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Welcome to Wishon Golf’s Clubmaker Portal


All Wishon Golf club makers should be aware that from October 1, 2016, the Wishon Golf brand will be owned and operated by Diamond Golf International, from the UK.

You will be pleased to know that Tom Wishon will still be involved in the business, although not in the day-to-day operations. He will still be passing on his years of club design and club fitting experience to Wishon Golf customers.

This section of the website is designed to educate golfers about the tangible game improvement benefits of full specifications, professional clubfitting and to help golfers find you and your fellow custom clubmakers so they can be custom fit for their next set of clubs.

Our password protected Wishon Golf Online Store is solely for trade customers. If you do not have a Wishon Golf account please click here.

Hopefully you will find much of the information you need within this Clubmakers Page. All of the new and updated technical product information and the S2S Shaft Fitting program is available at this web site.

If you are a regular Wishon Golf clubmaker customer, we thank you for your support and we want you to realize we will always do more than any other clubmaking supplier to promote your clubfitting services to golfers.

If you are a clubmaker and you have not been working with Wishon Golf for your custom clubmaking component needs, we welcome you to spend some time on our web site to discover why Wishon Golf is truly the very best clubmaking supplier in the golf equipment industry.

We create the very best designs in the industry, we offer the very best technical information and we support the business of clubmakers more than any other company.  Please call us at 844-552-3437 (toll-free USA) or 1-844-552-3437 (toll free Canada). Alternatively you can email us at and we would be honored to have the opportunity to explain how we can help you make your clubfitting and clubmaking business more successful.