590DIH Driving Irons


590DIH Driving Irons

High Launch High COR Design… With Variable Thickness Face for Forgiveness.


  • Designed to be used either as a driving iron or as an alternative for long iron replacement for golfers who prefer the shape and look of an iron over a typical hybrid head design
  • Thin, high COR face design for maximum distance combines with CNC machined variable thickness construction for superb off center hit performance

  • Semi-Wide Sole includes extreme mass low on the head for higher launch comparable to typical hybrid heads

  • 0.335” hosel bore diameter matches with any of the S2S White, Black and Red hybrid graphite shafts to enhance shot trajectory.  Wishon Golf can ream to 0.370” bore if desired for small fee

  • Loft/Lie bending +/- 2° in any direction

  • Available in RH in #2 (18°), #3 (21°) and #4 (24°), finished in soft satin nickel chrome plating finish with bead blast face


Tom talks about the 590DIH

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590DIH Driving Irons, 3.5 out of 5 based on 102 ratings


  1. Hi Tom, Why are those 590DIH clubs discontinued ?

    • 90% of the time when a model is discontinued, the reason is simply because of lack of popularity and demand among the clubmakers and their customers. The other part of the time it is because the production factory that was making a model encountered problems such as a lack of enough business that resulted in them closing down. The world of the clubhead production factories is a very competitive industry and companies do disappear every so often. But we are working on a little different direction in the area of driving irons so we will not be without that option for too much longer.


  2. Hi Tom,

    I often see clubs on Ebay for sale that are marketed as “Tour Issue” models. I have heard for years that the pros have better clubs. Thus, assuming an average weekend golfer can find a club (or a set) with the lofts, lie, and length he or she likes, is there any advantage to these clubs over those purchased at golf pro shops?

    Would tour issue clubs likely improve the average golfer’s score?


    • HOWARD

      For every company that pays pros to play their equipment, they have a department that does nothing but build the clubs their contract pros will play. Most of the time the heads for the tour program will be the same as those made for the standard business of the company. But there most certainly are pros who require specs on the heads for their clubs which are different than some of the specs on the heads used for the store business. It might be a different face angle, different weighting, you name it. if the pro wants something different the companies make it. Also the heads used in the tour department will have been measured and checked up the ying yang for accuracy to specs so that is something that comes with a so called Tour Issue head. But they are not better per se, just different usually.

      One word of advice. The most important part of a golf club in terms of how well it plays for anyone will be how well does the length, lofts, lie angles, face angles, shaft weight, shaft flex, total weight, swingweight and grip size FIT THE GOLFER and his size, strength, and swing characteristics. These days the quality and performance of the clubheads is so similar from one company to the next that it is not the head that makes the real difference in performance, it is the combination of all these other specs and how well they fit you. That’s where working with a good clubmaker/clubfitter is so important and why we maintain a data base of clubfitters through the link on the top of our home page for FIND A CLUBFITTER.


  3. Dear Tom,

    Just thought I’d write a quick note of praise for the 590DIH! I had Bob Spicer of RJS Custom Clubs put me together a 2 iron with a DG105 stiff shaft. Haven’t seen smash factors of 1.5 with an iron before, but that’s what we’re seeing on flightscope! Very impressive!!! Carry is between 245-250 on good strikes, around 28-29 yard peak height. Great to have a club I can feel confident of keeping straight and getting good distance. I call it “The Zinger” for the sound it makes when you get it right out of the middle.

    One quick question if I may be so bold – Bob and I spent an evening scratching our heads over how my old 1 iron with a (stiff) hybrid shaft installed can have a head speed 7 mph faster than the new 590DIH 2 iron!? (2 iron is 1/2 inch shorter) They measure about 14 CPM different, so the 1 iron is clearly a lot softer, but it’s really surprised us both. The 1 iron shaft loading is inconsistent compared to the DG105 but it’s still pretty straight. Being greedy, it feels I’m leaving 10 yards on the table with the DG105! Since the 1 iron doesn’t have a COR-optimized face so they both work out to similar final distances in the end…

    Thanks for all the videos you put out – I’ve really learned a lot about custom fitting as well as club design from them!!

    Best, and thanks again!


    • ROB

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with the 590 driving iron with us !! We do appreciate that and we are very pleased to know that the club has put a little bigger smile on your face when you hit it !

      As far as the clubhead speed between your old 1 iron and the driving iron, here are the areas where one club can cause that for a golfer. 1) Total weight – if the 1 iron is lighter in overall weight, that can bring about a higher speed; 2) Combination of the total weight + the headweight + the balance point – for every golfer, there is a combination of these three specs that can almost make the club have a “magically perfect” match to the golfer’s individual unique sense of club feel/timing/rhythm/release. In such cases the golfer tends to note that the club in question “just feels perfect so I can really swing with complete freedom”. 3) the shaft can also do the same thing as #2 for golfers who somehow have acquired a definite preference for a specific bending feel of a shaft. We’ve seen this many times that if you give such a golfer a shaft that loads and unloads precisely at the time and amount that the golfer has developed a preference for, then the golfer is able to swing with full, complete freedom with total fluidity and achieve a higher clubhead speed.

      Hope this helps, and thanks again so much for your interest in what we do and try to do to educate people about the truths of equipment fitting and performance.


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