• Higher MOI for greater off-center hit performance from a slightly longer heel to toe profile combined with an increased side and back wall thickness.
  • Split-level sole design ensures enough sole width to keep the CG low and back from the face to increase launch angle, but the narrow split-sole surface  reduces the sole to ground contact to allow more solid contact from the rough and to allow players to “knock the ball down”.
  • Designed to be built to iron lengths.  Twin weight bores in each head allows a wide range of swingweight, length and shaft weight options in fitting for golfers.
  • Same hosel to leading edge design as an iron to blend in more smoothly with the typical low offset of any conventional iron design.
  • Increased hosel length to allow for slightly easier lie bending adjustments.
  • 0.335″ bore diameter to match with TWGT’s superb light and tour weight hybrid shafts – thousands of golfers have learned the secret to TWGT’s superior high launch hybrid performance are the unique TWGT designed S2S White and S2S Gold Tour hybrid shafts, available in both 72g Light Weight and 95g Tour Weight versions.
  • 331H hybrid irons available in RH in #2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and in LH in #3, 4.
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Andrew Kennan
6 years ago

Hi Tom Was devastated to hear that the 331H Hybrid range was discontinued. I have the #4 hybrid iron and it’s rhe best club in my bag. Bought it in 2014 and decided to get the rest but unfortunately I couldn’t. Tried the other types of hybrid but it just doesn’t have the same look and feel at address and I’m not very confident at choosing it whilst playing a round. Is there any club fitters anywhere in the world that could possibly still have these clubs lying around somewhere that I could purchase? My clubfitter here in Scotland has… Read more »

Tom Wishon
6 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Kennan

I think you might be OK with the new 318RS hybrid heads that are new this year. They are pretty similar in head shape and face progression to the older 331 hybrid heads. They are all black which is different than the grey metallic gloss of the 331, but perhaps that would not be a distraction. The heads of course are in stock down south of you in England at Diamond Golf and can be seen on the wishongolf.com website. Hope this helps,

Alan Peskett
5 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Kennan

Hi Andrew,
I have just been having a sort out and came across a few of these. I have a 2, 3, 4 and 6. New unused heads. Let me know. alanpeskett@diamondgolf.co.uk

6 years ago

Hi, are the bore weights hand medallions included

Tom Wishon
6 years ago

The heads that have a weight bore that requires a medallion to cover the weight bore are shipped shrink wrapped in cello with the medallion included. The medallion is always placed LOOSE on top of the sole weight bore. The cello shrink wrap keeps that loose medallion in place so when you tear off the wrapping on the head, be careful as the medallion will pop out. It is an adhesive back medallion, BUT we always recommend you put a little dab of epoxy on the recess cavity over the weight bore to add much more holding power to the… Read more »

Kevin Conlin
11 years ago

These are really versatile hybrids and easily worth more than they sell for. Very forgiving without being too large and better feeling/sounding that the original Wishon hybrids. Great touch with the extra weight bore in the sole. I don’t love these quite as much as the fairways, but they are still fantastic clubs. The correct .335 shaft really does help elevate your ball flight, but if you don’t need the assistance then you can always ream them for .370.

Chris Christopherson
11 years ago

Here is the answer for anyone who cannot hit a long iron. It is the best for really getting that second shot to fly. It is the 331H,#3, 21* Hybrid. I have this in my bag using a Wishon High Launch 335 Graphite shaft. A great combination that makes the fairway ball strike a natural game improvement club. I offer the club to other golfers who don’t carry a long iron and they make good shots even when using it for the first time. A great help for the club maker is the .335 bore for more shaft selections. A… Read more »

Tim Boedigheimer
11 years ago

The 331 Hybrid Irons have been a mainstay in the Wishon hybrid components design. The 331 hybrids feature a longer hosel design to adjust Face/Lie angle by +/- 2 degrees for a better custom fit for your golfing customers. Matching the 331 heads to Wishon’s S2S white or Gold Tour hybrid shafts offer you a hybrid that easily replaces the long irons in your bag and gives you a hybrid club that is very easy to hit and oftentimes out perform OEM hybrids that are on the market.

Elke golfer zou een 331H hybride moeten hebben. Deze club is zo makkelijk te slaan en geeft zoveel lengte en controle dat het een lust is deze club uit de tas te pakken. In de fairway maar zeker ook in de semi-rough is dit de club die u altijd het beste resultaat geeft.