Wishon Golf custom fit designs continue to receive rave reviews. Read what golfers are saying after being custom fit with a Wishon Golf design.

Kyle Chauvin made a set of Wishon Golf 771 irons for me, and OH MY! What a great set of irons! The best I’ve ever hit by a landslide. Aside from just fitting me with the right clubs and specs, he took the time to help me develop a solid golf swing, breaking many of my old habits. I am looking forward to a tumbling handicap and a load of fun on the course.

— Trey

Ian Worsley performed a true custom fitting and recommended the 560 irons to me. Last Sunday I played my first round with the new set and I have just one comment: The feeling is absolutely fantastic. Thanks a lot Tom. Thank you Ian.
— Christian

Your 919THI is the best driver I have ever played. I used to change out drivers every two years, looking for magic. I am on my third year with this club and have no intention of changing. Tim Mosel did a great fitting job – and I have never been more consistent with a driver. The clean look and authoritative sound at impact are just added bonuses.


I am excited to report on the performance of my 575MMC irons. During my second week of golfing with my new Wishons, I played in a two-man best ball tournament, and on the third hole, a 168-yard par-3, I got an ACE and won a CAR. WOW.

— Greg

OMG/WOW for when I was fit into one of your 939AHT drivers! I get it when you talk about the benefits of professional custom fitting! Thank you!

— Mike

I’m your “fan” from Malaysia. I just started using your 575MMC CB irons (5-PW) fitted with DG S300 shafts, and the result is surprised and very exciting about the distance and accuracy! The most surprised to me is about the forgiveness — I can’t find any other club [that has] such forgiveness levels! Love this iron so much! The clubhead feedback is very nice… Love it! Now I’m planning to get the PCF Micro Tour 52º wedges!
Thanks for delivering good weapon for us!

— Terence

I purchased the 979SS irons (5-SW). All I can say is WOW! The sound (click!) they produce when struck cleanly was noticeable to everyone I played with. The feel I receive from these irons is like no other. At one time or another, I flushed every new iron during my round and it was a great experience! I am SOLD.

— Curt

I just got my new custom 575MMC irons (5–PW) with KBS Tour Stiff shafts, custom fit and built by Tom Miller at AAGolfClubs in Raleigh NC. They are breathtaking and the feel is just amazing. People that refuse to play anything other then major OEM clubs are missing out terribly by not considering a Wishon club!

— Kevin

I am guilty of being influenced by major brand names. My ego dictated that I needed an extra-stiff, heavyweight shaft (80+ grams) with very little loft (8.58-9.5º). I believed that the more the parts cost, the better they were going to perform. WRONG! The reality for me was a lighter shaft (62g), R-flex (4.8-5.2) and 11º TWGT 919THI head, a combination that outperforms my old OEM driver significantly. I now hit straighter, farther (30-plus yards) and with much better accuracy than ever before. I don’t understand the technical side of why it works, nor do I care. It just does and it provides me the necessary confidence to pull it from my bag anytime I need it. Now I just laugh when the rest of my foursome pulls out the latest $500 over-hyped driver and I smoke ’em with my 919THI.

— Jeff

I recently made the switch from a major OEM (Mizuno) to the Wishon 771CSI irons, and it’s been pure bliss. Perfect Lies Golf did a fantastic job of fitting me with the perfect head and shaft combination that would work with my swing. Thank you Perfect Lies Golf for opening my eyes to how much fun this game can be with the right equipment, and thank you Tom Wishon Golf Technology for making such an outstanding product. It goes to show that great equipment exists beyond the OEM machine.

— Jeff

I have owned golf clubs for the better part of 23 years. I am, admittedly, like many of the millions of golfers that become hypnotized by the marketing gimmicks of the major OEMs — believing that I can play like the pros if I have the same equipment, and that newer technology will be the magic pill to cure all of my issues. But I recently struggled so badly that the game was no longer enjoyable. That was when I decided to take action and find a competent club fitter and club builder. Perfect Lies Golf, in Tomkins Cove, NY, fit me with 771CSI irons and an 80g graphite shaft in a 5.2 flex. The combination was unbelievable, and the results were the same: long and straight. The clubs are fantastic. The 919 driver was longer on the first swing than I have hit in the last three years. Even my misses were consistent. I ended up buying Wishon Golf clubs for my entire bag.

— Jeff

Wow is the only thing I can say! I have fitted two of our clients with Wishon Golf components in the past three weeks. The results are nothing but unbelievable, their performance shocking to say the least. Both clients have dropped their scores an average of six strokes in two weeks due to better accuracy and more control.

— TC

Ok, the honeymoon is over with my Wishon Golf clubs — they are still fabulous! I never thought I would put the 560MC irons in the backup bag, but the 771 irons are money. The turf interaction and forgiveness are outstanding. Pretty sure I didn’t develop a better swing in the past two months, but the shots I have hit with these are leaving me with a lot more birdie putts or a chip from around the green.

— Byron

Wow! I LOVE these Wishon HM Micro wedges. They bite and their action is just very, very consistent. You can shoot at pins knowing the ball will sit right down. Chips hop, check and then roll out very nicely. Best of all, your buddies notice the action then look at them in the bag and comment on their beauty.

— Gary

I replaced a set of Mizuno JPX825 Pro irons with your 771CSI model, and I absolutely LOVE them! I am hitting them as long, or longer, than ANY iron I have ever hit. Keep up the great work, Tom! I am firmly convinced that no other golf component company offers the level of design and performance-enhancing innovation that is offered by Tom Wishon Golf Technology!

— Doug

I purchased a set of 575 irons (AW-3), which were exceptionally well made by Dave Malthouse of Clubfitters International in Louisville, KY. I have been playing them since March, and OMG!!! Unbelievable!!! I played competitively for a small college, so I know good clubs when I hit them.

— Rod

The 730CL irons are simply brilliant! I built a set for a young man who was trying to make his high school golf team. Being small in stature, the 730CL was the perfect technology. He had been playing with his father’s clubs, but was struggling greatly and not improving. With the new set, improvement was almost instantaneous. Not only is this young man enjoying this great game of golf, he is excelling. Last week he shot even par for nine holes!

— Mario

I got into golf several years ago and have been playing with off-the-rack Callaways. For my birthday my wife sent me to Michael Clark in Berkeley to get custom fit for new clubs. I ended up with Wishon Golf clubs for most of the set: 919 driver, PCF micro tour wedges, and 771 irons. On my third round I shot my best score ever, an 86! (I am usually in the low to mid 90s.) I was expecting to lose a little distance because I switched from graphite to steel, but with the 771s I go just as far, maybe even a little bit further. My miss-hits also stay online more than they used to. The wedges are amazing as well—I am getting more spin than ever. Being able to confidently stop a ball right where it lands probably saved me 3 or 4 strokes in my last round.

— Mike

I just had a set of 771 irons built for me. Usually I shoot in the mid 90s, but on Sunday I shot an 84, and that was with a quadruple bogey. I’ve never been close to that in my life! If a few more putts would have dropped, I break 80! The clubs felt so good, and my off-center hits still flew close to my normal distance. Great work; I’ll be spreading the word.

— Brian

I have been an avid golfer for years and have always played with Cobras. My game had begun to slip and I was beginning to lose interest. Although I felt silly getting custom clubs at my level of play, my husband talked me into it and I ended up with the new Ruby Reds. After only five rounds with them, I am breaking 100 again and can’t get enough of being on the course.

— Gwen

I just received my set of Wishon 560MC irons and could not be happier! My shot dispersion has decreased dramatically and my shot shape is dead straight. Distance is up about one club length. Not only am I hitting your 560s longer and straighter, I find them just as forgiving of miss-hits. My first round with these clubs resulted in an 85, one stroke off my best round of the year on a set of clubs I just started playing. Remarkable. Things can only get better.

— Steve

My new Wishon golf clubs are great. I refer to them more as “weapons” than clubs. They hit much higher than my other clubs, they’re longer by 10-15 yards, accuracy is greater and dispersion is less. The last round I played I was beating everyone on every hole. I felt bad, so I had to dial down my game.

— Chris

Early this year Tony Wright in Oak Ridge, TN custom built me Tom Wishon 870Ti irons, 775HS hybrids and 929HS fairways. My scoring has gone from occasional 70s to consistent mid to low 70s. Thanks for your great products and your club fitter locator, which led me to Tony. I am 68 and playing my best golf ever.

— Ron

Thank you for designing a driver with a bendable hosel that can truly be custom fit like the irons. I am a lefty, and I have virtually eliminated the right side of the golf course.

— Steven

Here’s the scoop: The 771CSI irons are far superior to any set of irons I have ever had. Every iron I can hit with ease. I can even hit the 4 iron near as far as my 24 degree hybrid, but with much greater accuracy and ease. Never thought I would ever hit a 4 iron again. I was scoring in the high 40s to mid 50s per nine holes before all this. Shot 42 first time out. These irons will be in my bag for many years to come. So-called major manufacturer clubs are history for me.

— Randy

The Wishon Golf 919 driver is the best I have ever owned! I’m hitting drives longer than ever. What’s amazing is I went from a length of 45.5 inches on my old driver to 44.5 inches, and from a 10.5-degree head to a 12 degree.

— Ken

I played today with your 919THI driver and found 11 of 14 fairways on par 4 and 5 holes. Never ever did that before!! Not even close. I am a believer!

— Dan

Perfection! Ok, so I’ve been through 6 different sets of irons within the past 2 years. From Mizuno to Titleist, Taylormade to Nike. I had a set of Mizuno JPX 800 Pro’s made “custom” for me, but never hit them good, consistently. I heard about Tom Wishon’s clubs from Rick Musselman, owner of Golf Services Unlimited. Rick set me up with a set of the 560MC Irons and I couldn’t be happier. The feel and sound is remarkable, these clubs are keepers! Big thanks to Tom Wishon and Rick Musselman!

— Chris

I had a set of irons custom made by Bob Hickman at Campo Custom clubs out here in California.  I just wanted you to know how incredibly meticulous Bob was when helping me select and ultimately build my irons. (5-pw – Wishon 770CFE irons).

I had a few preconceived notions about the set I wanted, Bob heard me out and then said only testing out all the head and shaft options would we know what I needed vs what I wanted.

It was a great experience and I am very pleased with my irons.

Thanks for making a great product and teaming up with great club makers.

— Jon

Just a quick note to say Martin has been bowled over by the increased performance for his test 919 Driver & 770 6-iron. So much so he has quickly placed an order with me for a both plus a full iron set.


Mike Gaston-Grubb
Professional Golf Clubmaker
Member International Clubmakers Guild
Member Golf Clubmakers Association
The Golf School – Manchester

I just wanted to drop you a note in reference to the Wishon Driver my clubmaker made for me.  In the past ten rounds I have played with it I have hit no less than 10 fairways and 3 times all 14. My distance has increased and my scores have the highest score in those 10 rounds was an 80.

Thanks again for the improved equipment and to quote Arnold “I’ll be back”,

— Calvin

I just wanted to let everyone at Wishon Golf to know how impressed and pleased I am with the new products for 2011. I have just replaced my 919thi driver and 3&5 fairway metals with the new 2011 919thi and the 3&5 929 fairway metals along with a change out of the 4 hybrid with the 775hs. Not only do the heads look classy, their performance is incredible. The ball just jumps off the face and with a little draw the roll is awesome. As a result I have sold two 919thi drivers and two 929 #3 fairway metals with several more looking real hard. This golf season is going to be fun if Tom can keep the products in stock(LOL) Way to go folks, job well done!!!!

Gaines Wullenwaber
Golf Shaft Solutions
GCA  – Advanced Clubmaker Certificate

I have to tell you…..these are dynamite…..my 6i is the 775HS 27* Hybrid; my 5i is the 775HS 24* Hybrid; longest fwy club is the 18* 929HS….along with the 21* 929HS. The club shapes allow me to help square the ball at impact. After hitting these…..I prefer the shape and performance of the 929HS over the 949MC….my original all time favorite.  As they say in the South…you done good, Tom…

Al Humphrey
AGCP Professional Clubmaker

My new 919THI driver is complete, and it is a beast.  Specs are 45″, D2, 324g total weight, spine at 3:00 position. The trajectory is nice and flat.  There is no hint of ballooning, a problem I’ve had with many other setups.  I like the solid sound the 919 makes much better than the metallic ping of other drivers.  The shape of the head is convincingly traditional for a 5000 g-cm2 MOI design.

Sunday evening I played a few holes with a buddy who is scratch player.  He recently bought an R11, and on the third hole of the River Golf Club he hit his driver down the right center and then asked to hit my 919.  When we arrived at his first ball we could see the ball hit with the 919 down the fairway.  After playing his ball we paced off 41 yards to his second ball.  He was incredulous.  I think there may be another Wishon convert in the making.

The product quality and services from Wishon Golf are for the discerning amateur what tour vans and fitting centers are to the professional.   Buying off-the-shelf equipment from retailers is at best a crap shoot.  Thanks again for the very personal attention I received.


— Richard

I got the left handed  775HS #3 hybrid a week ago and have some comments. You can certainly quote them to potential club makers and buyers.  I tested it immediately.  My results were excellent!  I am hitting it as far as your former model 515 5 wood that I have used for many years. Its trajectory is a little lower for me than the 5 wood but the carry and run give me the same or longer distance.  I congratulate you on the remarkable modifications possible with this club.

In the cold weather here in NJ I am hitting it about 175 to 185 yards, some times a little longer. I am fine with this since I will reach my 81st birthday in two weeks.  It has a great feel, and it looks great at setup to the ball.

— Earl

I have just checked the butt frequency of 18 of your S2S Fitting System graphite shafts in various models and flexes and believe that I should compliment you on the excellent quality and tolerances we clubmakers are now receiving in your graphite shaft designs.  It is a pleasure to see the results of the tests which makes yours the equal of any that I have checked over all the years of my doing custom clubmaking work.

Also the S2S White model is performing way ahead of what I expected for the model and the success my partner Richard is having in his fittings is remarkable considering the wide range of golfers using them.  While I was playing yesterday a mountain of a man who Richard fitted out in S2S White R flex came from the adjacent fairway to say how pleased he was with the 919THI driver and 915HL fairways which he has had for a couple of weeks now with one of his opponents in their four ball complaining how he was kicking their arses with his new equipment.

You should be very proud of what you have achieved in this aspect of your business and I hope my whining in earlier days may have been a small contributing factor!!


Geoff Waldon
Professional Clubmaker – Melbourne, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that I am retired from Hewlett Packard and worked for them for 28+ years as an engineer/engineer manager at a time when many considered the company the best of the best by just about any measure.  The similarities I see between Wishon and Hewlett Packard in terms of quality and its business mission are many.  I was proud to be a part of a growing HP and am equally proud to be more and more associated with Wishon as one of your custom clubmakers.  I have a long history of seeing firsthand what a quality operation does for a business and I recognize that in my experiences so far with Wishon.  My best wishes to all of you to keep up the good works you are doing.

— Joe

I am not a custom clubmaker but a very appreciative user of your great clubs. I just wanted to let you know that since I was fitted I have reduced my handicap from 12 to 8 and I give the majority of the credit to your product. I would not part with my clubs for any amount of money. I am 63 years of age and firmly believe my best golf is ahead of me. The chap who fitted me here in Tasmania (Ian Hamilton) is going to show me one of your new sand irons. It looks incredible!

Best wishes,
— Malcolm

I really appreciate the complete detailed explanation you offered me.

I certainly will have my wedges custom fitted, not only for me but also for the playing conditions at my home course.  Thanks so much for your advice. I have watched your informative videos, and knew that you had published books on fitting, I felt confident that I was writing to the top authority on this important aspect of golf.

Your response certainly shows a dedication to your business, with a willingness to help a fellow golfer.

Thanks again,
— Neil Hill

Once again I want to thank you for your inspiration to clubfitting and custom clubmaking.  I was just selected as one of the recipients of Golf Digest’s “America’s Best 100 Clubfitters 2011”.  You have been more help than you will ever know.  I was one of your students way back in 1993.  This is truly an honor and I just wanted to send on a THANKS!

The ClubFixr

I just thought I would email you to say the 555 irons and the 919 THi driver are doing so well, beyond my wildest dreams to be honest. I nailed three drives at least 60 yards in front of my friends (and I am only a small chap!) Nearly had a hole in one when my wedge stopped in is pitch mark a foot to the right of the hole!

So all is well and I can’t wait of next season to start.  Also I am dying to show Eddie Birchenough (professional at Royal Lytham & St Annes where the Open returns in 2012) the clubs next year when I have my lessons.

The 52 and 58 degree wedges are performing superbly, also the 949MC 3 wood.  My first shot with the three wood was to our short 3rd (around 240 yards) I popped it on the the green first bounce, so you can’t get better than that, brilliant flight too!

I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ Tom.  I have rekindled my love for the game and hope to get back to at least a 7 handicap next year. One little question: Do you sell golf towels with your logo on?  I have every Wishon item now, from irons, woods and bag (even a tattoo (only joking)  so the towel would be my last piece of the jigsaw.

You made my year!

— Graham

Wanted to give you an update-My last 4 rounds have been in the 70’s! With a 74 last Sunday at Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country club in St Petersburg.  Really fun.  All but my putter are your designs, soon to change as soon as I get your S2R #4 model.
I’ve seen about a club to a club and a half increase in distance with the 870Ti’s.  All of them are really great irons, as well as the 915 F/H fwys and the 331 hybrids.  I can hit those 915’s straight as an arrow-really fun.  And I’ve never had a driver that I can hit so consistently.  Your designs really are top notch.  Starting to win over some of the guys I play with – they can’t help but look to see what’s in my bag  :>)

Take Care and Thank You!
— Terry

This is an unsolicited testimonial, not only for your clubs, but for East Golf, located in Southern Maryland.   I am 57 and have been playing golf for 49 years.  I was medically cleared to begin playing again in March. Upon my return I found it difficult to hit my irons. I had lost ten yards with each club and 20 yards off the tee. It was frustrating as a scratch golfer for 30 yrs. I am a former all-military golf champion, 1995. I had won club championships all over the country in four different decades, including three while stationed in Japan. So golf has always been important to me.

So I went to Robin East, the owner of East Golf. He has the golf club repair contract with Cedar Point Golf course at Naval Air Facility, Patuxent River, Maryland. After several meetings with Mr. East, we began with my irons. I was using steel stiff shafts. Mr. East re-shafted my clubs with graphite regular shafts. I regained my distance immediately, in fact I was hitting the ball seven yards further than I had in the past ten years.

Next, Mr. East, built a driver using your 9.5 525 GRT 460cc driver, we kept a stiff shaft in my driver, but changed to graphite. I was instantly back to my old distance. I plan on having my three wood worked on next.   I want to thank Wishon golf for their technology and the customer service East golf provided.

— Mark

I just took the time to review the slides and reflect on Tom’s delivery from the recent AGCP Clubfitting seminar at which he spoke.  I am in admiration of his ability and delivery of the subject.  It is amazing and a bit scary to realize the man’s knowledge about golf clubs and his ability to effectively, clearly, and succinctly pass on the facts.

Mike Moynahan
Kama’aina ClubMakers, Waimea, HI

Thank you so much for your extremely detailed and thoughtful reply to my email.  To have received such an in-depth reply is so very impressive in our current age where “brands” are so very dislocated from their customers. It really is no wonder why your clubs and customer service get such high recommendations on the many golf forums and websites.

I am now even more excited about being custom fit my first (of many I hope!) set of Wishon’s, I look forward to taking onboard your advice with my clubfitter who I know is an avid reader of your books and articles.

Kind regard and thanks once again,
— Dan

After reading 3 of Mr. Wishon’s books I have a new hobby, other than golf, which to me is much more than a hobby.

Lynn Griffin in Columbia, S.C. recommended that if I wanted to learn more about the art of club making to start reading and doing research. He is a top notch club maker.  Lynn fits and builds all my clubs and is the kind of club maker where if something does not feel right he won’t blow off the issue but will address it, very important to me.

My new hobby is taking the information which I have gained through Mr. Wishon’s books and challenging the folks at the big box golf stores. I can make an afternoon out of it, it costs nothing, and it is pure entertainment. I never reveal my source but to this day have not lost a battle!  If a sales person I have dealt with before sees me coming it is amazing how fast they can disappear!

Thank you for the knowledge you provide for those of us who truly want to learn all aspects of the Sport of Golf.

— Byers

I recently had custom fitted by Kent Fowler in Calgary Alberta Canada a new set of Wishon 752TC Irons.

They are really great to play, in fact so nice that on my second outing, using my A (Approach/Gap) Wedge I aced a 95 yd shot for a memorable Hole In One. Thanks in part to your technology and Kent’s fitting, Wishon Clubs in my mind are indeed in a field of their own.

Thank You,
— Don

A success story that I wanted to share with you.  This golfer had a set of Ping G15 fitted to him last year by his club pro.  He came down to see me a couple of months ago.  I fitted him with #3 thru 6 in the 555Cs and #7 thru SW in the 555Ms with a PFC wedge.

Bottom line, he’s convinced never to go with clubs bought anywhere but from me.  While everyone wants to make money, it’s the change in the golfers’ games I get to be a part of through my fitting work that makes me open the door every day.

Gary Dean
Duckers Lake Golf Club Fitting & Repair Shop
Frankfort, KY

Just wanted to give you my thanks.  For the last several years I have fought injuries and had a few surgeries. Your help with questions I have had and your high quality equipment has helped me continue playing golf at an acceptable level.

Today you indirectly helped me again. I decided to have the lofts made 2* strong so I took them to a local Golfsmith and the nice fellow that helped me said he used to work for you and knew just how to handle this without damaging these sweet irons.  So this is just a note of thanks from here in Ohio.

— Bill

The clubs arrived mid-week and looked great.  I had time yesterday to hit them.  UNBELIEVABLE !!!  I am so impressed.  The look, feel, etc.  You are very talented.

The wedges feel and look great.  Plus, a lot of spin!!!  The hybrids are something else!  It has been many years since I have been able to get a 3 iron that high.  Both the 3 and 4 are easy to hit.  Then, the woods, WOW…the fairway woods have a very pleasing look at address.  I really like the way the hosel, heel of the face, and heel side of the crown all come together.  Then the driver.  It was tremendous.  I am so glad I went with the 11 degree loft.  I want to hit fairways.  I have always said if you are hitting fairways your confidence goes way up and the distance will come.

Again, thank you,
— Mark

My Dad and I visited clubfitter Mike Harris of Pro Fit Golf in North Myrtle Beach.  We had a terrific experience with with Mike.  To shorten the story, it turned into the very best afternoon and set of clubs my Dad and I have ever had in our bags.  My Dad is getting his irons in the air and more distance than he has enjoyed for some time and I am hitting the ball straighter and further than ever.  It was wonderful and an excellent investment.

Mike made my Dad feel, (and me), that we were the two most important people in his world for the time we were together.  As busy as he is, that is quite an accomplishment.  Thank you so much for the referral.  Mike and his team spoke highly of you and appreciated your vote of confidence very much.

You and people like Mike and his team are the very best ambassadors golf can have and I will not buy another club without involving Mike (or you directly/indirectly) ever again!

In sincere appreciation,
— Shaun

I know of no one in this business or any other business, who has consistently and unselfishly contributed his expertise and commitment to the level that Tom has. He knows more about golf clubs than any of us could possibly aspire to know. And he is willing to share it. He is a visionary in our industry and we owe him a debt of gratitude for his steadfast commitment to us, the professional clubfitters.

Having said that, I can assure you, as Tom will do, that his ideas and his products will continue to progress and will be the most innovative and reliable products available to us as long as he is willing to pursue them.  Be thankful that you have someone like Tom leading your industry.

Having retired from the business, I have no dog in this fight. But you do. You can and should rely on him.


Stephen Yourth
Golf SpecialTees, LLC

I have fitted and built clubs for my brother-in-law, who has been a pretty good golfer for a good number of years now.  For kicks, he went to a local Dicks Sporting good store, and paid $29 for one of their “driver fittings”.   He took his old driver I fit for him some time back with your designs, a 4 year old model 515GRT you’re your Interflexx shaft.

ANYWAY…..the great part was that no matter what they put into his hands, the 4 yr old TWGT driver outperformed everything brand new they had by over 10 yards!!!!!!   The fella doing the fitting kept trying to find something wrong with his driver, but couldn’t, and just ended up admitting the TWGT was a pretty good driver.  Of course, he had no clue who Tom Wishon was!!!!!  Or what a fitting by me could do as well!

Thought I would share that with you……Made me feel pretty good!!!!!  Have a great day and thanks for the great equipment.

Bill – Clubcrafters LLC

I bought one of your PFC Micro Tour Platinum/Nickel wedges last week. I’m getting older and recently switched to graphite iron shafts. I cannot believe the action I am able to put on this 56 degree wedge. I have been playing golf for well over 50 years and have used all wedges on the market at one time or another, but I have never seen a wedge perform like this one.

Congratulations to Wishon Golf on another product that far exceeds anything else in the industry.

— Doug

Just got fitted with Tom Spargo in Rhode Island. He was unbelievable. I felt so comfortable and impressed. What led me to him was your website and the genuine manner of explaining the finer points of club fitting.  I can’t believe what a difference my shots are after being fit by Tom with Tom Wishon designs. Tom & Tom, God Bless You Both!

— Andrew

I just wanted to send a message thanking Wishon Golf for their Top of the Line products. I had Rick from RMH Custom Golf out of Farmington, PA fit and build me a set of your 870TI irons and I am hitting more greens, a higher ball fight, and 8 yards farther than my previous set. Thanks again for making the game of golf more enjoyable and God Bless.

— Matt

About a month ago we had the match-play championships at our club and my friend Floris Arekestein won.  Our first team (Rijswijk men’s #1) was promoted this year to the top division competition in the Netherlands.  Floris is on this team.

Why am I mailing you this? Weeks before the match play competition I fit and built a demo-driver for Floris and asked him to test the club.  He was the shortest driver in his team – maximum 260 meters.  Now he’s the longest driver from this group, I saw him hit drives, easy 300 meters….incredible.

Oke, it took some time before he was convinced that this driver I made him, suited him best.  You know how these lads are, they must have a big-name driver and hit big drives with it.  He tested all the big names but could not find one better than YOUR 919THI-9* with YOUR Interflexx-X shaft I made for him.

He told me, Sasha you never get this driver back!  So, I thought Tom I must let you know this so I must email you.

Keep up the good work Tom and maybe you will come up with even a better driver, which I cannot imagine.  I have fit and sold quite a lot of them, for all catagories of players, what a great driver!

Nice greetings,

Sasha Golf – Netherlands

Every once in a while I get responses back from my customers that reinforces why I love what I do. Below is an e-mail I got this morning from one of my “Ladies” I recently fit.  The e-mail is the result of my fitting with her. And it re-inforces my passion for what I do even more. Just thought you might be a little interested since it is your equipment

Keith Chatham – Precision Fit Golf, Kerrville, TX
PCS 2006 International Clubmaker of the Year
GCA Texas Clubmaker of the Year 2004-2005, 2007-2008
AGCP 2007 Member of the Year


I’ve played 3 times and hit a couple of buckets of balls since receiving the driver you made for me.  The fitting taught me a lot about my swing; using the new driver, I am driving the ball straighter, higher, and most of the time around 180-200 yds.  The most profound effect is the increased confidence I have in my game. Today I surprised myself by joining an all male foursome on the last two holes at Alamo and hit with them from the blue tees. I had a bogey on 17 and drove past the green,192 yds, on #18.

Finally, golfing is more fun than work!!  Ready, willing and happy to pay,
— Patti

Hi Tom you may remember me my name is Kerry Devenish from Australia.  I contacted you several months ago to ask about the 919thi driver for my Long Drive competition.   At the time I was the Queensland champion and ranked #2 in Australia.

I just wish to advise you that on Sunday I competed at the Australian Long Drive titles and was successful winning the Super Senior Division and setting a new Australian record of 301.7 meters with your 919THI driver.  I do not know whether your clubs have featured in long drive competition before and if not maybe you might be able to post this to your website for the information of others contemplating using your product.  Thanks once again for replying to me in the first instance and for your help.

— Kerry

Just a short note here to let you know that I now have the feel of my new custom fit Wishon sticks. Bragging rights here; shot a smooth 76 today and that is not from the Senior tees. All this driver does is hunt fairways all day long.  The fairway woods sit beautifully and provide a penetrating trajectory. The ball just pops off of the irons and the feel around the green with the wedges is like the old days with forged blades. You were right on with your fitting recommendations. These sticks have put the zing back into this 66-year old golfer who looks to drop his handicap from a seven to a five with the little Wishon jewels.

— Robert

Thought you would be interested in what I just read that (PGA tour player) Sean O’Hair said on golf.com.

SEAN O’HAIR SAYS: “Too many amateurs just buy clubs off the rack. Be sure that the loft is where it needs to be, the length is what it needs to be and the flex is what it needs to be.”  Sounds like he must have read your book like I did so I could go work with Tom Spargo up here to be custom fit.

I pick up my new Wishon custom fit clubs from Spargo Golf next week.

My Best to you all,
— Bob

Tom:  Just received this from a customer.

We finished our competitive golf league season this week.  Over the summer I reduced my handicap by 2 strokes (now 7 for the 9 hole league) and I am consistently shooting in the 80’s. I also won the Most Valuable Player award for my team with the highest point average over 12 matches.  I attribute this accomplishment to the Wishon 770CFE irons that you built for me, which give me great confidence on all types of iron shots, and an improved putting process.

John was one of the “cautious” adopters, having had his set built literally one at a time over the course of several months.  This piecemeal approach, though uncommon, is not discouraged in my shop.

Also, my own personal experience with the 870Ti irons has been fantastic.  The performance of these irons is unbelievable.  I have hit some toe shots that manage to make it on the green when other clubs would never permit this.  At 59 (soon to be 60), I am shooting the best golf of my life, having just reached a new career low 3 hcp level.  Prior to using Wishon clubs three years ago, my hdcp ranged from 7-10 and I never shot a par or better round in my life.  Since switching to Wishon models I have consistently played better the past three years.  In the last month I have recorded several under par scores!!!

The 919THI driver makes it hard to miss fairways and most misses are only a few feet off.  The 785HF hybrids are amazing (3,4,5 in my bag), and the PCF/Micro wedges are the best.  As both a golfer and clubfitter, thank you for the incredible work you are doing.  My customers and I appreciate it.

AGCP-Level 8, GCA Master Craftsman, PCS Class A Clubmaker
McMurray, PA

Tom:  Thank you so much for a full and detailed reply. After being custom fitted at Tyrell’s Wood Golf Club here in Surrey, England, I now play with the 919THI driver, 915F/H and 525 GRT  Fairway woods. Irons are your 560MC forged with your 56 degree CX micro wedge. In golfing terms it is the best move I ever made and I only wish I knew about your work years ago.

Thank you again for responding to my question.
— Roger

I sent an out of the blue email to Tom from the email address on the TWGT website, explaining my frustration with the pros at my club who knew less about shafts, and club fitting than i did and asking him for a reference to a local Wishon club builder here in the Dallas area.

Tom responded that same day with the name and number of a local Wishon club maker (Gary Pickle).  A week later I was on the range with Gary.  He watched me swing, had me try different combinations, and within an hour we decided on the 555c iron set.  He then took me to his shop and explained in great detail his method of matching MOI.  About a week later we met again at the range.  He tweaked the lies and sent me on my way.

The results have been unbelievable.  The Mizunos and Titleists that the 555s replaced were supposedly blueprinted and built with great detail and craftsmanship but without the benefit of watching me swing.  I am now thoroughly convinced of the MOI-matching process and the benefits of true custom fitting.

(sent from the Golf Afficiandos Forum by JDANLAW)

I wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know of commendable customer service by your staff.  Earlier this month I had an Air Force pilot, Col. Thomas Koss, who desperately wanted some 870Ti irons but was being deployed shortly to the Gulf.  After explaining my dilemma to Jed, she talked to Matt and informed me that Matt had a set of final pre-production test heads on his desk and that, out of respect to our service personal such as Col. Koss, they would ship those head to me.  I am so grateful to Jed and Matt for their actions and Col. Koss is delighted with his new irons.  In fact, I just got a lengthy appraisal on another set of 870Ti irons from a golfer I fit that just glows in praise of the forgiveness and performance of these new irons.  The 870s are replacing Clevelands in his bag.  The new 870s are winners just like your staff.  Please thank Matt and Jed for their actions on both my own and my customer’s behalf.

Best regards,
Ronnie Barnett
RJ the Clubmaker

I have already gone through your “Common Sense Clubfitting” book once, and am about half way through round #2.  The only word I can use to describe it is BRILLIANT!

I can’t even begin to imagine how many years it would take me to acquire this kind of knowledge without the privilege of owning this book.  It is refreshing to know that you folks at TWGT emit a great deal of passion for getting it “right”, and are willing to share your passion, knowledge, experience, and fitting wisdom so the rest of us clubfitters can get it “right” too.  It was a pleasant surprise for me to open the book and see an inscription and autograph from Mr. Wishon….. totally unexpected, and a total touch of class (my wife said I was giddy like a schoolgirl after seeing that).

It’s too bad you couldn’t rename the book “The complete, No Shit, Ass-Kickin’-est (or kick-assin’-est), Road Map to Fitting Clubs Right”.  Anyone who calls him/herself a fitter is not a complete fitter until owning a copy of this book……. plain and simple.  Thanks for a great book!

Have a swell day!
Bert Reich – Gooder Custom Golf Clubs
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mr. Wishon,  I want to thank you for the best round of my life.  Every club in my bag has “WISHON” on it and I read all your books on fitting and your Tech Reports.  I have an all new set this year with your 919 driver, 4 and 7 929 woods, 4 and 5 775 hybrids, 870 irons and wide sole lob wedge). Used the S2S Blue 45 shaft in driver and S2S White in all other clubs all with Tac-wrap grips.  This set is incredible!  The only place a guy could get more forgiveness is going to confession after church!

The design of the hybrids is so good that I wonder if your alter ego is Harry Potter–these are magic wands, not mere golf clubs. Others have seen my amazing transformation and have begged me for clubs of their own and I have obliged.  A PGA professional and former Utah state womens amature champion (my daughter) both found Wishon a better name for a driver than those heavily advertised ones.  These designs have really brought a great deal of pleasure to me and I want to thank you very sincerely.

Thanks again,
— John

I thought you might be interested to hear about a rather unique experience I had last night and the part that Wishon clubs played in it.  I had an albatross on the 6th hole at eQuinelle golf course in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada.  I used a Wishon 919 driver for the tee shot and a 560MC 7-iron for the hole-out from 188 yards.  The real topper though, is that I had a hole in one 2 holes later with my 560MC 8-iron from 154 yards.  As best as I can determine, there are only 5 known/recorded occurrences of this particular feat.  :>)

— Michael

“Never in my thirty years of club making and golfing would I think that I might write a testimonial. After being in the custom fitting and club making business for years, I switched exclusively to Wishon, two years ago. Needless to say I have constructed, fitted and tried every head available in your tremendous line.

“My Testimonial: Being a single digit handicapper, I am pretty picky with my own club set-up.

“Well, true to form, my game is always shaky in the spring, progresses a little until I have found the right stuff by mid June, and then I stick with whatever Wishon works for the rest of the golfing season, up here in six month only Ontario. I had been hitting a 770 CFE 5 Iron in my bag, and was quite happy with your award winning iron.

“The rest of my bag was filled with 991C’s, 752TC, 550C, 550M, in various lofts and shafts. Well, I decided I had had enough. Built a full set of 770CFE’s from 5 iron up, a 321LI-3, a 915CFE 11 degree driver, 515 GRT-3 wood and 5 wood, and a CLF Series 2 putter, with double-bend shaft, 2 degree loft face insert, 3-14 gram weights. Everything all MOI Matched, etc. etc.

“You guessed it–instant perfection. Never have I played better golf. Especially the iron play. The 770CFE’s are everything you promised Tom, you can Feel The Technology in the heads. Index dropping as fast as my pocket book is emptying.

“The real topper happened last night, you guessed it, 770CFE 8 Iron, 149 yard par 3, in the jar and not one of those fluke holes-in-ones, but a true honest flight, two bounce, track to the hole and in, nothing but jar, and a bar tab to match.

“Tom, Matt, and everyone, thanks for a great personal high, but more important thanks for a product line that I can sell with the utmost confidence.”

– Rick McKinney Golf, Curl & More, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

“Hello Tom,

“I had written you last week about my first time out this season with my all new Wishon set of clubs and the great success I had. I mentioned that my wife would be playing soon for the first time this golf season with her all new 730’s Well, we played today.

“We played nine holes today and she hit the ball better than she ever has; and, this was the first time out this year. Her drives were straight and true; the fairway woods were sailing farther than they ever have; her irons were soaring with some authority; and her putter (your Smooth Series 3 I cut down), were dropping some great putts.

“Her line of the day was that the great results “had to be because of the technology; it certainly wasn’t because of any skill level”. So, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for providing our marriage one great boost. We already had a great marriage; but, this just put us up one more notch. She had a great day on the course and felt that the clubs added so much to the enjoyment of our round. She is anxious to go out again; that I am truly grateful for.

“For Karen (my wife), and I, thanks again,”
–- Mike

“The man that I consulted with you about on his irons and woods just called! ‘I love those damn Wishon clubs, make me a 3 wood!’

“Another man came in carrying your Search book. ‘I’ve read this thing three times. Are you one of these guys?’ Yes I am! Had a fitting this morning and he will be ordering this afternoon!!!”

– Bill Wellman, PCS Class “A” / GCA Advanced Clubmaker, via email

“Thank you for the wonderful endorsement as relayed to us today by Beth and Bob Weld. They are the folks who called you from Lake Norman, NC and you suggested they come to us for a fitting and clubs. They drove 2-1/2 hours to get here. They arrived at 10:15 am this morning and did not leave until 3:30pm this afternoon and they had a wonderful time. Please thank Tom for me for writing his book. They read the book and were absolutely convinced that buying custom fit/made clubs from a reputable dealer was the only way to go. I will be sending you an order tomorrow for all the heads, shafts and grips for us to build their custom clubs. Great job!!!”

— Walter

“I placed my first ever order with your company last Tuesday and just wanted to let you know about the good experience I had.

“I ordered a 331H 3 and 4 hybrid, a pair of S2S hybrid shafts, and a few other miscellaneous items. I had several questions about both the irons and especially about the shafts, since there was some overlap between my swing speed and the published ranges in the catalog. The woman taking my order was most helpful and seemed extremely knowledgeable, not only about the products, but about some of the technical issues as well; she was certainly much more than just an order taker!

“I also had a few questions about the TW Gold program since I had planned to make some additional purchases over the course of this year. She went well beyond what I expected indcating what I would save on the current order, as well as gave me some sample prices for items I was planning to buy in the future. Needless to say, I signed up for the Gold membership. I’m sure as other members of my regular playing group ask, “What is that? Can I try it,” I’ll be purchasing even more than I expected during the coming year.

“The company I work for has a quality policy statement that reads, ‘We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.’ Certainly my first experience with your company was well above what I expected; definitely a pleasure to do business with.”

–- Chuck

“I put together a Wishon PCF sand wedge and sent it to a fellow from work (Major Bart Bartholomew). Below is his response and two pictures showing the club being used. I can now claim I’ve sent my clubs half way around the world.”

– Jim Cook, via email

“Hey Jim, nice club you sent me, I tried it out in Ba’lad this weekend, one of the biggest sand traps in the country. As you can see by the amount of dust, it is very fine and deserving of such a well made piece of art. As I swung thru, the sand noticed the fine quality and parted before the club head. Refusing to detain such a devise. Dust refused to stick to head or shaft insuring the chrome would continue to glisten. No particle dared to corrupt the face, insuring the grooves remained clean and well grooved. As I walked past other golfers, they bowed their heads in respect, for they knew that they were in the presence of greatness. I raised my hand as I passed and allowed them to view this great piece, for it is the best in all the land. I allowed them to touch but only a small part of the club, and allowed but a few pictures. Contracts were written to insure copies would not be made, for others who were not present would pay dearly for such a copy. I intend on bringing this valued asset with me on many missions as I feel obligated to the masses, yes, I will display this implement for all golfers to see. Thank you my friend, I will care for this as I do my most prized possession!”

–- Major Bartholomew

“929HS Fairway Woods – WOW!!!

“Played today with the 3w and 5w – WOW!!!

“My all time favorite, go-to, can’t fail, never miss 5w just got its butt kicked by the 929! Did I say WOW!!! ?

“3w was nearly as long as my old driver! 5w nearly as long as my old 3w.

“Luckily I’m playing the 919 driver, because it is yards longer than the old driver.

“BTW – did I say these Fairway woods are WOW!!!”

–- Ed, from the TWGT Forum

“The 949MC launched *much* more consistently than my old Elasteel you designed in the 90s (there’s a huge shock, I’m sure). GRT face works, hands down. I’ve seen it in the drivers and now in the fairways. Why a person would want a less than dependable launch on their shot, I’m not sure. With the Elasteel, I still hit it straight and long, but it might be a high shot, might be a low shot, depending on precisely how flush it was hit. Everything off the 949 came off a nearly exactly the same angle, but I can still hit a higher or lower shot using tee height/swing mechanics – the way it should be.

“The fairways have that same addictive solid strike quality that every really good head does. The 919 driver has it too, slightly differently, and in greater quantity than most. There’s been quite a few maraging steel heads that were popular (ie., Orlimar) that had that same addictive feedback – it isn’t just the sound, there’s a solid crack feedback that the body gets as well.”

–- Ron

“…after using your high quality stuff, my business is much better and more golfers know there is no difference between OEM & Components. They’re starting to know components are not clones anymore, and with selection & fitting, performance is much better than OEM.
” With your support, I believe I will be the one of the top clubmakers in Hong Kong within a short period of time.

“Tom, just want to say again, “Thank you very much for your support.”

Best regards,
— Barry

“Tom, I believe that you have some of the very best products out there to offer us as ‘serious clubmakers’, and I want to thank you for your dedication and willingness to help us. I was at a clubmakers school at another component suppliers’ location back in ’96 where I first met you. Of course, when you go through these schools, your mind goes somewhat on overload. But your presentations made a profound impact on my clubmaking/clubfitting skills and I want to thank you for that. I am really happy to learn that ‘you’re back’ with your own company. Your products are great and I have always liked your designs.”

Thanks again,
— Dan Wilt

“In all my years of clubmaking, I have rarely had as ecstatic a golfer ring me up as I did today [Wed, June 30, 2004].

“I made him up a #321 #2 iron with GI-335 S-flex shaft last Saturday morning. Actually, it was a head & shaft I’d been meaning to make up & test for some considerable time, but hadn’t got around to it, so he was the guinea-pig for this particular head & shaft combo.

“Anyway, this guy tried out the club on Monday. The results he got were SO amazing, that he thought it must be because of what I like to call ‘new club syndrome’ (the honeymoon that doesn’t last).

“So he tried it again on Tuesday; same result.

“And today; same result. Not only is he hitting this club up with a couple of his playing partners’ drivers (which REALLY pissed them off!), but he says he can hit almost any shot he wants with it, at will – high/low/draw/fade. It works from good lies, bad lies or semi-rough, too.

“In short, he says it’s the most amazing club he’s ever had in his bag… He wants a matching #4 iron, which I’ll be ordering later this week.”

Richard Kempton
Simply Golf
Kent, England

“I recently moved up from 752TCs to 555Cs and have been very happy with both. I also recently started using a Smoooth 7 putter and couldn’t be happier. I’m serious about the putter. I’ve heard the term ‘point and shoot’ a lot over the last several years, but the Smoooth 7 is the first putter I’ve ever used (and I’ve used all the OEM stuff) that actually fits that description.”

Best wishes for continued success,
— Ken

“I’m the club fitter/maker for the Dr. Jim Suttie Golf Academy at Green Garden Country Club in Frankfort, IL.

“Dr. Suttie has been ranked as the #1 teacher in Illinois and the 11th in the nation.

“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the driver heads that you offer. I continually see ball speeds increase by at least 20 MPH on our launch monitor. I had a lady who used her Callaway driver and your 915 CFE and she increased her down range yardage by 40 yards!! I am finally getting golfers in my shop who realize that they need more loft and your drivers are a welcome addition to my arsenal.

“Thank you for turning down the position with Titleist and going into business for yourself. I also appreciate the options you offer with the INTERFLEXX shafts. They are GREAT!! I look forward to more innovations by Tom Wishon Golf Technology.”

–- John

“A while back I put a couple of 752 irons together for a potential customer. I have since demo’d these to a couple of other potential customers, with 1 definite sale. The original customer will be by next week to see them. I am very impressed with these irons, to say the least.

“Also, I had a few questions about these, and your customer service was very knowledgeable and helpful. I even asked a question from the Practical Clubfitting Program book Tom wrote and got a much more in-depth and more complete answer than the other company gave me.

“I am very impressed with your company all-around, and just wanted to let you all know there you will be getting much more business from me. I also joined the TW Gold Program this week. I am going to begin promoting your clubs first, and more than any of your competitors. The next step now is the process of figuring out my demo package.

“Just wanted to say a big thanks to all at your company, and I am looking forward to doing much more business with you. keep up the good work.”

–- C. Moore

“I make custom putters, and have used many many component putter heads over the years. Brand recognition is a huge selling factor for most golfers, too bad the brand name doesn’t put the ball in the hole.

“Wishon is a name most serious golfers recognize, and lends us builders some of that brand recognition we need in order to sell higher end products.

“The Smoooth series, especially the 6 and 7, have a feel unlike most I’ve ever used. And they have a look that really works.

“I work in a small area that requires art as well as function, and these heads are the perfect compliment to that.

“Thanks Tom for a great product!!!”

–- Jim

“Just an unsolicited testimonial – I had to write! I’m an experienced clubmaker, passed my PCS Class A over ten years ago and have ranged since from basement work to having a full retail storefront operation. A clubmaking buddy of mine tipped me off about your product just last month, so I ordered up a 3 and 4 TW331H hybrids with your 335 tip graphite shafts. Living in northern Wyoming, I didn’t expect to be able to hit them until I go back to my job with the Futures Golf Tour next month – but we had a break in the weather this week, and out I went. I absolutely am in love! I’m a 2 hdcp, playing Cleveland TA3’s right now, and these two hybrid irons completely outperformed anything I’ve ever hit in a long iron. First hit with the three iron was on a par 3 – 213 to the middle, which is about 4 yards beyond the reach of my old 3 iron. This ball took off with a launch angle of about a 6 iron, flew about 7 yards past the middle, and stuck within 7 feet of that. Great design, great club, and I’m totally sold on the .335 shafts in a long iron now!”

– Thanks, Rich Gleason, via email


I finally found a Club Fitter, Fred Scahper from Tomkins Cove, NY  that did a superb job of fitting me into a set of your Irons. Fred worked with me for 2 1/2 hrs patiently giving me over 30 different Head and Shaft combinations. The results could not be better and to my surprise further from what I expected. Last year I went to a Top 100 Fitter and was told I needed a Senior Flex with Hybrids as low as possible. The problem ( and reason I didn’t buy any clubs from him) was everything he put into my hands felt like a wet noodle. Confusion being the obvious result.

The best feeling and hitting Heads by far were your 560 MC’s, which I took delivery of yesterday 5-GW+ SW. Fred did a beautiful job of Showcasing your products and spent another 2 hrs with me yesterday making sure every club was satisfactory, unbelievable customer service. The other surprise was the shaft flex, Fred gave me many shafts to blindly try and I stopped at what felt/hit the best. I ended up with just under the CPM of a Stiff shaft.

Fred told me he was new to the Wishon Family. I do not think he will be a stranger! I drove 400mi round trip, twice. when there are Club Fitters much closer. I would do it again in a Heart Beat for my future needs.

Thank you for making Great products. Now that I know where to get properly fit, I think the fun maybe back in this game of Golf.

JoeWillie (Mark Normandin)

You can contact Fred at:
Phone: (845) 444-2873
Email: perfectliesgolf@gmail.com