335hl-main335HL Hybrids

A Lower and More Rear Located Center of Gravity


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  • Increased weight at the rear sole to offer a lower and more rear located CG for a higher launch angle and trajectory for soft landing on the greens.
  • Similar offset appearance as a conventional Iron to blend in smoothly with the address position look of normal irons.
  • More rounded leading edge with split level sole to allow golfers more versatility from the rough or when hitting more down on the shot to known the ball down.
  • Twin weight bores to allow assembly to a wide variety of swingweights (MOI) with different shaft weights and lengths.
  • 0.335” bore diameter to match with any of TWGT’s S2S Black, Red or White Hybrid shaft designs.

Images & Specifications

A 360º view of the 335HL Hybrid Clubhead.

Ratings and Reviews

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335HL, 3.8 out of 5 based on 43 ratings


  1. Hi Tom,

    Can you made a Hybrid 11 o 12 loft?


    Nicolás Rodillo

    • Nicolas
      No we do not have a hybrid with a loft lower than 18. We cannot bend any hybrid to a loft like that because bends for loft on a wider sole head such as a hybrid end up being face angle changes when the golfer soles the club on the ground, not a loft change. To get a loft change on a hybrid from a bend, you would have to manually HOLD the face square to the ball and never rest the clubhead on its sole. Doing that is tough also because after a bend to lower loft on a hybrid, when you do hold the face square to get the loft change to work, the angle of the sole is not parallel to the ground which means in hitting the shot you can very easily dig the leading edge into the ground and hit a “fat shot” or have a very jarring feeling in hitting the ball. In truth, if you want a 11-12 loft hybrid, that type of head has to be tooled and manufactured with that loft on the head right from the start.


  2. Thanks for the speedy recommendation. Good plan! Once Jamie receives his first sets of Sterling irons and gets me fitted on those, I’ll ask him to complete the set fitting with the 775HS hybrids and 919THI driver as you suggest. Since we have to wait a month or two for delivery, Jamie is taking the opportunity to tweak a few aspects of my swing (grip, stance, swing path… just a few “minor details” 🙂 I feel like i’m in good hands with both of you.

  3. I am a left-handed golfer. I am going to be custom fit for your 771s, 5 I – 9 I.

    If I use the 335 HL 3 and 4 hybrids, can I expect the 335 hybrids to offer consistent progression in increased distances relative to the irons?

    For example, if I hit the 5I 180 yards, can I expect the 4 hybrid to be effective from 190 yards and the 3 hybrid from 200 yards? I do not want to purchase the 335s and find the 4 hybrid will go the same distance as the 771 5 iron.



  4. Hi Tom,
    I’m on my way to Jamie Frith’s in Delray Beach to consider your Sterling single length irons. Since I’m also in the market for a hybrid or two and a reasonable length driver, can you speculate as to which of your hybrid models and drivers would match up best with the irons? I carry my current 8 iron (TaylorMade Blades from 2013 with their standard men’s senior shaft) +/- 115 yards. Handicap index hovers around 13. Thanks for any feedback you can offer.

    • MARCIA

      Thanks very much for your interest !! First off, we’re pleased to hear you will be working with Jamie for your fitting needs. He’s knowledgeable, he’s thorough and he will do a fine job for you.

      Hybrid wise, I would tell you to take a look at the 775HS hybrid. It is a high COR face design so it follows above the high COR face design of the Sterling single length 5, 6, 7 very well. It’s also one of our bendable hosel custom designs so if Jamie finds you need a different lie angle and or face angle, that can easily be customized to fit you. And it also has twin weight bores so if Jamie finds you need a much lighter weight shaft and or a shorter length, there is plenty of space to get the swingweight right for your tempo and timing.

      Driver wise, it is the 919THI – we can offer that in any loft from 8 to 16 and with any lie angle from 4* upright to 4* flat along with any face angle from 4* open to 4* closed to cover any accuracy improvement needs you might have.

      Thanks very much and the very best to you in this great game,

  5. Tom I just purchased a 335HL and is 30* #6…Everything I have read and your specs show 31*…Looks the same club as on your site.Just has 30* on sole…New or old model..???
    Thanks Jim

    • JIM
      Sorry for the TYPO error on this. The loft number on the sole of 30* is the spec and the loft to which all the heads are made. The reference in print was a mistake, I am sorry.

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