Future Pro Jr

Future Pro Junior Driver


  • Please scroll down to read comments about the Future Pro set.
  • The Future Pro stainless steel driver offers a high quality and more durable alternative to cheap aluminum junior heads at a “parent friendly”, economical price.
  • The Future Pro driver is designed with TWGT’s hosel weight bore to allow proper weight fitting for juniors.
  • Designed primarily for junior players, ages 6 to 11, with increased loft (15°) to better match to the slower swing speeds of young junior golfers.

Future Pro Junior Fairway Woods


  • The Future Pro stainless steel fairway woods also offer a quality alternative to cheap aluminum woodheads at a “parent friendly”, economical price.
  • The Future Pro fairway woods are also designed with TWGT’s hosel weight bore to allow proper weight fitting.
  • Designed primarily for junior players, ages 6 to 11, with increased loft (#3-wood 20°, #5-wood 25°) to truly help young juniors more easily get the ball up to fly off the fairway.

Future Pro Junior Irons


  • The Future Pro stainless steel ironheads also offer a quality alternative to cheap zinc ironheads at a “parent friendly”, economical price.
  • Mirror polish, stainless steel ironheads available in #5 (32° loft), #7 (40°), #9 (48°), DW (Dual Wedge 54°) to also help young players more easily get the ball well up to fly.
  • Future Pro iron lie angles are also designed flatter to better fit juniors.  However, because the Future Pro irons are made from stainless steel, they can easily be bent for lie or loft fitting as needed.

Future Pro Junior Putter


  • Classic heel and toe weighted putter design for juniors.

Future Pro Junior Shafts


  • Future Pro Steel and Graphite Shafts allow Clubmakers to be able to offer parents an option as well as create a wider range for shaft fitting and price consideration to the parents.
  • Future pro graphite shafts are very affordably priced to encourage parents to use the proper lighter weight shafts for the younger junior players.
  • TWGT has specifically designed the Future Pro shafts to be the right flexibility for junior players, Ages 6 to 11.   We recommend graphite Future Pro shafts for younger juniors, steel Future Pro shafts for the little older kids as they get stronger.


Fitting Assembly Chart and Tip Trim Information for Juniors

A 360º view of the Future Pro Clubs

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Future Pro Jr, 3.9 out of 5 based on 12 ratings


  1. Tom,

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, I will take your feedback to heart as I move forward. I will send Mary Ellen an email this morning and look forward to offering your Future Pro line to my potential juniors.

    Regards Jerome Alba

    • Happy to help, always. Thanks for your interest,

  2. Tom,

    Im begining to see an needed niche in my area for junior clubs so in doing some researh on components Im running into some confusion.

    1: Regarding the different weights for junior components: example your future pro 7 iron is 40* loft and 262 grams vs 34* 250 grams vs 37* 167 grams from other sites. which is correct?

    2: The varing suggested lengths these clubs should be: example future pro Driver 37 to 38″ long for 54″ tall boy, other sites 36″ long. I know there are lots of variables involved as my son just played in his first US Kids golf tournament this weekend in the 7 year old age group. of the 3 boys he was 1 to 4 inches taller and out weighed the other 2 by 5 to 10 pounds.

    3: Set make up how many clubs should a junior have, does it depend on age/experience? example future pro set contains 7 clubs, some 6 clubs. What is your suggestion on how many clubs a junior in (air quotes) should have?

    I eagerly await your thoughts as a respected opinion in the industry. Also I would like to re establish my account with your company so I can utilize the future pro line for my potential junior clients. My primary customer base is beginner and juniors.

    regards Jerome

    • JEROME

      Good for you that you are thinking about doing more work with juniors. There is nothing better than encouraging kids to get into this great game and you are to be patted on the back for helping to provide the kids with proper equipment to help their entry into the game. To answer your questions in order:

      1. I designed the Future Pro clubheads in 2003 for the first year of our company. The lofts I chose back then pretty much reflected what the trends were in loft for jr clubhead designs. Since then the rest of the industry has gone into this insane trend to continue to reduce lofts on irons and unfortunately that has also extended over into kids clubheads too. So what you see in the lower loft kids clubs today is simply a product of the trend to lower the lofts on all clubs for adults too. I like keeping the lofts a little higher on my Future Pro designs because it certainly can help the kids get the ball up to fly more easily as they learn for more success sooner.

      My jr head weights are based on all the work I did in jr fitting research back when I worked for Maltby in the 80s and then for Dynacraft in the late 80s when I was doing work with the city grade schools then. Others can choose to do whatever they want with their head weight specs. While I think that a super light clubhead weight can be ok for really little kids like 4, 5, even 6 yr olds, once the kids get to be of normal size and strength as per most 7, 8, 9 yr olds then the head weights need to be heavier. Swing wise, these head weights don;t really swing that heavy because the lengths are typically still very short.

      2. You are right in that there can be such a big range in kids’ height and weight and strength as they are young and growing. Lengths in jr clubs then simply are starting point guidelines from which the clubmaker has to use his own judgment as to what he feels is appropriate for each individual child. Again, my length charts are a conglomeration of work done over many years going back to the 80s. But in all cases this matter of length really is such that the charts are a starting point of generality from which the clubmaker has to make the final decision for each kid based on an evaluation of their comfort and posture over the ball.

      3. How many clubs a jr should have is really a matter related to their skill in the game at any point. In general, the better they are in getting the ball well up to fly consistently and the higher their clubhead speed develops, the more clubs they could have in their set makeup. First and foremost the child should never have any clubs he cannot hit to get well up in the air to fly. And he should never have side by side clubs that hit the ball closer than 10 yards in distance gap. Beginning kids at 5-6 yrs old may only need a 25* wood, a 40* iron and a putter. As they get better and grow and develop consistency, then the other clubs can be added into the set makeup. be aware that in the Future Pro, I did design the woods with lots more loft just to make it easier to get the ball up – so the Driver has 15* loft, the 3w has 20* and the 5w has 25* – then as you know I did design the irons with higher lofts also to make it easier to get the ball up in the air. Kids know that golf is not a game that is any fun unless the ball is flying up in the air. That’s OK to hit grounders in Baseball but not in golf.

      To re establish your account simply contact Mary Ellen at mew@wishongolf.com mand she’ll get you all set up again. Thanks so much for your interest ,


  3. Hi Tom,

    I am looking for a set of Junior irons for my 9 year old (soon to be 10 in February). He is 80lbs and strong as an ox and started playing in Junior Tournaments only yesterday. I have him in an old set of cut down ladies clubs, Driver, 4 wood, 7 iron and a SW (old John Letters blade, which was part of a set I played with originally) and a putter. He was way behind the other boys in the threesome because the clubs at that age do make a difference but the old clubs he has have training grips on them. I am making sure he has the solid fundamentals to be able to go out and play golf by himself. Anyways, looking at the kids yesterday I am doing my son a disservice with the clubs he has at the moment and making the game too hard for him. I looked at different junior clubs and narrowed down my selection to Callaway XJ series and Cleveland Junior series but then checked the GOLFwrx site and found a link to your site. I should have known to check with your site so apologies for not in the first place. I have custom fitted irons myself from a club fitter in Dallas and wonder should I take my son to see him to get a set (only a half set)? Will you send me some information re your pricing etc. I looked at your offerings and would be keen to look at your options.

    I am also looking at setting up a small Junior Academy where I live (I have a lot of spare time at the moment) and the goal is to get 4 to 5 similar aged kids playing golf together and playing in the Junior US Kids tournaments around Austin in the new year. Where I live there are very few kids playing and obviously the more kids playing the more competition and better for their development.


    • BARRY:
      Thanks very much for your post and for your desire to help your son get into equipment that can help his development in the game as he grows. Also for your interest to set up a Junior program to help other kids get the right start in the game. While so much of the attention is focused on our designs and fitting research for adult golfers, right from Day One of the company I did want to do what I could to help in the way of good custom fit equipment for juniors. That’s why we made the effort to design the Future Pro line of component heads, shafts and grips – and the junior fitting and clubmaking information that we also offer to go with the Future Pro line.

      Perhaps you have seen the Future Pro page on our website ( http://wishongolf.com/designs/sets/future-pro-jr/ ) with the additional jr fitting info that is included as you scroll down the page. We also have other junior fitting info so if you wish, send us an email at contact@wishongolf.com and we will be glad to attach that information to our email response.

      Because properly fit junior clubs require the same assembly, bending, final weighting, shaft trimming precision that any adult custom fit requires, it would be best if you could work with your Dallas fitter if you wish to have a set fit for your son. Our wholesale pricing to the clubmakers for our Future Pro components is purposely set very low in terms of the profit side because I have always seen it more important to provide access to the right sticks for juniors – the final retail pricing as with any of our clubs as custom fit by the clubmakers is determined by each clubmaker. But we do find that most of the clubmakers do work fairly with the golfers when it comes to the Future Pro sets. And we did design the FP to be a “half set” with the available options being Driver (15*), 3w (20*), 5w (25*) and then the 5, 7, 9, wedge with a putter – matching designed Future Pro shafts in either graphite or steel are offered too at a much lower price so the clubmaker can keep the final price affordable.



  4. My junior is a lefty….. Any love for him

    • I am very sorry we have not been able to offer the Future Pro junior components in left hand. The tooling die costs for a junior set are the same as for any other head model. Unfortunately the demand for left hand junior components is simply not enough for a small, specialty design company as ours to be able to invest in the tooling to be able to produce the heads.

      I will say if your junior is getting close to 5′ tall, the left hand model 979SS irons combined with the 925HL left hand fairway woods would work fine when built in combination with our Future Pro graphite or steel shafts and Future Pro grips. the 925HL 3 wood can work as a driver because of its 15* loft and the 979SS irons can be bent flatter for the lie angle to better fit the junior.


  5. Hello, i am a pga pro in massachusetts and am teaching an increasing number of juniors. Could you send me information on junior clubs… pricing on individual clubs / sets and any fitting information?
    Thank you,
    Joe Rocha

    • JOE

      Thanks very much for your interest. I asked Jamie Heirtzler from our company to contact you to let you know what we can do to help you with your junior program. We have done this for several pros who are dedicated to helping the kids and they all have been happy. One of the things that makes our Future Pro jr clubs very good is the fact the heads are all stainless steel, not the cheaper aluminum and zinc you see on all the low priced jr sets. ANd since we are into helping kids in the game, we do give up a fair amount of profit on the Jr clubs. But Jamie will let you know the options we have for you.


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