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Dear Sir,
I bought this 959OL driver and happy with it. I understand it is an non conform driver but may I know what was the non conform spec about this driver.
All my golf buddies ask me the same question. I just hope I can answer regarding my driver.
Thanks in advance
Best Regards

Tom Wishon

STEVE: I designed the 959OL with a much higher COR for the face than is allowed under the rules of golf. The COR limit in the rules has been 0.830 since 1998 and I was able to hit a COR of 0.882 with the 959. I of course did this intentionally because I felt that there were some players who had been losing distance due to age or injury but who played strictly for fun and not in formal competitions conducted under the rules of golf. We always clearly stated in any presentation or marketing for this driver that it… Read more »

Tommy hamrick

Do you have any .900 drivers left handed

Tom Wishon

I am sorry but when we did have a very high COR driver head in our product line, we did not tool it in left hand because we just knew that the demand was not going to be nearly enough to merit the development investment.

Matthew McEachran

I would like to purchase 2 959 ol high launch driver heads. I am hoping they are still available for purchase directly or from a clubfitter.

Tom Wishon

If you are a clubmaker or have the experience to build clubs correctly, contact us and we will be glad to help since the offer for the 959OL heads is good through Sept 6. If you are not a clubmaker, please contact a clubmaker in your area for assistance with this. THanks much,