** NEW V-Series Grips

2016-V-Series-GripsV-Series Composition Rubber Grips

Setting a new standard…


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  • All rubber V-Series are Wishon Golf’s most popular grips, molded from a new rubber compound for the right combination of tactile feel and durability.

  • V-Series 37 gram lightweight grip is used to achieve a higher swingweight when a much lighter shaft or shorter length is used in the custom assembly of clubs and you cannot add more weight to the head.

  • V-Series Burgundy rubber grips provide a great cosmetic match to the assembly of the model 730CL clubs and sets. 

  • V-Series Cord grips are a proprietary Wishon Golf design with less cord, more rubber to offer a better secure feel while allowing the Cord material to absorb moisture.

Ratings and Reviews

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** NEW V-Series Grips, 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

One Comment

  1. I popped the new V series red/black on my irons to give them a try. I can honestly say they are the best grip I have used for a while. There is tremendous feel and feedback from this beauty. My hands are really comfortable which has led to a real smooth wrist action due to the lack of tension in my forearms, nice one Tom.

    Damian Donnelly

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