About TWGT

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design and technology. Its original, high performance golf club designs are custom fit to each individual golfer and are available worldwide only through professional custom clubmakers. Please visit our
CLUBFITTER LOCATOR to find a certified, experienced custom clubmaker in your area.

Custom fitting is for ALL golfers – in truth, the higher your handicap, the more custom fitting can improve your play and lower your score. Don’t be fooled by the marketing of the big golf companies into believing that the best clubs are bought standard off the rack through pro shops and retail golf stores.

Please take a moment to read why custom clubfitting is the only way any golfer should ever consider buying their next set of golf clubs. We welcome you to discover why Wishon Golf is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology – Only Custom for You and Your Swing, Never Standard