Compact, Traditional Head Shape and Profile in a Deep Cavity Back, Full Game Improvement Iron Design


  • 752TC is a deep cavity back investment cast design, made from 431 stainless steel with more side wall weighting for higher perimeter weighting which means better feel and more distance when hit off-center.
  • 752TC irons feature a slightly thicker top line and an extended weight pad off the back of the sole to move the Center of Gravity farther back from the face; Moving the CG back helps to increase the trajectory of the ball for more carry distance and better backspin.
  • The rear weight pad reduces in size in each 752TC iron as the loft increases down through the set; as loft increases, there is less need for a design feature that increase trajectory.
  • Offset is progressive from 6mm on the #3-iron down to 2mm on the wedges. More offset places the CG farther behind the shaft which in turn increases the trajectory on the lower loft iron heads.
  • 752TC irons also feature the TWGT “Smart-Sole” design – semi-wide sole area for lower CG but with the front and back edges of the sole beveled to reduce sole surface contact for less chance of “fat shots.”
  • Finished in Brilliant Mirror polish with laser cut TW logo metal medallion in the back cavity.
  • Available in RH and LH.  RH in #3-9, PW, AW, SW, LW; LH in #3-9, PW, SW.
  • Produced with post-2010 new USGA scorelines.

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    1 year ago

    Anyone have a 742tc 5 iron they want to part with. Missing one out of a set I just purchased used.

    2 years ago

    Does anyone have a pitching wedge they want to part with?
    I’ve had my set since 2004 and my son used them and left the pitching wedge and now it’s in someone else bag

    3 years ago

    Hi there Tom Wishon, I’ve been using this 752TC irons since 2014 till now 2020, the irons is still great till now.. May I know what year does 752TC came out ?

    Gavin Townsend
    3 years ago

    I have the 752TC in 6,8,PW,SW and LW and want to know what year they were discontinued? They form the backbone of my casual half set.

    Leo Noordhuizen
    5 years ago

    I still am playing these irons, but have decided to build myself a new set of irons.
    Getting at an age where hitting the ball a long way gets a real challenge, I wonder which currently available Wishon Irons I should look at. Improved distance is on the top of my list, but I dont like thick toplines and I dont like big offsets either.
    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Tom Wishon
    5 years ago

    Hi Leo
    You might think about the 771CSI. High COR variable thickness face in a carbon steel body with low-ish offset and a thin topline. You could have the lofts bend down 1-2* to help add to the high COR face for a little more distance since the 771’s are easy to bend.

    George Riviere
    11 years ago

    Love these irons! At setup these irons look more like traditional blade irons and less like bulky game improvement irons. I’ve played these clubs for several years and have not been disappointed in their quality or playing characteristics. A great design for both low and high handicappers. They can be bent to satisfy all swing paths. Wishon also carries a large variety of steel and composite shafts that can enhance every player’s game.

    Joe Kreitzman
    11 years ago

    752TC is a wonderful iron head. Great feel, spins the ball well, and the sole is perfect for bermuda grass. Top performing iron head.

    11 years ago

    The 752TC’s are quality at a price you can afford. I have built countless sets of this long standing design and have many very happy golfers. Excellent standard of manufacture coupled with Tom’s design ability make this model one of best.
    Damian Donnelly