Smoooth Series Mallet Putters 6 & 7


Smoooth Series Putters

Discontinued Model

Mallet Designs with Tungsten and Steel Weighting for High MOI in Black and White Versions


  • Smoooth models 6 and 7 are mallet style;
  • Two full mallet designs with one heel/toe design each with significant weight addition capability to offer a wide range of putter weight fitting options
  • Forged From Soft 6061 Aluminum with tungsten and steel weighting added to increase the MOI and pinpoint the CG for more consistent roll
  • White versions of the Model 6 and 7 available for wider putter fitting options. White model 6 heel and center bore versions; white model 7 in heel bore only

A 360º view of the Smoooth-6 Putter.

A 360º view of the Smoooth-7 Putter.

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Smoooth Series Mallet Putters 6 & 7, 4.6 out of 5 based on 25 ratings


  1. Tom,

    Are there any new mallet putter head designs on the way? Right now only the S2R series is current, and none of those designs are mallets.

    Would love to have gotten my hands on a Model 6.

    Thank you as always.

    • Brent

      A new series of putter head designs is on the list of things for me to work on for a release sometime in 2019. I am just in the concept stages of this right now so I don’t really have much in the way of concrete info that I can share. Otherwise I would. But it will happen. Thanks so much for your interest !!


  2. Thanks for the reply and I did find a heel shafted series 6 and put a double-bend shaft in. I have been practicing indoors and the putter feels great, and it works for well for me. Can’t wait to get it out on the course. I will hopefully find another series 6 heel bore head to purchase as an extra to keep around for the future.

  3. I really like the Smooth 6. Is is practical / advisable to but a double bend offset shaft into the putter? I happen to like the look and feel I putt better with an offsef putter.

    • BRAD:

      FYI, we did discontinue and close out the Smoooth Series models 6, 7 last year. When we did have them, or if you have found one elsewhere, there were two versions of both, a heel bore and a center bore version. The heel bore Smoooth 6 and 7 took any single bend or double bend putter shaft. The center bore version took any straight shaft. Whenever you have a double bend putter shaft, one of the bends is for the lie angle, the other for offset. There are a lot of different DB Putter shafts around and they will vary in both bends. Most will average putting around 6-10mm of offset on the putter.

      Hope this helps,

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