PCF Platinum Wedges

PCF Platinum Wedges

Wishon’s  classic traditional sole wedge design with milled face and Micro-Groove™ scorelines


  • Traditional, narrow sole, classic shape/profile stands as the finest overall shape and set-up behind the ball in a Wishon Golf original wedge design.
  • CNC Milled Face combines with Wishon’s unique Micro-Groove™ scorelines to offer the highest level of backspin available in a wedge design.
  • Micro-Groove™ scorelines are more narrow and closer together than traditional scorelines – the Micro-Groove design allows the edges of 5 lines to contact the ball at impact while traditional lines only allow 3.  This is one more key to the enhanced spin design of the PCF Platinum Wedges
  • Designed with Wishon Golf’s unique “zero-bounce heel” – all the bounce has been removed from the heel area of the sole to allow golfers to roll the face open without raising the leading edge.  A key to playability from thin grass and even hardpan.
  • Numerous wedge fitting options in 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts.

A 360º view of the PCF Micro Tour Platinum Wedges.

Ratings and Reviews

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PCF Platinum Wedges, 4.3 out of 5 based on 64 ratings


  1. Had Tom Miller at AA Golf Clubs in Gsrner, NC Build me a set of micro groove wedges in the gunmetal look, 52,56 & 60 and went to range today they setup well, nice trajectory, very easy to setup to, there was a fellow there that’s is off to PGA Q school, asked him to hit, he loved the micro grooves and the way ball went off the face. I have ping glide 2.0 wedges as well and SM6 volkey and these stand up to them


    • Just to add an additional comment about the wedges Tom Miller built, most club makers don’t make and sell clubs and play with the customers, but Tom plays at my club and we played today and the wedges spoke for themselves! He had a front seat of their action, thanks again
      Jerry Talberg

    • JERRY

      How about that – a triple threat for helping you with your game and your equipment – to fit it, to make it and then to play with you to verify it all works well !! Believe me, it can be a pressure situation for a custom clubmaker to play with a golfer AFTER he has done the fit, the build and the sale ! HA! But not for someone like Tom who’s experience and knowledge pretty much makes it so he’s right almost all the time with the recommendations he makes for golfers for their equipment specs !! Thanks for sharing this and the very best to you in this great game ! And when you see Tom if you play again, be sure to say HI from me !

  2. Tom
    I understand from one of my Customers that the 48 and 58 PCF Tour wedges are not legal with the USGA, please comment
    Tom Miller AA Golf Clubs in Raleigh

    • TOM

      Hmm, I thought they were. But I know for sure the 52, 56, 60 are ok and it might just be that we dropped the 48 and 58 from the PCF line pretty quickly after they were intro’d because they just did not have any demand. Sorry about that if there is confusion over that.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I’m playing Sterlings (which I love), but as hard as I tried to keep 8-iron-length wedges in the bag, I just couldn’t ever feel comfortable. So I’m wanting to build 52, 56, and 60 degree wedges in their own single length configuration. I’m targeting these wedges at 293 g head weight. (9g added to AW, handpick LW, and remove 7g from the SW). Have others tried this and been successful?

    • BRENT

      This is not an unusual situation although it usually centers on the SW and LW and not the PW or gap wedge. We find that it is about one third of all the players who go with a single length set end up preferring either their old SW and LW if they had one, mainly because over the years they have gotten so used to it that any change in length or weighting or shape and looks will not be acceptable to the player. With the PW and GW, that should not be much of a problem because these wedges are usually hit with full swings most of the time, and their length in the 8-iron based single length set is not that much longer than what they are in conventional sets. So far we have not seen more than a handful who feel the 8 iron length of the PW and GW is too much. But in the end, it is always going to be the case that the wedges are more of a personal thing with players than the numbered irons in a set. Most who opt for wedges that are not matched in length to the single length tend to go with conventional lengths and weighting rather than to do what you propose with creating their own single length situation. Though I will say that what you propose is most certainly do-able and not off the wall by any means. Which means give it a try and see what you feel.


    • Thanks for the quick reply Tom,

      My main reason to switch the gap wedge back to a conventional length was shot height. On full swings with the gap wedge (and even worse with the sand wedge) I hit it a mile in the air. I have high swing speed and a nagging problem with flipping through impact, so I’ve always hit it high.

      I didn’t feel like I had enough control when my ball was up in the stratosphere.

  4. i have just recently purchased the PCF Micro Tour 48 , 52 and 56 degree wedges but non of them have a C on them .
    I have looked at thr R and A and usga websites and these wedges are not listed.
    does this mean the are not legal.
    love the wedges like everyone says they give great spin

    • MARTIN

      That’s strange. The PCF wedges without the C on the back have not been made for at least 7 or 8 years. It’s been so long I forget the exact time without going to look it up. I have no idea how you could have bought such wedges unless they were used and from the first part of the first year of their existence, or if they are counterfeit, which I doubt because Wishon Golf is far too small of a company for clubhead counterfeiters to care about. In the very first year of the PCF wedges existence, they were ruled non conforming due to a mistake made in the top edge radius of the scorelines. But we quickly fixed that and re submitted the wedges late that same first year with a letter C engraved on the back to distinguish them from year one, and they were ruled to be conforming. They have only been made with that letter C on the back ever since late in their first year of production.


  5. Tom,
    my son plays your driver, fairway wood and hybrids. He is a rising star on the local and regional junior level. He also uses your red and black cart bag. Loves them all, tried to get him to try another driver and he refuses…lol. Anyway reason for the email is we are looking for the zip on front patch that can be embroidered. Do you have anymore of those zip on patches or can you give me the manufacturer of the bag so I can purchase more of the zip on patches? Thanks

    • CHRIS

      Ouch. . . I wish there were some of those front pouch pieces left around. On October 1 I handed my product line over to Diamond Golf in the UK to manage and distribute because I decided it was time to semi retire. Diamond Golf chose not to carry the golf bags we had in our USA location because they planned to source new TWGT bags from a familiar vendor in Europe. So the bags we had in September of last year were closed out and all of the pieces and parts were liquidated back then. Sorry about that. And the previous manufacturer of the bags was in Asia and had a larger minimum order requirement so it would not be of help to give you their contact information, Thanks very much and please pass on my thanks and best wishes to your son as he continues to grow his game.


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