S2S Red Graphite Wood, Iron & Hybrid Shafts

S2S-Red-Wood-Shaft-mainS2S Red Graphite Wood  & Iron Shafts

A Unique Stiff Butt/Soft Center/Very Stiff Tip Design for Better Players Which Plays Stiff for Control but does not Feel Stiff


  • S2S Red designed with a unique, different bend profile – the majority of shafts for players with better swing fundamentals follow a similar progression of stiffness of butt firm/center firm/tip stiff over their length.  The butt stiff/center soft/tip stiff design of the S2S Red breaks this tradition to offer the better player a high performance shaft for better control with solid, not too stiff feel.
  • S2S Red shafts are for golfers with an above average to forceful transition and average to fast tempo with a later to very late release to deliver more clubhead stability at impact for control and accuracy but without a “boardy stiff” feel.
  • Fitting difference between S2S Red and S2S Black – the S2S Red and the S2S Black shaft designs can both be played by any golfer with a later to very late release, but the S2S Red is a better fit for the golfer who is a little to a lot more forceful and aggressive on the downswing while the S2S Black is a better fit for the golfer with an average to slightly above average level of downswing aggressiveness.
  • S2S Red iron shafts offer the same butt stiff/center soft/tip stiff design in a heavier > 100g shaft weight for players who wish to switch from steel who are comfortable with a little heavier total weight in the irons.
  • S2S Red Hybrid shafts for players with a very late release with average to above average transition and tempo force with average strength.

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Ratings and Reviews

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S2S Red Graphite Wood, Iron & Hybrid Shafts, 4.1 out of 5 based on 40 ratings


  1. I have your S2S Red regular in my driver at 43 3/4″. Love it. Going to put S2S Red regulars in my 3 and 5 wood, tipped 0.5″ and 1″ respectively. I have been demoing the S2s Red iron shaft in my 7 iron in both regular and stiff. Love the feel with both but leaning towards stiff for what feels like a little more control – the regular gets up a bit – both flexes would work and the stiff still feels smoooooth. Likely to get your 590 DIH in 3/4/5 with S2S Red hybrid in stiff too. Bottom line is the S2S Red is a great shaft for me and I think I am going to have bag full of them come the spring season. Thanks, Tom

    • Scott

      That’s great to hear and thanks for sharing your experience with the RED shafts with everyone. That’s an unusual shaft in terms of the profile, and I knew from the get go when I did it that it was not going to be a large segment of players who could be fit into the shaft. But I have been very pleased to hear from a few like yourself who found the shaft, tried it and for their swing found it to be just like I thought it could be – plays very stiff but does not feel super stiff at the same time.

      Thanks much !!

  2. Intrigued with the S2S Red shaft design – both woods and irons.

    I have a circa 100-105 mph (driver) swing. I moderate in tempo and release. I can use stiff or x-stiff in woods but tend towards stiff for a little extra loft. I use PX 5.5 in my irons right now and flex-wise they are about right.

    Where would that put me in your S2S Red? I am thinking stiff, but, would definitely be grateful to your input.

    • Scott
      Thanks very much for your message and your interest. It can be very tough to fit a golfer from afar by typed words because so much of better player shaft fitting has to do with whether the shaft achieves the feel preferences he has acquired over the years of playing with different clubs and shafts. Given what you have said about shafts you have and do use, since you are moderate in tempo and release and thus you are not on the more aggressive HITTER side of tempo, I would tend to say the Red R in the driver. Now if your driver length is OVER 44″, then maybe the S. But if you are 44″ or shorter and with what you said, I would lean to the R to start with. And definitely R in he irons if you try that.


  3. What swing speed(s) work best with the S2S stiff and the newer 919THI driver?

    • KEN

      The S2S Red is a shaft designed for players with a more aggressive move at the ball who also have a very late release. The Red R for drivers/woods is best used by someone with a 90mph to 100 mph clubhead speed on average who also has a definite aggressive move at the ball with a very late release. The Red S then is better used by someone with a 100-110 mph speed who also has this very aggressive downswing tempo with late release. Players with a smooth downswing tempo could use the Red shaft only if their clubhead speed were higher than the average swing speed range for the shaft – meaning if the player had a smooth tempo but a 100-110mph speed, he probably would be better off with the R in the Red design. But the REd shafts do definitely require a late release because of the very stiff tip section design. As with ANY shaft that a golfer is thinking about trying, it is best to shaft up ONE test club only and play with that for some weeks before making the decision to convert fully to it in all the clubs in the set.


    • Love these Stiff-flex S2S Red shafts in my Driver at 44″ length. My SS ranges between 97 and 105, depending on how hard I attack the ball. Yes, these are the first wood shafts I have played that let me put my heel down and take a real crack at the ball from the inside. I’ve always had a late release and finally I have shafts that don’t penalize me for going after it! Years ago I read Jack Nicklaus’s book (Golf My Way perhaps it was?) and followed his advice as I learned the game. He said that kids need to learn to swing hard at the ball and then they can learn control, tempo, etc. These shafts let me do just that. Now I plan to build up one driver in a 45″ length (I may swing hard, but as I got older I flattened my swing a bit to avoid back pain) and try the S2S Black in Extra Stiff to see if I can have more of the same but longer with similar control. Either that or I can tip one of the Red Stiffs a bit. Good thing there is if a tipped Red Stiff is not a good fit, I can pull that shaft and have a fairway wood shaft – it’s already tipped at least an inch by this experiment.

    • DAVID

      It’s really nice to hear that you found a good friend in the S2S Red shaft ! What you describe is the ideal swing move for it – to be able to jump on the shot when you want and not lose the shaft in the process. Great to hear and the very best to you in this great game !!


  4. I gotta tell you, I put the S flex wood in the 929HS and this thing is a monster now! I use the S flex for me because I have a very forceful transition, even though my swing speed is NOT high; and every other shaft faded to the right; this is the FIRST shaft that gets the face closed in time and EVERY hit has been perfectly straight! Great Shaft! SOLID, SOLID, SOLID!

  5. tom, I have a question. What would the new 560mc irons approximate at with the new s2s shafts? I also would like to know if you recommend a good iron shaft instead..ie: KBS
    Last…where is a good clubfitter close to me…Hermosa Beach.
    I am a 4 index and currently play the AP 2.
    thanks fred

    • FRED:

      Thanks for your interest for sure. I’m sorry but I am not clear on exactly what you are asking when you ask “what would the 560MC irons approximate with the new S2S shafts.” Approximate in terms of distance, performance, appearance? At any rate, the questions you ask can ONLY be answered by going through a proper fitting analysis with a very experienced custom clubfitter – proper fitting will ALWAYS be a process of needing to SEE the golfer’s swing characteristics, his ball flight tendencies, and getting to assess his personal preferences for everything from the looks of the head design to the feel of the clubs.

      At least reasonably close to you (25 miles) in Pasadena is Bob Williams. Bob is a VERY experienced clubfitter who I have personally known in the business for a very long time. Bob is very good, has had tons of fitting successes with all levels of golfers, and would do a very good job helping you find the best fitting specs and performance for your sticks. I would suggest you call him and talk to him about his fitting processes and then book a day and time you can meet with him. it would be worth your time to do so. His contact info is as follows:

      Bob Williams
      The Pasadena Clubfitter

      Thanks very much!

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