771 CSI


771CSI  Carbon Steel Irons

Thin Face, High COR, Variable Thickness Face in a Carbon Steel Body to Offer a HotList-Icon2014Wide Range in Lie and Loft Bending for Custom Fitting



  • High 0.830 COR face design offers the most distance for all golfers
  • CNC Machined Variable Thickness Face delivers superb off-center hit forgiveness
  • Head body material is 1020C carbon steel to allow clubmakers to perform a wide range in loft and lie bending – previously all high COR thin face designs had to be mounted in a 17-4 stainless body, which limited loft and lie fitting options
  • Conventional Head Size and Shape means a wider range of golfers will like the 771CSI design
  • Fully Radiused Sole Design with Rounded Leading Edge offers golfers the best playability from all types of grass as well as from the rough
  • Available in RH & LH in  #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, (AW RH only) in bright satin NiCr electroplated finish


A 360º view of the 771CSI Iron Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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771 CSI, 3.9 out of 5 based on 342 ratings


  1. Hi Tom, I just had a fitting with Tim Mosel, who was terrific. I’m a 10.0 handicap with a 99mph driver club head speed, and 86 mph 5 iron club head speed. I’m usually straight with most low iron shots, playing McGregor Tourney’s, I believe they are cavity backs. My goal is to consistently break 80. Tim recommended either the 771CSI’s, or the 979SS’s. I gather both are game improvement irons, but would one be better for me over the other? Thanks very much in advance!

    • BEN
      I really pleased you worked with Tim because hands down he really is one of the best on the whole planet in clubfitting and I am not making that up in anyway. The iron you play, regardless of whose model it is, has to look good to YOU sitting down there behind the ball in the playing position. If there is ANYTHING about the look of an iron model behind the ball that you . If you are are not 100% OK with then you should keep looking until you see the look you want. That’s more important than the design performance elements because if the offset is too much or not enough, if the head shape is too large or too small or has something you don’t fully like the look of, then you won’t put your best swings on the ball with the irons. So that’s first on the list to really look long and hard at both models sitting behind the ball.

      Then in terms of performance, the biggest difference is the COR of the face and off center hit performance. Hands down on that one the 771 wins because it is a thin face model for higher COR that is also variable thickness. 979 off center hit performance is ok for a normal one piece cavity back but it can’t reach that of the 771 because of the face design of the 771. So if that is a big part of your iron performance needs, that’s something to consider. The long irons in the 979 might be a little easier to hit higher than the 771’s because the low loft irons of the 979 have a shorter blade height, which means lower CG. Also, the higher COR of the 771 face will give you a full club more distance at your 86mph speed than will the normal COR of the 979. So if iron distance is important to you, than that is another feature to think about. Hope this helps and do keep having fun and enjoying your time working with Tim.

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