S2S Blue 55 Graphite Hybrid Shafts

S2S-Blue-Hybrid-Shaft-mainS2S Blue 55 Graphite Hybrid Shafts

For Average Ability Golfers Who Need the Lightest Total Weight.



    • S2S Blue 55 graphite hybrid shafts are the lightest weight shafts to offer light total weights for golfers with smooth/average transition/tempo
    • S2S Blue hybrid shafts in AA, A and R flexes offer the lightest total weight of any hybrid shaft in the S2S shaft design line
    • S2S Blue Graphite Shafts are also Designed in Iron and Wood Shafts

S2S Shaft Trim Charts



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S2S Blue 55 Graphite Hybrid Shafts, 2.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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  1. I teach the single plane so
    Swing from a company that no longer exists. I was also a club fitter for them. What requirementioned do I need to be able to become a club fitted for your company?

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