Hybrid Body Irons with Thin-Face High COR Design


  • Ultra-thin, high-strength steel, high COR faces exist all the way from the #2 through to the #6
  • 785HF Soles are ‘split-level’ designed to reduce the actual sole to turf contact to allow for ease of play from fairway and rough conditions
  • 785HF ideal as high COR long iron replacement for golfers who prefer to keep part of their iron set as conventional irons
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Jeffrey Jenkins
2 years ago

I have a #4 785HF club head with a .370 hosel which surprised me as the #2 through #6 clubs are supposed to be .335. Were any of these club heads made .370 hosels or am I just a lucky recipient of a custom club?

Jeff Fones
6 years ago

What are the lofts of the 7-PW in the old 785 hybrids?

Tom Wishon
6 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Fones

Sure thing, happy to help. 785-7 = 35*; 8 = 39*; 9 = 43.5*; PW = 48*. Wish the sales of these had been bigger so that we would not have been forced to discontinue the 7 to PW part of this model. I do think there is definite benefit from an all hybrid iron set for quite a few golfers but creating and inventorying any model is not possible without sufficient demand. Thanks,

Dick Holterman
11 years ago

Would using a 335 tip hybrid shaft with shims work well with the 785’s 7 to PW? These heads must not have been very strong in the market place

Tom Wishon
11 years ago
Reply to  Dick Holterman

DICK: Yes, you can use the 0.335 tip hybrid shafts in those 0.370 bore heads with a shim. Yes, it is true when we had this full set 785HF model, the #7 to PW did not sell nearly as much as did the lower loft models. And of course, this is because the vast majority of golfers see a hybrid as a low loft iron replacement club. But we did have some who went for the full set, mostly it was slower swing speed players, and the reports back were that they liked them over their conventional irons. Actually, the… Read more »