Soft, forged carbon steel traditional cavity back design with TWGT custom grind sole

  • A traditional shape, forged cavity back design with a classic tour grind sole, similar to what the top players in the game prefer.
  • Full face to back sole radius with heavily rounded leading edge to deliver more shotmaking consistency from lies in the fairway and rough.
  • Thin topline, low offset and classic players’ shape make the 555C a design admired by all discerning golfers.
  • True forged from soft 1035 carbon steel through a 5-step forging process which affords greater production shape/grind consistency.
  • 555C and 555M are designed to match perfectly with each other for true custom mix and match cavity to muscleback set makeup.
  • Bright satin nickel chrome electroplating finish with glass bead blast highlights.
  • Available in RH in #2-9, PW, AW, SW.
  • Produced with post-2010 new USGA scorelines.
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6 years ago

Hello Tom! I’ve gotten my hands on a set of 550c and they’re about the best clubs I’ve ever hit! According to alot of people I’m not supposed to be able to play blades, but I’m doing really well. I love them! The thing is, I fear they’re getting a little old, and I’ve been looking to buy a new set of irons, but I’ve yet to come across a modern club, blade or otherwise that I like more. So I looked up the origin of your clubs (I didn’t know much about you or your clubs beforehand tbh) just… Read more »

Tom Wishon
6 years ago
Reply to  Johan

JOHAN Thanks very much for your message. It’s fun to hear that you discovered the 550C’s which were our very first forged carbon steel iron design that debuted in spring 2003 and stayed in the product line until 2008. The current cavity back forging that we offer is the 575MMC Cavity Back. It is forged from the same exact carbon steel as the 550C and all other manufacturing processes are the same from a metallurgical sense. The 575 is however a little smaller in overall head size compared to the 550C. Not a lot but to the discerning eye, it… Read more »

Gerald Garrison
9 years ago

Mr. Wishon, Just thought I should report. In order to sell more product, I felt I should be playing it. Well the driver, a 919 9* is twenty yards longer and more accurate than my Bridgestone 445. The fairway 3 and 5 929 also much better. 560 irons excellent. I am now going try the Micro wedges. I am also going to build a smooth 7 putter.I use the arm anchor style. I have developed a system where by I can build to the specs that account for the added loft and shaft off set needed for this style by… Read more »

Tom Wishon
9 years ago

Gerald Thanks so much for taking the time to post your comments of your experience in having fit yourself with our designs. That’s really great news to hear that the clubs are performing better for you than your previous clubs!!!!! News like this is always a great way for us to get a big smile on our faces here at Wishon GOlf. And I have to think that the performance might have brought a little bit of a smile to you as well !!! Thanks so much for your support and we wish you all the best as you tell… Read more »

John Dranschak
11 years ago

This is a fantastic iron for the better player wanting some forgiveness in his irons. Nice traditional look at address, great feel and performance. Best of all it can be matched with the 555M to provide a custom forged set where the golfer wants some forgiveness in the longer irons but the feel of a blade in the shorter irons.