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Wishon Golf custom fit golf clubs are available through professional custom clubmakers around the USA and the world.  We have established a list of experienced custom clubmakers who we have personally screened to ensure each golfer will enjoy the custom fitting experience and walk away with custom fit golf clubs that will enable the golfer to play to the very best of their ability.

Don’t make the mistake of continuing to buy standard made, mass produced clubs off the rack for your individual size, strength, athletic ability and swing characteristics.  Submit your city, state (country) and zip code to find an experienced custom clubmaker in your area or country.  The custom clubmakers on our Find a Clubfitter recommendation list are independent custom clubmakers and are not employees of Wishon Golf.

If you do not find a Wishon Golf Clubmaker convenient to your area, please contact us by phone (1-844-552-3437) or click here to let us know so we can assist you in being able to be professionally custom fit. 

  • To find a clubfitter in the U.S., simply enter a ZIP CODE or CITY and STATE below.
  • For locations outside of the U.S. you MUST enter a CITY and COUNTRY for accurate results.
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