S2R Series

S2R Series Putters

Precision Heel/Toe Blade Style Putter Designs with CNC Milled Face and Sole in 3 Design Options


  • Three different Wishon heel/toe putter designs, each with CNC milled face and sole for precision.
  • Double CNC milled face for precision face flatness to ensure accuracy.
  • Unique CNC milled sole provides a narrow, flat, center sole surface for accuracy in the address position, with a milled, elevated leading and trailing edge to eliminate “scuffing” the putter on the green during the stroke.
  • S2R models 1 and 3 designed with conventional hosel to accept straight 0.370″ putter shafts; S2R model 5 designed with no hosel to accept either single bend or double bend 0.370″ putter shafts.
  • Available in RH only in dark platinum nickel plating finish.

A 360º view of the S2R-1 Putter.

A 360º view of the S2R-3 Putter.

A 360º view of the S2R-5 Putter.

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S2R Series, 4.4 out of 5 based on 43 ratings


  1. Hi Tom

    I know that the new Cavity Back putters are now available. What are the main differences between the new putters and the S2R series. Do the cavity backs create a higher MOI? Also looking at the pictures from the catalogue they are not CNC milled anymore?


    • Lincoln
      The new Cavity Black putters are not face milled. In reality face milling sounds great and looks nice but it really does not bring about a noticeable level of accuracy improvement because normal QC on putter heads made by a quality foundry makes the faces definitely flat enough to never cause any accuracy issues. Thus it really becomes more of a waste of money or a superfluous step in the production process that has marketing value only. There are also three different casting processes for making putter heads. One yields far more of a flat surface of the face than the other two so if you use the lesser process then yes, you would definitely want to mill the faces to ensure their flatness being adequate. The Cavity Black casting process really doesn’t require face milling to achieve adequate flatness for accuracy.

      Main differences between the Blacks and the SR2 is just in the shape and style of the heads. I felt it time to expand what we offered in terms of mallet type putter heads because I had not done much in that area of putter design previously. Mallet style putters are much more “IN” these days so this gives clubmakers a little more chance to possibly pick up a putter sale/fitting with golfers in their areas. Because these are mallets with a lot of mass farther away from the center of gravity of the head, and because we eliminated mass in the middle areas of the heads, these putters in the Black series most certainly will have a higher MOI than the putters in the S2R series. Even the heel toe model CB-1 has a higher MOI than the heel toe model SR-1 because the CB-1 has a longer blade length and has weight removed from the middle areas of the head to push the MOI higher.


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