Micro-Groove HM

Micro-Groove HM Wedges

The Ultimate in Wedge Design – New Micro-Grooves with Horizontal Face Milling in a Soft Carbon Steel, Classic ‘Tear-Drop’ Profile with Medium-Wide Sole


  • Classic Tear-Drop Profile Shape with Medium Sole Width offers golfers the most popular and traditional shape in wedge design
  • New Micro-Groove Scoreline Design with Horizontal Milling in between the lines creates more friction on the ball at impact for enhanced spin performance
  • ‘Blade-on-Blade’ Back Design allows a slightly higher CG for more solid feel and better performance on higher face impacts that can occur when the ball sits up in the grass
  • Investment Cast from 1020 Carbon Steel for soft feel
  • Beautiful Pearl Chrome Plating delivers a very striking and highly durable finish, available in RH in 52º Approach Wedge, 56º Sand Wedge and 60º Lob Wedge.  LH in 56º Sand Wedge.

A 360º view of the Micro-Groove HM Wedges.

Ratings and Reviews

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Rating: 4.5/5 (121 votes cast)


Micro-Groove HM, 4.5 out of 5 based on 121 ratings


  1. I LOVE these wedges and would like to add a comment. They are so consistent, WOW! I would catch my old Snake Eyes at least once per round and spin them back leaving a much longer putt as I shoot for the pin. Did not know when it was going to happen and it was very frustrating. These wedges bite and their action is just very, very consistent. You can shot at pins knowing the ball will sit right down. Chips hop, check and then roll out very nicely. Their grind lets them lay flat when opened up so you don’t blade them across the green near as easily. Best of all, your buddies notice the action then look at them sitting in the bag and comment on their beauty.

    • Thanks very much for sharing your experience with the HM wedges Gary! IT’s always really nice to hear that our designs are performing well and earning their place in the bag !!!


  2. Hi Tom.
    Does this wedge have zero-bounce grind heel like the PCF Micro Tour wedge?
    Are the material carbon 1020 or 8620? The 2014 catalog says 8620 and this page 1020.
    I think this wedge wil match my 575cb’s very wel.

    • Per:

      At present, the HM Series wedges do not have the same zero bounce heel grind as the PCF wedges. But starting around in December of this year, the HM wedges will be produced with a new sole design that will incorporate the zero bounce heel as a part of the new sole design. My apology for the confusion in the carbon steel material from which the HM wedges are produced. It’s tough to proofread all the various technical points in our catalog perfectly and try as we might, we still have an error here or there. The HM wedges are investment cast from 8620 carbon steel. The reason is because casting carbon steel alloys is difficult to begin with due to the possibility of tiny little porosity defects appearing on the outside of the head after the steel cools and hardens. It has only been within the past 24 months that our production factory has been able to master the ability to cast a 10 series carbon steel such as a 1020 alloy – which we now use to cast the body of the high COR 771CSI iron design.

      When it comes to the carbon steel alloys, there really is so little difference in the final hardness of the alloy that in a high loft head such as a wedge, there really is no difference in impact feel between a head made from 8620 carbon steel and one either cast or forged from a 10 series carbon steel alloy.

      Hope this helps and we hope that the 575’s are working well for you too !!

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