How To Use a Launch Monitor To Improve Your Game


If the clubfitter has years of experience in fitting many golfers and is knowledgeable in all of the fitting specifications that have a bearing on shot performance, it is possible to perform a very accurate fitting without the use of a launch monitor.  It is possible to gain so much experience in fitting and in the identification of the most optimal ball flight for a golfer that it is possible to simply watch the flight of the ball along with the golfer’s swing characteristics and know how to fit the golfer.

However, there are not that many clubfitters who posses such knowledge and experience.  In addition, most golfers require quantifiable evidence before having confidence in the results of the fitting, so it very definitely can enhance the accuracy of the outcome to use a launch monitor in the fitting process. But ONLY if the launch monitor is accurate AND MORE IMPORTANT, only if the operator/clubfitter knows how to translate what the launch monitor records into the proper fitting specifications for the golfer.

That last one is where so much of the problem lies in the golf industry. Many retail golf stores that have launch monitors have sales staff who project an attitude to golfers that they know what they are doing, but in reality know very little about how to translate launch monitor data into accurate fitting recommendations. Launch monitors all come with an operation manual, but they do not come with a “here’s how you use one to fit golfers manual.”

Well one does. . . the number one launch monitor in the golf equipment industry is a unit called TrackMan. TrackMan was developed in the mid 2000s by a Danish engineer who decided he no longer wished to apply his Doppler radar knowledge to tracking cruise missiles and other such weapons of destruction. This engineer has also gone the extra mile to develop Driver Fitting optimization charts. Quite simply, these charts show what the optimum driver performance launch monitor parameters are for different swing speeds and different angle of attack into the ball.

If a golfer knows their clubhead speed and angle of attack, it is then easy to use the charts to find his/her most optimum launch monitor readings to ensure the very best possible driver performance.  To get a custom clubfitter that can properly use the results of a launch monitor to take your game to the next level, find a clubfitter near you.

Download the TrackMan Driver Optimization 2010 to get the low down on proper driver fitting outputs from an accurate launch monitor.