S2S Blue 45 & 55 Wood and Iron Shafts

S2S Blue 45 & S2S Blue 55 Graphite Shafts for Woods and Irons

S2S Blue are TWGT’s lightest weight shafts in 45 and 55 gram versions to offer golfers the lightest total weight feel in their woods and Irons


  • Please scroll down to read comments about the S2S Blue 45 and 55 graphite shafts for woods and irons.

  • S2S Blue 45 and 55 are the lightest weight shafts to offer light total weights for golfers with smooth/average transition/tempo

  • NEW S2S Blue iron shafts in AA, A and R flexes offer the lightest total weight of any iron shaft in the S2S shaft design line


  • S2S Shaft Trim Charts



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S2S Blue 45 & 55 Wood and Iron Shafts, 3.6 out of 5 based on 62 ratings

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