590DIH Driving Irons


590DIH Driving Irons

High Launch High COR Design… With Variable Thickness Face for Forgiveness.


  • Designed to be used either as a driving iron or as an alternative for long iron replacement for golfers who prefer the shape and look of an iron over a typical hybrid head design
  • Thin, high COR face design for maximum distance combines with CNC machined variable thickness construction for superb off center hit performance

  • Semi-Wide Sole includes extreme mass low on the head for higher launch comparable to typical hybrid heads

  • 0.335” hosel bore diameter matches with any of the S2S White, Black and Red hybrid graphite shafts to enhance shot trajectory.  Wishon Golf can ream to 0.370” bore if desired for small fee

  • Loft/Lie bending +/- 2° in any direction

  • Available in RH in #2 (18°), #3 (21°) and #4 (24°), finished in soft satin nickel chrome plating finish with bead blast face


Tom talks about the 590DIH

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590DIH Driving Irons, 3.6 out of 5 based on 98 ratings


  1. Hi Tom,

    I often see clubs on Ebay for sale that are marketed as “Tour Issue” models. I have heard for years that the pros have better clubs. Thus, assuming an average weekend golfer can find a club (or a set) with the lofts, lie, and length he or she likes, is there any advantage to these clubs over those purchased at golf pro shops?

    Would tour issue clubs likely improve the average golfer’s score?


    • HOWARD

      For every company that pays pros to play their equipment, they have a department that does nothing but build the clubs their contract pros will play. Most of the time the heads for the tour program will be the same as those made for the standard business of the company. But there most certainly are pros who require specs on the heads for their clubs which are different than some of the specs on the heads used for the store business. It might be a different face angle, different weighting, you name it. if the pro wants something different the companies make it. Also the heads used in the tour department will have been measured and checked up the ying yang for accuracy to specs so that is something that comes with a so called Tour Issue head. But they are not better per se, just different usually.

      One word of advice. The most important part of a golf club in terms of how well it plays for anyone will be how well does the length, lofts, lie angles, face angles, shaft weight, shaft flex, total weight, swingweight and grip size FIT THE GOLFER and his size, strength, and swing characteristics. These days the quality and performance of the clubheads is so similar from one company to the next that it is not the head that makes the real difference in performance, it is the combination of all these other specs and how well they fit you. That’s where working with a good clubmaker/clubfitter is so important and why we maintain a data base of clubfitters through the link on the top of our home page for FIND A CLUBFITTER.


  2. Dear Tom,

    Just thought I’d write a quick note of praise for the 590DIH! I had Bob Spicer of RJS Custom Clubs put me together a 2 iron with a DG105 stiff shaft. Haven’t seen smash factors of 1.5 with an iron before, but that’s what we’re seeing on flightscope! Very impressive!!! Carry is between 245-250 on good strikes, around 28-29 yard peak height. Great to have a club I can feel confident of keeping straight and getting good distance. I call it “The Zinger” for the sound it makes when you get it right out of the middle.

    One quick question if I may be so bold – Bob and I spent an evening scratching our heads over how my old 1 iron with a (stiff) hybrid shaft installed can have a head speed 7 mph faster than the new 590DIH 2 iron!? (2 iron is 1/2 inch shorter) They measure about 14 CPM different, so the 1 iron is clearly a lot softer, but it’s really surprised us both. The 1 iron shaft loading is inconsistent compared to the DG105 but it’s still pretty straight. Being greedy, it feels I’m leaving 10 yards on the table with the DG105! Since the 1 iron doesn’t have a COR-optimized face so they both work out to similar final distances in the end…

    Thanks for all the videos you put out – I’ve really learned a lot about custom fitting as well as club design from them!!

    Best, and thanks again!


    • ROB

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience with the 590 driving iron with us !! We do appreciate that and we are very pleased to know that the club has put a little bigger smile on your face when you hit it !

      As far as the clubhead speed between your old 1 iron and the driving iron, here are the areas where one club can cause that for a golfer. 1) Total weight – if the 1 iron is lighter in overall weight, that can bring about a higher speed; 2) Combination of the total weight + the headweight + the balance point – for every golfer, there is a combination of these three specs that can almost make the club have a “magically perfect” match to the golfer’s individual unique sense of club feel/timing/rhythm/release. In such cases the golfer tends to note that the club in question “just feels perfect so I can really swing with complete freedom”. 3) the shaft can also do the same thing as #2 for golfers who somehow have acquired a definite preference for a specific bending feel of a shaft. We’ve seen this many times that if you give such a golfer a shaft that loads and unloads precisely at the time and amount that the golfer has developed a preference for, then the golfer is able to swing with full, complete freedom with total fluidity and achieve a higher clubhead speed.

      Hope this helps, and thanks again so much for your interest in what we do and try to do to educate people about the truths of equipment fitting and performance.


  3. Hi Tom,

    The Stirling irons are working out great. With c225 yards from the 4 iron off the tee with great consistency, I’d like to buy a Stirling 3 iron with c14o of loft.

    Hope you can you help with this.

    • JOHN

      I am very pleased to hear that you are doing so well with the Sterling Irons ! Wow, to be able to get 225 with the 4 iron means you are at the very top of the list of golfers with a high swing speed !! That’s great ! Unfortunately I cannot say that there would be an iron with 14* loft added to the set. And the honest reason is that there would not likely be more than a small number of players like you with a much,much higher than normal swing speed who could hit the club and be satisfied with it. Low loft irons that are shorter than normal for that loft require a lot higher clubhead speed to be able to be hit properly. And as I am sure you realize, very, very few people have such a high clubhead speed. THanks MUCH !!


    • Thanks for your reply Tom. Do you think it would be better to buy a 590DIH 2 driving iron & have it de-lofted by 2 degress & cut to match the Stirling irons length for max distance or should I buy another Stirling 4 iron & have that de-lofted by the max of c3o. Appreciate your view on this. Regards John

    • JOHN
      IN total and complete honesty, I would not recommend doing either because both have very serious drawbacks. With the 590, it is VERY difficult to bend for any change in loft so trying to get that down two degs would be tough to do. Even if that is done, the 590 #2 is a 232g headweight. TO make the head work with a Sterling single length set would require that head to get up to 274+ grams. There is just no good way to add that much weight to that or to any iron head. If you try a drop in loft of 4* with the Sterling 4 iron, that is still very tough to bend that much but if you did, it would make the offset increase by at least 2 to 2.5mm which would make the head look very odd down in the playing position compared to the real 4 iron. And then you would have the effect of the 4* bend on the sole angle – you would eliminate all bounce from the sole and turn the sole angle into a scoop/digger sole which would likely bring about a higher incidence of “fat shots”. Sorry but neither one of these is a viable solution. What you want, a VERY low loft iron that is heavy in weight, just does not exist anywhere in the game, I am very sorry to say.

  4. Hey Tom,

    I would like a 2-iron (18 degree) club at a 63.5 degree lie angle. I have a set of single lengths that are custom fit to my wtf measurement, and are all a 63.5 degree lie angle. Is this possible? I need a driving iron that i can swing faster. Thanks!

    • ANDY

      I’d say it would be pretty difficult to impossible to find a 2 iron head that could be suitable for the headweight you would need as well as to be able to be bent that much upright to match the rest of the heads in your set. First of all, none of the single length companies make a 2 iron so you would have to use a 2 iron designed for use in a conventional lengths set. In such a case the 2 iron head would be likely around 232 grams in weight. if your single length set is made on the basis of a 7 iron or 8 iron length, you would need to get the 2 iron head’s weight up to those weights, which would likely be between 267 and 274 grams. Trying to add 35-42 grams to any head would be nigh on impossible to do. Then you have the lie situation. most 2 irons made for us in a conventional lengths set would have a lie angle of around 58*. Only a forged carbon steel iron would survive a bend from 58 to 63.5 and even at that it would take someone with a LOT of bending experience to do that much of a bend so as to render the head undamanged in any way. But the other point is that if you think a driving iron made to the length of your single length irons could be swung faster than a driving iron made to a normal driving iron length, that’s highly unlikely to happen. Normal 2 iron length would be 39.5 to 40″. Your single length set length is for sure shorter than that by a good bit. Shorter length means slower clubhead speed 99.8% of the time. Sorry I did not have better news but these are the facts you face with trying to incorporate a 2 iron into a single length set.

  5. I’m looking into options for my son. He is an aspiring College golfer that wants to take his 2 hybrid out of the bag and replace it with a 2-iron. Which shaft would be better for one of your driving iron heads? A hybrid Shaft or an iron shaft? Thanks.

    • KEITH

      Not knowing why your son might wish to replace his 2H with a 2i, I have to guess that perhaps a part of the reason could be that he feels he hits the 2H higher and with less control than he might with the 2 iron. If so then the driving iron would best be shafted with an iron shaft, using the same exact shaft that he has in his iron set and built to the same swingweight as well. The 590DIH driving irons are designed and mfg’d with an 0.335″ parallel bore to accept one of our hybrid shafts but the heads can definitely be reamed to accept any iron shaft, whether that be 0.355″ taper tip or a 0.370″ parallel. Reaming needs to be done by someone with experience and the right clamp and drill press with proper reamers to do it the right way with the least amount of hassle. The hosel reaming work can be done by Diamond Golf who would ship the head to the clubmaker who would do the work.

  6. Tom,

    Just got a custom set of your Sterlings 4-LW made and I was wondering if you think the 2 or 3 590DIH would be a better gap filler between my 3 wood (15 degree) and the Sterling 4 iron (19 degree) It says 18 for the 2 and 21 for the 3 iron. Any thoughts/recommendations from your experience? I am a scratch golfer with a smooth 110 mps driver swing. Thanks!

    • Robert:
      Me thinking personally as a golfer, I am not a big fan of low loft irons because they require a pretty healthy clubhead speed to get the ball elevated high enough to carry the shot far enough. This is because irons always have their center of gravity located right behind the face. Fwy woods and hybrids tend to do better at lower lofts than irons of the same loft because with their broader body, their CG is much farther back from the face. This causes the shot to be able to be elevated a little higher, and a little easier with less clubhead speed than an iron of the same loft with its more forward CG position. Now if you are a decent ball striker with an iron clubhead speed of >80mph, then fine, you meet the criteria to be able to hit a driving iron as well as a hybrid or high loft wood for that place in your bag between the wood and Sterling 4 iron. If you can hit the Sterling 4 iron high enough to make it carry farther than the 5 iron, then for sure you have the skill and speed to make the driving iron work – especially since the DI would be longer than the Sterling irons. But, the lowest loft DI is 18* and that would be perhaps a little close to the 19* loft of the 4 iron. On the other hand, with the DI being likely 2″ or so longer than the Sterlings, that would increase clubhead speed enough that with the 1* lower loft, the DI could offer a reasonable spacing of distance over the 4 iron. Bending the loft of the DI down to 17* might help a little more too. BUt as a very good player, you’ll want to have your clubmaker measure all lofts on the 4 iron and DI to be absolutely sure of the gap being there. ALL irons from ALL companies have a +/-1* tolerance so when you get any clubhead, its loft may or may not be what is stated as the spec. Hope this helps,

  7. Amen to that! Thanks Tom

  8. Thanks Tom for the comeback on the 590DIHs. So much to think about and analyze! I do use standard length clubs in my hybrids and I am working with Sherm Haworth on figuring out the best configuration of my bag. Right now, I am nibbling around the edges of my set, first with the 919 driver, and then SR2(5) putter, before I get to jumping in to the iron set I ultimately settle on. Believe me, we the people of skeptical big marketing schemes really do appreciate you and your tremendous network of club fitters who help us make sound, scientific decisions without hype and marketing buzz….

    • Michael:

      Here is the very best advice I can give you, hands down. Ask Sherm what he recommends for your set makeup and specs and don’t doubt one word of what he says. I put Sherm in the top five of clubfitter/clubmakers in the whole world. No doubt about that. So when I read you were working with him, I knew the answer immediately to your dilemma !


  9. Hi Tom, I currently use a 3 & 4 hybrid and my irons start at the 5. Occasionally I will dig out a very old Titleist Tour Model 3 iron (1990 vintage) as a means to drive it straight, long and more importantly accurate. I like using the 24 degree 4 hybrid for trouble from the rough, and to hit a nice long draw, about 190 yards. I don’t like it for accurate drives though from the tee, so I am thinking having a driving iron made for me. Question becomes comparing distances, 3, 4, or 5? What are your thoughts?

    • MIKE
      I can’t tell you for sure about distances you would achieve with the Sterling low loft irons because I do not know your clubhead speed OR your angle of attack on the downswing. Those two things tell the whole story about how far you would hit any club. My guess is that if you can hit a 24* hybrid at 190 yds ( I don’t know the length of that hybrid though which is critical to a correct evaluation ) that you should be able to elevate a 23* iron at 36.5″ length, but you may not be able to get the full proper distance from the 19* #4 iron at that 8 iron length. If you were to use a conventional length iron of 20* (39″) you would probably be ok because that much more length would increase your clubhead speed to generate enough ball speed and spin to properly hit a 20* driving iron.

  10. Hi Tom. I am currently using your 771 irons with Wishon Superlite stiff flex tipped 1in. As well as a 2 775 hybrid with Wishon white hybrid stiff shaft. I am looking for a driving iron and shaft that will give me a low ball flight? Currently I hit the ball pretty high and would like a dependable driving iron giving me a low penetrating ball flight! I am very happy with the current makeup of my set just need this add on. Any recommendations?

    • WARREN

      thanks very much for your post and your interest in our work. we appreciate that very much. Last year we did introduce the 590DIH driving irons in a #2 (18*), #3 (21*) and #4 (24*) in right hand. They are a high COR face design with variable thickness face construction, the same as what we did in the 771CSI irons. While driving irons don’t sell in the volume other models do because it is a specialty model, I can tell you the comments we have had from clubmakers and golfers who have bought one of them have been extremely positive.


    • Can you recommend a shaft or shaft to help with a lower more penetrating ball flight…. Jacques Lavack fit me for my WIshon set

    • Warren

      It is not possible for us by email to recommend a shaft for a golfer. Proper shaft fitting requires knowing the clubhead speed AND seeing the golfer’s swing motion to evaluate their downswing transition force, downswing tempo, point of release and then to talk to them a lot to determine if they have a specific like and dislike about the bending feel of the shaft in their clubs from their playing experience. Jacques is one of the very best and most experienced clubfitters in all of North America so I would strongly recommend that you see him to have him do your in person shaft fitting evaluation. But typically when a golfer is looking for a low flight shaft, he looks for a shaft that has two things – a swing speed rating that is a little higher than what the golfer’s actual clubhead speed is, so the overall stiffness is a little stiffer THAN WHAT YOU HAVE, and then a shaft that also has a stiffer tip section design THAN WHAT YOU HAVE NOW. Hope this helps and thanks for your interest,


  11. Hi Tom,

    Tweo weeks ago i updated my bag with teh SLI irons. I am looking to replace my hybrids with the Driving Irons. My length is 37″in my SLI irons. I was thinking about using 37,5″ for the 4and 3 Driving iron. Can you give me some advice? Thanks Alex

    • ALEX:
      it certainly is a viable choice to use the 590DIH driving irons to replace normal hybrids. but I would not recommend doing them at 37″ because for the low lofts of the 590 DI’s, the short of a length may reduce your clubhead speed enough that it would be difficult for you to achieve a proper shot height to maximize the carry distance of the irons. Because these 590’s are NOT at the 274 gram headweight of the single length irons, you cannot make them to be anywhere close to the length of the Sterling irons – they’d be way too low in the swingweight with way too light of a head feel if you try that. So there is no way you can do these close to the single length. That being the case, then instead you can and should make these to at least 38 to 39″ in length so you can get the clubhead speed to make these low loft irons fly well enough to get you proper distance.


  12. Hi Tom, I am going to be replacing my hybrids in the next week or two. My complaint with them is that I always felt I hit them too high. Comparing the 590’s vs the 335 hybrids (which I gather is the lower hitting of your hybrids) is there any discernible difference between these clubs – or, what are the differences? Thanks!

    • SEAN

      Because of the lower and more rear located center of gravity in a hybrid vs an iron, this is why some players do hit hybrids higher and sometimes even fight ballooning the ball a bit with them. Especially those players with higher than average clubhead speed. and also with the 335’s because they do have a lower CG than our other hybrid, the 775HS. Couple of things you can try. One would be if you like the looks, shape of the hybrid behind the ball, you could ream the bore to 0.355 taper or to 0.370 parallel and install an iron shaft – smart thing would be to install the same iron shaft you use in the irons. Iron shafts are stiffer than most every hybrid shaft and that can bring the ball flight down.

      The other is as you ask, moving to a driving iron like the 590DIH should bring the shot height down even with the same shaft you use in the 335 hybrids because irons always have the CG a little higher, and definitely a lot closer to the face than does any hybrid. The driving iron can also be reamed from its original hosel bore of 0.335 parallel to take an iron shaft if desired.

      Thanks, hope this helps a little,

  13. Hi Tom

    I am a pro from Northern Ireland, just recently fitted and put together a 590 2 iron head with the s2 blank hybrid shaft and have to say I am really impressed. The best driving iron I’ve ever hit, great distance and forgiveness. Great club.


    • Thank you Ben, we appreciate the feedback very much! We’ve very pleased to hear you like the performance of the model !


  14. How might the design of the 590DIH driving irons complement the ‘long’ end (in distance) of the Sterling single length set? I.e., do you think a 3i in the 590DIH (presumably with some customization of loft and lie, as well as thoughtful choice of shaft) might be a logical extension or complement to the long end of the sterling set? Thanks for your view and insights on this.

    • SCOTT
      First off, my sincere apology for the big delay in responding. The notification feature for posts and comments was not working so we haven’t seen the posts being made here for us to respond. That’s a big Ooops. Sorry about that.

      While the high COR face and low CG of the 590 driving irons most certainly would be a good way to design a lower loft head in the Sterling set, the actual 590’s themselves would be tough to try to use to add on a lower loft end to the set. They’re too light and too flat to be made to the single length of the Sterlings because they are designed for “normal” iron lengths of 39.5 for the #2, 39″ for the #3 and 38.5″ for the #4. That makes them 42g, 35g and 28g too light to be an 8 iron length – and you just can’t add that much weight to any iron head.

      Depending on your clubhead speed and of course depending on what the lofts are of the heads in your current set, you may hit the #5 in the Sterling as far as your current #5 iron or as far as your current #4 iron. So what you do about the clubs above the Sterling #5 is this – you carefully note the distance you hit the Sterling 5 iron for a good, solid on center shot. Add 15 yds to that. Then use your playing experience of remembering how far you hit this loft with that length to choose a length and loft from either a hybrid or a high loft fwy wood that can get you that +15 yds over the distance of a well hit Sterling #5.

      Then you add 15 yds to that and do it all over again to determine the next club up from that one. Give you an example with ME. last year at the end of development, I took a prototype set fit to me and put them in my bag and played for a month on my course where I new clubs and distances like the back of my hand. I’m 78-80mph with the 8 iron length with a -2.5 to -3* downward A of A with that length.

      I hit the Sterling #5 188-190 yds (remember I live at 6500 feet elevation). So my next club above that was a 39.5″ 21* hybrid that I hit @205 carry. next after that came a 41″ 17* #4 wood which I hit @ 220 carry (an old ski injury to my right arm causes me to now release longer length clubs sooner than I do with shorter length clubs, hence the reason I “only” hit this 17* #4 wood about 220 yds).

      So that’s how it is done to find the clubs beyond the Sterling single length irons.


  15. Thanks! That makes sense, was just trying to recycle a shaft but I’ll just pick up a hybrid one when I order the head.

    Thanks again!

  16. Hello!

    What would the proper tipping instructions be when using the 2 iron if I’m installed one of your 85 gram X black shafts?


    • AUSTIN

      While the 590DIH driving irons are made with a 0.335″ bore, my intent was for them to be used with the hybrid shafts in our shaft design line. Or the hosel bore could be reamed to 0.355 or 0.370 so that an iron shaft could be used and from that, allow the golfer to match the shaft in the driving iron to the shafts in his irons. Certainly it is possible to use a wood shaft in the 590s. But in doing so, that sort of puts the player out into the ozone/hinterlands when it comes to how to trim the shaft and how it will play. IN truth, what limits this is the fact that graphite wood shafts have only a 3″ parallel tip section at most. Above that the shafts taper larger up toward the middle and butt of the shaft. So that means you can only cut around a max of 1 3/4″ off the tip to be sure there is enough of the 0.335 tip section left to fit into the hosel bore. So all that usually means using a wood shaft in a hybrid or driving iron ends up making the shaft play more flexible than what it was designed to be in a wood. Only way to overcome this is, 1) choose a full flex more in the shaft to begin with than what you need 2) cut more off the tip but then you have to figure out how to ream the hosel bore to fit what ever the shaft’s diameter is at the additional point you cut the shaft up to. Sorry there’s no easy solution to this. If you need an X type flex due to a high clubhead speed, you probably would be better off using the Black S Hybrid shaft and tip trimming it 1″ for the 590 #2.

      Hope this helps,


  17. Hi Tom,

    what is the right way to go in terms of shaft? Last year I was fitted for the Black series of shafts which suits me very well. Should I take a normal iron shaft or should I take a hybrid shaft for my 590DIH?

    Thank you for your answer and the amazing work of TWGT,

    • ED:

      In all honesty, I would first go the route of the hybrid shaft. The driving irons are much lower in loft vs your other irons and that right there no matter the high COR face or the sole design is going to make it more work to get the ball well up in the air to fly. Having a little help in the form of the hybrid shaft can make a difference for some to many golfers over jumping right in with the same iron shaft they use in the irons. This is why I designed the 590s with a 0.335 bore – with that as stock it fits our hybrid shafts right off the get go. But then if the player does choose to go with the same shaft he has in his irons, the bore can easily be reamed to accept whatever iron shaft the player desires.

      Thanks much for your kind comment!! Much appreciated!

  18. Hi Tom, I am currently gaming a set of 771 irons from 6-AW. What will be the performance difference or characteristic if I add a 5 irons 771 as compared to a 5 iron loft590DIH Driving Iron (4 irons bend to 26 degree), assuming that the shaft, length and MOI remain the same….. thanks

    • FLASH
      In all honesty the performance difference for distance between the 771-5 iron and a 590-4 bent to 5 iron loft would not be any different. Perhaps there would be a TINY increase in off center hit performance with the 771 over the 590 because the face area size of the 771 is a little larger than that of the 590. So that could generate a very small increase in the off center hit variable thickness face flexing from the slightly larger area of the 771. But at best it would be VERY small and probably not really noticeable to most golfers. So it would be a 6 of one, half dozen of the other which means the decision is made on the basis of which head you would be more comfortable looking down on.


  19. No left hand? 🙁

    • Sorry about that but as a small company, we have to wait and watch to see the popularity of any new model in its RH form before we can make the decision as to wheter we can offer it in left hand. In my 30 yrs of head design work, never yet has any left hand model sold more than 8% of the units it will in the RH version. Not once in 30 yrs. This figure comes from watching unit sales of models over the years at the companies I have designed for, including ours here. And it is understandable since 6% of US golfers play left handed while 15% do in Canada. With tooling die costs being what they are, and with the head production factories having minimum production quantity requirements, we do have to be sure that a model is popular enough in the RH version to enable the statistics of left hand model sales to be able to add up to make it possible for us to do the left hand dies and production. Sorry about that as this is one of the aspects of my work that I really hate – be so much easier if golf clubs were like bats or rackets !!

    • Anything new regarding LH driving iron ?

      I recently purchased a driver and wedges via Rosenberg in Denmark – VERY PLEASED !!!
      Now i would really love a driving iron and some irons.
      So sorry that you don’t do that !
      I understand your sales issues, but still :O)

    • THOMAS

      Sorry about that but so far, the right hand demand for the driving irons is just not nearly enough to tell us that it could be a wise investment to produce the model in left hand. And yes, it is tragic that there is no other way around this problem. But I am pleased that you are working with Thomas in Denmark for your fitting needs !


  20. Tom this design literally hits it straight out of the park! From the minute we saw the design we knew it was going to be a great head, little did we know how much it was going to absolutely blow the competition away! We tested this head yesterday against the Taylormade UDI and callaway Apex UT which was 1degree stronger, with the identical shaft using fitting club conex fittings and the 591 DHI out performed both other heads by an average of 25 yards!

    This head is amazingly foregiving unlike the competition which both the TM and Callaway if you didnt hit them just right you could forget about it they were all over the place and felt like hitting rocks if it wasnt pured.

    Tom this design is more than we ever imagined it would be! It was difficult to not hit this iron straight! All we can say is wow! We tested this head using UST/Mamiya TSPX Irod shafts and also UST TSPX VTS Hybrid shafts which we used the same shafts with all 3 heads and the same person striking the ball. Granted all golfers testing were 4 handicap or less, but the results were outstanding the average drive with the 591 DHI was 275 on a carry the average for the others was 255-265. This head blew everyone away in terms of playability as well, even mis hit shots off center flew straight and had dispersion patterns less than 20 yards total deviation. The competition if they werent hit on center, they werent going anywhere near where you wanted the ball to wind up. Shame on the OEM’s there heads are not playable or enjoyable at all in comparison to this head!

    All in all you blew the competition away as usual! Thanks for this design its amazing! Is this head 2010 compliant? All we can say is WOW this head is a home run!

    • thanks very much for sharing your experience with the new 590 driving irons. interesting point is that because the #2, 3 and 4 of the 590DIH are all under 25* loft, that means the scorelines do NOT have to conform to the 2010 USGA groove rule change. That rule change specifically has a cut off of 25* loft for having to subscribe to the new groove radius and groove area edicts in that 2010 rule change. Thanks so much !!!


  21. When will the driving irons be available for shipping to South Africa.


    • EDDY

      The new 590DIH driving irons are now in stock and we are filling back orders for these clubheads presently.


  22. Tom, I really like the design of the HDI irons. I much prefer the look of an iron than a wood type hybrid. Especially on par 3’s. I know that it’s a thought process thing with me, but, I roll my wrists through the impact zone better with an iron. I practice and play with wd type hybrids trying to get that same feeling, but, haven’t perfected that yet. If the HDI’s work like I believe they will for me, I can devote that extra practice time to the short game (much needed). Hope that the HDI’s are released soon:)

    One other thing that I would like to comment on is the Ratings and Reviews block, like the one above. Within the block the title is, Ratings and Reviews. Some time ago I thought that by clicking in the box area that it would take me to another page that showed the ratings and reviews. The only thing that lights up are the stars. I didn’t realize at the time that this was to only rate the product. I know now that the block area is for rating only and below the box are the reviews and comments. I don’t remember what I rated or how many stars because I was not realizing what I was doing. Sorry about that. I’m just thinking that there are probably a lot of other folks doing this same thing. One reason I believe this is because there are presently 44 votes cast for the HDI’s in the above block with no shipments, (as far as I know of course). I’m thinking that possibly the block area may need to say something like, Click on the stars to rate the product, and, see below for comments and reviews. Thank you.

    • ORAN

      Thanks very much for your comments and for your patience with us in the eventual delivery of the 590DIH driving irons. Sometimes it does happen with a brand new model there can be delays because the factory has never manufactured the head in production. Each new head model can bring little nuances with it to the production process that the factory has to get used to because they have never produced it before. I did design these driving irons to be a more iron type hybrid for players who just never liked the conventional hybrid design that can look like a “chopped off fairway wood”, for lack of a more descriptive term.

      I thank you for your comment on the Ratings and Reviews format. It is a bit different in terms of clicking on the star of choice – this being a Word Press format website, this is the ratings and review format that comes along with the Word Press site set up. So we’re looking into this to see if nothing else whether we could blank it out before a model actually is in stock and being shipped vs before that happens.


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