Smoooth Series

Smoooth Series Putters

Mallet and Heel Toe Designs with Tungsten and Steel Weighting for High MOI in Black and White Versions


  • Three different high MOI multi-material putter designs including heel/toe weighted Smoooth Series Model 5 with aluminum center and steel heel/toe weights
  • Smoooth models 6 and 7 are mallet style; Smoooth model 5 is a semi-mallet heel/toe weighted design.
  • Two full mallet designs with one heel/toe design each with significant weight addition capability to offer a wide range of putter weight fitting options
  • Forged From Soft 6061 Aluminum with tungsten and steel weighting added to increase the MOI and pinpoint the CG for more consistent roll
  • White versions of the Model 6 and 7 available for wider putter fitting options. White model 6 heel and center bore versions; white model 7 in heel bore only
  • Model 5 with heavy steel heel/toe sections surrounding a soft 6061 aluminum center to increase MOI

A 360º view of the Smoooth-5 Putter.

A 360º view of the Smoooth-6 Putter.

A 360º view of the Smoooth-7 Putter.

Ratings and Reviews

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Smoooth Series, 4.5 out of 5 based on 19 ratings


  1. Just like the name tells: smoooth feeling. Gets the ball rolling very fast. The adjustable weight port is key for true custom putter fitting and building.

  2. I’m interested in adding weight to my Smooth 5 head. is there any informationon the internet on how to open the adjustable weight port and prices for buying weights to insert into the port?

    Thank you in advance.

    Great putter by the way.

    • GEORGE

      The weight port on the sole of the Smoooth Series model 5, 6 and 7 putter heads will accept up to 5 of the 14 gram tungsten weight disks that we offer to go with these putter heads. The putters are designed for more of a permanent weight addition by the clubmaker. The clubmaker would determine through the fitting process what the best headweight would be for the golfer, then build the putter with these weights epoxied into the cavity. The medallion to cover the weight port is then secured by peeling off the paper backing covering the adhesive on the back of the medallion and then pressed firmly into the opening of the weight port cavity. It is not designed to be a screw on/screw off type of weight change situation.

      The medallion can be removed by heating it with a small butane or propane torch to soften the adhesive. A little hole can then be drilled into the medallion and the medallion then can be pried off with a thin rod or object to stick into the drilled hole. Additional weights can then be epoxied into the cavity or weights can be pried out of the cavity again by heating the tungsten disks with the small torch. We offer the tungsten disks as well as replacement medallions.


  3. Can you tell me the head weight of the Smooth 6 without any weights added to the weight port? I’m assuming 335g? I have an account and would like to see about getting another weight port cover and additional weights if possible.



    • Landon

      yes the as produced headweight of the Smoooth Series 6 and 7 is 335 g with a +/-3 gram tolerance. You can order as many of the 14 gram tungsten weights and weight port medallion covers as you wish because we do offer and sell these individually.

      Thanks much,

    • Thanks a bunch Sir!

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