Micro-Groove HM

Micro-Groove HM Wedges

A Great Wedge Design Made Better… With an All New custom Sole Design


  • The popular HM Series wedges have been re-designed with a unique custom sole grind to increase playability for more types of wedge shots

  • New Zero Bounce heel grind removes the bounce from the heel end of the sole for more consistency when the face is opened to hit finesse and cut shots

  • Front sole Knock Down grind allows golfers to more easily play low, driving, hands forward shots without digging the leading edge into the ground as much

  • Center to rear sole grind offers conventional bounce for normal shots from all lie conditions

  • Beautiful pearl NiCr plated finish over the 8620 carbon steel body offers a soft feel with a long lasting appearance.   Available in RH in 52° AW, 56° SW and 60° LW.

Tom talks about the NEW Micro-Groove HM

A 360º view of the Micro-Groove HM Wedges.

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Micro-Groove HM, 4.3 out of 5 based on 148 ratings


  1. Thanks Tom. So there isn’t much difference between the 8620 carbon steel and the 304 stainless steel then? It is the forged type feel I am after. I suspect the 8620 carbon steel is slightly softer. If the HMs are the more classic design I will probably go for those. I am normally Mizuno customer but they have moved their wedge designs away from the clean classic look I prefer.

    Thanks for your help.

    • JOHN

      Actually in terms of the actual hardness measurement, the 304 is slightly softer than any of the carbon steels used in making clubheads. But the difference is so small that no one could actually detect that if the 304 and the 8620 are both cast. If you compare cast 304 to forged 10-series carbon steel alloys, there you would get a little difference that perhaps a few VERY experienced ball strikers could detect. But that difference would be because forging always leaves the grain structure in a more consistent isotropic condition while casting always leaves the grain structure with a more haphazard crystalline structure with more voids and inclusions.

  2. Tom.

    I am looking to buy a set of 3 wedges to compliment my set of forged cavity backed irons. I also use forged 2 and 3 driving irons and looking for as much commonality across the clubs that I use. Shaft, offset, head material, grips etc. Which of your two wedge designs best compliments a forged set of irons? The Micro Groove HM or the PCF Micro Tour? It seems not many manufacturers make forged wedges for some reason and there isn’t that much choice in the market place in that regard.

    • JOHN:

      Either one of the two wedge families can match well with any of the low offset player’s types of forged carbon steel irons on the market today, or in the past. BOth the PCF and HM Series wedges are designed with the same low 2mm offset that so many of the forged iron sets possess. So that part of the look in the address position will be the same. The two models just are a tiny bit difference in their face profile shape/look, which is just going to be a personal preference decision for you. The PCF are a little more of a round face profile shape while the HM Series are what the industry likes to call a traditional “tear-drop” profile shape. I would say among the wedge families like Cleveland or Vokey that the tear-drop profile is more predominant and thus a little more popular with players.

  3. Tom,

    I’m planning to purchase new irons and wedges next year. I’m looking at the 771s and the HM wedges. The A wedge is my dilemma. What factors are most important in deciding if the A wedge should match my irons or my wedges? Thanks.

    • BILL

      That is a good question you ask. It is all up to the individual taste and preference of the golfer as there is no right or wrong about whether you go with an A wedge that has the same shape and face profile as the 9 and PW in the iron set or to go with an A wedge that is part of a standalone wedge family design. If you like the look of the 9 and Pw in the set, then most would go with the A that is part of the set of irons so the look is the same when you stand over the shot. About the only reasons people opt for an AW that is part of a standalone AW/SW/LW model would be, 1) the player loves the look of the SW and LW and would like his AW to look the same, 2) the player has a habit of hitting a lot of different shots with the SW such as little chips, pitches, knock downs – and he is not using the AW almost exclusively for full swing approach shots. Outside of that it just comes down to what you like to look at in the address position, meaning which style prompts the most confidence on your part. Good question though because this never comes up in any discussion of wedges.


  4. I love the sand and lob wedges. My only complaint is that I didn’t also buy the A wedge too before you sold to Diamond Golf and the shipping went up! Oh well, I have the 560 and 565 gap wedges, but just can’t help but wanting the HM gap wedge sitting next to his brothers in the bag.

  5. the best LW I had ver own ! GREAT CLUB
    the sole design is so clever

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