S2S Stepless Steel Shafts

S2S  Stepless Steel Shafts for Irons

The S2S Stepless Steel Iron Shafts are Designed with the Best Combination of Butt to Tip Stiffness That Golfers with Better Swing Characteristics Prefer in Their Irons

  • The S2S Stepless Steel Iron Shafts are designed for golfers with a stronger than average to strong Transition, a slightly faster to aggressive swing tempo and a later to very late release.
  • S2S Stepless Steel Iron Shafts are a good selection for golfers who have preferred the feel of iron shafts like the Dynamic Gold or Rifle – but they are not as tip stiff as the Project X steel iron shafts.
  • S2S Stepless Steel Iron Shafts are for golfers who prefer a heavier total weight feel in the irons
  • Wishon Golf has created tip trimming guidelines to allow the S2S Stepless Steel Iron Shafts to play to a wider range of stiffness feel

S2S Shaft Trim Charts


  • Shaft Trimming Charts


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S2S Stepless Steel Shafts, 4.2 out of 5 based on 45 ratings


  1. Hello Tom
    I have one lenght irons
    I want To change shaft for shaft with the adequate (verified) Frequencie.
    Do you sell this?

    • Mr. Malige

      The work on the new shafts that you would like to have done for your single length iron set must be done by an experienced custom clubmaker so that the frequency matching is done correctly. The VERY BEST clubmaker to do this in France is Andre Thaon at Golf n’ Swing in Le Pecq which is a close suburb to Paris. If you are not close to Paris you can contact Andre and you can ship the clubs to him for the work you wish to have done. His contact information is as follows:

      Andre Thaon
      Golf n’ Swing
      Le Pecq, France
      Phone 33 139 161 860
      Email golfnswing@gmail.com
      Web – http://golfnswing.com/

      Thank you, Andre is one of the very, very best custom clubmakers and clubfitters in the world so you will be very happy with the work that he does for your clubs.


    • Thanks for your complete answer. I see, i took him one of your driver, good job indeed!

  2. Tom,
    Have you ever considered making a constant-weight shaft? I love this shaft and it’s a great price compared to major shaft companies, but I hate the thought of it playing lighter in the short irons and heavier in the long irons. A constant-weight option would be amazing. Typically, this would mean taper-tip shafts, but it doesn’t have to… I also assume it’s more expensive to do that instead of just having the one shaft manufactured and then tip-timming for stiffness.
    So what I want is (not sure anyone ever does it this way):
    1. Iron-specific shafts so you can have constant weight through the set.
    2. Still make them .370 parallel so some amount of tipping can still occur.
    Probably just my OCD kicking in. But thought I would through it out there.

    • KYLE
      A properly made constant weight shaft would cost too much for a smaller company like ours to try to develop and offer. Separate tooling dies have to be made for each one of the different raw length constant weight shafts regardless of tip diameter and to make that worth doing, you have to have the capability to sell more of the shafts than we could through the clubmaker market we serve. One has to be able to sell hundreds of thousands of shafts to make that kind of commitment worth doing instead of tens of thousands of shafts. It’s just not feasible for us to do that.

      If you will excuse me but I have never thought that there was anything truly unique from a pure performance standpoint in a constant weight shaft that could not be duplicated in sets made from shafts which graduate down in weight through the set from long to short. The actual bend profile stiffness design can be duplicated in a graduated weight shaft. And the weight feel of the finished clubs made with a constant weight shaft set can also be duplicated through MOI matching or a combination of MOI and balance point matching when building the sets.


    • Thanks Tom for the quick replay, that all makes sense. I had assumed the answer was something along those lines.

  3. Hi Tom

    I have been playing true temper dynamic gold s300 for ages (in my Titleist 690CB) and they fit my game well.

    is the 115 g S2S Stepless Steel S shaft the best choice to get same characteristics?

    I am looking for which shaft to order for a Sterling single length set.

    Due to where I life it is not convenient to go to a fitter unfortunately.

    Thanks in advance

    Best, Sander

    • SANDER

      The S2S Stepless is a standard weight tip stiff steel shaft design which makes it similar in bend profile to the Dynamic Gold. For as long as we have offered the Stepless in the line, we have a lot of feedback from players who had a lot of years with the DGold who like the Stepless as well or better in the irons. Since you are not in reasonable proximity to a clubfitter, I might suggest that you take a look at http://www.sterlingirons.com . This clubmaker direct sales fitting site for the Sterling Irons has been around since early 2016 and has a good reputation in doing the fitting analysis for each customer and then custom building the irons to the specs determined in the analysis. It is not our site but instead is created by an experienced PGA golf professional who also offers swing training help through his other website http://www.swingman.com. Thanks very much for your interest,


  4. Good DAY GENTS!
    Currently playing 752tc irons with series 5 shafts s-flex
    Looking at an upgrade to my clubs this year,and open to your input.
    Swing speed 95-100 but at 71 things are slowing down and my aggressive swing starting to hurt.lol
    My handicap is a 12-14

    • DON

      I would say to consider one of two things – 1) If you wish to stay with a conventional incremental length set of irons, the 771 irons could be a very nice step for you to take after the 752’s. The 771’s are a high COR face design with variable thickness face so the would deliver a little more distance for each iron number vs the 752’s and the variable thickness face should definitely offer a noticeable improvement in off center hit distance. 2) You could consider the Sterling Irons for their single length design. It really has been interesting to me to see that a strong number of players, and especially 10 to 30 handicappers, gain a level of noticeable improvement in iron consistency with the single length Sterling Irons. The critical key in being fit into the Sterling Irons is to be careful in choosing what would be your lowest number iron in the set. Because of the lower lofts per each number of the Sterling Irons vs the loft per each same number of the 752’s, you very likely would be wise to choose the lowest number Sterling Iron to be one number HIGHER than what you currently have in the 752 set. So for example if your 752s start with the #4 iron, you would not want to try to have a 4 iron in the Sterlings and to start with the #5 iron or #5 hybrid preferably. And if your 752 #5 iron is the lowest number iron in that set you hit OK as far as shot height and decent carry distance for you, then the lowest number Sterling iron would be the #6.

      Hope this helps, and thanks so much for your interest and your support,


  5. Hello Tom,

    i was wondering if there is any change to get those shafts in Black version like the KBS C-TAPER because apparently they do have the same specifications.



    • MAT

      My apology for being late with a response to your question about the Stepless steel iron shafts. I am sorry but I am not sure exactly what you are asking. If you are asking if the Stepless shafts will be offered in a black finish such as black chrome or a PVD black impregnated finish, I am sorry but no, there is no plan for that. To do that you have to have the shaft maker do that as a separate production order which means planning for minimum order quantities which are typically quite large. No company does a different finish for a handful of shafts. And right now from our primary market of custom clubmakers we have not yet received any requests for a dark or black finish on our steel shaft designs. The Stepless shafts are not made by KBS, they are made by the company that manufactures all of the Apollo brand shafts to my own specs that I gave them many years ago when we developed the Stepless shaft.


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