A Wide Sole Game Improvement Design with the Versatile Turf Playability of a More Narrow Sole and the Low Centre of Gravity of a Wide Sole


  • A Wide Sole design for any golfer – the strongly beveled leading edge combines with a very low bounce and raised rear sole surface to be a proper sole fit to any golfer, from downward to upward angle of attack
  • Wide Playable Sole puts more weight low to keep the centre of gravity lower to help golfers hit the ball up to fly
  • Modern Strong Loft design is offset by the wide sole/low centre of gravity to help golfers hit the lower loft 765WS iron heads more easily up in the air the other strong loft iron models
  • Rear Undercut Lower Cavity Slot helps move more mass back from the face to also help get the ball up more easily
  • Precision Investment Cast from 431 Stainless Steel for ease in loft/lie bending, finished in a bright satin polish with modern back cavity medallion.
  • Available in RH in #4-9, PW, AW