Player’s Cavity Design in Traditional Profile


  • Classic traditional profile shape blends well with the deep cavity back, full game improvement features designed into each head
  • Beveled leading and trailing edges on sole with tour type sole radius allows for fewer fat shots and smoother play from tall grass
  • Lower center cavity weighting to lower CG but keep a stronger mass directly behind the ball at impact
  • Brilliant mirror polish finish is contrasted by matte bead blast cavity and tasteful lower cavity medallion
  • Available in RH in #4 – 9, PW, AW

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Hector Lavergne

Excellent design. Very playable and forgiving. I made a set of irons with high launch graphite shafts for an older man, who was formerly a low handicap, and he loved the trajectory, the distance and the consistency between clubs.

Keith Tunstall

Hello Tom My name is Keith tunstall, I play my golf at Leek Westwood in the Staffordshire Moorlands England. I’ve had a set of 755pc irons made by a club builder with Alpha tour lite regular shafts,I have to say that I have really struggled with them my good shots have few and far between. I’ve been back once to the club builder to explain my situation but he seemed a bit offended that I should question his work. A few days ago I e mailed him to ask if he wood change the heads on my clubs,I got the… Read more »

Tom Wishon

KEITH I’m very sorry to hear that things have not worked out to your satisfaction yet with the custom fit clubs. I must say that it is a little bit disconcerting to hear of the attitude of the clubmaker when you went back for help. Clubmakers who really are committed to their work are supposed to work with a golfer after the fit to do all they can to improve things when the golfer reports problems. There are quite a few pretty good clubfitters in your area of Staffordshire, a few who I know personally. May I ask who made… Read more »


I’ve been using the 755pc’s for my 7 & 8 irons for about a year now and have really enjoyed them. I’ve actually just ordered 3 more, Gap, pitch and 9. I’m using the SteelFiber shafts. A great club, when I do my part they ALWAYS do their part to make a great shot.


BTW, I work with Bill Owen at Linksmaster Golf. He has built most of my current set and has also fit my wife for clubs. Working with an experienced clubfitter is the only way to go.

Tom Wishon

Thanks Larry, very much, and we’re very pleased that you were able to work with Bill because he is a very good example of what an experienced clubmaker is all about when it comes to helping golfers get the best fit and best value for their equipment expense. Thanks for sharing ! And for sure, the very best to you and your wife in this great game to keep having fun !

I built my second set of these with S2S R red shafts in them. All I can say is holy cow! Smooooth as butter and easy to hit. When hit in the sweet spot, you would swear you are playing with forged blades. The trajectory with this combination is just great! The S2S reds have that great feel BUT the accuracy of a S shaft, but the feel of an R. The blade is a bit longer than other manufacturers out there, which I really like and makes them a bit more forgiving; BUT what a great view from the… Read more »

Tom Wishon

PAUL: Thanks so much for letting us know how well you like the Red shaft design. That’s truly great to hear and most definitely brings a big smile to us knowing you like the performance and the feel so well !! Not that many have bought this shaft interestingly, maybe because they see the heavier weight and tend to think that if a golfer wants to go with graphite, it should always be lighter in weight. No question I did design the Red shafts for players with a more aggressive downswing move and a late release. But it is definitely… Read more »


I bought this Irons for my wife. She began play golf two months ago. Is the 755 pc a real game improvement irons? Thanks

Tom Wishon

ALVARO Yes, the 755PC is considered a definite game improvement iron because it is designed with a deep cavity back to push more weight around the perimeter of the head as a means to increase the MOI of the head. This gives the model what is considered to be a good off center hit forgiveness. In addition, the model has a definite beveled sole design that can be seen on the very front and very rear of the sole. This is a feature designed to help keep the sole from digging into the ground when the golfer makes a swing… Read more »


I still have not found any reviews for the 755PC Irons. Would like to see what other players think of these irons.

Tom Wishon

DENNIS As I may have mentioned in a previous response, on the 755PC page there are 217 “click on the star” reviews that people have submitted, but there seem to be no actual typed specific comments made there – now as to why 217 people would have clicked on a star evaluation to result in that overall 4.3 out of 5 ranking, but not to have typed a written comment, I can’t say why. That ‘s a lot of star click evaluations for there to not have been a typed message when if you look at our other head model… Read more »