S2S Red Graphite Wood & Iron Shafts

S2S-Red-Wood-Shaft-mainS2S Red Graphite Wood & Iron Shafts

A Completely New and Unique Stiff Butt/Soft Center/Very Stiff Tip Design for Better Players Which Plays Stiff for Control but does not Feel Stiff


  • S2S Red designed with a unique, different bend profile – the majority of shafts for players with better swing fundamentals follow a similar progression of stiffness of butt firm/center firm/tip stiff over their length.  The butt stiff/center soft/tip stiff design of the S2S Red breaks this tradition to offer the better player a high performance shaft for better control with solid, not too stiff feel.
  • S2S Red shafts are for golfers with an above average to forceful transition and average to fast tempo with a later to very late release to deliver more clubhead stability at impact for control and accuracy but without a “boardy stiff” feel.
  • Fitting difference between S2S Red and S2S Black – the S2S Red and the S2S Black shaft designs can both be played by any golfer with a later to very late release, but the S2S Red is a better fit for the golfer who is a little to a lot more forceful and aggressive on the downswing while the S2S Black is a better fit for the golfer with an average to slightly above average level of downswing aggressiveness.
  • NEW S2S Red iron shafts offer the same butt stiff/center soft/tip stiff design in a heavier >100g shaft weight for players who wish to switch from steel who are comfortable with a little heavier total weight in the irons.
  • S2S Red Hybrid Shafts are presented on page 71.

S2S Shaft Trim Charts



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S2S Red Graphite Wood & Iron Shafts, 4.4 out of 5 based on 20 ratings


  1. Tom,

    Do you fit these shafts with adapters for the clubs with adjustable features, ie. Callaway?

    And, does it come in an X flex.

    Thank you,

    Bill Dutkowski

    • Bill:

      I assume from your message that you are asking if we can perform a reshaft on driver heads that are made with anadjustable hosel device. I am sorry but we do not perform repair jobs on other companies’ heads. The reason is because this is way more along the lines of what the custom clubmakers all around the country do in their work along with fitting and building new custom built clubs for golfers. So we do not want to take business away from the clubmakers. I recommend you go to our FIND A CLUBFITTER locator that is found in the middle of our home page on our website and check to see if there is a clubmaker in reasonable proximity to where you are located. If you find one, call him and ask him if he can do re shafts on the adjustable hosel device drivers.

      If this is not what you were asking, I am sorry but if you could please re state what you want, we would be happy to respond.


  2. Do you really recommend a 5i swingspeed of 100-115 to fit into the S flex?

    What kind of man-child swings a 5i at 115mph?

    • Brent
      No, I do not believe I have ever advocated an S flex iron shaft for a golfer with a 100+ mph swing speed unless it is tipped additionally by a good bit over its normal tip trim per iron. Interestingly, about half of the men I have seen personally with a true 5 iron clubhead speed of 100mph or higher were all serious long time hockey players who also were large athletic men as well. But the quick acceleration they learn to hit shots in hockey is where they get this high of a speed.


  3. Tom,

    That’s what I figured. The infographic on this page states a recommended 5i swing speed of 100-115 mph. Guessing it’s supposed to be driver swing speed. No worries.

  4. In your tab for RAW/CUT WEIGHT, are you basing the cut weight at a certain playing length? What is the cut wt and how did you calculate. 2″?

    • RAY

      For our shafts for woods, we base the approximate cut shaft weight on what the cut shaft length would be for the shaft when installed in a driver to 44″ playing length. With our driver models, for a 44″ playing length, the cut shaft weight would be in the area of 41 1/2″ so depending on whether the raw shaft length is 45″ or 46″ that means cutting 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″ off the raw length shaft. Of course it would drop a little bit lower for fairway woods, progressively.

      With irons, we base that on a 6 iron of 37 1/2″ playing length. So if you started out with a 41″ raw length for the iron shaft, in a typical 6-iron that would equate to a cut shaft length of 36 1/2″ length.

      These cut weights are of course approximations that can be affected by each head model’s bottom of bore to ground dimension as well as the player’s final playing length, and also the weight distribution of each shaft (butt heavy vs tip heavy type shaft designs).

      Roughly you can calculate the net loss in shaft weight by finding out the rough weight per inch of a shaft. While there are little variations in this from shaft design to shaft design due to the weight distribution of the raw shaft, you can figure out the rough weight per inch by dividing the raw weight by the raw length. So a 65g raw weight shaft that is 45″ in raw length would weigh about 1.45g per inch. A 115g raw weight shaft that is 41″ in raw length would then weigh around 2.8g per inch.

      Hope this helps,

  5. Sounds like a great shaft. Can I just buy one or do I need to be fitted? How much is that s2s red shaft?
    I’ve been reading your books and am thankful for all the information you have to offer. I like to tinker with my clubs and try new combinations. Now I know why I do that so much. Because I never know what kind of shaft is actually being sent to me.

    • NICK

      If you are a clubmaker or have the experience to build clubs correctly, contact us and we will be glad to help and offer you the S2S Red shaft for your shafting work. If you are not a clubmaker, please contact a clubmaker in your area for assistance with this. Thanks much,

  6. tom, I have a question. What would the new 560mc irons approximate at with the new s2s shafts? I also would like to know if you recommend a good iron shaft instead..ie: KBS
    Last…where is a good clubfitter close to me…Hermosa Beach.
    I am a 4 index and currently play the AP 2.
    thanks fred

    • FRED:

      Thanks for your interest for sure. I’m sorry but I am not clear on exactly what you are asking when you ask “what would the 560MC irons approximate with the new S2S shafts.” Approximate in terms of distance, performance, appearance? At any rate, the questions you ask can ONLY be answered by going through a proper fitting analysis with a very experienced custom clubfitter – proper fitting will ALWAYS be a process of needing to SEE the golfer’s swing characteristics, his ball flight tendencies, and getting to assess his personal preferences for everything from the looks of the head design to the feel of the clubs.

      At least reasonably close to you (25 miles) in Pasadena is Bob Williams. Bob is a VERY experienced clubfitter who I have personally known in the business for a very long time. Bob is very good, has had tons of fitting successes with all levels of golfers, and would do a very good job helping you find the best fitting specs and performance for your sticks. I would suggest you call him and talk to him about his fitting processes and then book a day and time you can meet with him. it would be worth your time to do so. His contact info is as follows:

      Bob Williams
      The Pasadena Clubfitter

      Thanks very much!

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