S2S Black 85 Iron Shafts


S2S Black 85 Graphite Iron Shafts

TWGT’s Heavier Weight 85g Graphite Iron Shaft Design with Softer Bend Profile for the R Flex but Stronger Bend Profile for the S Flex


  • Please scroll down to read comments about the S2S Black 85 iron shafts.
  • S2S Black Graphite Shafts are NEW for 2012, created with an improved, slightly stiffer tip bend profile design for golfers with Transition/Tempo/Release ratings from 2 to 3.
  • S2S Black 85 Iron Shafts are designed for golfers with more aggressive swing characteristics who have a Strength rating of 1.5 to 2, OR who may be stronger but simply prefer the lighter total weight feel from an 85g shaft versus a conventional steel iron shaft.

S2S Shaft Trim Charts

  • Shaft Trimming Charts

Ratings and Reviews

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S2S Black 85 Iron Shafts, 4.3 out of 5 based on 17 ratings


  1. The S2S Black 85 is a fantastic shaft for those that have a fairly strong swing, but yet want the benefits that graphite provides. Keep up the great work WG!

    • DAN

      THANK YOU! We tend to get more attention for our clubhead designs, but we do take our shaft design work VERY seriously and are very proud of what we know about shaft performance and research and proud of our ability to determine exactly how stiff any shaft needs to be at every point on the shaft to be able to fit the various swing types.

      Best wishes!!


  2. Tom I have a 919 11 degree head with a regular flex Tour Spec shaft that was built for me 3 years ago.
    While it has a very high launch of 14.5 to 15.5 degrees I seem to have lost distance since switching from my Titleist 912 with a blue shaft.
    Also my spin rate is over 3200 rpm.
    3600 with a Pro V1.
    Is this normal?
    If not then do I need a different shaft or maybe a 9 degree head?
    Any ideas?


    • LOUIS

      It is not possible to comment on whether a particular launch angle or spin rate is too high or not unless we know the golfer’s clubhead speed and their angle of attack into the ball. For a golfer with an 80-90 mph clubhead speed and level to slightly downward angle of attack, a launch angle of 14.5 to 15.5 with 3200 spin would be quite acceptable. But for a golfer with a 100-110mph clubhead speed and upward angle of attack, those numbers would be too much. However, one thing for sure, if the launch angle and spin are too high for your swing, the number one and only best way to bring that down is to play with a lower loft on the driver head than what you hit now.


  3. I built the 919THI 11 degree driver for a friend of mine 3 years ago. I put the Grafalloy Lite stiff shaft in it and I hate the day he bought it. He is hitting this club farther than the rest in our group and is not missing many fairways. He is very happy and I can’t blame him.I had heart surgery this spring so I am delaying building one for me. Can’t wait.

    • RANDY

      Well at least you do know that you will be able to get a 919THI driver so you can catch up with the guy in your group!! And for sure, we are glad to hear you are over the health issues with your heart surgery so you can get back up to speed and back into playing more!!


  4. How do these compare in stiff to a project x graphite iron 6.0? I know the torque is the same and the weight of these is less..

    • MRS

      The Project X graphite 6.0 is about 1/2 flex stiffer in the butt and center section of the shaft than is the S2S Black S flex, but both of the shafts have very close to the same tip section stiffness. So if your 5 iron swing speed is 80-85 mph and you also have a strong, forceful transition to start the downswing with an aggressive downswing tempo and a later release, the PX might be a little better fit. But if you have a 75-85mph 5 iron speed with a slightly aggressive transition and tempo that is not super aggressive, then the Black 85 S would be the better fit.

      Thanks and hope this helps,

  5. i’ve been messing around with different clubs, steel shaft and iron shaft, etc. trying to find a set which really felt good to swing, where consistent, and, which provided decent distance. Tried weighting, different grips and more. Was slowly clossing in on it. Think I may finally be almost there. I bought a Black S2S 85 Graphite Iron shaft based on an experience with a manufacturers heavy graphite hybrids. I put in on a Ping I5 5 iron (graphite) and hit it today. It felt like a natural extension of my body. All shots were in the 170-180 yard range and grouped within 10 yards of each other. Not bad for a 75 year old. I love it and am changing the entire set to over to this shaft. I’ll be trying my hybrids next.

    • Brett:

      Thanks so much for taking your time to share your experience with your search for the right shaft and fitting specs for your swing, That’s really nice to hear that you noticed enough of a difference when you installed the S2S Black 85 iron shaft to see a visible improvement in your shotmaking. FYI I changed over to this Black 85 shaft in my own personal iron set (560MC forged, the best game improvement forging in the game today !! [HA!]) One word about our hybrid shaft designs. I designed all our hybrid shaft designs with a 0.335 tip and from it, design all of our hybrid head models with a 0.335 bore diameter to match that because I just found in my shaft prototyping research that it was far more possible to make the hybrid shafts perform well when designing them with the smaller tip diam. So if you were thinking of one of our hybrid shafts for use in a hybrid of some other company’s design, you do need to check the hosel bore diam of that hybrid head so you could know if it is or is not made with a 0,335″ bore to match the tip diam of our hybrid shafts.


  6. Tom do you sell the S2S graphite to club makers not affiliated with you. I have played your Snake Eyes Fire Forged (maroon logo) irons for years but could never find another set as a backup. Then someone told me you opened your own shop. I have a set of the Wishon 752TC heads (still looking for the fire forged) and want to play them myself. I am searching for a 85 to 95 gram stiff shaft for the heads. If you will sell the S2S Black 85 graphite shafts what will the price be. I appreciate your time.


    • Kelly
      My apology for the delay in responding. Somehow the website quit sending me notifications of posts so I did not catch that glitch until today. Sure we can work with you, if you would send us an email at contact@wishongolf.com and we will be glad to let you know the pricing and all information for setting up an account.

      Thanks very much,

  7. Tom,

    I am using using the 775HS 3 and 4hybrids with UST Recoil 808 F4 iron shafts. Love this combination. I would like to add a 2 hybrid but thinking of using your S2S shaft. Could you make a recommendation as to which shaft would have the same characteristics?


    • Steven:

      Seriously, if you hit the combination of the 775 hybrid heads + REcoil shafts very well, there is absolutely no reason to deviate from this combination. None. To do so asks for “trouble” because you would be introducing another variable to this process of trying to find your best playing and feeling clubs.

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