than my JPX EZ so I was a little disappointed and not overly impressed. Tom took some measurements and of course watched my swing and asked if I would be okay with him building a more custom shafted 7 iron that he thought would better match my swing. I gave him the okay and left and didn’t think much more about it.

    About a week later, Tom surprised me at one of our tournaments with a 2* upright + .75 in Wishon S2S White Shaft 7 Iron with the same grip I was using on my JPX EZ irons which he had observed. It looked and felt great but I did not play with it that day. The next morning I went to the driving range and was simply blown away by the performance of this iron. I hit about 20 balls and about 15 were pure center hits that felt soft but hot off the face. The mishits provided noticeable feedback through my hands but were not nearly as harsh feeling as with the other irons I have played. There was some loss of distance with mishits but no more than my other irons. I have never squared the club face at impact as well as I did with the 771. The overall balance of the club was the best I have ever felt. I went directly crosstown to meet with Tom. I hit some more balls and was still so impressed with the performance that I placed an order without hesitation with Tom that day for 5-AW 771 irons. I also ordered a 56* Micro Tour Wedge which Tom recommended. Tom took some more measurements and called me later that Tuesday afternoon to let me know he had ordered the components and would have my irons built by the following Monday and we could finalize the fitting adjustments on Tuesday.

    I met with Tom as scheduled and he had assembled the clubs to what he believed were my ideal specifications. He had me hit each iron off of a mat with face tape and then with lie tape using new range balls. He made some minor adjustments mostly to loft and then I hit balls off of the turf. He made sure I was satisfied with the feel and performance of each club before we moved on to the next one. This was the fourth fitting I have had for irons and was by far the best. Tom exceeded my expectations which were high.

    I love the balanced feel of these irons and the look of the club head at address. I’ve described it to some of my friends as having the look of a Porsche with the quality and reliability of an Acura. I was a little concerned about how forgiving a club head could be that did not look kind of clunky like most of the GI heads; however, the 771’s are very forgiving. Distance wise they are similar to my JPX EZ (lofts adjusted to be the same) but the consistency of distance for both center hit and mishit balls for the 771 is superior to any iron I have played. I particularly like the turf/sole interaction of the 771’s compared to the larger width soles GI irons typically have. This is especially true for the more lofted scoring irons. I’ve played 5 rounds and have not chunked a single pitch or chip shot which is atypical for me. In my last round today I shot a 79 compared to my 16 handicap.

    Also, I have never played a 56* wedge that is as easy to hit as your Micro Tour Wedge. It sometimes feels like it is peeling the cover off of the ball. In my second round, I hit a 30 yard bunker shot within 1 inch of the hole. It was the best shot out of the sand I have ever hit.
    Thanks for providing quality products and a great website explaining the many options you have available.


    • TRIP:

      Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and share so much of your experiences from the fitting for the new 771 irons. It’s truly a pleasure for me to be able to have the opportunity to hear how well the 771 are performing for you. That’s great to hear that you worked with Tom for your fitting needs – he’s very good and has a great track record of fitting success for the golfers that he has worked with – and to think that you knew him but weren’t aware of his knowledge and skills is pretty amazing too! Thanks again for your support and the very best wishes to you in this great game!


  51. Tom,

    These are the best clubs that I have ever played. ( did the Ping, Wilson, and Mizuno thing)
    I hope that you stop manufacturing these clubs so that I can continue to kick my buddies asses.
    Well Done Tom!!

    • Roland

      Thanks very much for your post !! It’s great to hear that you now have an edge on your competition!!!

      May that last for a good while for you too !

  52. Tom,

    A couple months ago you and I had a conversation on the forum of another golf site. You answered a few of my questions about club fitting and recommended a fitter in my area, Kyle Chauvin. I can’t thank you enough for that. Kyle is an awesome guy and an amazing instructor. Aside from just fitting me with the right clubs and specs, he took the time to help me develop a solid golf swing, breaking many of my old habits.

    Kyle made a set of 771’s for me, and OH MY! What a great set of irons! The best I’ve ever hit by a landslide.

    I am looking forward to a tumbling handicap and a load of fun on the course.

    Thanks, Tom!


    • Trey

      So glad to hear that you are pleased with your fitting experience with Kyle and that the results with the fitting in terms of the 771 irons worked out so well to your satisfaction! Thanks so much for taking the time to come to our site and share your experience with us !!!


  53. Tom,

    I have enjoyed reading the blogs about 771’s. I too have a set of 560’s that I truly enjoy. I am a 6 hcp and seem to be able to work these clubs very well. I had decided the “forged” feel was to be an important aspect for my set. I have been considering the 575’s for this reason but have not hit the 771 at all either (or the 575). I see that the 771’s are made of carbon steel and I have read so many positive posts. First of all, did you switch off of your 560’s? When I play with my clubs, many of my friends are quite impressed with the distance and control I have with my 560’s. I have not had them altered at all, same as off the shelf loft and lie and they really are very strong from a distance and control perspective.

    I am on the fence of whether to change to another iron so might you offer any additional playability or performance comments about the 771 and/or 575? Many thanks.


    • Richard
      I still play the very first of the final pre production sets of the 560s from back when I designed them. But yes, I have been thinking about making the switch to the 771’s, but in all honesty, chiefly because I know the day will come soon when I start to lose clubhead speed and from that, start to get anxious about having to hit one more club from the same distance!!! So you see, even someone like me with 28 yrs in clubhead design can be “lured” by the concept of more distance with the same loft !!!! BUt as it stands, in our rarefied air of 6500 feet elevation, a 560MC #7 iron is still 170yds so I am happy with that. Now if I go on a trip and play golf at sea level. . . . hmmmm.

      Best thing I can advise is to get ONE of the 771 irons, fit and built with the same shaft and fitting specs as you use in your 560s, and take your time to just play with it for a few weeks. Or same thing with one of the 575 forged irons. That way you can get a much better sense of what you want or need to do.


  54. i tried 770 before. i dont like the sound of impact. of course, its excellent in distance.
    for 771, i am still interested in it. but i want to know more about the sound of impact. is it same as 770 or similar to normal iron ?
    thanks a lot !

    • Manho
      The impact sound of the high COR model 771CSI iron is different than the impact sound of the old 770CFE high COR iron. The reason is because the body of the 771CSI is made from soft carbon steel. With the older 770 iron, the body was made from much harder 17-4 stainless steel. So the impact vibrations from the face of the 771 in the soft carbon steel body is more muted than it was for the 770 CFE irons. While this is still a high COR face iron which does make it FEEL a little different than any of the thick face, low COR irons on the market, our clubmakers tell us that people like you who did not like the sound with the 770 do now think that the impact sound of the 771 is much better.


    • My current iron set is NIKE VRII Pro (Blade) with Dynamic Gold X-100 shaft. My 7 iron (35*) distance is around 165 yards (roll to 170 yards).

      I want to get more distance with easy swing & more forgiveness to improve my own game.

      Do you think 771CSI is good for me ?

      Many thanks


    • Manho
      First let me say that 165 in Hong Kong’s sea level elevation is a VERY GOOD distance with a 35* loft #7 iron that is a blade style design. Based on this distance you would have to be in the upper 25% of all golfers in the world for distance. But I would say that the 771CSI with its high COR face design (blades all have a conventional low COR face) and with the fact that the 771CSI #7 iron has a std loft of 34*, you would hit the 771 longer than you hit your current VRII blades – probably about 10-12 yds longer.

      Thanks much,

  55. Tom,

    I think I have made one of the best decision in selecting Gary Pickle for my custom fitting and his recommending to me the correct set of golf clubs ever, based on my swing characteristics. These are some of the best feeling clubs I think I have ever swung and hit and I have hit many over the more than 30 years of playing golf. I have played almost every OEM club on the market, but have played your club designs for the last several years but was never custom fitted with the MOI specs.

    I just picked up my new set of custom fitted 771 irons and 775 hybrids yesterday, and can’t wait to take them out to the course. Both heads are fitted with the S2S White Reg. shaft and wow this combination is awesome……….This is an upgrade from my 770’s and my 785’s which you have now retired. I also play the 919THI drivers and fairway woods, along with the 915 hybrid/fairways, and have one of the original 919THI Blue drivers which can’t be beat and I will not depart from it…ha.

    I will say this about Gary, my club fitter; he is very detailed and well-schooled in what he knows and how he goes about his professional club fitting procedures. I would highly recommend him to anyone and they will be more than satisfied with the finished product and results. He is not a high pressure sales person; he is low keyed and wants a customer to be satisfied with the fittings and finished products.

    Also, thanks for your major contribution to the excellent designs in the custom golf club components field. The many years of service and knowledgeable attention you have provided to the golf industry, has really produced the very high quality products that are second to none, including the OEM’s and other golf club manufacturers.


    • JIM

      I tend to agree with you when you said you made a good decision to work with Gary. Did he also share any of his latest jokes with you?? He has a ton and most are really funny and entertaining! But that aside (which I just mentioned because Gary is a great combination of clubfitter with a great personality), it really is nice to hear that you like the sticks and you’re excited about the enjoyment they will bring to you in this great game. Thanks so much for your kind words and for your support – my arms sometimes get really tired continually swimming upstream against the current of the mainstream golf equipment business but I do it because what we and clubfitters like Gary do is right, and it is better for golfers, and I’ll keep doing what I can to educate golfers about this until I can’t work anymore. Thanks for your comment for sure, it was like a massage for my tired arms !!! HA!


  56. I recently made the switch from a major OEM (Mizuno) to the Wishon 771 CSI irons and it’s been pure bliss. TC @ Perfect Lies Golf did a fantastic job of providing me with the perfect head / shaft combination that would work with my swing. I admittedly wanted to get the 560MC after seeing them, but the 771’s just performed so much better for me. Golf was an ego game for me and the thought of a GI iron was challenging to accept, but the aesthetics of this iron were so pleasing that it didn’t look like a traditional GI iron and it flat out performs. Thank you both Perfect Lies Golf for opening my eyes to how much fun this game can be with the right equipment and thank you TWGT for making such an outstanding product. It goes to show that great equipment exists beyond the OEM machine.
    I have become an advocate for Perfect Lies Golf for fitting and Wishon Golf for equipment – a perfect combination in the Greater NYC area.

    Thank you!

    • Jeff

      How nice is that to hear – what a cool way for me to end the day today to head home for a cool one, maybe 5-6 holes and think good thoughts thanks to your kind comments!! And you really, REALLY did the right thing in working with Fred at Perfect Lies. He’s way at the top of the top for clubmaker service, knowledge and a passion to do the best for the golfers he has the chance to work with.

      Thanks much !!!!

  57. I am concerned that high cOR faces may have hot spots with distance inconsistencies like the rbz and speedblade irons. Is that a potential issue Tom with the 771s? I currently have a set of 560mc and 555m and was thinking of getting the 771s. Thanks for the awesome products, also love th pcf micro wedges.

    • Eric

      As a custom design company working with custom clubmakers, we tend to hear a ton of comments back about all of our head and shaft designs. In all honesty, with any of the three high COR iron designs we have created going back to 2004 with the first one, I can;t say that I recall any comments coming back to us to the effect that any of our high COR designs exhibited hot spots on shots or rather, sudden out of nowhere distance increases. I think that the reason for this is because all three of our high COR designs have also incorporated a variable thickness face design with the thin high strength alloy material. what that does is broaden the high COR area of the face so when you hit the shot 1/2″ off center you really don’t see a distance drop and when hits are 3/4″ to 1″ off center, the distance loss is pretty darn small. With uniform thickness face high COR face designs, once you miss the center of the face, you drop off pretty fast in ball speed and distance. So if you were hitting shots 1/4″ off center and thinking things were ok, but then caught one dead center, you would see that dead center shot fly meaurably farther. Best thing I can suggest is to have ONE of the 771 irons fit to your specs, play with it for 3-4 weeks over 5-6 different play or ball striking sessions and see for yourself before you consider pulling the trigger on a set.

      Thanks much for your interest!


  58. I don’t typically review products or leave comments on websites, but this has made such an impact I needed to break form. I recently deconstructed my bag and converted to Wishon Golf for most of my bag – 771 CSI irons (5-PW, AW), 919 driver, 925 HL 3-wood, PCF 56* wedge and all I can say is Wow! I would have had no real knowledge of these clubs if it wasn’t for Fred @ Perfect Lies Golf. He took the time to understand what I could swing and paired it with the perfect shaft combination for me and in my 9-hole league saw instant results – an instant 14 shot improvement(57 the previous time versus a 43 this time) – with a few misses that could have carded a 39. These clubs clearly deliver and provide the confidence I was lacking in my old Mizuno clubs. Fred took the dime to analyze my swing, recognize my tendencies and thought the 560MC’s would be what worked but I feel in love with the 771’s. The top line was thinner than most GI clubs and the sole wasn’t anywhere close to being “chunky” – and the results speak for themselves.

    Thank you Tom for providing such a top notch component and thank you Perfect Lies (Fred) for knowing what club head & shaft combination fit my swing! I will never buy or swing OEM clubs ever again! I could go on and on about both but I think you get the idea. I stopped worrying how the brand name of my equipment and realized it was all about how I played my equipment. I can’t wait to play again. The game is fun again.

    Thanks! Jeff M

    • Jeff

      Many thanks for “breaking form” to offer your comments. Wee’re very pleased to hear that you worked with Fred because he most certainly is one of the most thorough and most fastidious clubfitters not only that we have working with us, but he’s at the top in those categories of service and care of any clubmakers I have known in the 30+ yrs I have been working in this side of the industry. Hands down. A golfer really can’t get a better fitting experience anywhere. If there were a 1000 more like Fred in the country, professional clubfitting would rule the golf equipment universe!!!

      Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this and it really made our day to be able to hear your comments !!!!


  59. I am not one to typically comment on a product or service but I felt so strongly about my recent experience that I feel compelled to do so. I will also apologize in advance for the length of this but in this case I believe more is better.
    I have owned golf clubs for the better part of 23 years which doesn’t translate into playing golf. During much of those years my playing consisted of 2-3 rounds a year with at least one a best-ball outing. I had played major OEM clubs for about 20 of those years, never being properly fitted, just making the necessary compensations to make it work.
    Over the last 3 years I began to have more time and wanted to become more serious about my game so I upgraded to a players’ blade. I was “fitted” on some very generic measurements, took some swings on a launch monitor and off I was with my new toys. My logic was that I felt I was striking the ball better and if I played a set of clubs that were not as forgiving, it would force me to play better.
    I am admittedly like many of the millions of golfers that become hypnotized by the marketing gimmicks of the major OEM’s, the belief that I can play like the pros if I have the same equipment and that newer technology will be the magic pill I am looking for to cure all of my issues. I was more concerned in how I looked and what others thought of the equipment I had in the bag rather than how I was able to perform with it.
    I recently struggled so bad that the game was no longer enjoyable. It truly felt like I had never played before and it was the first time I picked up a club. That was when I decided to take action. Still stuck in my brand recognition mode, I started my search based on shafts, found their list of authorized dealers, narrowed it down by reasonable driving distance and ended up with a short list of options.
    On my short list of club fitters / club builders was Perfect Lies Golf, in Tomkins Cove, NY. Fred was the first call I made and we spoke for the better part of 2-2 ½ hours as he tried to get a better understanding of what I wanted to gain out of my golf game. At the conclusion of the call, I received a fitting form to complete – 7 pages to get a better picture which I promptly completed and returned which led to another 40 emails over the course of the week and a request for some swing video, which I provided 52 swings at the driving range with every club in my bag. I wanted to make sure he had plenty of information to make the best possible suggestions.
    I felt an instant connection with Fred because he spoke to me like a friend would (brutally honest) and it never felt like a sales call. Here are the three (3) things that he said that really sold me:
    1. I will walk away from a sale before I sell you something I know isn’t good for you, your swing, your game or your ability.
    2. Be open minded about the equipment and let the clubs (head & shaft) find you.
    3. I can give you what you want, but it isn’t going to help your game.
    That second statement was the hardest to come to terms with but I knew it was the most important. During our talks (e-mail & phone) Fred indicated that I would benefit from a GI iron. The stigma of a GI iron was a negative for me. Remember my ego was at stake. In my mind my game was more advanced and a switch to a Game Improvement iron was insulting. With that said, I slept on it, arranged a date and whatever happened next I would accept.
    The day was finally here and I truly felt like a kid on Christmas Day. We would spend the next 6 hours (including a lunch break) and 500 balls testing about 20 different heads and a multitude of shaft options to find that magical combination to make me say “WOW!”
    Based on all of the data I provided and past successes he has had fitting others, Fred thought the Wishon 560MC would work best for me. As it turns out, the 771CSI was the iron that found me paired with an 80g graphite shaft in a 5.2 flex – numbers I would have fought in the past! The combination was unbelievable. The best part is that it didn’t look like a traditional GI iron. It wasn’t as chunky at the sole and the top line was much thinner than I expected which made it extremely pleasing to the eye at address.
    We went through the entire bag and after 10 swings with the driver (Wishon 919) I would go back to the 6 iron and flush one perfectly. I did this after each additional club (fairway wood – Wishon 925 and 3 & 4 hybrid Wishon 775) and the results were the same – long and straight. The clubs were fantastic. The 919 driver was longer on the first swing than I have hit in the last three (3) years. I proceeded to replicate the results with the next 9 swings. I was consistently out driving my previous best and the dispersion was tighter than I thought I was capable of. Even my misses were consistent. I was sold.
    I ended up buying Wishon Golf for my entire bag:
    • 771CSI irons
    • 919 Driver
    • 925 3-wood
    • PCF Micro Tour Wedges
    The quality and workmanship was evident in the way the clubs performed. I am truly a Wishon convert and will probably never buy OEM equipment ever again – nor will I do so without speaking with Fred @ Perfect Lies Golf first. This combination of great components and experienced fitter was exactly what I was hoping to achieve from being properly fitted.
    In closing, Fred @ Perfect Lies Golf was perfect for me because he was forthright and spoke honestly from knowledge and experience and didn’t tell me what my ego wanted to hear. He didn’t push a particular brand, nor did he ever tell me what I was swinging – only asked for my opinion after each slight adjustment.
    I believe that I made the best selection based on performance and not on brand and after doing some extensive research on what I bought – believe I bought the best brand as well.
    Thank you for enduring my story but felt it was the best way to convey my experience and hopefully help other in the process.
    Jeff from New Jersey

  60. Hi Tom
    I don’t know of any clubfitters in Christchurch, New Zealand but was wondering what you think of the online fitting forms companies use? I’m looking at purchasing some 771’s from The Golf Shed (Shane Springer)and know that a personal fitting would be best but can’t justify the airfare to do this. I’m 6’4″ and have a fast strong swing and hit the ball a long way, any comments would be greatly appreciated

  61. Ok, the honeymoon is over with these clubs and they are still fabulous! I never thought I would put the 560MC irons in the backup bag, but the 771 irons are money. The turf interaction and forgiveness are outstanding. Pretty sure I didn’t develop a better swing in the past two months, but the shots I have hit with these are leaving me with a lot more birdie putts or a chip from around the green. You have to try these, sure not as smooth as a forged club, but if you want forgiveness and a little more distance, give these a shot.

    Mr. Wishon – how will you ever improve on these outstanding irons?

    • Byron
      It is truly nice to hear that the “relationship” is still strong with the 771 irons and thank you very much for taking the time to let us know!!

      There is one more direction I can go with an iron design that I do believe could take overall iron performance to a new level that would be a notch above the 771’s, but a noticeable improvement. Problem is, the materials required to do this along with the method of production would mean that this next ultimate set of irons would be a good notch more expensive than any iron ever made. So that’s my dilemma – no new design can see the light of day unless it can have a market that would be willing to purchase it. So I will hope this can happen because I really would love to tackle this project.

      Thanks so much!

  62. I have two rounds on my 771 built for me by Gene at ADS Golf in San Marcos, CA. Gene took a lot of time to not only fit me properly but also explain the process and educate me on why the clubs I was playing were not right for me. In any event, I am very impressed with the feel, distance, forgivenss and look of the 771s. I’ve lost nothing in terms of distance and gained a lot in terms of feel and accuracy. The A wedge is absolute money for me from 100 yds in. Highly recommend these irons and the custom fitting process at ADS golf.

    • MIKE
      GREAT To hear that the 771’s are performing well for you, thanks very much for taking your time to come to our website to share your experiences. You did do right by working with Gene because he is very good and he really does care about doing his best in his fitting work.

      Thanks much !!


  63. I have been a Steelfiber advocate for almost years. Mine have been in a set of Lynx irons and then moved to 560s. Over the last few months I just ran into a wall with my scores in the low to mid 80s. I occasionally would get a high 70 but I was stuck. I ordered a 771 and S2S Black shaft for a test club. I was amazed at the reduction in my shot dispersion based upon work on a launch monitor. I also picked up a little over 8 yards average. I decided to order a 6-AW set of 771 with two 775 hybrids. In the last week I have shot a 73 (par 71), 80 (par 72) and 78 (par 72). The last two are on one of the hardest courses in the area with a +2 handicap rating. These clubs are longer but most importantly their shot dispersion gives you the confidence to go for those narrow elevated greens with trouble on both sides. Highly recommend the 771 and the S2S shafts. A real great combination. The 775s are a great companion for those lower lofted irons most of us can’t hit. Same confidence levels.

    Tom, thanks for all your help and assistance. My friends are definitely noticing the difference in my ball positions.

    • GARY

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us and others here!! WE’re so pleased to hear that the clubs you built are working well for you and from that, bringing you a little more enjoyment in this great game !!!


  64. Tom,

    I have built several sets of 870ti, 771csi and now a couple sets of 755pc irons for my customers, and each of them is a fantastic iron design. I personally replaced a set of Mizuno JPX825 Pro irons with your 771csi model, and I absolutely LOVE them! I am hitting them as long, or longer, than ANY iron I have ever hit (a set of Ping G25s comes pretty close) … and I hit the 771csi more accurately, too. In addition, the amount of adjustability that is offered by the 771csi is absolutely unmatched in any other iron model!

    The three models that I have mentioned above (870ti, 755pc, and these 771csi irons) have become the mainstay of my fitting cart. So much so, in fact, that I have removed several other iron models from my fitting cart, to where I only have a couple of non-TWGT iron models available.

    Keep up the great work, Tom! I am firmly convinced that no other golf component company offers the level of design and performance-enhancing innovation that is offered by Tom Wishon Golf Technology!

    By the way, my 775 hybrid (18* loft with an S2S Red S-flex shaft) is a real beast, too! I have reached a few previously-unreachable par-5s in two shots when using this club for my second shot.

    Doug Mael

    • Doug

      Wow, that’s great to hear and believe us, that means a lot coming from you with your depth of experience in clubmaking and clubfitting! Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your comments here. That really makes us all feel really good (and good comments help to get Google to like us more so more golfers can possibly see us and then go work with a good clubmaker like you!!!) At times I can’t believe I have been doing this work in design and technical research as long as I have – boy the years go by fast – but I sill enjoy doing the design work to keep trying to create good models so that when good clubmakers like you do your work to determine the best fitting specs for the golfers, the combination of my designs with proper fitting makes the best clubs a golfer can play!!!


  65. I was just looking at the specs on the 771s and noticed the weight progression pretty much stops after the 9 iron. Can you talk about that and why you would not push the PW and AW head weights up so they flowed more naturally into the SW? Pushing these up to the higher 280s and low 290s respectively would seem to make sense. Just curious the thinking behind this weighting decision..

    • Gary

      Yes, happy to explain that. I have set up the headweights on virtually all iron sets so the 9 and PW were the same at 281 or 282, and then the AW was set up to be 284 or 285, depending on the set design. The reason I do this is because the industry really has no standards anymore for what the length of a PW or AW is to be. Most do agree that “standard length” for men’s irons dictate that the 9 iron would be 36″ (half inch increments starting from the 3 iron at 39″). But there really had not been any such continuing standard for the PW or AW. Some golfers want the PW to be 35 1/2 with the AW at 35, some want the PW to be the same as the #9 with the AW either -1/2″ from that or -1/4″ from that. Others get into different increments of length change too from the 9 to the PW and AW. So it is all over the place for lengths.

      Then you have the matter of swingweight. Some golfers want the swingweight of the PW and AW to be the same as the other numbered irons. Others want the swingweight of the PW and AW to be slightly higher in swingweight than the swingweight of the numbered irons. This is somewhat of a slight trend in fitting to make the wedge swingweights to be +1 or +2 points higher than the 9 for the reason that the PW and AW are used far more than the 9 for less than full swing shots where having a little more headweight feel helps with timing.

      So in setting up my PW and AW headweights, I arrived on these weights because with the weight bore factored in with them, these headweights covered more of the possible lengths and swingweight options that golfers might use in their wedges. Of course when designing iron and wedge heads, I realize that I cannot come up with a headweight that can cover 100% of all possible, imaginable differences all golfers might want for their PW/AW lengths and swingweights. But since I have been doing these PW/AW headweight specs on my iron designs now for some 15 yrs, these headweights along with the fact all my heads have a hosel weight bore that can accept up to 9g has proven to work for most length and swt situations that a clubmaker might encounter.


  66. Hello there,

    Just got myself custom-fitted today after several years of playing the game. Tried the 771 at the recommendation of the clubfitter here in Johor, Malaysia. Fell in love as soon as I first touch it and I can actually say that it certainly felt different from the Wilson D11 irons that I have. Can’t wait to receive my new iron sets as well as the PCF Micro Tour 56 wedge next Tuesday together with the Aerotech Steelfiber i80 shafts. Wish me luck!!

  67. Fauzan,

    (http://www.golfshaftsasia.com/) Please contact Tony at golfshaftsasia. They are based in Ipoh but have contact with clubfitters in major cities. I live in Johor Bahru.

  68. Hi Tom –

    I got into golf several years ago, and was playing with some off-the-rack Callaways. For my birthday this year my wife sent me to Michael Clark in Berkeley to get fit for new clubs. I ended up with your club heads on most of the set (919 driver, PCF micro tour wedges, and 771 irons). It took a couple rounds to get used to the new clubs, but by my third round with them I shot the best score I ever have (I am usually in the low to mid 90’s, and I got an 86)!

    I was expecting to lose a little distance because I switched from graphite to steel, but with the 771’s I go just as far (maybe even a little bit further). I guess this is probably due to the high COR? My mis-hits also stay inline more than they used to. I actually had to use impact tape at the range because I couldn’t believe that shots with such a nice shape were not hit right on center!

    The wedges are amazing as well. I don’t know what it is about them, but I have been able to get more spin than ever. Being able to confidently stop a ball right where it lands probably saved me 3 or 4 strokes in my last round.

    I want to thank you for making such beautiful equipment (honestly, I think that the 771’s could go in a museum, they are a work of art), and also for being such a champion for custom fit clubs. You are doing a great service for the game of golf.


    • MIKE
      Thanks so much for your comments and wow, what nice news to hear about your experience with the new sticks!! Also, your wife was totally on top of things to set you up with Michael Clark. I’ve known Michael in the clubmaking industry for at least 20+ yrs from all sorts of technical seminars and clubmaking conventions that I have spoken and taught at over the years. And from all my communication and correspondence with him over the years, he’s really one of the best – and not only that but he has always genuinely cared about doing the very best for the golfers who put their equipment trust in him.

      In fact, last year when the man who lives across the street from my Mother in Nor Cal asked her one day who her son might recommend he go get custom fit with, I got him set up with Michael and he too loves the work that Michael did for him. So you know I am careful in recommending Michael since I would not want my Mom’s neighbor not being happy with the clubs!! Seriously though, thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us, we really do appreciate that and we are so pleased to hear you like the clubs and are enjoying the game a little more in the process!


  69. Hello Tom,
    I have been in contact with Richard Kempton in Kent U.K with regards to purchasing a set of irons LEFT HANDED and have ben informed that the 771s will be available in April of this year. Can you give me any idea of when they will now become available. Having researched your website on many occasions, I have gleaned a huge amount of information about the fitting of clubs which has helped when talking to Richard Kempton. If the 771s are going to be delayed in production can you recommend another of your iron sets that would suite me.I am 66 years old with 4 iron swing speed of 80mph playing off a handicap of 10 and with main goal in life now to play in single figures. Any comment would be useful.

    Thanking you in Anticipation of reply


    • PAT:

      Thanks so much for your message and for letting us know that you are going to be working with Richard for your fitting needs. You’ve picked THE VERY BEST clubfitter on the planet, and I am not joking around or embellishing things when I tell you that. Plus he is a super nice guy so you are about to experience one of the most fun days in your life as a golfer! Our latest news from the production factory is that the left hand 771’s are going to ship on April 11 so that should put them here in our company by April 15-16. From there it would be over the pond to Richard’s shop, so if everything stays on schedule as reported to us, it should be possible to get the 771’s to Richard by April 20 or so.

      Thanks so much for your interest and the very best to you in this great game

  70. Hi Tom, I currently play a set of 770 CFE’s that I love, shafted with TT GS75 steel shafts, they are the best set I’ve ever played. My backup set is another one of your designs, the original Snake Eyes Fire Forged irons, beautiful heads! Can you compare and contrast the differences between the 770 and 771? Where would I notice the biggest improvement or difference in my game, and the feel of the club overall? Thanks! Dave.

    • DAVID

      Thanks very much for your message and that’s great to hear that no only have the 770s played very well for you, but that your backup set is the very first thin face, higher COR iron that I had the chance to design back in 2000.

      The 771’s are only going to be about 1/4 to 1/2 club longer per iron than the 770s which comes from the different high strength steel alloy that we use with the 771’s, which allowed us to make the face a little thinner, so the COR is as close to the 0.830 limit as is possible without going over. The 770s came close but were just slightly under the COR limit. I think also you might notice a little difference in the impact sound – with the 771’s being made with a soft carbon steel body, vibrations off the back of the face are slightly muted by the softer carbon steel than were those of the 770s with the 17-4 harder steel body. And also, if your lie fitting needs required something more than a degree or so from the design lie of the heads, the 771’s being made from a carbon steel body would allow a much greater range in lie bending than could the 770s. Add to that the fact the sole of the 771’s is more rounded from face to back, that can be a little help either if you play in the south on Bermuda type grasses or if you ever tend to get a slight bit steep into the ball.

      Thanks again!!

  71. I switched to left handed one year ago with good results. I have a set of Toski FMT irons from about 8 years ago that I originally bought just to “experiment on the range” with some lefty irons. Purchased a set of LH Ping G25’s (CFS steel-Black Dot) last spring and had reasonable success with those, but after attending golf school out in Vegas, correcting my swing, I seem to be gravitating back to the Toskis. I think my adjusted swing tends to favor the lighter weight heads and graphite shaft?!? Could this all be in my head or is there something to it? Also, seems like the 771’s resemble the Toski FMT’s?!? What do you think?

    • LARRY
      Our clubs cannot be bought in any pre built, standard form as are all other models of clubs from the bigger companies. Our designs are only custom fit for golfers by independent custom clubmakers around the country and in other countries too. So that means whatever works good for you in the Toski irons in terms of the lengths, lies, shafts, weighting, grips, etc can be analyzed by the clubfitter and then duplicated in the custom assembly of the 771’s. But the performance of the 771 head is going to be very different than the 8 yr old Toskis because the 771 is a high COR face iron. So the distance will be more and from the thin face, the shot trajectory will be a little higher. But who complains about more distance,eh?!

      Thank you very much!

  72. Tom. Long time admirer of your knowledge. I am a lefty looking for a set of game improvement irons. Are the 771CSI’s still set for April 2014 release? They look like the perfect blend of forgiveness and classic looks. I live in Winnipeg Canada and have previously been fit by Jacques Lavack into a 919THI driver that is the best club in my bag.

    • Russ
      Yes, we are still looking at an early April completion date for the LH version of the 771CSI irons. And we’ll hope it stays that way!

  73. Contacted Tony at GolfshaftsAsia. Cannot wait to receive the 777CSI soon.
    Thanks for all the comments on this page which makes my decision to get the 777CSI so easy.

    • Aeron: where did you get the 771? How much does it codt you

    • Fauzan
      Our designs are available only through independent custom clubmakers found all over the USA and in several international countries. We believe so strongly in the benefits of professional custom fitting so we choose to only work with screened custom clubmakers who will meet with the golfer, perform an extensive fitting analysis, determine the best fitting specs for the clubs for each golfer, then custom build the clubs accurately for each golfer. To find a custom clubmaker in your area that you can contact to arrange a fitting appointment, please take a moment to go to the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator, found right in the center of the home page of wishongolf.com – or here is the direct link to the FIND A CLUBFITTER locator – http://wishongolf.com/find-a-clubfitter/

      Thank you very much,

  74. I can echo Tom’s remarks on forgiveness. I usually curse low volume when I mishit my irons because i’m use to them coming up 10 yards short of the green. With the 771’s they have been landing on the green. I’m still at a stage where my brain can’t understand hitting the ball on the toe and still getting to putt. Still to this day it surprises me how far they go on mishits…

    • I can’t tell you how much fun it is for me to listen to you talk about KNOWING you hit a shot toward the toe but still seeing the ball get to the green! I still remember so clearly my own reaction the very first time I designed an iron with a variable thickness face and had the same experience. I just chuckled and sort of felt like I was “cheating” based on all my previous experience hitting shots off the toe and having to accept the fact they were going to fall short, sometimes in some sort of real trouble!

      Thanks so much for your comment !!!!!


  75. I live in Malaysia and had a set of 560 MC fitted with KBS steel shaft. Love the feel and consistency. Distance is OK for my 18 hdcp level (7iron averaging 155 yards).

    Will the 777Csi be suitable for me in terms of gaining distance? I believe the lofts are slightly stronger in the 777Csi. What about feel as it is not a forged club? Is it more forgiving?

    Please keep up the good work. I don’t think I have met anyone in Malaysia or Singapore playing a Wishon yet!

    • Aeron:
      Thank you for your question and please let me say a bigger THANK YOU for having been fit in a set of the 560MC irons! I think I do agree with you completely on the performance of the 560s because I personally have been playing this model since the very first day the first sets were finished in production!! It’s interesting you ask about the 771’s because I too am thinking about switching this season myself to the 771 – I am getting older and my clubhead speed has dropped about 4mph so I am GREEDY to get back that distance and a little more!! HA! There is no question the high COR face of the 771’s will hit the ball longer per iron than the 560s which are a conventional forged iron with a normal COR face. The 560’s do have very good off center hit forgiveness, but the variable thickness face of the 771’s is just a little bit better for off center hit ball speed and distance. So as an 18 hdcp and with your higher than average swing speed (155yds for a 560-7 iron is very good clubhead speed) you would gain some distance for sure with the 771’s – probably hit the 771-7 iron around 162 to maybe 165 yds.

      We do have a few clubmakers in the Malaysia and Singapore area who fit with our designs, but not a lot. So let me ask you a small favor, if you do not mind. Our designs have just begun to get distributed in your area by a company called GOLF SHAFTS ASIA. But so far, they have not done all that much business with us because they seem to be used to distributing a line of component designs for clubmakers that comes from Japan. So may I ask you to send an email to the owner of GOLF SHAFTS ASIA to tell him how good our designs are (!!) and to urge him to work harder to distribute our designs to the clubmakers in Southeast Asia !!!! His name is Tony Huxtable and his email address is tony@golfshaftsasia.com . THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!!! and the very best wishes to you in this great game!


  76. Talking with a clubmaker in Hazel Green, AL I really like the 771csi irons. I play to a 16-18 hcp. Would the 771s be a good choice for me

    • JOE:
      There are TWO PRIMARY REASONS that a golfer would be a good candidate for being fit into a set of the 771CSO irons. 1) if getting more distance with the irons is an important priority, and if the golfer’s previous/current set is any type of conventional forged or investment cast set of irons, then the high COR face design of the 771 will very definitely hit the ball longer for the golfer. 2) if the golfer has a more extreme LIE FITTING requirement then the carbon steel composition of the body of the 771 irons will allow the clubmaker to fit the lie angles of the 771’s to a much wider range as required by a golfer. One other thing that is nice about the 771’s is that rarely do you see a super game improvement iron that is as traditional looking in size and shape as is the 771. Most other companies’ super game improvement iron models are pretty big in size, usually very offset and not very traditional looking when you set the head down behind the ball.

      Thanks very much for your interest for sure!!

  77. You’re welcome Tom. Check out my website http://www.mjb64.wakeupnow.com I’m sure you will love the travel deal to the home of golf along with all the other things offered to you, your family, and friends. You deserve it for sure my friend.

  78. Tom I sincerely appreciate your honest and professional replies in defense of your products whenever customers, and golf lovers have comments challenging the products you put out to us, the improved golfers of the world. Keep up your great work. I plan on getting custom fit to your products. I am finally breaking 80 consistently now, and I seek to improve on that. Thanks Tom.

    • Thanks Michael, very much appreciated here for sure! And isn’t this game fun when you get on the right track as it sounds like you are? Good to hear you’re doing well and enjoying this great game !


  79. I guess Tom had to go through a lot of experimentation to find the right metal alloy to obtain the proper feel for these superb irons.

    • Juan

      Well I would love to tell you that it took thousands of hours and countless different alloys, but the truth is, all the hard work on finding the right alloy had already been done when I designed the 775HS hybrids and 929HS fairway woods!! The high strength steel alloy used in the 771CSI irons is the same alloy we use to make the faces of the 929 and 775 heads. So from that experience with these other two models, I knew right from the start of the 771 project that I was going to use this same HS300 steel alloy for the faces.

      What took some time on the 771 iron development was perfecting the ability to cast the 1020 carbon steel for the body of the heads. Previously only the 8000 series of carbon steel alloys has lent itself to accurate and pore resistant casting. the 1000 series of carbon steels had not really been cast because they tended to leave a lot of surface pin holes when it cooled. So that took a little time to work out the details for casting the 1020 carbon steel. Once that was done then it was a pretty easy matter to mate the HS300 faces with the 1020 carbon steel body. But I will say one side effect that I hoped would happen but did not know would happen until we made the first testing prototypes was whether the softer carbon steel body could change the feel and sound of hitting the ball with this HS 300 face. The carbon steel body being much softer is able to help absorb both impact and sound vibrations coming off the back of the face so the overall impact feel of the 771’s is not softer than what it was in the old 770CFE irons with their 17-4 stainless body.

      Thanks Juan for your kind comment about the feel of the 771’s. WE’re really pleased to hear that you must like these irons!!


  80. I just received my 771 irons. They are the most comfortable club I have every played. I had my fitting with Golf Services Unlimited in central PA. I have been working in the golf industry for several years and my experience was an “A+” for quality and service. The 771’s give a blade feel but offer forgiveness for those miss hits. I would recommend these clubs to all skill levels of golfers. I will be golfing with Tom Wison for the rest of my golf career. Thank you Tom for building these great clubs. I also want to thank Golf Servicee Unlimited for their professional and attention to detail.

    • MATT:

      Thank you very much for taking your time to comment, and we are VERY pleased to hear that you like the 771 irons, and the fitting process as offered to you by GSU on top of that. With custom fitting and our design capability combined with a good clubmaker, we really do believe that we can offer golfers a better experience in enjoying this great game a little more. Again, THANKS SO MUCH and we’re so pleased to hear that you are happy with the clubs!!!


  81. I walked into John Gamble’s shop in Charlotte, NC a while back looking for a driver. He made a clean spot in my bag with a 919, and PCF Micros shortly followed. I’d had my last irons for 18 years, (pre-trimetal Orlimar Diamond TDS) and it was time for something new. 771s it was. Between your clubs, John’s help, and swinging an old weed whacker, I’m hitting the ball considerably better than I have in my 22 years of playing golf.

    The 771s are really amazing golf clubs. Wonderful feel and performance when well struck, and they outpace my old irons by a WIDE margin on off-center hits. Wouldn’t be surprised if I had these in my bag for the next 18 years.

    It was also my first time working with someone like John, and all I can say is I wish I’d done it years ago. Terrific experience, great guy.

    • BARRY

      Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience with John in Charlotte and the very positive out come of him fitting you in a set of the 771CSI irons. And of course, I am pleased you chose the 771’s because even if I do say so myself, in 27 yrs of clubhead design work, the 771’s are right at the top of my list of most fun, most satisfying designs that I have had the chance to create. But I really do get a huge amount of pleasure when I hear that a golfer hooked up with a really good, very experienced clubfitter like John Gamble because the result is almost always, always positive for the golfer. I just wish more golfers could know what you now know, that clubfitters like John really can and do make a difference to help golfers gain tangible improvement through professional fitting.


  82. This year I finally ponied up and had a custom 3 hour fitting from a top notch club fitter in San Francisco. Results ended up being +1/2 and 2* upright. In years past I’ve always relied on the local golf superstore with their local guru pushing OEM. Usually I don’t take the time to post reviews but the 771’s have been a life changing experience for me.

    If anybody would have told me I would end up buying non OEM irons and graphite shafts before the fitting I would have told them they were absolutely crazy! My quick bio about me is I’m 50 years old and a 12 handicap with a average driver SS of 98 and 6 iron SS of 86.

    After the 3 hour fitting and having results that were almost to good to be true with the 771 I was ready to buy right then and there but John insisted I try one club in the real world and let him know the results. The results ended up being the exact same as the simulator. The combination of the 771’s with Steel Fiber i95 just seem like a match made in heaven for me. After three rounds at the local course I have yet to miss a green with the 6 iron. Can hardly wait to get my 771’s with the HM wedges. Feel like a 12 year old waiting on Christmas morning 🙂

    • RICK:

      Many thanks for taking your time to post your experience with the new 771CSI irons! We’re all very pleased to hear that you like the new irons and they are performing well for you. Thanks as well a LOT for finding John Taylor to work to on your fitting requirements. John is a true professional in custom clubfitting and is very knowledgeable in the field so you did right for sure in deciding to work with him. BTW, my roots in the golf equipment industry began in the Bay Area so I have always had a real appreciation for the many great courses in that area. The VERY best wishes to you in this great game!


  83. I just came across your site and am intrigued to say the least. I saw your name on a website for a custom fitter in my area (ADS Golf) and on Golf WRX so I came here to find out more. I currently play to an 8.3 index but tend to hit many balls low on the face, which tends to rob me of distance.
    My current set is Ping i20s, 5-LW, in their stock CFS stiff shafts. I’m looking to get into a newer set of irons later this year (I’m waiting for the Titleist 714s to come out). I am also interested in trying TM’s Rocketbladez Tour irons because they advertise a larger sweet spot and minimal loss of distance when hit lower on the face. Could you give me your opinion of how the 771 CSIs compare with off-center (low) hits? Thanks in advance for you response.

    • GL:

      Boy is it a good deal that you are close to ADS Golf. Gene Bonk of ADS is truly, and I mean this sincerely, one of THE very best clubfitters in the whole country. I have known Gene for years, have communicated with him a lot on technical matters, and have heard from several of the golfers who he has fit after they went to see him who have dug up our company email address to tell us what a great fitting experience that Gene provided. Without question he can help you so do give him a call, book a fitting analysis and Gene can answer all your questions and prove to you how professional fitting can help.

      But for a quick answer to your question about the 771CSI irons and low face hits, because the 771 face is a CNC machined variable thickness face, this really does allow the face to flex inward a little more for off center hits, regardless if the offcenter hit is a little high, toe, heel or low from the center of the face. The variable thickness face means the ball speed does not drop as much from the off center hit as it will on irons without this type of face design. But really, the proof is in the pudding so go see Gene, have him let you hit test 771 irons and you will see for yourself.

      Thanks much


  84. Tom,

    I built a demo set of 771s with KBS 130 stiff shafts for my shop. I started with one club in my bag to try. Now have full set of 771s replacing my Wishon 555s.

    Just a terrific club. Good feel, different sound off face than 555 but ball goes straight.

    Thank you. JR

    • JR

      Thank you for your comment. We’re very pleased to hear that you too like the performance of the 771 irons. This really has been a very enjoyable model for me to be able to design, both from the challenge to create it, but now that it is finished, it is really enjoyable to be able to hear from so many golfers who are using the 771 that they really like how it plays. Again, thanks for taking your time to comment and may the 771’s always behave themselves so well for you and your game!!


  85. Hello Tom:
    I have a set of your 555c irons with KBS shafts that Michael Clark of Berkeley has recently installed for me. I like the feel of the clubs when I hit them properly. Problem is, the sweet spot is fairly precise and when I’m not in the center, I lose distance and feel it in my right arm. Maybe I should have had some graphite shafts installed instead. Maybe I should have gotten a set that is more forgiving. I’m about a 15 (at a fit 67) and have always used cast clubs that have fairly generous hitting areas. I also notice some loss of distance in comparison with my Cobra S3s (w/ steel)or my old Callaway X-20s (w/ graphite). I’ve wondered whether I should have the lofts increased to match the more conventional hyped-up lofts of these clubs so I won’t have to refigure all of my distances. And I’d rather not have to try to swing harder to get the same results with the standard lofts that the 555s have. Any suggestions?

    • JAMES

      Glad to hear you worked with Michael Clark for yout club needs. I’ve personally known Michael for a very long time in the clubmaking industry and he is a real credit to the craft – plus he’s a really nice guy who will take the time to explain things in more detail to the golfers who see him for their fitting needs.

      You might give Michael a call and see if he has access to a shaft vibration dampening device from any of his suppliers. Some shaft companies have made certain models of their steel shafts with their own vibration dampening device installed in their shaft models for the very purpose you talk about – reducing the effects of the higher levels of vibration from the steel shaft at impact on joint paint in golfers. There have been a couple of companies in the industry who have developed their own dampeners that they have made available to clubmakers for the very purpose you bring up. In all honesty I have not kept up with this very much over the past several years so I can’t actually tell you what other companies in the industry might still be offering such a device to put in the steel shafts to reduce vibration.

      But I can tell you that many of the clubmakers on their own through their resourcefulness have come up with their own version for such a device. Some things that do reduce vibration that can be inserted into the shafts include, 1) rubber spark plug covers – yes, sounds odd, but it just so happens that a common rubber spark plug cover sold at an auto parts store fits perfectly into the grip end of the shaft and can reduce steel shaft vibration; 2) smaller diameter foam rods inserted into the grip end of the shaft can do the same thing. You or Michael might have to hunt around a little, but there are foam rods made in 1/2″ to 5/8″ diameter that can be pushed into the grip end of the shaft that can reduce steel shaft vibrations enough to offer some relief from effect of the shafts’ vibration on your arm. These are all very inexpensive things to try out first to see if they offer some help before thinking about changing shafts completely to graphite.

      Hope this helps,


  86. Tom ,
    771CSI,what a great set of irons!!! (in all aspects).

  87. Just had a set of 771CSI’s fitted to S2S White graphite shafts. Previous irons are 770 CFE with steel shafts (good clubs). The 771’s are better. Never played graphite in and iron. These look good at adress, feel perfect at hit, and give me about 3 to 6 yards more distance with good accuracy. Excellent feel and feedback around greens on those delicate shots. At 70 years old, a 10 handicap, the 771 CSI product add a lot of fun to the game.



    • BOB:

      Thanks so much for taking your time to let us know how much you like the new 771 irons. May I say that I have a big smile on my face as I think about the smile on your face after playing the clubs! I’ll also tell you that I am 62 and just this year I have noticed that I am about a half club shorter with my 560MC irons that I have been playing since I first designed them. This is of course thanks to a little drop in clubhead speed since I am 62, so as soon as we know that we have plenty of the 771’s in stock, I think I am going to go steal a set for myself!!!

      Thanks again and the very best wishes to you in this great game!


  88. I currently play the old 939h iron design (& obviously have for quite some time). I love durable irons where the grooves retain their edge, lofts/lies don’t creep and soles don’t get big dings from the occasional hidden pebble. I take it the perimeter design here is roughly as soft as forged? For what I’m looking for would suggest sticking with a 17-4 iron head, or are there other materials that I should be looking at? Btw, I LOVE my full wishon set…especially the 919 driver and these irons! thanks.

    • PETE:

      If you are looking for a HIGH COR iron design with the body made from 17-4 stainless so it can resist moving and dinging more over time, then the model would be our 870Ti irons instead of the 771CSI irons. The 870s are a high COR design for sure, so increased distance over any conventional iron such as the 939H is pretty much guaranteed. The body of the 870 is 17-4 stainless, so with that you get the highest surface hardness of an alloy used to make an iron head, and from that would come more resistance to dings and dents. But also with the 17-4 you get more resistance to loft lie bending. However, we can bend the 870s when necessary for the golfer’s fitting needs by +/-2* from the loft and lie spec for each 870 head.

      Thanks much!!


  89. Dear Tom

    thank you for your advice and your great products, i ordered them and my CM will make them perfectly for me , they will join the rest of my Wishon bag

    thanks again


  90. One quick question , i have the 765 which helped me to go from 41 to 20 as handicap, i want to change now , should i go for the 771 or wait for the 560 later . Playing with white shaft in 75 , perfect for me

    • Stephane:

      Congratulations on making such a HUGE improvement in your game!! Wow, going from 41 to 20 is an amazing improvement. Very well done indeed!! One of the things you need to keep in mind when considering a change in your iron head model is the fact that the loft angles for each head in the 765WS set are lower than the lofts per head on the 560’s and 771’s. That means if you were to change to the 560’s, you would find that you would hit each 560 iron a little bit shorter in distance than you presently hit the 765’s. However, this would not be the case with the 771’s because they are designed with a high COR face. So even with the lofts per head being a tiny bit higher on the 771’s than on the 765’s, that high COR face of the 771’s would make up that distance so in the end, you would either hit the 771’s the same distance as the 765’s or possibly just a little longer.

      One thing you would gain with the 771’s is better off center hit performance. The 765’s are indeed a deep cavity back design and do have good off center hit performance, but the variable thickness face of the 771’s would increase the off center hit performance over what you get right now. So in the long run, I do think with all things being considered that you would be better off making the iron change to the 771CSI model.

      Thanks again for your interest in our company and again, our most enthusiastic congratulations to you for your improvement in the game!!


  91. Any chance you’ll release a 3 iron in this model? Us midwest guys need that low launch angle and lower spin to fight the high winds in the summer!


      These days in the golf equipment business, making a 3 iron in any set of irons is very much a losing proposition due to the extreme decrease in demand seen over the past ten years. This is of course because of the popularity of hybrids as long iron replacement clubs. Back in the 90s, it was typical to see that 3 irons sold in a quantity of about 40% of the number of #5 to PW’s in a set. Today that number is less than 5%. So when smaller size companies like us factor in the cost of tooling and inventory to make a 3 iron, it just does not add up anymore. As to needing the club to keep the ball down in the wind, think of it this way – today’s 4 irons have the loft of a 3 iron from the 90s and a 2 iron from the 80s. So if you used a 3 iron some years ago to keep the ball down, today you can use a 4 iron and achieve the same results!!


  92. Well,they look superb and I ordered them. Where can I find those 31 ratings mentioned above? I suppose these ratings must be based on tests carried out by players…

  93. 771CSI Another fine set of RH clubs that a lefthander cannot use. So much for growing the game ?

    • If you can wait until April, 2014, you WILL BE ABLE TO GET THIS EXCELLENT IRON IN LEFT HAND!!


    • I agree TW makes very good clubs, but I wish there were more LH selections. I’m glad to see TW gave reason why , unfortunately the drought of LH selection will remain.,

    • I know it seems we do not have the depth of left hand models because we cannot tool any of the forgings in left hand, and we always have to wait to see if a new model is going to be popular enough so that when we apply the 8% factor to it, we could know if the investment in the left hand tooling would be viable. But right now in left hand we do have – 919 drivers in 11 & 13.5; 929HS fwys in 3 & 5; new 925 fwys will be in 3/5/7; 775HS hybrid #3, 331H hybrid in 3, 4, 752TC and 979SS irons, PCF wedges in 52/56, HM wedge in 56.


    • If you can wait until April, 2014, you WILL BE ABLE TO GET THIS EXCELLENT IRON IN LEFT HAND!!


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