335hl-main335HL Hybrids

A Lower and More Rear Located Center of Gravity


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  • Increased weight at the rear sole to offer a lower and more rear located CG for a higher launch angle and trajectory for soft landing on the greens.
  • Similar offset appearance as a conventional Iron to blend in smoothly with the address position look of normal irons.
  • More rounded leading edge with split level sole to allow golfers more versatility from the rough or when hitting more down on the shot to known the ball down.
  • Twin weight bores to allow assembly to a wide variety of swingweights (MOI) with different shaft weights and lengths.
  • 0.335” bore diameter to match with any of TWGT’s S2S Black, Red or White Hybrid shaft designs.

Images & Specifications

A 360º view of the 335HL Hybrid Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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335HL, 3.8 out of 5 based on 43 ratings


  1. Hi Tom,

    Can you made a Hybrid 11 o 12 loft?


    Nicolás Rodillo

    • Nicolas
      No we do not have a hybrid with a loft lower than 18. We cannot bend any hybrid to a loft like that because bends for loft on a wider sole head such as a hybrid end up being face angle changes when the golfer soles the club on the ground, not a loft change. To get a loft change on a hybrid from a bend, you would have to manually HOLD the face square to the ball and never rest the clubhead on its sole. Doing that is tough also because after a bend to lower loft on a hybrid, when you do hold the face square to get the loft change to work, the angle of the sole is not parallel to the ground which means in hitting the shot you can very easily dig the leading edge into the ground and hit a “fat shot” or have a very jarring feeling in hitting the ball. In truth, if you want a 11-12 loft hybrid, that type of head has to be tooled and manufactured with that loft on the head right from the start.


  2. Thanks for the speedy recommendation. Good plan! Once Jamie receives his first sets of Sterling irons and gets me fitted on those, I’ll ask him to complete the set fitting with the 775HS hybrids and 919THI driver as you suggest. Since we have to wait a month or two for delivery, Jamie is taking the opportunity to tweak a few aspects of my swing (grip, stance, swing path… just a few “minor details” 🙂 I feel like i’m in good hands with both of you.

  3. I am a left-handed golfer. I am going to be custom fit for your 771s, 5 I – 9 I.

    If I use the 335 HL 3 and 4 hybrids, can I expect the 335 hybrids to offer consistent progression in increased distances relative to the irons?

    For example, if I hit the 5I 180 yards, can I expect the 4 hybrid to be effective from 190 yards and the 3 hybrid from 200 yards? I do not want to purchase the 335s and find the 4 hybrid will go the same distance as the 771 5 iron.



  4. Hi Tom,
    I’m on my way to Jamie Frith’s in Delray Beach to consider your Sterling single length irons. Since I’m also in the market for a hybrid or two and a reasonable length driver, can you speculate as to which of your hybrid models and drivers would match up best with the irons? I carry my current 8 iron (TaylorMade Blades from 2013 with their standard men’s senior shaft) +/- 115 yards. Handicap index hovers around 13. Thanks for any feedback you can offer.

    • MARCIA

      Thanks very much for your interest !! First off, we’re pleased to hear you will be working with Jamie for your fitting needs. He’s knowledgeable, he’s thorough and he will do a fine job for you.

      Hybrid wise, I would tell you to take a look at the 775HS hybrid. It is a high COR face design so it follows above the high COR face design of the Sterling single length 5, 6, 7 very well. It’s also one of our bendable hosel custom designs so if Jamie finds you need a different lie angle and or face angle, that can easily be customized to fit you. And it also has twin weight bores so if Jamie finds you need a much lighter weight shaft and or a shorter length, there is plenty of space to get the swingweight right for your tempo and timing.

      Driver wise, it is the 919THI – we can offer that in any loft from 8 to 16 and with any lie angle from 4* upright to 4* flat along with any face angle from 4* open to 4* closed to cover any accuracy improvement needs you might have.

      Thanks very much and the very best to you in this great game,

  5. Tom I just purchased a 335HL and is 30* #6…Everything I have read and your specs show 31*…Looks the same club as on your site.Just has 30* on sole…New or old model..???
    Thanks Jim

    • JIM
      Sorry for the TYPO error on this. The loft number on the sole of 30* is the spec and the loft to which all the heads are made. The reference in print was a mistake, I am sorry.

  6. Hi Tom

    I used to have your very original design of hybrid 321Li hybrids. I like its thin face and work so much similar to my iron.

    based on your new design of hybrid, which one feel more like your old design?

    thanks for your info in advance


    • DANNY

      within our current hybrid clubhead design models, the 335HL would be closest to the shape and performance and everything about the former 321Li hybrid heads. LIke the 321, the 335 is a 2-piece investment cast stainless model, the face progression is very similar, the lofts per each head number are the same. The only difference we see from our testing in comparison to the 321 is that the 335 hits the ball a little bit higher for each head number than the 321.


  7. Hello Tom. I am a great fan of your golf equipment. I have the previous model 919thi driver and 3 and 5 woods. I am getting a set of 870ti irons fit. My question is what set of hybrids best compliment those irons. 335hl or 775hs? I am a higher handicapped golf but improving.

    • ERIC
      Thank you very much for being a fan!! We appreciate that very much! Since the 870TI are a high COR face design, it would then be a little better to consider the 775HS hybrids because they too are a high COR face design. That way there is a much better chance for the distance gap between your lowest loft iron and first hybrid above that to be more consistent.

      Thanks much,

  8. Was just wondering. assuming comparable shaft length would someone expect more distance from a 335 HL or say an 870 ti of comparable loft? What about forgivness(MOI)? Not sure what would be the benefits of replacing say an 870 4 iron with a 335 HL hybrid?

      That depends on the skill and the clubhead speed of the golfer. The better the ball striking skills of the player and the higher the clubhead speed with it, the more chance for the 870Ti iron to hit the ball the same distance or even a little longer than the 335HL hybrid of the same loft and built to the same length. BUt as the player’s clubhead speed drops, this is where the 335 more than likely may end up as long or longer than the 870. The reason is because of the higher launch angle of the 335 that comes from its lower and more rear located Center of Gravity. With lower loft irons, even if they are a high COR design, that low of a loft combined with a CG that is more forward and a tad higher in the head than the hybrid makes it tough for the avg to slower swing speed player to get the ball well up to fly and carry far with the iron.

      This break off is around a 5 iron speed of 75 to 78mph. HIgher than that and the 335’s higher launch begins to carry the ball farther because of the higher ball speed from the higher clubhead speed. But under 75mph, the ball speed is not as high so the carry with the higher launch of the 335 is not quite as much and then the high COR of the 870 begins to do its thing.


  9. I have used the 331 Hybrid for irons 3, 4 & 5 to very good effect….given the discontinuance of the 331 product, would the addition of a 335 hybrid model for my 6 iron be out of place? Would I see consistent progression from my 331 5h to the 335 6 hybrid?

    • Andy

      The 335HL Hybrids were designed to follow on many of the shape and style features of the 331 hybrids, but with a little higher ball flight to help stop the ball more quickly on the greens. The 335 very much can blend in well with the 331’s because the loft progressions and headweight progressions are the same.

      Thanks very much,

  10. I built the 335HL #5 with the Wishon S2S white shaft A flex. WOW is all I can say! All I need to do is take an easy swing and it goes high and long…very smooth. I am building another one in the #4 with the same shaft combination. At first the head looked really small to me, and it is smaller than any other hybrid I have seen. BUT it is smooth and just kicks the ball up in the air.

    At this price my customers will be using this product quite often…I would have to say that for me personally, it’s the best and smoothest hybrid I have ever hit.

    • PAUL:

      Thanks so much for your comment and we’re VERY PLEASED to hear that the 335HL hybrid is behaving himself and performing like we taught him to !!!! the slightly smaller head size is a big reason for the high flight and easy to hit capability of the model because it keeps the center of gravity lower. Again, thanks so much and best wishes to you in this great game!!


  11. Hi Tom,
    I am due at my club makers later this month to discuss hybrids I currently have 5-sw 979ss irons which I love am a 27 handicapper (improving) any suggestions before I meet with him please.

    • DEREK:

      Thanks so much for your message and we’re very pleased to hear that you like the 979’s and that they are performing well for you and helping you enjoy this great game a little more. Our two models of hybrids we offer are created to offer different performance attributes as well as a little different price point for golfers too. The new 335HL hybrids were designed to replace the former 331H hybrids which had been in our design line for several years. They are designed as a conventional 2 piece investment cast 431 stainless steel hybrid with a heavy amount of the head’s weight positioned low and rear in the heads to generate a higher launch and higher flight should the golfer have swing elements which make it more difficult to get the ball well up to fly. But with the 335’s being made from 431 stainless, they still are adjustable to a +/-2* change in lie or face angle should the golfer need such fitting adjustments.

      The 775HS hybrids are quite different in that they are designed with a thin high strength steel face to create a higher COR for the face for automatically more ball speed and distance should the golfer place a high priority on getting more distance from his hybrids. In addition, with the 4 piece construction of the 775’s, we incorporated a soft stainless steel hosel in the design so we can offer adjustability of +/-4* in the lie and or face angle to offer a wider range of fitting options for the player. With its design, the 775 will generate a slightly lower launch and trajectory than the 335’s for golfers who have no problems getting the ball well up to fly.

      So the difference basically comes down to this – if you definitely need or want more distance with the hybrids, or if your lie and or face angle fitting needs are more dramatic, then the 775 is the model of choice. But if your clubhead speed is such that you don’t feel you need the extra distance or your lie/face angle needs are more within normal ranges as a golfer, or if you need a little more help getting the ball well up to fly, or even wish to save a few pounds, the 335’s stand as a solid choice.

      Thanks very much and the very best wishes in this great game to you!

  12. I’ve had success in the past building hybrids using the same shafts that I used in the conventional irons in the same set. I am curious why none of your hybrids have .370 hossels so you could use traditional iron shafts?

    • Steve:

      Back in the summer of 2002 when I was finishing up all the design work for my company’s first year in business in 2003, I was also designing all of the shafts that were to be in my first product line as well. I went into the design of the hybrid shafts with the full intention to make them with a 0.370 parallel tip so they would “play more like an iron.” When the prototypes were completed and we went into hit testing, these 0.370″ hybrid shafts were really not what I wanted in terms of both the stiffness feel and the launch angle and trajectory. Most everyone felt they were too stiff feeling, and those with a really good sense of feel felt they were too tip stiff rather than too butt stiff. Trajectory was not what I wanted either.

      So that was when my background in shaft analysis and measurement hit me to have the idea to loosen up the tip for better launch and trajectory by changing over to a smaller -.335 parallel tip. Then to keep the tip from making the shaft feel too flexible, especially for the better players with late release, I had to tweak the butt and center section stiffnesses. By the 2nd iteration, everyone, and I mean everyone on the hit testing group thought the shafts were exactly what they wanted – firm enough feeling but easy to kick the ball well up to fly with a softer landing and very good carry distance still.

      As a result, I have never deviated from this 0.335 smaller tip on any of the succeeding hybrid shafts I have designed over the years, and I am totally convinced this has been one of the very biggest reasons year after year we have gotten really positive comments on our hybrids with our hybrid shafts. Now we do for sure get orders for our hybrid heads for which the clubmaker wants us to ream the hosels to 0.370 because they have a golfer with a specific .370 hybrid shaft in mind – and we do that on any of our hybrid heads when requested.


  13. hi Tom

    For a number of years I have enjoyed you clubs and my club fitter has done a great job I fitting them to me. I own a 3,4 and 5 775hs hybrids and I do love them. I am looking at your new 335hl and am wondering what would I be getting upgrading to this set. I don’t dislike my 775’s Is the 335 more forgiving on off center hits?? from the photos it seems to have more offset. what would i benefit from upgrading or isn’t there much of a difference between them?

    • Michael

      In all honesty, you would not be getting anything better in changing to the 335’s and in fact, you would lose a little distance if you did that. The 775’s are designed with the thin, high strength steel faces to give them a higher COR, which is why they hit the ball longer than a conventional stainless steel face (the 335’s). The 335’s do show that they hit the ball higher per each hybrid loft and head number than the 775’s. This is because of the sole weighting of the 335. So if hitting the ball noticeably higher were of any advantage, that is one difference but one would have to get used to a little less distance from the face COR difference in the two.

      Why would someone get the 335’s over the 775’s? Some people would do that simply because the 335’s are less expensive – the thin high strength steel face of the 775 is much more expensive and the 4 pc construction with bendable hosel on the 775 is also a cost increase factor. Also, some people might hit the 775’s “too far” for their comfort in terms of distance gap to the first iron below the hybrids and that might bother them. And yes, as you said, the 335 is designed with a little less face progression than the 775 so if a golfer just simply preferred that look behind the ball, that too can be enough of a compelling reason to use the 335’s.

      Thanks much!

  14. “…hitting more down on the shot to known the ball down.”

    Should be “keep” instead of “known” I’m guessing.

    • I think Tom wanted to say “knock” instead of “known”. My 2 cents from a french clubmaker 🙂

  15. Hi Tom,

    When would the left handed version (4H) be available for sale, would let Tim Mosel (NJ) know so that he could place an order for the same.


    • SIM
      Plans now are for the 335HL hybrid heads in RH And LH versions both to be here between March 15-20. So as long as our production factory stays on schedule, that’s the due date. Thanks very much for your interest!!


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