** NEW V-Series Grips

2016-V-Series-GripsV-Series Composition Rubber Grips

Setting a new standard…


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  • All rubber V-Series are Wishon Golf’s most popular grips, molded from a new rubber compound for the right combination of tactile feel and durability.

  • V-Series 37 gram lightweight grip is used to achieve a higher swingweight when a much lighter shaft or shorter length is used in the custom assembly of clubs and you cannot add more weight to the head.

  • V-Series Burgundy rubber grips provide a great cosmetic match to the assembly of the model 730CL clubs and sets. 

  • V-Series Cord grips are a proprietary Wishon Golf design with less cord, more rubber to offer a better secure feel while allowing the Cord material to absorb moisture.

Ratings and Reviews

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** NEW V-Series Grips, 4.4 out of 5 based on 11 ratings


  1. I have used these for years for my customers. I just did another fitting tonight using the over-sized men’s grip and my customer could not rave enough about how great it felt! The feel is a nice texture between soft and hard. Can’t recommend them highly enough!

    • Thanks very much Paul ! It’s not often we receive a comment about the grips because in the great world of golf equipment, grips usually play the role of third in importance behind the clubhead and the shaft !! Glad to hear you like them !!


  2. What is your opinion on the very large golf grips such as the Jumbo Max grips the young amateur is using in the 2016 Masters? I have tendonitis in my hands, and in 2011 Jim McCleery built me a set of Wishon 752 TC irons with Winn DSL midsize grips. Five years on, there are mornings that these are just not large enough. I have used the oversize arthritic grips with some success, but I hit the ball to the right a bit more than before. Are the larger grips worth considering? I did have Jim put a large Jumbo Max grip on one of my clubs to try.

    • FRED

      Grip style, feel, and size are so much a personal preference in clubfitting. There really is no wrong or right in grip fitting. There is when it comes to othr elements of fitting, but not grips. What feels comfortable for one golfer may not for the other. And the only way to know this is to try one or two of your clubs with these grips, play with them for 3-4 ball striking sessions over a 2 week period and then see how you feel about it.


  3. I popped the new V series red/black on my irons to give them a try. I can honestly say they are the best grip I have used for a while. There is tremendous feel and feedback from this beauty. My hands are really comfortable which has led to a real smooth wrist action due to the lack of tension in my forearms, nice one Tom.

    Damian Donnelly

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